Facebook Tests Messenger-Like Chat Bubbles on Desktop

By: Josh Wolford - March 25, 2013

Facebook is currently testing a new look to chat on desktop – one that looks nearly identical to the way chat appears on the Facebook Messenger app.

The new design has blue and white chat bubbles, instead of the simple text that users currently see. According to AllFacebook, Facebook looks to be testing the new desktop chat for a small set of international users.

Here’s what it looks like:

Facebook chat bubbles

Compare that to the current format:

Which format do you prefer?

Josh Wolford

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  • tanya

    i like it

  • tanya

    i like it and want it now!!

    • Aaron

      Me too!

  • FrameWork

    I have it but I really want to get rid of it… And I can’t :(

  • Anthony

    I want to get rid of it too. The if it is web or mobile thing on the chat bar is cool though. but the text bubbles should be an option. Or not at all

  • Peleus

    Make it so that people can turn it on or off. Speech bubbles are annoying to me, in such a small chat.

  • OMG

    The bubbles are terribly annoying! How the hell can I get rid of that???????!

  • beth

    HATE THEM!!!!! we should be able to have the option of using them before they just add them. I want to delete it NOW!

  • Umbers

    Unless it’s voluntary, it’s completely idiotic, and completely annoying. But I guess everyone is stuck with it whether they like it or not.
    And Facebook wonders why it keeps losing people to other social networks. Here’s a thought, Facebook… maybe it’s because you’d rather keep changing the look, than actually fix the problems. Stop practicing cosmetic surgery on something that needs a heart transplant. It’s not working, and now your patient is dying.

  • squidlips

    i cant stand these new bubbles. they annoy me to no end. i talk in a chat with lots of people and when several of us talk at once their message moves off the screen before you can read it. PLEASE get rid of these boxes or at least make them an option.

  • anka

    I HATE these way of showing messages, I want back what was good. Why changing something what’s good? These bubbles are annoying, can’t help it.
    Uh, that’s why i had problems 2 days ago.. they were providing us “new fun”. … fuck it..

  • http://www.bouncemetronome.com Robert Walker

    I don’t see the point in them, they take up a lot more space – and it’s already clear enough who is speaking at any time what with their icon next to the message. Might be okay for short tweet like messages.

    Anyway – okay for those who like them of course – but is there any way to switch them off if you don’t need them? I’ve searched and so far just found lots of messages from people asking how to switch them off, but with no solutions.