Fear Of Google Has People Asking StumbleUpon To Remove Links. Really.

    January 12, 2013
    Chris Crum
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As we’ve discussed in several articles over the months, a lot of webmasters have been going overboard with link removal requests in the wake of Google’s Penguin update and link warning emails. People are trying to get links removed that they shouldn’t be – links that very likely are not hurting them in Google. It’s essentially the SEO equivalent of killing a bug with a rocket launcher.

Danny Sullivan posted an article today about how StumbleUpon is even getting these kinds of requests. Given the amount of traffic StumbleUpon can send to websites itself, completely independent of Google, it’s hard to express how ridiculous this is.

StumbleUpon confirmed with us that they do indeed get these messages from webmasters. The company tells WebProNews, “We typically receive a few of these requests a week. We evaluate the links based on quality and if they don’t meet our user experience criteria we take them down. Since we drive a lot of traffic to sites all over the Web, we encourage all publishers to keep and add quality links to StumbleUpon. Our community votes on the content they like and don’t like so the best content is stumbled and shared more often while the less popular content is naturally seen less frequently.”

As Sullivan says, “StumbleUpon to remove your link is a waste of time. I’d say. That’s the type of link you actually do want.”

If Google has a problem with links you’re getting from StumbleUpon (which it seems unlikely that they would), you’re probably better off with the StumbleUpon referrals anyway. That said, you shouldn’t be spamming StumbleUpon, and should be creating quality content that SU users would enjoy (and there are a ton of very niche categories). StumbleUpon won’t hesitate to ban you if you’re abusing its service.

  • http://shonjimenez.com Shon Jimenez

    I think some webmasters are so paranoid. If they were worried about links from SU they shoudn’t have been sending SU garbage links from the get go. Webmasters should only send relevant content to these social media places anyway.

  • http://www.wedgeim.ca Wedge Internet Marketing

    Easy to sit back and say they shouldn’t worry, when obviously they have never lost 80% of their traffic

  • http://AmericanDoorsInc.com Richard Cruz

    American Doors Inc. is not worried about links We are worried about the true evilness of Google we were removed from their places category for no reason and cant even ask what the reason is because they will not tell us. Would love it if some coward from Google will read this article call us and let us know what’s happening. Till then we will have nothing very nice to write about Google nor will we use their services. I think most people are afraid to write bad things about Google. remember big brother is watching. the problem is I was around before Google was around.

  • Ex Google user

    I once innocently spent money on adwords, ran an adsense account, had multiple areas of ‘google interaction’ etc, but then….
    Without me making any changes to anything or trying to dupe or abuse the system (I was earning about $10/week so not big-time)…..
    without notice or reason or warnings I was advised my account was closed. My funds were never paid to me either so were confiscated. Quite a surprise actually.
    Naturally, trying to get answers or fair play from an out of control dictator organisation is always going to be fruitless task and we all know they ONLY dictate.
    My only option, in consideration of them thieving my funds, was to just stop dealing with them. I still receive several Local Ad launch credits per month and happily rip them into the bin. Google want me to spend my funds with them….but without advising them I have summarily closed their unwanted accounts.
    I just cannot bring myself to kiss the a** of, or deal with, the antics of arrogant, ignorant, thieving dictators.

  • http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com/ Carlton

    Curious, what do you all think are the best free tools for checking backlink health?
    I think by the time Google warns you about dubious, low-quality links, you are toast.

  • Alan1

    most big problem is what google completely adapted web for themself. Google NOT ‘anything’ search engine, but biggest content penalization bot. I think it time when google MUST STOP or IT WILL END of it. Just because their serp quality now is extremely low and webmasters DON’T know what big and horror google want from them.