Facebook Timeline: Now You Can Put Your Whole Life On Facebook. Will You?

Facebook timeline now available to all

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Facebook Timeline: Now You Can Put Your Whole Life On Facebook. Will You?
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Facebook announced that starting today, the timeline is now available everywhere. This is the new profile design that encourages Facebook users to add as many events about their lives as they like. Essentially, Facebook wants you to put your entire life online. You can update things that happened all the way back to your birth.

When announcing the feature back in September, Mark Zuckerberg actually said, “Tell the whole story of your life on a single page.”

Will you put your entire life on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

“When you upgrade to timeline, you’ll have seven days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see it,” says Facebook’s Paul McDonald. “You can also choose to publish your timeline at any time during the review period. If you decide to wait, your timeline will go live automatically after seven days. Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there.”

“If you want to see how your timeline appears to other people, click the gear menu at the top of your timeline, and select ‘View As.’ You can choose to see how your timeline appears to a specific friend or the public,” he explains.

Facebook timeline

Keep in mind, Facebook populates it for you at first, with the information you’ve already shared. When you’re reviewing it, you can choose things you want to feature, remove or hide.

You can feature something on your timeline by rolling over the story and clicking the star to expand it to two columns. Alternatively, you can click the pencil icon to hide, delete or edit it.

facebook timeline

There is also a privacy dropdown, where you can adjust who sees what. This will be an important feature to keep in mind, but frankly might mean a whole lot of thinking and work on your part, if you care a lot about this kind of thing. If you have a lot of friends, you’re going to have to consider which of them you really want to see what.

It doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but at least Facebook is giving you this control. They sure don’t want to be in any more hot water over privacy with users, and especially regulators. They already have a lot of new stipulations in that department, courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission.

As we walked through in a previous article on the topic, there are a lot of different kinds of events you can add to the timeline.

You can add health-related events:

Facebook timeline feature

Facebook timeline feature

Other life events:

Facebook timeline feature
Facebook timeline feature
Facebook timeline feature
Facebook timeline

You can add content about when you lose a loved one:

Facebook timeline feature

The point is, you can pretty much add anything from your life starting with birth, which means a lot of people are going to be spending a whole lot of time adding things from their lives. Or at least that appears to be Facebook’s goal.

To get the timeline today, go to this page and click “get it now”. Eventually, you’ll see an announcement at the top of your profile, and have it anyway.

The timeline will also be available on Android and m.facebook.com starting today. It’s interesting that Facebook is going Android before iOS on this one, considering that they usually launch on iPhone first. They only just launched the new Android app in the last week – quite a while after its iOS counterpart.

The timeline is probably the most significant feature Facebook has launched in quite a while. Do you think the feature will ultimately be good for the web? For users? Is this a good idea? Tell us what you think.

Facebook Timeline: Now You Can Put Your Whole Life On Facebook. Will You?
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  • Jean

    No, will not be putting my whole life on FB. That concept is ridiculous. My thoughts on the actual new format itself? Don’t know; don’t have it yet. And I really don’t care one way or the other, except I definitely won’t be putting anything more on FB than I already do (which isn’t much), and will maybe put less.

  • http://www.jumbocdinvestments.com/ ChrisCD

    I don’t think so. I really don’t feel like giving Facebook even more free data that they can crunch and sell to or use to target ads.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Just imagine, dentists will be able to advertise to you when you’re due for a teeth cleaning.

      • maxime

        well, this is just totally stupid! no offense but this is by far one of the most stupid reply to a wise comment i ever seen in my life!

        • werfy__

          why so uptight? i thought it was funny and am sure if there are any dentists out there reading this they will be having a few lightbulb moments!

  • http://mobimarketing.gosmartmedia.com Debbie

    There is no way I will put all that detail on Facebook. I think they are going overboard and forgetting that they are a social network not the hall of records.

  • http://www.myalmanac.blog.ca Rudy Hiebert

    Re: “putting my whole life on FB….” That would not be a wise thing to do. The web is full of users that up to no good. The pieces of the puzzle to my life can be put together if one takes the time. There’s no way I’m going to make it easier for warped troll to find details that will be used against me for any reason. In other words, there’s probably too much out there as it is already now without letting FB or any other social networking site take advantage of me.

