Facebook Sues Teacher Resource for Using the Word “Book”

By: Chris Crum - August 30, 2010

Update: WebProNews reached out to Teachbook for comment. Read Teachbook’s full response here. See comments from Facebook in the comments section of either article.

Excerpt: "We were unaware the Facebook owned the Internet or the term ‘book,’" Teachbook Managing Partner Greg Shrader tells WebProNews.

Original Article: Facebook is suing a company called Teachbook, which operates a social networking site for teachers, apparently because it has "book" in its name and "competes" with Facebook. Teachbook is described as "a professional community for teachers". Sounds like a threat to Facebook’s existence doesn’t it?

Do you think Facebook should be suing Teachbook? Tell us what you think.

Ryan Tate at Valleywag draws on some irony, saying, "Imagine: Someone ripping off the name of an existing social networking tool for his own site. Why, that hasn’t been done since 2004 when some punk kid at Harvard registered TheFacebook.com while college administrators were already developing their own ‘online facebook.’"

The beginning of the suit reads:

Facebook has become a worldwide social, cultural and political phenomenon. With fame comes imitation. Here, Defendant Teachbook.com LLC rides on the coattails of the fame and enormous goodwill of the FACEBOOK trademark. Misappropriating the distinctive BOOK portion of Facebook’s trademark, Defendant has created its own competing online networking community in a blatant attempt to become Facebook "for Teachers." Despite Facebook’s protests, Defendant has willfully and deliberately persisted in its misappropriation of the Facebook brand, forcing Facebook to protect its user community and the strength of the Famous FACEBOOK trademark through this action.

They’re protecting us – the user community.

Teachbook - A professional community for teachers

When a user (teacher) joins Teachbook, the site promises the ability to manage a professional profile and all info in the account by choosing to share with admins, colleagues, parents, or public. It lets teachers create lesson plans, instructional videos, and other teaching resources. It lets users manage their classroom communications with secure parent-teacher communication tools (gradebook, events calendar, classroom newsletter, homework space). It lets teachers communicate with colleagues through discussion, chat, blogs, etc. It lets them create and manage online courses and instructional modules. It lets teachers manage student grades by recording, calculating, and sharing them within the Gradebook. (I wonder if Facebook knows they’re using the word "gradebook" too).

Facebook drops the following stats in its case for why others shouldn’t be able to use the word "book" in their names:

– Facebook has over 500 million active users

– Those users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.com.

– Facebook is the second most trafficked site in the U.S.

– Over 150 million Facebook users also engage with FB through third-party sites each month

– Over a million sites have implemented tools Facebook makes available

– Through Facebook, users can interact with over 900 million objects (individual and community pages, groups, and events) and 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.).

"Through this usage, Facebook has permeated the web and Facebook users are accustomed to seeing and expect to see Facebook across the world wide web, not just on the Facebook site," the suit proclaims. "Facebook, and its FACEBOOK trademark, are famous."

The suit also mentions that Facebook owns a number of U.S. registrations for the mark FACEBOOK, covering a variety of goods and services, such as online networking services, chat functions, electronic media, online journals with user-defined content and electronic publishing services, and software to enable uploading, tagging, and sharing of electronic media or info.

By this logic, other companies that use either "Face" or "Book" may have to fear. It’s unclear what the company’s stance on the word "the" is, as Facebook was first called "The Facebook". "The" is only slightly more common than "book", especially in the teaching profession, I would imagine. Since "the" is no longer part of the Facbook brand, I’m guessing they won’t pursue that.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook just launched a product called "Facebook Places" , even though Google (their direct competitor) already had a product called "Google Places".

This suit comes at a time when Facebook is becoming much more integrated with not only the web, as the company pointed out, but the real world as well. Facebook Places is bringing physical locations to Facebook, and other third-parties are also coming up with different ways to connect physical objects (not just places) to Facebook. Watch out, books!

