Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million

Mozilla has a hit in a competitive browser market

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Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million
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The Firefox 4 web browser has proven to be a big hit for Mozilla. At the time of this writing, 52,204,769 people have downloaded Firefox 4.

Europe has the highest number of users with 20,365,540. North America has 16,688,275, and Asia has 9,247,750. Obviously these numbers will be slightly off, considering the downloads are rolling in faster that it takes me to type a single character, but you get the idea of what the markets are like.

At glow.mozilla.org, you can watch the number continue to tick upwards and get a market-by-market breakdown of the numbers.

It had already hit 9 million downloads just a day after it launched. This infographic showed how well it did in its first 48 hours alone:

Firefox Infographic

It’s hardly slowed down since then.

Earlier this week, Mozilla launched Firefox 4 for Android to mixed reviews. Complaints were mostly related to speed and a lack of Flash support.

Firefox 4 from Android launched by Mozilla

Read reviews (of the desktop version) from a couple of our writers at the following links:

Firefox 4 Review: Many Likes, Few Dislikes
Firefox 4 Official Release – Was it Worth the Wait

In other browser news, IE9 has an adoption rate five times higher than that of IE8. Rockmelt launched its Beta 2 today with new Facebook Chat and real-time Twitter features.

Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million
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  • http://Firefox4&Norton Richard

    I’d be interested to know how many of those that downloaded Firefox 4 went back to Firefox 3 because they found out that Norton doesn’t work on Firefox 4.
    Norton says they may have an upgrade maybe by June.

  • Rose

    I downloaded adobe for foxfire but they dont work, I get a blank screen instead of the usual file being open. This is happening with Adobe 10 only 9 works ok.Anyone know why?


    • Jorin

      You should update Adobe Reader to the version “x” it is newer than 10 and has some security updates and speed improvements. It sounds like this will clear up your problem.

  • Lyle

    I installed FF4 on 2 different machines and have deleted it and gone back to 3.6. There were several small changes that they made that I don’t like. I even left feedback on Mozilla stating that if I wanted to used IE, I wouldn’t take the time to mess with FF and that FF4 looked and felt like IE. My biggest complaint, which =is= minor, but I am NOT alone in this, is that they put the home and refresh buttons in the same place that IE does, instead of clustered together near the back/forward buttons, as in FF3, and I never did find any way to change the location of them. I’ll wait until it’s more mature before trying again.

  • carrieoki

    My computer w/ WIN XP kept locking up after 20 to 30 min. of use w/ Firefox 4 Tried many remedies, but problems continued. Switched to Opera 11.1 today. Will keep Google Chrome for back up, w/ FF4 as “browser of last resort.”

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