  • Lisa

    And why would I do that? I barely put anything on there about myself NOW.

  • http://www.paulretherford.com Paul Retherford

    I won’t share anymore information than I am already sharing on Facebook. I have to remain Professional for my field so adding minimal information is best for me.

    • http://myprofessionalimage.com/ josh

      try http://myprofessionalimage.com/ that is being designed for professionals like you

  • http://www.identifind.com Lauri Johnson

    Heck NO! As it is, everything we do is being watched, from using grocery store shopping cards for their discounts (to show what we buy and when), and no telling what else! Big Brother is really watching every move we make and that’s invasion of privacy!

  • PGS

    Absoloutely NOT. Not a chance in Hell. I have no faith at all in any ‘networking’ sites.

  • Saffron

    Likely I will.. as I am a shoe-in candidate for Alzheimers, maybe it will help me keep my memories in a way

  • Candy Hawblitz

    FACEBOOK HAS to be kidding!!! Put events from my ENTIRE life on there!!?? NO WAY!! I use FB mainly to play Farmville. If I WANTED to make my life story public, I’d write an autobiography and sell it!! This is ridiculous.
    Candy Hawblitz

  • A. Weiner

    Doing so is both ignorant and cavalier. Many folks will do this very this without thinking of the short or long term consequences.

    It’s kind of like video taping a school-yard beating or hazing and posting it online. There will be a price to pay.

    Also, to say that you can delete that posted information… you are far misguided. Once it is posted and in their database, it’s there as long as they want it to be there.

    “Feed them a crumb and your cake will soon be missing” K. Hall.

  • Max

    As an information security expert formerly of caregroup.harvard.edu it amazes me the personally identifiable information that both LinkedIn, Facebook and now Google+ have already collected. If this were on of your neighbors doing the same thin at best they would be considered nosy and at worse they would be considered stalkers and in violation of multiplae state laws. No wonder the FTC has them on a 20 years privacy policing review. Also begs the question what the FTC is doing with all of your private information. The problem with the internet is that email and drive by websites have become dangerous to your financial health. Google it and you will see that well over 100 Million credit and debit cards have been stolen by the East European bot nets and they are now sytematically emptying small businesses of their accounts through botnet installed root kits and key stroke loggers. Point is do you work for a living? Do you work for a business? Are you in a position of financial or fiducuary responsibility? Do you have a bank, credit card, debit card, small business or credit union online account? All an Est European or Asian hacker needs to steal your identity is your Phtot (on Facebook) your address (on Facebook) your Date of Birth (Facebook Timeline) your Mothers Maiden Name (Facebook timeline) and your social security Number in the USA, not yet on Facebook but enabled by the phishing emails and drive by malicious websites that Facebook allows the Cyber Bank Robbers and Cyber Spies to use to programatically identify their next victims via Boolean search techniques on Google, bing, Ask Yandex, Baidu etc…. Bottom line is their is both good and evil on the wonderful world wide web, to ignore the dirk side of the web is not only naive but potentially dangerous to ones financial and even physical health. Unfortunately Facebook has become like urananium, it can be used for great good or great evil. I would not use the timeline feature unless they default opted out on privacy settings and then provided bullet proof controls to allow only the people you really want to see your private confidential family timeline and photo albums – including where your wife works and where your kids go to school to be public information to the world. FB exhibits the sensibilities of their founders perhaps when they get a bit more mature and have their own kids some of this “privacy and security” stuff will sink in. Wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s private family photos recently hacked and posted for the world to see as a warning to everyone else. These guys are a long way from even basic PCI card standards of security let alone Federal FIPS or ISO standards and until then fore warned is fore armed. Do not post anything to Facebook you do not want the entire world to see!

    • maxime


      • http://johnmichaelchristian.net Dr. John Michael Christian

        Well said. I’ll second that.

    • Jost

      Absolutely – very well said.
      FB is just plain scary

    • http://www.kathypop.info Kathy Pop

      Realistically no one is going to be able to put EVERYTHING about their lives on FB. You can decide what will show on your timeline and what will not. Most basic info that is already on there is readily available in some database, such as births,addresses, jobs, phone numbers, etc. A complete background check will reveal all this and more!

      The more pressing security issue is when people post or tweet that they’re taking a trip and when they’re leaving and will be coming back- kids whose parents are gone away- posting a party.