The entire suit can be read here (pdf).

I’m no lawyer, and I’m not going to pretend to be. Does Facebook have a case? Tell us what you think.

Chris Crum

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  • eh

    I mean come on, couldn’t yellowbook just sue facebook..

  • Guest

    Yellowbook is not a social networking site so that example is not valid. I think they don’t have a case though…

    • Chris Crum

      I don’t know. You can find businesses on Yellowbook or on Facebook.

  • Guest

    Facebook should go play in the traffic.

  • BP

    Doesn’t matter if they “have a case” – they have a BIG wallet and can beat Teachbook into the ground with legal fees until they comply.

  • sofakingdabest

    I got yer Face Book.

  • http://wilberelectrical.com Guest

    I have had a little black book forEVER… Can I sue too?

  • Guest

    Sounds like another sleazy-jet to me – sue folks for use of an every day word? twats.

  • JW

    Good luck. Computerland (circa late 70s’) sued Disneyland over the use of the word “land”. Where is Computerland today. Enough said.

  • FB

    if facebook win the suit, youtube can sue porntube for the word TUBE in video sharing.

  • http://subjectlinesandbox.blogspot.com Sandman

    Those awfully nice people at FaceBook are going to sue anybody using the word “Face”.

    Could be fun to watch.

  • http://www.collectorsindex.com tellasitis

    Haven’T use Facebook for ages, tried to drop the account there with no luck.

    Great! Facebook, another Microsoft with a Bill Gates mentality.

    Sue, Sue, Sue for money, don’t work for it just sue and get rid of any competition.

    Facebook is paranoid!

  • incredulous

    Really, FB needs to get a life and grow up. Haven’t they go better things to do, like fix their privacy police schmozzle etc?

  • http://buzport.com James Eduard

    Why they need to have that case. But I think it doesn’t matter cause they already have a million to fight for that case.

  • KMR

    Just another reason to stop using Facebook

  • http://www.delishibusiness.com Arwen Taylor

    No they do not have a case and their lawyer should be ashamed for even bringing the suit in the first place. First of all, you can’t trademark a common word like “book” or even have any claims to it because of its common usage in the English language.

    Second, by the sound of it, Teachbook has less to do with social networking and more to do with being able to communicate with parents and other teachers for the purpose of creating a better educational environment for the students. I doubt, or at least hope not, that teachers are going to be posting pictures of themselves at a party and holding 40oz and drunk texting status updates or playing Farmville for days at at time.

    I honestly hope the judge takes one look at this complaint and just throws it out of court.

  • Guest

    Everybody should stop using Facebook, like Google the power has gone to their heads

  • http://www.DomainZstore.com laserteq

    Who thinks up of these lawsuits? What a waste time and money. The greed in our free commerce hs created a lot of problems for everyone. I don’t think they have a case. I get threats all the time from people because I put “job” or “store” in urls. Most of the threats are never carried out. Yet they do have the money to make life miserable for those that are just trying to get by. I feel the internet should be open and creative while big corps get greedy and say this is mine, mine, mine. It is wrong but Facebook will wear the little person down even though their claim is such a sham.

  • http://www.mujeresdeempresa.com Silvia

    This is nuts! As incredulous said: FB needs to get a life and grow up. May be they should employ their time redesigning their interface that really sucks and improving their privacy isues.

  • Guest

    This is ridiculous why dont they just go copyright the two words and from now on anyone in the world heard using them pays a fine to facebook…brilliant idiots!

  • http://michaelduanemooring.com/ Michael Mooring

    Taking prideful/arrogant legal actions like this reflects poorly upon Facebook.
    The feedback speaks for itself. Failbook.

  • Guest

    If they don’t challenge every trademark infringment they lose the ability to challenge any. This isn’t a Facebook problem as much as it’s a tort problem.

