Facebook Users Consider Leaving Over Privacy Worries

Facebook users want more control of their info

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Facebook’s privacy issues have 60 percent of its members considering leaving the social network, according to a new survey by IT security firm, Sophos.

The survey of 1,588 Facebook users found that 16 percent of those polled have already stopped using the social network due to inadequate control over their data.

Sophos says the survey revealed that the majority of users are frustrated with the lack of control that Facebook gives them over their own data. Most don’t know how to set their Facebook privacy options safely, and find the process confusing.


"A mass exodus from Facebook seems unlikely, but Facebook members are clearly getting more interested in knowing precisely who can view their data," wrote Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant, Sophos, in a blog post.

"With this survey showing that only 24% of users aren’t thinking about quitting, Facebook will need to make sure further changes to the privacy policy are clear, concise and in the interest of making it easier for members to know exactly who has access to whatever they chose to upload."


Facebook Users Consider Leaving Over Privacy Worries
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  • Guest

    i am considering cancelling my facebook due to security on the site. i think many would be as some ppl have a lot of info and photos on their account. it is a danger to yoursef as well as family nad friends.

  • Guest

    “A mass exodus from Facebook seems unlikely”

    Not according to this study it doesn’t!

    Still, I question the accuracy. I mean shit, they only asked 1,500 users. How hard can it be to get a freakin bigger sample size? It’s Facebook for Christ’s sake!

  • Guest

    There are several issues with this survey and the people who developed it. First let me say I am a Facebook User and secondly, anyone who puts personal info on their Facebook page, other than that which they are willing to have the world see, is looking for their privacy to be breached.
    The issues:
    1) Sohpos is a company that deals in Security threats…it is their business and the way they make money. It benefits them to scare people about security issues. There is a possible conflict of interest here. If the survey found nobody was worried about security, Sophos wouldn’t publish it.
    2) For a survey of this nature to be accurate, it needs to be a random sampling. How were these people contacted? What methodology was used in random sampling of Facebook users?
    3) 1500 can be accurate if they are randomly selected, but there is always a sampling error (i.,e., +- 3%) or something like that.
    If this info was taken from visitors to the Sophos website, then it is already suspect. If you visit a security softeware site, you are already worried about security.

    • Guest

      First, I agree with the person who suggested other methods for asking users’ opinions. Would facebook allow a page asking that question?

      Second, 1500 is considered by statisticians to be quite adequate and very representational of much larger populations.

      Who sponsors a study is certainly an issue when considering possible conflict of interest.

      What bothers me the most isn’t people seeing what I put on my page. I am very concerned about other sites that I visit having my information without me knowing why.

      Why would anyone argue against giving users the right to control how their info is used? Why would anyone argue against making privacy settings simple and easy to understand? Conflict of interest perhaps?

  • Guest

    Lately, I’ve been seeing my facebook name showing up on sites that I’ve never been to before. It’s disturbing. I thought my privacy settings were correct but apparently not.

    They need to keep everything private by default. They should “allow” us to opt in to other releases of information.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving.

  • Gipper


  • melvin25

    I’m considering leaving,their privacy options are confusing and if you don’t set them properly your info is publicized.Afterall,how hard is it to make facebook options easyier for the user,we are concerned about some of our conversations on facebook,who can see them,change facebook or it’s to the hills we head!

  • http://cozumelmexico.net Bob Rodriguez

    I understand the issue; however, I use facebook mainly for news feeds and to post my newest websites for all to see. If you want to convey information that is private simply write a message to anyone of your friends directly. And most importantly, don’t put any personal information on it! Everyone knows that the whole social network system is meant to gather information for marketing purposes. So simply put information on the site that you don’t mind sharing with the world!

  • http://www.jjraymond.com jjray

    is only likely when and if a viable alternative to Facebook appears with better privacy control. In the case of social networking, you are on the site because everybody else is. Thus, given the market power in this space of facebook, it’s very difficult for a viable alternative to bubble up from the web. It’s the chicken and the egg thing. Users will leave facebook when another player gets critical mass but nobody can compete with facebook without critical mass. Maybe google can snap its fingers and make this happen.

  • Guest

    It’s a great opportunity to start another social media site!

  • http://www.GamesGiftsChess.com Stephen

    R.E.A.D.! Com’on people, read! Facebook offers many privacy control settings of which users can
    can customize in order to maintain a level of privacy they can live with. However, that requires a little effort and even reading, sadly enough, seems to asking too, too much.

  • Guest

    That’s why my ex-wife is ex:
    She would post her stuff on Internet and then bitch becouse people are reading it

  • Guest

    When I found out GOOGLE was developed by the government then they bought youtube, I thought what a novel way to monitor and further to try and control the flow of information. I think mainly moronic people (who are a danger to themselves via a computer) are giving FB security a bad rap!!

    I agree this survey may be purposely tainted. The real danger is 400 + million FB users that are speaking freely and the brainwashing mainstream media is losing their dominance of what you get to hear. The owners of this country are not liking FB and/or social networking sites because you(we) can directly and massively communicate. WATCH OUT FOR INFILTRATION BY COMMENT TROLL’S and/or the purchase of FB… Tell your friends of the following:

    George Carlin -“Who Really Controls America”

    The President who told the truth

    (LOOK INTO THE SKIES) Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

    Don’t believe in chemtrails? Watch this!

