Facebook’s Real-Time FBX News Feed Ads Head To Beta

    May 7, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Back in March, Facebook announced its alpha test for expanding real-time, cookie-based Facebook Exchange ads to the News Feed. Now, the company has announced that these ads have moved to beta.

Now, additional businesses can scale their FBX efforts from the right hand side of Facebook to more engaging territory. All qualified DSPs received beta access, and can now begin implementation.

“After a successful alpha with Nanigans, Mediamath, and Tellapart, desktop Page Post Link Ads are moving into beta on Facebook Exchange (FBX)- a solution for direct response campaigns where the targeting, conversion objective and measurement are outside of Facebook,” Facebook says.

“In this beta, DSPs can implement all types of campaigns, including those with product-specific creative, by creating Unpublished Page Posts and selecting the right one for the right user at the right time,” the company says.

Facebook is currently working on integrating the Facebook Exchange real-time dynamic creative functionality into the Link Page Post ad format, so stay tuned for that.

You can see Facebook’s list of Qualified DSPs here.

  • http://www.radolibrary.blogspot.com Disu Ridwan Ayodeji

    Great Development

  • http://triggit.com/facebook-retargeting Prachi M

    [Disclaimer: I work at Triggit, a PMD approved, FBX retargeting partner]

    Great overview of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) expansion onto News Feed, Chris. However, we believe the most important point of the expansion focuses on the scale and performance News Feed brings FBX.

    Retargeting efforts will now be working at full Facebook scale as News Feed has 1.1 billion eyes on it everyday. In terms of performance, News Feed ads see 10-20x higher click through volume and conversion rates. Additionally, these highly-relevant, dynamic creative FBX News Feed ads will be fully socially enabled — meaning when retargeted customers ‘like, share, and/or comment,’ *everyone* in their network potentially will see it.

    Retargeting on the News Feed will lead to the evolution of the marketing funnel, turning it from a funnel into a sales hourglass that keeps getting filled. For more, check out our blog post: bit (dot) ly/FBXNF