    • Guest

      The lawyers can all go “Tort themselves”. Some day (soon I hope) a judge will say to a tort lawyer, “YOU CAN’T COPYRIGHT THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ASSHOLE!!! CASE DISMISSED!

  • http://www.wellnesstalkradio.com kris

    i think they should sue everyone for using the word..oh..wait i’d better not use it….
    but what a disappointment that face…., based on the idea of sharing information and ideas should show such an ugly face.(no pun intended!) best of luck to teach….. Good thing Vook used a v instead of a B!
    perhaps we should start a new forum called face. no, the lawyers would go after that one too.
    how about greed? that sounds good.
    I’m going back to reading my …….now.

  • Guest

    They should be fined heavily for wasting the courts time, if they attract too much of this kind of attention it could harm them, but only in the short term.

    God!!! I hate bullies.

  • http://lordswitness.com Guest

    This suit is ludacris, get real facebook.

  • http://www.theinternetbook.com The Internet Book

    With fame comes the lawyers and the ability to pay them. Must be a slow day in the legal department. I am no lawyer, but I would have to guess that Facebook has an uphill battle with this one… good luck.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    OMG this is horrible act on FB’s part.. it’s just unbelievable!!!

    Thank goodness I named my website using my own made up word 😉

    Be safe!

  • Guest

    no love lost for either one. one represents a total waste of time and the other the dumbing down of america teachers union.

  • Can

    I have a face then I should sue Facebook then.

  • http://lordswitness.com Joe Coon

    “I mean come on, couldn’t yellowbook just sue facebook..”

    There you go, and there are many reasons that this is ludacris.

  • R. Hiebert

    Another evidence of the signs of our times. One positive is that we can take issues like this to court rather than a street fight. A car service place in Toronto is experiencing something similar because the name they used caught the boss’s eye. If I were the judge I’d give the nod to Teachbook because it’s not close enough to be confusing.

  • Guest

    How about lots of people registering cheap domains containing the word “book” in protest?

    • Ray

      Yes, how about: Assbook, BookFace, FaceFart, Macebook….

  • Guest

    Although this may seem frivolous, to allow the use of “book” in this fashion might establish a precedent that would open the door for more serious infringements on the trademark. Even though Teachbook targets a niche audience, it is a “social networking” site that obviously is using the “book” in its name to establish its identity as such.

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    My, I would say every funny slant on a Trade Name will come under fire if they were to succeed in this suit. I believe it will only bring negative feelings toward Facebook and a big laugh for even considering it a threat!

  • DM

    Is this the result of the success of Facebook? Sure it is, would they have done this several years ago? Where will it stop if each part of a name is protected then it seems before long there will be untold lawsuits for the lawyers and only the richest and most powerful will be able to choose the name they want because it can not be used by anyone else. Besides who calls them Book anyway,
    seems as if their advertising says ‘FACE’BOOK. What a joke!

  • Guest

    It’s funny. The completly moronic timewasting “Facebook” wants to sue Teachbook. Obviously the concept of facetime is waaaay more important that the future of our kids schooling. 500 million crackbook addicts vs a couple hundred teachers trying to convey important information with each other…hmmmm..yes, I see the HUGE threat there to crackface. HA HA HA…so f’ing laughable

    • Guest

      wait a sec, I have to post to my facebook……Hi all my friends who I don’t know, listen up. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!! I’m walking down the street and eating an apple. Bye for now, text meeee.

  • Guest

    Facebook is loaded with hacking vulnerabilities. I don’t favor them anyway. But on the subject of the lawsuit, if I were on that jury with what I have seen so far on the case, I would vote against Facebook because there is insufficient evidence so far that Teachbook intended to infringe on Facebook’s copyright or copy their business model whatsoever. Least not what has been seen outside of the court in the news. I just can’t imagine Facebook being able to prove otherwise.

  • http://www.EveryonesLifeRules.com Paul Pasier

    Back when The Home Depot was growing in leaps and bounds, it sued The Office Depot for using the word “Depot”.