  • http://www.creditmercedes.com Mercedes Enterprises

    Privacy is important to everyone. If Facebook fails to address the needs expressed by it’s users, it could suffer some serious declines. I think it’s worth some consideration on their part to enhance security a bit more and let everyone know about it. I love Facebook and I want it to be around, that’s why care.

  • Guest

    It could have been interesting if they also asked how much people use Facebook.

    I know of many people who continue to have their profile on Facebook, but very rarely log on to it. I am one of them.

    I have a very minimum of information on my profile, but since I like that I can get in touch with friends that I am not in daily contact with if I need to, then I keep my profile.

    I am one among the many millions who are counted as Facebook users and part of the number quoted when everybody talks about how popular Facebook is. I log on for 5-10 minutes every 1-2 weeks, so counting me as a vote for popularity seems to be a bit of a stretch.

  • http://www.peterjcrowley.com/ Peter J. Crowley

    Stay and watch the virtual fray? Or go and leave all my info with FB? Privacy a click here a click there it is the internet there is no privacy anywhere. enjoy pjc

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

    .. it’s very annoying indeed, having to go through my fb settings after each fb update. Didn’t expect such an amateuristic approach on the biggest social network in the world.

  • Guest

    I’m in the two week post-quit period. I keep trying to quit, but keep accidentally clicking into FB on a system that has my credentials stored in it and I am instantly “reinstated”. It’s been frustrating.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    To many websites like facebook are growing and coming strong like badoo etc. so maybe eventually facebook will be history like myspace :)

  • http://www.viprealtydfw.com Frisco Real Estate

    OK, so I have been thinking about quiting Facebook, but now I have been getting spammed by people I know for winning Ipads, home loans, etc… I have had it and will be leaving. I don’t need to have all my friends know everything I am doing everyday, nor do I care what they are doing.

  • Heather

    I agree there is very little privacy on FB and most users aren’t sure how to set the privacy controls. There are a lot of complaints about that.

    The lady who is suing MySpace and News Corp owns www.hottspot.com and a number of other hottspot domain names. I’d like to know more about those sites. It wouldn’t surprise me if she launched her own social networking site or something. I liked her former celebrity site.

  • http://www.jacksononthemoon.com Guest

    Yes, I am considering it. I will need to get all my friends to agree to move over. On the other hand, I can simply remove all personal information and take down photos etc. I will decide in the next few days.

  • http://www.kissoondoyal.com Dave Kissoondoyal

    I am very much concerned with privacy and security.
    I would never like that my privacy data made public.
    So far I have had to issue with facbook.
    The day I realise that facebook goes against its establised privacy rules, I will quit for ever facebook and think even of suing FB
    Best regards

  • jacques

    What is most bothersome about Facebook is that EVERYTIME it upgrades, it resets or OPENS up your privacy settings. This has happened with the last two. It does NOT preserve what I put there. It has also LOST data that I wrote in there. Why?

    So I find that I have to REMOVE stuff that I don’t want widely synched with other databases or SOLD. That includes stuff like where I work, where I live, details about my education, etc. I also have to watch for people tagging me – which SHOULD have to have your approval first.

    I DO feel the new look is CLEANER and easier to navigate for the most part. It’s just their selling of data and their database that bugs me.

    Oh…you didn’t KNOW they sell their database?


  • http://www.noonmate.com Guest

    I have left facebook since my friend invited me to the new social networking site NoonMate.com. I checked the privacy setting there and i found that i can set privacy for my every section of my profile . So there fore im using that now.

    May be u like it too.

  • http://www.green-trust.org Steve Spence

    Really? We are? News to me ……..

  • http://aboutfreelancewriting.com Anne Wayman

    Leo Laporte, whom I trust, has about convinced me to leave… waiting a bit to see if FB will pay attention.

  • LynnC

    If you are on the internet, YOUR INFO IS OUT THERE. It doesn’t matter if you use Facebook or not. People need to get a grip. No skin off my nose if they leave, more will sign up to take their place.

  • Guest

    I gave up trying to control what the world can see in my account, and quit Facebook. There are far too many sophisticated hacks and criminals who know how to manipulate anything Facebook, or any other social networking apps can come up with in the way of protection. It’s just not worth it.

  • Vince

    Yes I have had problems because of this. I lost a job over a rumor that someone used my Facebook information to perpetuate. I thought I had it all set to private, but there were extra steps to hide yourself from search engines and to hide your friends list, and I didn’t know about them – I thought it was hidden. THEN they start that new thing where it just automatically knows my account when I visit a web site?? No frickin way!

    I like Facebook for other things, so I researched it and I found the way to turn things off. I run checks now every once in awhile to make sure it is still set the way I want it. But I would very much welcome changes to make it easier, and if I hear one more violation of privacy from FB, I’m gone.

  • Guest

    Not ONLY privacy but now it looks like they going to charge for the “service”.
    I ain’t got THAT many friends!

