Facebook: “Promote your Post” Just a Test

Facebook Testing Status Update Ads

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Update: I finally got word back from Facebook, who confirmed that the feature is indeed only a test. "The "Promote" feature is just a test and is unrelated to our Promotions Guidelines," the company says. They  did not give any specifics about a possible full launch.

Original Article: 
Facebook appears to either be rolling out or testing a feature that lets Facebook Page owners promote specific posts. When you make an update, a link that says, "Promote" can be found by the links for "Comment" and "Like".

Facebook - Promote your status updates

Once you click that Promote link, it brings up a dialogue box, which asks you to create an ad, with targeting descriptions, the ad duration, and the maximum price of "Up to $50.00 USD".

Editor’s note: Feel free to become our fan on Facebook, by the way.

Facebook - Promote your status updates

You can click on "Edit Ad" to go to the standard Facebook Advertising Page, or you can click "Create Ad" to go to this page:

Facebook - Promote your status updates

Interestingly enough, this comes after talk last week about how you have to have promotions approved by a Facebook account representative, which would reportedly cost you about $10k. This would appear to eliminate that notion.

The feature appears to only be available for some admins of some pages. We’re not sure if they’re rolling out the feature or just testing it. I’ve contacted Facebook to learn more about the feature, and I’ll update when I receive a response. Any other Facebook Page admins getting this feature? Let us know.

Facebook: “Promote your Post” Just a Test
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  • http://powertofightthebigboys.com Doug Stewart

    People love them some Facebook. But they want it free. They like talking to friends and playing all the fun time wasting activities Facebook has to offer. But if Facebook turns into an “all commerce, all the time” website, the Facebook faithful will flee. Won’t they?

    • Chris Crum

      Well, Facebook already shows ads, so I don’t anticipate that being much of an issue based on this.

      • http://powertofightthebigboys.com Doug Stewart

        I agree. This one action won’t put people over the top. People will continue to use Facebook. In fact, I think it will have an immediate impact on the number of ads Facebook sells. But that’s not the issue. The issue is whether Facebook will increasingly sacrifice the user experience in order to increase revenues. This tiny step tells a lot about the current focus of Facebook.

  • sofakingdabest

    Up next, selling stuff on Facebook. Watch out eBay.

  • http://www.DanielAmezcua.com Daniel Amezcua Photography

    I guess it all comes down to where the ad will actually be placed. Is it going to be inline with all of our friends posts on our walls? Or is ti going to be in the sidebar where the other ads already are being run? I think people would stop using facebook if they started infiltrating our walls with tons of ads.

  • http://www.marcvitorillo.com/ Marc Vitorillo

    That happened to us a couple days ago. Saw the link “Promote” on the Fan Page posts that had the words “contest” in them. So I spoke with my friend who is the other admin of the Page and insisted that the “Promote” link was not there. So he sent me a snapshot of his browser and sure enough, it was not there.

    So, it’s correct only certain admins have them. But how does Facebook determine that? Perhaps not every Admin is enabled yet during the Beta stage.

    The $10K advertising fee I believe is a bit overboard though.

  • Guest

    I’ve already started dropping businesses and removing myself from being a fan b/c they’re posting WAY too much. Gotta remember…facebook isn’t twitter!

  • http://www.freedomkiwis.com Wendy

    thanks heaps for your article. Very informative and I love how you show pic examples for those of us that are computer dummies. Makes it so much easier. I look forward to hearing more on this subject as I’ve always shied away from PPC or the other advertising thinking its going to cost a bomb for something I don’t know enough about. Thank you very much for your very informative newsletters.

  • Andrea

    Thanks For the Info. We were actually going to start a Facebook page for our business and were wondering about the legalities and cost. very helpful.

  • http://www.online-travel-agent-opportunities.com William Lawrence

    This appears to be a great replacement of those internet marketer who have been kicked off Google recently for having affiliates. Watch out google!

  • http://www.myinternetmarketingblog.com Lanre

    This is an absolutely good idea. I hope Facebook implements it. However, a better idea if it was made free for certain reasons i.e. relevance to a person’s network, trending jist within that particular network, loads of other stuff. I’m sure if a survey was done, people would come up with good ideas that would benefit both facebook and their advertisers.

  • http://www.azlocate.com Andrew Anderson

    I see all the time where new ad blockers and ad filters, are constantly being improved and updated as demand grows.

    Everyone seems to love free but can’t understand that webmasters offering free need to show ads to pay the cost of free. A single server, and Facebook has more then a thousand of them, can cost more then $200 a month. I welcome the ads on sites such as Facebook because the only alternative would be to make it paid access only.

    As for the feature I see it on my post and account and have for about a week now. It’s a good feature for the business user and actually benefits the site member. Now instead of clicking some hyped advert to go to the sales page you click the link, get articles and information, and then decide if you wish to see the sales page or become a fan to get more information. Better interact, and more information will build a stronger relationship.

    Andy Anderson
    AZ Locate Social Media Search Engine

  • http://www.saibharadwaj.com/blog Sai Bharadwaj

    Looks interesting. At first, I thought it would be similar to “Promote your post” option available in Orkut (which is free), however it turned out to be a commercial one which is also a good move.