    The Office Depopt is still around, but that provides some type of precedence for the Teachers’ site.

    It sounds like TecaherBook won’t have a negaitive impact on FB and Book is such a broad use word that FB will not prevail.

    Maybe this action by FB is simply a sign of a maturing company –

  • Guest

    It is absolutely ridiculous. If I’m not mistaken, the concept of a book was used by teachers long before facebook used the term. Perhaps facebook should be sued instead for stealing the common word of “book.” ??? While I enjoy using facebook myself, I hope facebook loses on this issue in court. It is NOT an infringment to use the word “book.” Now I would definitely see a problem if they called themselves “Teacher Facebook” or something like that . . . but the simple word “book” with teach should not constitute grounds for winning a lawsuit. Why should facebook be this worried or look upon “Teachbook” as a threat to them? Seems to me that there wouldn’t really be any true competition with this anyway, and it appears quite petty in my opinion.

  • http://blog.famebook.com famebook

    Yellowbook has been trading for approaching a century and would appear to have a better case than this for Facebook’s creation of business pages. I would also suggest that a strong defense would be that, in light of their current reputation on privacy, surely risking this action is more likely to damage Facebook’s reputation than the claims in the action itself!

  • Guest Marie

    Mark, Mark, son you are showing your immaturity. I see money can’t buy wisdom.

  • http://business-website.webs.com/createawebsite.htm Mohann

    Can we, next, expect Microsoft taking up cudgels against WP for the word “Word”?

  • Ryan

    because the ebook sites contain one more common letter than just book.
    And god forbid if the ebook is about networking and marketing!
    Hope the judge throws away this stupid lawsuit.
    Facebook is becoming bad even before it becomes big.

    Nobody comes close to Google in quality of work and thoughts.
    Btw, what will FB do about MacBook user site?

  • Guest

    Are facebook about to sue anyone using the word face in their websites. MySpace and Facebook to sue owners of SpaceBook.com or similar MyFaceYourButt.com is a sure litigation loser.
    Shows the type of people who come out of Harvard, bet he’s a virgin as well!

  • RSanDiego

    What a pathetic megalomaniac-tic moment for the Brains at Facebook.
    So what are we going to do today Pinky?…. Plan to take over the world?
    So what’s next? Go after that nasty fellow Gutenberg?

  • http://designbyrandy.com ezdesigner

    FB is an pile of crap.

  • http://freedataentryjobspaid.blogspot.com billyzeke

    THE word BOOK is not a brand name like pepsi or Trump or Coca Cola it is a coomon word and as others said the word YELLOWBOOK was in use for decades way before facebook was even thought of maybe i could make up a social network called Peoplebook then what ?

    What a comedy this is and really degrades FACEBOOKS reputation !

  • http://ilookchina.net Lloyd Lofthouse

    What next? Will some company with “air” in their logo claim the “air” we breathe belongs to them and charge us for every breath.

    I’ve heard of corporations claiming they own unique DNA that is in someone’s body because they were born that way but the company identified the strand, and this is the same kind of insanity like Monsanto owning seeds for wheat or corn and fixing them so they can’t be used again to plant crops the next year–no seed crop–owning nature.

  • Guest

    what about my Macbook? Can’t we sue them too? Is there anyone else we can sue? I hope the judge finds this to be a frivolous suit and makes Facebook pay for the opposition’s expenses.

    • Dick

      Who came first the Big Mac or Mac Book? Doesn’t matter. Mac is a common word. If I was Teachbook I would teach facebook a lesson and counter sue. However they both probably in Californication so who gives a rats %#@%@%.

  • http://www.agust.com Agust

    I own eCitizen.net, eCityHall, etc, and have owned names such as OurTown and eTownHall. Years ago I paid a trademark atty to investigate this issue. We could trademark the art/logo created around these words but not the names themselves because they contained common words. Facebook will see this complaint dismissed.

