Firefox Redesign In The Works, Looks A Lot Like Chrome

    June 3, 2013
    Zach Walton
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The first major Firefox redesign with version 4 in 2009 was initially met with some resistance, but people have largely gotten used to it by now. Now Mozilla will be introducing another drastic Firefox redesign in the coming months.

TechCrunch reports that Mozilla has introduced its Australis redesign for Firefox into its highly experimental UX release channel. The new version of the browser introduces some design elements that seem ripped straight out of Google Chrome, but Mozilla says it’s all about making the browser simpler and easier to use.

Even if the base UI looks a lot like Chrome, Mozilla will be setting itself apart with its new Australis design. One of the major selling points of Firefox is its strong customization options. That will continue to be a thing in Australis as Mozilla wants to encourage users to make Firefox their own. To that end, users will be able to add and remove anything from the Firefox experience to make their own custom browser.

So, when you will be able to take a test drive in Australis without having to deal with a UX release? Mozilla plans to have the Australis theme ready in time for the Firefox 25 Nightly in the coming week. It may not hit the stable release of Firefox 25, however, if Mozilla deems that the design still needs work. Either way, you’re going to see the new Firefox redesign before the end of the year.

If you want to try out Australis right now, you can download it here. Just be aware that it’s still highly experimental and it’s not exactly stable. The UX channel is intended for developers and those without the requisite knowledge will get nothing out of it.

[Image: Softpedia]
  • Tom

    Will it work with XP????

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Mozilla is not dropping support for XP anytime soon. You won’t have to worry about that.

      • http://www.oldshopmanuals.com oldshopmanuals.com

        Thank the lucky stars! I have XP and do not want to change that either!

        • Chappie

          It has been a couple years since I heard this “XP Support will be dropped in 2014. What’s your plan?

  • Ken Steward

    Why do these various sites feel they need to change something that already works great. Yahoo has done that twice to their email and screwed it up twice. Did you people ever hear the phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? People DON’T like change. That’s why I left Internet explorer. Leave it alone.

    • http://www.oldshopmanuals.com oldshopmanuals.com

      I agree 100%. Every time I get used to the way something works,they freaking change it. Firefox,Inkfrog, and worst of all Ebay. I don’t have many years left on this planet and I really do not want to have to keep re-learning how to do things that are already working fine. LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! Just keep updating security,leave the rest alone. ’nuff said!

  • Dave

    Will the new Firefox be useable with G3 and G4 Macs? TenFourFox is a good substitute application for Firefox, but so many things have been lost to schools, teachers, and others who still use these older Mac computers. Not everyone has, nor needs, an Intel Mac, and these users are being lost in the dust.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Unfortunately, Firefox support for Mac only goes back to 10.6. An Intel processor is required. I don’t think that’s going to change with the redesign.

    • Matt

      Apple is the one that dropped support for Motorola processors. So it is almost impossible to create applications that will on a Power PC mac due to security.

  • Michael

    FINALLY I swaer I think firefox was the reason my computer went to hell the first time

  • apollo01

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it……………..

  • Sal

    yikes. i like firefox. never quite got the hang of chrome

  • Greg

    I switched from Firefox to Chrome when I got a new Windows 8 PC primarily because FF was updating every other day and was way too slow and buggy. Every add on was causing it to bog down whenever I would click on a link or update a page. Got sick of it and decided to try Chrome again. Chrome works much better with Win 8 than on a slow XP machine. But if I were Google I would keep an eye on this new FF, looking way too Chrome-like. And if programmers didn’t change things we would still be using Netscape and they would all be unemployed.

  • Chris

    I gave up on Firefox a few years ago because it wasn’t compatible with a specialized tool I was using at work. I switched to Chrome and found I really liked it. It would have to be an amazing new innovation to get me to switch back at this point.

  • jeremayyy

    I quit using firefox a couple years ago when I got fedup with it crashing all the time. It would hang constantly and I would have to alt+ctrl+del and kill the process several times per day, I switched to google chrome and haven’t looked back since. Chrome runs flawlessly.

  • Mervin

    Chrome is pure horseshit. Firefox has ran great on our computers, with nary an issue. Chrome was a constant headache….never again Chrome or Google.

  • G000D

    Google Chrome has a better LOOKING browser but Firefox was always my favorite for fuction-ability. IMO, Google’s Privacy policy is scary. They want access to info of all the aspects of lives, it seems.

  • nubwaxer

    who asked for a new look? as usual it seems the geeks want to geek out something for the sake of making something more geeky without giving a thought to user wants. geek on.