Some Facebook Users Get New Design

Facebook Continues Experimenting with Designs

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Update: Some Facebook users are reportedly now seeing a new Facebook design that looks like the screenshots here. The design is similiar to the one below, with some slight differences.

Original Article: Reports and screenshots have surfaced indicating possible further design changes to the Facebook home page. These changes would include an altered header with drop-down menus for things like chat, messages, and notifications (Via SAI).

There would also be greater emphasis placed on the search box. It would be moved further to the left, and more into the center of the page. Such emphasis on search would make sense, as Facebook has greater real-time search functionality these days than what it once had (particularly since its acquisition of FriendFeed).

Facebook Design tweaks

Screenshot from French publication PCInpact.com (they have several more).

Let’s not get too carried away though. These changes are only tests at this point, and may or may not ever see the light of day for Facebook users at the mainstream level.

A Facebook spokesperson tells WebProNews, "We are continually experimenting with new designs on the site that are meant to simplify and improve the user experience. These are just a couple of the many changes we’re testing."

Whenever Facebook makes design changes, there is usually some amount of backlash from users. That doesn’t stop them from continuing to make tweaks, however. In the end, users are likely to get used to or accept the changes either way. I don’t think the world is ready to abandon Facebook for the next big thing just yet.

Do you like what Facebook has been doing with its design so far? Share your thoughts.

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Some Facebook Users Get New Design
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  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I mainly use FaceBook to socially market my safety and security web site and so far nothing has changed on my page. Change is usually hard for most people so I’m sure any changes they make will be thoroughly tested before implemented across the network. Thanks, Chris.

  • http://www.blakerickels.com Blake Rickels

    I look forward to seeing the new design and hope it comes to all facebook users soon!

  • http://www.sociatic.com Kwame

    Sometime last year, I read an article on Facebook working on a “lite” version. What’s the update on that now? Anyways, this re-design seems cooler. Looking forward to see this on Facebook.

  • Guest

    i guess they picked me to try it out and personally i like it better then the old one…this one is cleaner and u quicker to use

  • http://www.r4-ds.es cheap r4i software

    I bet Facebook’s administration could spend five minutes and ban every user of Usocial from their site. They’re all grouped together, are they not? Other sites should do this as well. I couldn’t find information on becoming a “member” and selling your friendship. I suspect all these Facebook users selling their accounts to Usocial are normal well adjusted Internet users looking to form a meaningful relationship with a couple hundred marketers.

  • Guest

    i see everyone with the new facebook but ihave nt got it as yet.

  • dan

    I think people should be able to opt in or opt out to be a part of the beta testing stages of facebook. rather than having people who don’t want to or can’t handle sudden changes complain. maybe the people who opt in will give the facebook techs some info or constructive criticism! There are some of us who like to try new things..

  • Guest

    how can i get the new face book my family has it and they dont want it but i want it and dont have it how can i get it

  • Susan

    I dont have the new facebooookk and i want it!!!!
    :( how do i get it??

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