      There is more identify & credit card thefts offline than online by unscrupulous employees, ATMs & payphones. heck w/ the advances in technology, your credit card info can be “scanned” almost anywhere these days.

      The best thing you can do is to be careful what you post online and monitor your cards either by a company or by having text alerts turned on.

  • http://www.acmewriting.com K Richard Douglas

    This comes down to the balance between ego and privacy. Thoreau once said that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” When you consider that maybe 1/100 of 1% of people will ever be “famous” and receive the attention of large numbers of their fellow human beings, then you can understand the ego that would drive a normal person to want to tell their life story.

    On the other hand, there is much to be said for privacy in the Internet age. What is done with personal information is often a mystery to us. What we do know, we don’t like.

    One small part of my writing business is to author personal profile articles for a national magazine. There are people who are not as eager to tell the world their story. The late Andy Warhol may have not had Facebook in mind when he said “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” but he was speaking to what many people might dream about. I’m sure that within the balance of ego and privacy, there will be thousands who opt for ego.

    As the owner of a blog and several business websites with “about” pages, I can tell you that there is a conscious effort on my part to keep private that information that would be used by spammers, marketers and those with nefarious intent.


    K Richard Douglas
    ACME Writing

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    They have got to be joking, this is the way to get your identity stolen and a stalkers xmas present.

    • http://www.nautical-gifts.us NAUTICAL DECOR

      Facebook will not see my personal info, I am sure there will be millions of people that do this, those that like a big public display, I do not want big bro knowing everything.He should have to work harder, I will not hand it over.

  • SuzanneL

    I saw this on a friend’s FB just yesterday. I can see where it would be fascinating for voyeurs and exhibitionists alike. Kind of like writing/reading an auto-biography. I sure don’t plan on sharing much. Too much information can be abused. Maybe I’ll make up some glamorous absurd fictitious life, just to entertain the voyeurs, LOL!!!

    • http://kenyatta2009wordpress.com kenyatta yamel

      i think that would be a stitch!

  • http://Cakeswebake.com Terri

    I own a social network, so I get that they are engaging users, but this is scary. If people are already having legal issues, getting fired and getting kicked out of school over things they say on Facebook, this is sure to exacerbate the problem.

  • http://makinghome.com April

    I have wanted to address the issue of social networking for some time and simply haven’t had the final push I needed, until now. Yesterday I read an article about how many people are now on Facebook and how many are still opting out. It seems that peer pressure is forcing most young people to join in. The last paragraph of the article concluded that those who do not understand why someone wouldn’t want to have a Facebook posit, “Why not, what are you hiding?”

    This got me to thinking about this culture that appears to have lost all sense of logic and critical thinking. I wondered how the leap could be made that one is hiding something simply because he/she doesn’t have the time or inclination to puke out minutia onto an online publication about his/her life that absolutely no one cares about except advertisers and other possibly nefarious folk. Have you not noticed that we now live in a Matrix that is completely woven around us tightly with threads of commerce? There is nothing, not even our shoes and clothing, that does not focus on buying and selling. I know human nature and the one thing social networking is NOT about, is giving people opportunities to connect better. Before email there were phone calls and actual face to face connecting. And then email made it possible to connect with those who were far away and did that very well actually but there was no place for marketing in private email exchanges so email had to be replaced.

    Here’s my stand, I choose no. I don’t do Facebook, Twitter or any online social networking site at all, not even for business, because I know what the purpose is, i.e., harvesting target info. I survive quite well without being “connected” and I am quite sure there is plenty of information about me available anyway. I do my interacting the old fashioned way with people I have intimate relationships. I find time to speak with them one on one, face to face. There is no substitute for this kind of interaction with humans. None. It seems to me the more information we have, the less we really know because the human touch thing has been circumvented.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against commerce but as a means to an end only, not the be all end all reason for being. I truly believe one day there will be great regret for having dived in headlong into the social networking web.

    • Jost

      Agreed, there’s a lot of peer & family pressure to be on – it was family for me and I just got out terminally.

    • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

      April, your thoughts are very well written.

  • RDM

    It’s one thing to use FB to chat with your friends; quite another to lay bare your entire life on a timeline. Not only is this more information than I would like to share, but it puts your private life at risk, security-wise. I will opt out.