    I like this move because it allows me to promote certain posts which may not be just for sales but, for increasing subscribers on your websites.

  • http://StephanieChandler.com Stephanie Chandler

    I think this is a rather interesting development and a smart move by Facebook. As consumers, I think we often take for granted all the free stuff that’s out there. But as a business owner, I can certainly appreciate the need to make a profit. More power to Facebook! Plus, this could be a convenient and quick way for us business people to get ads up and running. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://technochase.com/ Bogcess

    Granted with low resources, I usually go for free stuffs. I’m not saying I don’t like it, but its just that some people (including myself) don’t have the budget for advertising such as this.

  • Guest

    As a marketing person and running 3 website if done correctly paid adverts are not a problem, but what is a very BIG problem is that FB is just so big and to many people controlling it.

    I have been told by FB where I can work and how many Friends I can have. Now that is more of a problem than Advertising.

    Equestrian Society

  • http://detector-ym.blogspot.com/ YM Invisible Detector

    Very Nice,, I like make this job, It’s powerfull to increase more traffic; But
    and But,,

    I have no money,, hehehe,, :(

  • http://www.lexolution.in/blog Maneet Puri

    This is going to be great! Not only for people who get to promote particular posts but also for Facebook who’s gonna get more takers for the same. This is a good example of how usability and easy accessibility can have a direct increase on conversions.

  • http://www.1on1webhosting.com IgnAndy

    It happened in my country (Indonesia) small/personal start-up business already get benefit from Facebook. Their using Facebook ads, page, or even common account to sell & promote their product. Literally people here can grow business 50% a month only using Facebook.
    I think this new offers will give small business a new cheap and effective ammunition for them.

  • Natasha

    As good as it sounds it worries me that Facebook is charging for ads, when you can currently advertise for free. Does this mean the end of free advertising via facebook. To some of the comments above, facebook obvisiously make more then enough money to attract business anyway and advertises all day long at the side of everybodies home page. I dont like they way it trys to control your viewing habits just buy some of the things you click on.

    Anyway enough of my rant, facebook will do what it wants to suit itself, so do I up to a point. The difference is I care about my clients and remember all them when I pass them in the street.



  • http://onevacationclub.com Mike

    We now have this feature on our FB page. However, we are not jumping in as our experience with paid advertising has produced a low ROI.
    Like everything we will keep watching and hopefully learning.

  • http://www.careersyntax.com/about.htm Marvin Wilson

    Facebook has indeed added this feature to my Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/Coachm

  • http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/radelec1/radelec1radelec/index.htm Ralph Sabean

    I think it would be great to have a place where we could advertise our little web sites we have on our email server. It’s nice to have a website but it’s much nicer for everyone else to know you have one and check it out regularly.

  • http://bisnis-uang-online-maker.blogspot.com/ sood

    FB or Face Book is the one important for make the Web Traffic high..off course with promote to our relationship.

  • http://www.twitteringsoftwareandmarketing.com Guest

    Hi, when you do a blog post it will show up on my facebook profile page. The website is simular to facebook but with free tips on twittering software and marketing and free blog post syndicating via widget http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/jaquone-jefferson-socialtweeting-on-twitter . Thanks and jesus is blessing us, amen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/entrepreneurs.page Vincent Arovola

    Thanks for the post about the Promote link. It showed up today on a Page a administer http://www.facebook.com/entrepreneurs.page and I was afraid to click on it at first. LOL

  • http://www.ianfcampbell.com Ian

    Just started showing up on a Facebook Page I run, but only for status updates, not Notes.


    However, when I click on it that all too familiar “Oops, something went wrong” message comes up.

    How many of you guys’n’gals are frustrated with bugs in Facebook Pages?

    I often delete spam posts that then still appear when I look at my page, even after clearing the cache, but other users don’t see them. If I try to delete them again it usually says “Oops, we can’t delete this mini-feed item”.

    Then today I was trying to add a photo to a note and it added the tag “< Photo 0 >” to the note, but no photo was uploaded (usually the first photo is “Photo 1″ as well, so not sure what that zero was about!?)

    As for installing and configuring apps…uf… don’t get me started!

    I just read about Facebook’s big conference to encourage developers to write apps and promote Facebook, like Apple have done so successfully with iPhones etc, but if Facebook can’t get even these basic bugs ironed out, what chance do they have!?

    Or maybe it’s just a browser issue and I’m being punished for having Safari on a Mac?!


  • http://www.ianfcampbell.com Ian

    Just struck me that you might like more info on Facebook’s conference that I referred to, it was called F8 and there’s a good video report here from the Wall Street Journal: http://online.wsj.com/video/digits-facebook-next-act/CDB5BCB4-A92B-4C69-B2F9-5FC9D78C4C59.html


  • http://www.rechargeincome.com?ref_id=E1125627 sivaramakrishna

    I’ve already started dropping businesses and removing myself from being a fan b/c they’re posting WAY too much. Gotta remember…facebook isn’t twitter!

  • http://www.bustedinacadiana.com Bob Jones

    It seems Facebook wants to charge to promote a single post on our page. As if I am going to pay between $50-$200 to promote a single story. We also delete spam on occasion and it still appears. Anyone notice a reduction in comments and engagement since the release of this test promotion??

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