  • Beck

    Are they trying to actually receive money from sueing? If so, why not go after MacBook???? This is ridiculous! Can we say…PUBLICITY!! and do they really need more???

  • http://www.dotponto.com Steve

    I wasn’t aware that Facebook invented the word book.

  • http://buzz2u.com buzzirk bryan

    I have the letter u in many of my urls ,hope Utah does not sue me.

  • Ryan Kempf

    doesn’t Facebook have bigger things to work on than this come and plus the fact the content is not even the same if it was then you might have a case FaceBook is a Social network for everyone and TeacherBook is just a for teachers I don’t think its a big deal

  • http://www.eateasy.co.uk Ralph

    I sincerely dislike beaurocracy and bullying. What awful people. Do they think any publicity is good publicity. The internet is far more fickle than that.

  • http://www.webmarketingpt.com Joao

    @ Kris, LOL

    Like everybody says this is ridiculous!
    And just goes to show that people are all the same when they get at a certain level.
    Book is not a brand, therefore, it should never ever be an object of a lawsuit, coming from FB or whoever.
    What’s next? all the websites with the word face in them??

  • c w smith

    Then shouldn’t companies like WorldBook be able to sue Facebook for using the work book too? Or maybe a company that uses the word Face in the name, there are a lot of those.

    This is a frivolous lawsuit and Facebook should have to pay all expenses if they proceed. This makes me wonder about the management at Facebook and what they’re thinking.

  • http://ananworks.blogspot.com ahamed

    i mean WTH??

    how come facebook owns the word “book”?? and also teacherbook is a completely different concept from FB… if they can sue like that for using a word, then google can do it to FB for many services, and also previous social networking sites can also sue FB na….

    there is no case case here.. jst a publicity stunt again by FB..

  • Dick

    International, National service marks (all 26 marks) are not applicable to domain names. No corporation has the right to a domain by default and service marks are not applicable under international law or recognized. If facebook wanted the name they have to stand in line and buy it like everyone else.
    Additionally if you alter a name or product by 15% or more than it becomes your property. Therefore if I wish to buy a domain name that was say facebooksucks.com, then you would see that alters the name by more than 15% and therefore by default I can sue them for harassment. Additionally even with 15% rule in play, they have no case.

  • Boris

    facebook founder calls its users “stupid f@&#s” for a reason. If that idiotic lawsuit will go forth and facebook wins it means that human word usage can be eventually limited to zero. Instead of saying “I love you” You will have to howl or use sign language or both.
    Just because someone has registered a domain iloveyou.com.

    Facebook used English words without changing them or inventing them like the term “realtor” for example. That’s why this is a very dangerous territory.

    That’s how stupid that is and there is much more than greed and trademark protection behind this so called “lawsuit”.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Guest

    Yes, the comments speak for themselves. This is just corporate greed for power and money. Facebook sucks anyway, I bet alot of people will lose interest in them. They are so hackable that I’m afraid to use them. I get facebook spam all the time. Yeah, what about the phonebook, it’s been around for about 75 years. Schools won’t be able to use textbooks anymore. What about the babybook that we sign for births, what about a cookbook. This is so pompous and insane that, yes, they should be sued for tieing up the courts and wasting valuable money, as other poster noted. Not the first time Facebook has been an a##hole. AND especially against something that is helping teachers who so desperately need the help. Our kids are border-line illiterate and any help the teachers can get, they should have. Screw you Facebook.

  • Guest


  • http://www.discountdental4u.net Discount Dental Coverage

    “Sounds like a threat to Facebook’s existence doesn’t it? ”

    I’m not defending Facebook’s lawsuit but let me add a dose of reality by saying that there is a potential (and I repeat, “potential”) threat to not only Facebook (or any existing business for that matter) here as you should not be allowed to openly use a similar sounding but established brand name just because you’re a startup operation. Would it be fair for me to start a new cola brand called “Coca-Google-Cola” and cash in on two of the most popular brand names around? Of course not! So don’t be so quick to dismiss Facebook’s lawsuit just because it’s easy (and fun) to beat up on the biggest game in town.