  • Ernest Marx

    I used myface for four days over five years ago, found so many peolpe I never wanted to see again I closed the account, put your life on the web? The identity thieves must be drooling over this….. Get a life, write a letter to your grandma’, on real paper, with a pen and everything, dont forget the old people. Personally my handwriting is so bad now, after years of typing, I could pass for a doctor

  • http://telecommtraining.info headdragon


  • Faith Whitfield

    The only reason to put your whole life on Facebook would be if you didn’t realize that you really needed to get a life. It’s a foolhardy move on so many levels.

  • Frank

    Why would i save time for the CIA and FBI? if they want my life history, let them find it out for themselves.

  • http://www.alleventsandconcierge Becky Hunter

    I think its a great idea but it doesn’t mean you have to put personal information such as names or address or phone numbers so DON’T freak out people it can be interesting to learn things about others it would be like reading a biography about that person. I love biographies.

  • http://www.eufreeads.com Eufreeads

    I bet it is good to let your closest friends know what is happening in your life but not just everything. That concept if done well may benefit businesses. Again, every innovation has the good and the bad sides. There will be misuse and infringement on privacy. That is my personal opinion.

  • http://sexyrealty.com Sexy

    are you flipping kidding me, not sexy at all…..

  • http://sexyrealty.com Sexy

    are you kidding me, not sexy at all…

    • http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.115734128554936.11861.100003550489731&type=1 razan taha

      تايم لاين

  • Naoise Mac

    Where will this end? When will Zuckerberg’s insatiable drive to know everything about every aspect of your lives be satisfied? Facebook is a monster.

  • Bill

    Identify theft folks are gonna loves this feature!

  • spir

    No. This latest fakebook stunt is another spit in the face of privacy and trust. Facebook, google, twitter, myspace, etc. are all faces of the same demon and their all-seeing, all-wanting, information-greedy, power-junkie CIA and overlord muppets. We are all being lied to about our freedoms, in case you haven’t heard.

  • http://www.CaptainCyberzone.com CaptainCyberzone

    Those stuck on stupid will! I expect that those people of “average IQ” will and those below it will … throughout history they’re always been the ones used as “cannon-fodder”.

    • http://www.CaptainCyberzone.com CaptainCyberzone

      they’re = they’ve (I’m teethering on being “cannon-fodder”).

  • http://www.anklejive.com Anklejive

    Unfortunately, the people who’s lives really are interesting won’t, but the people who’s lives we don’t give a shit about, will.

  • Nadine

    Absolutely NOT!! Too much personal info going out..In a world that has become so dishonest, it would be absolute stupidity to put oneself out there for unscrupulous people to come across. IMO…BAD idea.

  • http://kenyatta2009wordpress.com kenyatta yamel

    no way, i don’t trust facebook. and i keep as much of my personal details hidden as i possibly can. i had left the site when i first heard about this profile change because i thought it might be mandatory. now i see that it is optional. i prefer google plus but more of my friends use facebook so i returned in order to remain in touch with them.

  • Randy

    NO WAY! If they want my life story, they will have to data-mine what they can find elsewhere!

  • https://www.bonanza.com/booths/tuckerstuff Thomas

    I have absolutely no interest in it, I didn’t ask for it, and would really rather keep things the way they are, or at least have a choice of opting in or opting out for it. Why do they feel it is necessary to force this on people without at least giving them an option to accept or decline? Don’t care for it at all.

  • http://website-in-a-weekend.net/ Dave Doolin


  • http://www.freedomoffshore.com/swissbankaccount.html Swiss Bank Account

    This is from the “about us” page on our website. Even though we are not U.S. citizens we respect the way America was in the past (as seen in the Supreme Judge statement below), but not how America is now since loss of privacy leads to tyranny. Read this below and it will answer the question if we will put our whole life on “Facebook for Kids”:

    From the “about us” page on our site:
    “Because of the nature of our business we will respect your privacy and we ask you to respect ours. Why is this necessary? Because US Supreme Court Justice Stevens said: “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority… It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation– and their ideas from suppression– at the hand of an intolerant society.” – US Supreme Court Justice Stevens, McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission, 1996.”

