Facebook Testing “Trending Articles” in User News Feeds

    April 18, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Mashable is reporting that Facebook has begun to test a “Trending Articles” feature in user news feeds. The feature inserts articles from Facebook social reader apps into a user’s news feed amongst status updates and likes. Social reader apps are developed and used by major media outlets such as The Washington Post and Vogue to promote stories on Facebook.

There has not yet been any official word from Facebook through their newsroom, but the updated Mashable article quotes a Facebook spokesperson as saying, “To help people discover the articles that are most popular among their friends who use social news timeline apps, we’re currently testing new ways of displaying these articles in News Feed.”

It is unclear whether users have to use the social reader apps themselves for the article summaries to show up, which I hope is the case. I, for one, don’t want trending articles clogging up my news feed. I already have plenty of Facebook friend posts to skip over without having to see stories about celebrities or sports. Though I haven’t seen any of these trending articles show up on my news feed yet, I may just have to venture into the depths of Facebook’s settings to see if I can prevent it from ever happening, just in case.

What do you think? Have you seen any of these trending articles yet? Are my fears about a flood of inane stories from acquaintances I knew in high school justified? Let me know in the comments below.

  • steve w

    It looks ugly-as-hell and is a total mistake. It’s awkwardly positioned underneath the first 4 or so of your Friends updates, and the three Trending Articles I was treated to were the sorts of pointless celeb stories I’ve absolutely Zero interest in.

    It’s far too ugly to stay where it is, but they clearly want to give this content Pride of Place (compared to the less obvious side-bar sponsored content) so am intersted to see how they play this. Google+ is starting to look an attractive proposition..

  • Mark

    What is wrong with the Facebook goons. Worst customer relations department in history goes to these clowns for sure.

  • Elizabeth

    Trending news showed up this morning with no way of removing or blocking it. I feel like Yahoo! Has creeped me.

  • Sheila

    I was so embarassed because of a trending article this morning. I open up my facebook app on the train only to find an explicit picture displayed at the top. I am infuriated and want this off my phone!!!

  • Mary

    They started showing up a few days ago and are very annoying. I’m tring to figure out how to block them.

    • Genny

      add block does not work on firefox btw

  • Katie

    Adblock it. Worked like a charm in Firefox and Chrome this morning.

  • http://yahoo Lee

    I had a sensitive article article that I read published on Trending News Feed & I am so humiliated. I don’t know how to get rid of this article!!!!

  • Sharon

    “Trending Articles” is ridiculous, inane and totally uninteresting! Why is FACEBOOK shoving it down our throats? I did hide it from my news feed page. Go to the arrow in thwarting upper right corner. Two choices show up – Top Stories & Most Recent. Click “Top Stories” if you don’t want to see these annoying posts.

    Hopefully FB developers will get smarter…not just richer!

    • Sharon

      Oops..”thwarting” is a predictive text slip-up. It’s supposed to be the word “the”.

  • Karen Rabbitt

    I got to this site trying to find a way to block these. The adblock filter didn’t seem to work.

    I have no interest in knowing what others are reading. And, do they know I know?

  • Genny

    OMG IT IS HORRIBLE! How do I get this garbage off my facebook page? Has Yahoo lost it’s mind? I don’t care about the worlds biggest blackhead!!!!! Disgusting. I am so mad. I am going to start switching ALL my stuff to GMAIL. TAKE THAT YAHOO!

  • Genny

    Hey ya all mouse over DO NOT CLICK the stupid article and you will be able to HIDE ALL BY YAHOO!!!! YIPPIE YOU SUCK YAHOO

  • Larry

    It is a way for news organization to buy their way into shaping what people see as news. Facebook is obviously getting a financial kick back. I am very close to getting off Facebook so as not be subject to manipulation by those who want to shape public opinion by showing me what most idiots are clicking. Today, it was a skimpy swimsuit from a swimmer in Australia. Not topic that I would “trend” to care about and I don’t care about those who do.




    I DONT WANT TRENDING ARTICLES TO APPEAR ON MY TIMELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!