Farrah Abraham Is A Stripper Now, Doing It For Research

By: Val Powell - August 19, 2014

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is now keeping busy doing research on how to run an adult establishment — at least that’s how she explains her new job as a stripper at the Palazio Gentlemen’s Club in Austin.

“A friend of mine works there and I’m researching,” she said. “I’ve been trying out all the roles that make up a gentleman’s club, including cocktailing and dancing. There’s management and there’s cooking too.”

She says her work there can be likened to how Jennifer Aniston prepared for her role as a stripper in the film We’re the Millers, the big budget comedy in which Aniston starred with Jason Sudeikis.

“It’s how I get the information to write my books and do my movies. Unfortunately, I’m not free to talk about what those future projects may be. But I’m interested in hearing all the women’s stories. And while I’m doing it I’m getting paid. I’m getting paid to play a role and get informed.” Abraham said.

Farrah Abraham works the pole

According to Abraham, this research has even allowed her to learn more than she initially expected:

“I’ve learned that this industry has class, strength, and has taught me life skills to better myself for my daughter’s future. I’m thankful and shocked that my job shadowing has lead me to another amazing opportunity. Palazio Gentlemen’s Club has shown me and other women how we should be respected, treated, and cared for and not to settle for less.”

Abraham was initially hired to wait tables, and was later offered to work as a stripper. “The club loved how hardworking and focused I was,” said the 23-year-old mother of one. “So they offered me a $544,000 agreement to be a celebrity house feature.”

Palazio, through their manager BeBe Montgomery, also said: “It benefits everybody. It’s really fun. I hired Farrah as a waitress about a month ago and then we talked about it. She decided to switch to dancing. And then we talked again and came to an agreement for six figures. We’re really happy and excited.”

The agreement will have Abraham work do research at the club two nights a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, through the end of the year.

Image via farrahabrahamofficial, Instagram

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  • John Doe

    Nothing against stripper or dancers in general, but this girl is a piece of work. Thought she would get famous from the Teen Mom tv show that didn’t work well enough then she tried music, again a bomb. Then a “sex tape”, she shot a porno it doesn’t count as a sex tape if you hire a porn star to be in it. Then sex toys, and now shes a stripper, I feel bad for her daughter he mom isn’t teaching her any proper moral guidelines. I mean look she went to culinary school I think but realized she can make more showing her assets than working/running a resturant.

    • JapaneseRamenNoodle

      A lap dance is probably about as long a person can stand being around this bimbo.

  • Herrmaniac

    Man, this ho just cannot get enough dlck….weee doggies!

  • Guest

    This news worthy? Please just another example of someone doing something foolish. Since she can’t do anything else productive, lets strip for a living. What a waste!!!

  • bahaman1614

    This is news worthy? Please, this is just another example of someone that has nothing better to do or offer. So she would rather give up & doing something that might as well be prostitution? What a waste!!!

  • mytzusoph

    Research? haaaha ha ha ha ha

  • Oicu

    She is STRIPING for research. YEAH RIGHT.
    She’s a hoe and everyone knows it.

  • Oicu

    Next she will be doing “Research” at the Nevada Mustang Ranch. LOL

    • Jill Johnson

      At least they have some standards out there !

  • JapaneseRamenNoodle

    This horse face is an insult to nasty strippers.

  • minmin

    that bitch is a straight HOE now. Great parenting, what a roll model for your child!! (NOT)Bitch get some class and a real job

  • minmin

    Research???LOL Hoe-search!!

  • Mom

    Research? Yeah, right!

  • Caroline Mcclain

    Research, my arse. She is hard up for money and will anything. She is not going into business for herself unless she goes to the streets and prostitute herself.

  • All American

    Researching her GAG reflect

  • Joel Braggs

    Usually you start stripping then go the porn route, Guess she`s more backwoods then we knew.

  • leo

    Why is she better and paid more than the strippers who already been there working they butt off lol I dont get it. Shes nothing special

  • Gloria Steiber Solonyna

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….OK now if I can pull myself together here. This chick/whore is using that as an excuse? Wow…I believe what she says…just like putting herself through college stripping huh? For her books and movies??? Hahahahahahaha…..ok I think I’m over this now.

  • Cornhuskerfan1

    She would get a lot less flack if she just said that she has bills to pay and a daughter to take care of. She wants to stay in the spotlight and since other offers are not available, she went to working the pole.

  • LuCiDoMeN .

    A teenager get’s pregnant: becomes a reality star…. does a porn and now is stripping for whatever reason? I know sex sells.

    But damn imagine the nightmare you’d feel if you had been the father of their child…. We forget this woman is a mother.

    I wonder how fulfilled she will feel when she is older?

    Literally without getting pregnant as a teenager she wouldn’t be in the news.

    Cautionary tale of who you choose to be with, or have children with. Yikes.

    • LuCiDoMeN .

      too add – she could have chosen a different path to help other girls… instead she does a porno? ahhahahahaha How ironic is that?

  • TenYear

    Slut. If she paid me enough I’d do her too.

  • William Franceschi


  • William Franceschi

    research! she’s just a hooker!

  • Erik

    I find it hard to believe that this ho-bag is doing “research”. She should just go back to suckin’ dick in an alley like she used to

  • Jessica Ashby

    “Research”…right!!! I bet if they offered her a job as a prostitute and called it research, she would jump right on it…literally.

  • Jason

    How come she gets to make $500k for this? Really? Some doctors dont make that much in a year.

    Oh and “research” for her books..LOL…like anybody’s buying that crap anyways.

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  • Scott Bieller

    I love the way she works the system. The Video of her Anal Adventure was “leaked” by her and it was done to express her sexuality. (not the $500,000) she was paid. Now a stripper (ops – research assistant) so she is now paid $25,000 a week to get naked for strange me), It is amazing how far a young woman can go with a body and willingness to sell it.

  • mike

    Stripping is a job to pay your bills. In this case it appears her way to become the next Anna Nicole Smith and marry a 90 year old rich guy for love that happens to be loaded. This girl is as bad as Momma K and her band of sperm burping media seeking wealth matters above all else idiots. Strippers work hard. These idiots work hard at having all orifices fill by anyone at any time to be famous.

  • dreamflyer

    Her parents must be so proud………..(LOL)

  • steve holt

    the body says stripper. The face says Joe Camel.

  • steve holt

    she added, “last night a guy researched my cervix for $1K, and I researched his wallet, we researched simultaneously and now I have green research discharge.

  • guest

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  • S Davis

    Farrah go to college and get a real job…..