  • Rick

    You have to be crazy to even think about using this Facebook feature…We are being told that this info is safe and can not be seen by anyone that you do not want to see it, well, this is BS…Facebook accounts are hacked daily! Do not forget that Facebook will share your information with the government WITHOUT a warrant…Does Uncle Sam, or anyone else for that matter, really need to know that you broke your arm when you were 10! People, use your brain once and awhile and thing about what you are doing before you do it!!!

  • http://sarongs4u.com Sarongs4U

    I think everyone who knows me, knows enough about me. For some reason, putting my whole life on Facebook does not appeal to me. Maybe I’m trying to maintain the little bit of privacy I have left.

  • maxime

    Something makes me laugh about this timeline, facebook already had their own timeline of each of us. What they did in doing that, instead, if showing us, specifically how major this thing was. I has installed timeline to try it. And i’m rather deceived by it. Facebook having my info is one thing, but showing it in that way to the world, is really a big fail.
    Thumbs up zuckerberg.

  • Stating The Obvious

    In your article bulletin on this issue – sent via email – the question at the end of the article was posed as, ” Do you think the feature will ultimately be good for the web? For users? Is this a good idea?” However, now that I am on the actual site’s page where the article is posted, to reply to those questions, I see there is an entirely different question (topic) posed here, … “Will I post my life’s history on FB?”, which is paraphrased a bit here, but essentially the same question. Although, that seems a bit like a bait and switch tactic, although it may be an honest mistake, I will answer all questions now that I am here.

    As a professional artist, musician/composer, performer, and producer, this is a conundrum of sorts I have wrestled with throughout my career, balancing the necessity of having to provide a certain amount of information to existing and potential customers or clients (fans and clients) to both satisfy the needs of marketing to potentially sell my services and products produced or provided and the fans insatiable appetite to know as much about their favorite artists as they possibly can, no matter how irrelevant to the actual product they are acquiring or consuming (art, music, film, etc.) it may be. In my business, it has been a long held understanding and practice that one should ardently manage one’s image and product associations, and to provide only just enough information to satisfy the curiosity factor of the fans as to generate more interest and a sort of personal connection with them, no more, no less. It’s always been a tough balancing act. Not enough info, and there’s little interest generated and fans often feel “cheated” or ignored. Too much info can also be a career killer, on the other hand.

    There’s an old maxim in showbiz, that says, “give them only just enough to interest and entertain them, but do not give them everything, always leave them wanting more’. There is a time proven primary reason for this in my biz, and a couple of other lessor important reasons to do this. The primary reason is fairly obvious to anyone who thinks about it a bit. The other reasons are less obvious. One of those less obvious reasons to manage one’s information output is that of trying to maintain, at least some measure or privacy, thus, one’s ability to live a somewhat “normal” life free of privacy intrusions, stalkers and those who become obsessive and sometimes dangerous, of protecting one’s family and assets, etc., from those who would pose a threat to them (and there are plenty of those out there, believe me). But, as mentioned, it has always been a challenge to find just the right balance between what fans and clients need to know, and simply that they either just wish to know, or worse, think that they are entitled to know. That has only been exacerbated with the rise of the internet and the information society we live in today and social networking.

    The fact is, just because someone buys my product or service (my art, music, services, etc.) – which is what they are buying, they are not buying me, my life, or that of my family – it does no entitle them to anything other than the product or service purchased.

    However, the reality is that we live today in a culture of voyeur obsession and false entitlement expectation. So called “Reality Shows” (which, wake up folks, in fact ,have no semblance to actual reality, than do any other fictional television shows, it’s all produced and managed “imagery” created and sold as entertainment, it’s all performance art, a “show”, period, no matter how it’s marketed and what viewers are led to believe, or wish to believe, or, even, stupidly try to emulate) are a prime case in point about voyeur obsessiveness in our culture. Just as is social networking as it now exists.

    This Facebook development in question here is merely a means to satisfy that to a large extent (satisfying consumer demand) and, of course, to find a means to monetize it, to make profit from it, to every extent possible.

