Fear Factor To Feature Donkey Semen Stunt: Twitter Reacts

    January 27, 2012
    Billy Thomas
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NBC executives are furious after the show Fear Factor recently revealed they would have contestants drink an entire beer mug of donkey semen with the addition of a hefty glass of donkey urine to finish. NBC was so upset, they nearly decided to remove the stunt altogether. In the stunt contestants would have to chug both the semen and the urine completely to move on to the next stunt.

According to one source the episode has been filmed and is set to air this coming monday, January 30th. It’s been reported that several contestants did, in fact, gulp down the gross substances.

Fear Factor has always had a wild reputation for sick and gross stunts; including eating cow brains, drinking animal blood, devouring insects and more, but with the addition of this insane stunt, the show really seems to be pushing the bar on the disgusting. How do you feel about such a stunt? do you find it revolting? Hilarious? Revoltingly hilarious? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

  • Haley

    People drink semen all the time of other humans. What difference does it make that it’s an animal? Who cares? In the past, contestant on fear factor had to eat balls of animals. I think that would be way worse than any animals piss and jizz. Fear Factor is known for disgusting stunts like this, ones that make you want to throw up just from watching, and if they already filmed it, they might as well air it too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/BillyPThomas Billy Thomas

      The things people do for money…

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      touché, Haley, touché

  • Jason

    At least they’re not drinking Budweiser.

    • http://www.facebook.com/BillyPThomas Billy Thomas

      Agreed @Jason

  • Scott

    Instead of killing the stunt, kill the whole damned show. Do you sell decency for ratings?

  • Curtis Reames

    And people wonder how epidemics start? How Aids ever came about? Bodily fluids from anyone especially animals is very unsafe! EDUCATE AMERICA! And not to mention this is Animal Cruelty

  • Nanci Bennett

    I feel they have taken disgusting to a new level !
    I will not be watching this episode I guarantee it.
    Who wants to vomit anyway?

  • b.s. meter

    Hey Billy Thomas, did you actually speak to any “sources” directly for this Fear Factor article or are you just reporting what your impressions were after reading the article on TMZ and drawing your own conclusions, like “NBC executives are furious?” You think major networks like NBC aren’t aware of what every single one of their shows – scripted or not – has in store for each episode before they go into production. The producers of Fear Factor would have had to pitch every stunt to the network Exec’s, who would’ve had to give the greenlight, before anyone could have moved forward with actually filming anything. So how could NBC Exec’s claim to be “furious” about something they signed off on to begin with?