For A Ghost Town, Google+ Sure Grew A Lot Last Month

By: Chris Crum - July 25, 2012

The words “Google+” and “ghost town” are often found in the same sentence, but new data from Compete appears to indicate that, at least in the U.S., Google’s social destination is growing nicely in unique monthly visitors.

In June, the number was nearly 32 million, up 43.08% month-over-month.

Google Plus numbers

Kontxt communication consultant Morten Myrstad wrote about Compete’s number in a Google+ post, where he compared them to some other social sites’ growth from May to June (numbers are in millions):

Facebook 158,6 (+1,0%)
YouTube 153,8 (+0,75%)
Twitter 42,6 (+0,9%)
Google+ 31,9 (+43,1%)
Linkedin 24,6 (-6,5%)
MySpace 21,9 (-8,0%)
Tumblr 21,6 (+0,1%)
Pinterest 19,4 (+0,4%)

“The Compete numbers are US only and desktop only,” writes Myrstad. “If US still representents about 30% of the Google+ global community, as earlier statistics have shown, Google+ now has more than 100 million worldwide visitors via desktops each month.”

“During the Google I/O Conference in June, Google’s +Vic Gundotra announced that the Google+ mobile traffic is now larger than the desktop traffic,” he adds. “Gundotra also announced that Google+ has 250 million accounts, 150 million active users during a month and 75 million active daily users. The June statistics from Compete seems to confirm the published figures from Google.”

Regardless of how accurate the numbers are, I’m really not getting that ghost town vibe.

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  • Balázs Bulcsú

    I have the solution to leave the old fb and change to Google+ at once. Everybody likes Google+ better, but no one go there alone… So we have to make this step together! Join this event on fb, and invite your friends, and lets make The Big Step in social networking.

  • Steve G

    People are joining in but it’s pretty much still a Ghost town for the most part. What’s going on is you can send messages through apps that will add the messages to your FB and your Twitter and your G+ all at once. For the most part that is what is going on. If they compared how many tweets or FB posts had the same content as on G+ you’d see that was what was going on. I mean even Yahoo and Skype have Twitter and FB integration, doesn’t mean I’m posting directly on those sites, but using them as a marketing tool through Skype or Yahoo messenger because it’s easy to type once and have it post to all 3 services. So this growth is misleading. Not to mention that everybody is worried that if they don’t get a G+ account they’ll miss something since Google is integrating G+ into more of it’s services like Youtube and Google Places. Google is still up to it’s old tricks of getting people to use G+ and won’t integrate FB and Twitter like everybody else is. I was kind of hoping that G+ was going to be about social everywhere and without FB or Twitter integration it’s just ridiculous for social use and pretty much spam that’s already been posted to FB and Twitter.

  • opinion

    If this were for example Yahoo’s social network it may not exist anymore. Google has really been trying to get sign-ups and participation in Google + by using it’s other sites. I must admit I think the Plus One button is cool, but the Google + network is something I don’t use. Mainly because it does differ to much from Facebook.

  • eran


    Google has been pushing the fake +1’s back into their numbers, the ones that originate from those lame “+1 promotion” services which basically use a bunch of fake Google accounts. I have seen it first hand. Numbers may drop in Aug. as they are starting to come back down, but still watching for permanent moves though…

  • Steve

    Given the timing of the Google Places to Google+ Local move… I’m curious how much of this is a result of places being migrated to Google+ now? It would be really interesting to see May Google Places traffic vs June G+ Local…