    People have always had a penchant for being nosy, paying undue attention to what one’s neighbors are doing than to their own lives and problems, etc.. On a most basic psychological level this is easy to understand, it provides a means of contrasting one’s own life against that of others, if nothing else, to provide some sense of satisfaction with one’s own life, for it’s a fact that nothing makes one feel better about their own seemingly pointless or crappy lives than to see others who have it far worse than they. That’s why so many people love scandal, gossip, gawking at train wrecks and hearing bad news about others – who are obviously far more messed up than we ourselves are. It helps us feel superior to others and less frustrated or disappointed in our lives. As my late grandfather used to say all the time, when either hearing or seeing tragic human events, “I’m sure glad I’m not that poor bastard”, etc., which encapsulates that fact succinctly. In today’s instant information and entertainment on demand society, that slightly perverse human need is catered to and exploited for profit like never before in history.

    Then, of course, when it comes to social networking and it’s popularity, as many here have astutely observed, that also serves and caters to another slightly perverse psychological need of we humans, the need to be recognized, to be “somebody”, to feel that we matter in the bigger scheme of things, that we are not insignificant (which, face it folks, like it or not, in the really big scheme of things, on the universal time scale, we are insignificant, we are no more than mere dust mites temporarily riding on the coattails of a enormous ox that doesn’t even know we exist as anything more than an occasional slight itch, if that).The satisfying of that need, no matter how illusory it actually is, is important to some extent to give us hope and a sense or purpose, a reason to live and go forward. For we humans and our bloated, yet fragile, egos, need to think or feel that we are important and matter, and are not just some passing, brief, firefly flash of incidence that fades into eternity and are forgotten amongst the cosmic debris forever. Hence came the creation of and continued adherence to religions that are not only irrational and illogical, but only serve to further this illusion that in the big scheme of things, that we are important to someone, anyone, something out there that outlasts us, but supposedly cares and acknowledges our existence, even if we have to make up such beings or gods, whatever.

    The emergence and growing popularity of social networking is a direct result of that need and desire. It’s no surprise it’s become so popular by any means, even if based almost entirely upon false premises and beliefs we humans hold about ourselves and place of importance in time and the larger universe.

    I use Facebook for one thing, and one thing only, to promote (market) my products and services, period. For while I am here on this earth, I need to eat, feed my children, and support my family, just as everyone does, and Facebook merely provides yet another medium or opportunity to more effectively do that. What I care about is hawking my products and services, earning a living with my skills, as it were, no different than a mechanic or carpenter or office secretary needs to do. I don’t need or desire a bunch of personal fans, only fans of my products, not me, and certainly have no need for a bunch of so called, and illusory, “friends” I will never meet or actually truly know in person.

    So, the short of it is, as regards the question of will I put my whole life, in detail on Facebook,… the answer is, no, I will not. I will use it very selectively to only share that which i feel is necessary to generate some interest in my products and services, thus, hopefully sales and some income from those products or services, and that’s it. Just as I have always done in my promotional efforts pre-social networking days. When I sell a music album, containing some extras for the fans or consumers to satisfy their obsessive desire to be entertained and think they know something about me that makes them feel some connectedness to me and my art (even though that is purely illusion), like photos, some biographical or touring info, or whatever, I do not include every detail of my personal life for the reasons previously stated. fans of my work do not need to know, nor should they know, everything there is to know about me, nor do I have a need or desire that they do so either beyond that which I need to do to sell my work.

    As to the question of “will this recent Facebook change be good for the web and it’s users? And, “is it a good idea?”. That’s difficult to answer, as the questions only raise even more questions,… like, define the “web”, what web, what is the web”, to which you refer? The informational, educational web? The commercial business web? The social web? The web is not a one size fits all, one purpose or one functional medium any longer, as you well know it serves a vast array of interests, desires and needs, depending on each user’s or organization’s purposes and wants or ends, that utilize it today.

    From the perspective of business, there is little doubt the recent changes on Facebook will be a boon, as far as I can see. It’s a great idea. How could it not be?

    From Facebook’s perspective, of course, it’s a great idea and will no doubt further enable them to maximize and exploit their user base for profit, giving them even more intensive and inclusive data they can use to appeal to their existing and potential advertisers and future investors (should they go public with an IPO as has been recently indicated they soon will, and most inevitably will at some point, it’s only a matter of time). Facebook clearly understands these basic psychological needs of we humans, as outlined above, and would be pound foolish to not exploit that in any way they can, as they have always done. They know full well that while a minority of us will resist opting in to this new feature, the vast majority of their users will blithely and happily go right along with it, and love it, I am fairly certain, human nature being what it is.