  • http://ingeniousminds.blogspot.com Content Writer

    I too am a regular user at Facebook and sometimes feel that it would perhaps be another one of those essentials for every person, without which a day would be incomplete.

    However, with the kind of intrusion and lack of following its own policies Facebook is being more criticized as ever. The 20th May for instance experienced a huge loss for its revenue around some countries where the balsphemous photos of the muslim’s prophets got the muslims to speak up.


    Well, to me, Facbook has started losing its charm with such ignorance of its own values and responsibilities. I also plan to get rid of my account soon after I delete all personal and necessary data within!!!!

  • Guest

    Here’s a thought…If you don’t want something personal on FB…don’t post it!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sikri-Packaging-Corporation/279255650209?ref=ts MADHUSUDAN

    Every product has a life-cycle. Facebook is no different. Do I see facebook dominating the web 5 years from today? I think not.

  • http://www.bobwagnerinc.com rwagner

    Facebook is making too many changes too quick and now with the privacy issues and all the cheesy games, likes, and simple childish trash people are into. it’s becoming a fading fad and a big time time waster for me. The fan page is fine and I may simply limit my traffic there.

  • Guest

    I for one have left facebook due to lack of security and the confusing settings that Facebook offers. My friends list has been copied compromised whithout my knowledge on numerous occassions by websites attached to Facebook. Most of these websites appear to be internet dating related sending emails to your account inviting you to look at there site it then copies your entire Friends list spamming them with the same invitation to visit.

  • Phil Hughes

    Its all about the money, Greedy Greedy Greedy they have used the masses to accumulate their position and now they will just abuse the position for the sake of more money how much do we all really need? but I do no the more you have the more you want human nature, but remember what the masses give the masses can take back, so it is not in the interest of Face book to survey to many people it would be like Pandora’s box. This is an issue that involves everybody on Face book and should really be put to a vote or people should just withdraw their support after all there are many other forms of social network sites and many more would develope dont be a slave to the face book and dont be a fool to your self.

    Take Care All Phil

  • http://www.facebook.com/OnePersonCanMakeADifference Guest

    Facebook is gathering more information than any other company on this planet has ever done before! Even Google is watching how Facebook manages to get so much information from all its members without any problems! There will be no mass exodus from Facebook! Its the best social media site in the world and people seem to love it! Maybe 1% will leave but while they are leaving Facebook will grow at even higher rates! If you worry about your Privacy you should not use the web at all! Unless you are using PGP all the time and leave no trace at all…..
    Keep up the GOOD WORK FACEBOOK ! Give people the possibilty to make a difference while using Facebook!

  • ogiel

    We have to look, how fast this ‘facebook‘ grew. But there is a danger, all of the world can see you clearly! Growing to be came a ‘fuckbook’!

  • Kenneth

    When considering Facebook, the majority of people are forgetting this is a Free service..
    What they offer as far as features is in abundance. So, naturally, they or any other network
    of this type will try and get something in return.. ( big deal )
    Members just need to pay more attention to what information they provide..
    As far as receiving info from addresses we have not subscribed to..it will never cease..
    So, relax and deal with it accordingly.. very simple…

  • Sandy

    I am curious where they would go to… There is nothing else really thats popular out there at this point. Although I am a facebook user and would have to say I am getting tired of all the little applications that come along. I don’t see that facebook itself is bad, but the applications have become too much.

    • Mre2u2

      Tagged, Hi5, twitter.. the options are there.. and don’t forget oldt rival MySpace

  • http://www.UknowUneedAnother.com UknowUneedAnother

    I never even finished joining the site, before deciding to delete myself. I had tried to join and set up a fan page and was shunted into a personal page where my name and other personal information was required. After wandering through maze-like BS as I attempted to figure out how to correct things a get a Fan Page accomplished, I decided that the efforts were not worth it. I was less than thrilled with the necessity of me having to list personal info to an entity that didn’t even have the dececy of having a workable email to some form of customer service.

    Simce that time frame, I have read numerous articles dealing with the privacy concerns. I am very happy that I opted out.

  • http://www.thisisfreelance.com Oli

    I think they need ot interview more people, from maore countries, before faceboook has anything to worry about. And the truth is Facebook gives you near COMPLETE control over what is shown, and you can even create handy permission groups to help prevent the people seeing the photos you don’t want them to.

    All this survey shows is that over 60% of the interviewed people had so much free time on their hands that thy actually completed this survey, when they should have been searching for jobs, dumb ****s. Maybe their inability to operate even a simple service like Facebook is the reason for their large swathes of free time?

  • Mre2u2

    It astounds me how many put REAL NAMES, BIRTHDAYS, and even PHONE NUMBERS on profiles!! You’re just begging for trouble, even identity theft! Hint, for any who try to find me.. My REAL b’day is NOT “April 1, 1960″ LOL

  • http://www.websitetemplates.bz Website Templates.bz

    I don’t think that the security of the web site is too bad.
    I am absolutely fine with it if YOU take care of who you add, talk to, and cooperate.

    If we, personally, are carefule, there would be no issues with privacy and security!

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