Firefox 4 Available a Day Prior To Official Release

By: John Vinson - March 21, 2011

Hot on the heels of the Internet Explorer 9 release, Firefox 4 is officially releasing tomorrow (March 22nd). However, for those who can’t wait another minute, the unofficial download is available. As with things of this nature, WebProNews doesn’t condone unauthorized downloading, and so on and so forth.

It was discovered that the final release for Firefox 4 was up on their FTP server, which was then subsequently provided to users though numerous websites. Mozilla strongly discourages these direct downloads, as the current location isn’t equipped for massive traffic. So if you feel like being courteous to Mozilla, wait until tomorrow.

If you visit the index.html file on the FTP server, you’ll be met with the following message:

Firefox 4 message

According to the website Fileforum, they’ve already had over 60,000 downloads for Windows since releasing the links on their site. There are also clients for both Linux and Mac.

It’s been nearly eight months since the original Firefox 4 beta was released publicly. Mozilla has been scrutinized for pushing back their initial release date which was supposed to happen last fall. We’ll all be able to find out either today, or tomorrow, whether or not the wait was worth it.

The battle for our browser usage has a new chapter, and it will certainly be interesting to see who is able to gain and who will fall back. Though I don’t condone anyone using Mozilla’s FTP server, if you get an early download, feel free to share your thoughts on it below.

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  • Kent SEO Company

    Well I’m trying out Firefox 4 RC because I’m an optimist!

  • Atlanta Roofing

    I think that Firefox 4 is a great browser, totally able to compete with Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome. I would have like to have seen in Firefox 4 a sandbox-like approach like Chrome and Internet Explorer that would definitely help users stay safe while surfing the web.

  • Atlanta Roofing

    I like the new look of Firefox 4 and it still seems faster than IE. I think it still boils down to user preference as to which browser to use. I have multiple browsers installed on my system and I find it useful especially when you have trouble viewing a website with say IE, Firefox usually has no problem!