    Is it good for the user? That, in my opinion, is too ill defined as a question. For the sake of argument, I will just assume “user” here means the average Facebook user, web surfer, and consumer, and not any other users such a businesses (as mentioned above), or others like hackers, spammers, identity thieves, government agencies, etc..

    No, for the average consumer/user, it will not be good, I do not believe. Unless, of course, one thinks being able to be even more directly targeted for marketing purposes, or being subjected to even more privacy intrusion and potential scamming, stalking or theft, is a good thing. Also, from a psychological view point, I do not feel it a healthy thing either,… it is but another opportunity to further feed our illusions about connectedness and need to feel important, to feel like we matter, to feel like we “belong”, based purely on the presumption that if somehow more people know about us, see us, read our posts and opinions, likes and interests, histories, etc., our lives will somehow miraculously have some deeper and more defined or in depth purpose or meaning. Or, for many, just another means to further distract and help us avoid actually facing up to and dealing with our shortcomings, issues and true day to day life realities, as much of so called entertainment does. It will merely feed that perverse voyeuristic tendency or need mentioned earlier, inherent within we humans. For many it will only further serve to disconnect us from actual reality in favor of an assumed or perceived, false reality.

    For the spammers, scammers, identity thieves, stalkers, molesters, perverts, voyeurs, and governmental law enforcement and other agencies, there’s no question, it will be a boon, … it’s like Mana from the heavens. They could not have asked for or designed a more accommodating feature. As it is now, so many pople stupidly include so much personal information about themselves, their families, pictures of their kids standing in front of the schools they attend, etc,.. it’s only the fact that there is apparently a finite number of people willing to exploit that, that more people aren’t already ripped off, scammed, or abducted today, than there are now. There’s little doubt those numbers will increase, however, with this new feature, for as we already see now, people’s need to be “important” and acknowledged, as outlined above, far outweighs and supersedes any common sense or sense of self protection. The human ego is a very dangerous thing, indeed, as it will totally disregard any logic or common sense in favor of being fed for a vast majority of we humans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/notes/security-camera/digital-cameras-refurbished-best-digital-video-cameras/296018293770196 Kamaeni

    You can write in the note, create page on facebook write note

  • moorpheus

    Reading the comments here and pleased to see that the whole world hasn’t lost their minds :). I think anyone that wants to give these Big Brother type sites their lives are insane. You all will be happy to know after reading this that your votes are in and me and my associates will go ahead with our plans to open a new social site very very soon that will address your concerns over privacy and security. All I can say for now is “Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name”.

  • http://www.balisilverjewellry.com Sabastian yakar

    Forget about putting my whole life on Facebook,I do not even mention my real name.No photo of myself or personal info. I do really hate those social media like Facebook. Your privacy is gone to millions and have access to hand on it. What for? why? Because of this, most of real people in real life FORGET HOW TO SOCIALIZE. Especially those younger generation. I am using it because and because only reason to create back link to my web site. If it wasn’t issue I wouldn’t touch it.

  • dany

    definitely not!!!

  • Vicki

    No I would rather not….I will NOT be doing this. I agree with those who object….how do we know its secure? Even if we don’t will we be forced to do it anyway?

  • Paul Wade

    It is impossible to say how many misguided people WILL indeed fill out their every moment. Sad as it may seem now, I wonder what the repercussions will be in say, five years time.
    I apply the rule, “if in doubt – DONT.”

  • http://www.skinnbeautycare.com hari om agrawal

    I will not share every thing on facebook.

  • http://wifeasian.com Asian Lady

    No way. I think anyone who is that trusting is a fool. Then again most Facebook users know next to nothing about how a website, much less the internet really works. Ignorance is reigning supreme right now and companies like FB and Big G are in hyper drive trying to extract as much information about everybody on this planet as they can for only one reason – to make money.

  • Andrea Elkins

    My concern is not with privacy as most others have stated. I won’t be using the timeline simply because my past — and all the minutiae — isn’t important to me. I use Facebook to connect with friends and family _in the here and now_. I don’t see the point in spending hours of my time to create a historical timeline that very few people will ever look at.

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