    • Guest

      Teachbook’s domain isn’t even remotely close to cashing in on FB’s intellectual property rights. Teachbook is NOT even close in any way, not with their platform or their name. They simply used the word book and what do teachers use???? BOOKS! Should they have called it TeachPad…well then IPad could sue them or ThinkPad…it’s NOT a legit case and should absolutely be thrown out for ridiculousness! Not to mention, FB should be fined for their malicious intent! If this is a publicity stunt

      • http://www.discountdental4u.net Discount Dental Coverage

        I have to disagree with you and two points;

        First, both Teachbook and Facebook are social media websites so one could make the argument that ANY social media-oriented website that is that has the word “book” in its name could be construed as copying FB’s brand.

        Second, this cannot be a publicity stunt on the part of Facebook because their marketing and PR professionals would have completely railed against this lawsuit by correctly pointing out that it would be so unpopular with the public that it would end up doing more harm to Facebook then Teachbook could ever do. I’m sure it was solely FB’s legal department that wanted this lawsuit to go forward.

  • http://www.wearethemap.com We are the Map

    They should embrace education.

    Teachers need to be creative in how they keep their students attention focused on them and the fact that it rides the coattails of a social phenomenon should be irrelevant when they aren’t competing with them…

    Are they going to go after “The Good Book” next?

  • E. Wyatt

    I don’t think Facebook has much of a legal case against Teacherbook for trademark infringement. Nobody would confuse the two. But if if Teacherbook has shallow pockets, they may be best served by changing their name rather than spend the money to fight this battle. If Teacherbook has value to teachers, it will have the same value with a different name.

  • Guest

    FB, for me just another proof of mankinds stupidity. As if we don’t have other problems. FB should use there power to make things better not worse. I just wish that a hacker will delete their database. That would be fun!! No that’s destructive, better would be if it rains intelligence and people who are using FB know a doing something useful with their lives.

  • http://malcolmtmckinnell.com/blog malcolm mckinnell

    I think it’s a downright shame because there is a definite distiction between the two groups.

    This is taking branding to the extreme.

    Can that word actually be spoken in public.

    Talk about watching your P’s and Q’s.

    It brings to mind the fight between David Goliath.

    I always rally for the little guy’s and Gal’s.

    Malcolm Mckinnell.

  • Guest

    Teachers use books to facilitate learning so the name just makes sense. I highly doubt this company is malicious and looking to take over Facebook. Lets be honest there is no chance they could. The creators of Facebook need to embrace this and education as a whole.

  • http://phig.deviantart.com jimmy balia

    You should’ve been sued the english dictionary for using the word, if you think that was specifically necessary

  • http://freetoondownloads.com Guest

    For Facebook to sue a teacher for the use of the word “classbook” in their website is stupid. First of all, it’s probably a legally purchased domain name. Secondly, you can’t copyright the English language. If Facebook can sue Classbook, then how about Ebay suing Ecards.
    Dumb, dumb, dumb!
    Ron Coleman

  • marymary

    so much for my idea ‘spacebook’

  • Guest

    One word etoys.com look up the history.

  • Guest


    • Guest

      its a moot point as they will both benefit from the exposure.

  • Guest

    Hmmm, well perhaps if Facebook wants to get too snippy and big for it’s britches maybe ALL of us 500 million plus members should all ban together and create a Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook for privacy infringement. They were not concerned about us one bit, and refused to change their privacy settings/policies until threatened with massive fines and legal action… Hmmmm? Hey guys I am up for that.

    • Guest


  • Guest

    You can not copyright one word. You most definitely can not copyright half a word.

    • Marc Allen

      McDonalds sued any restaurant that uses Mc in their name and that’s not even a whole word.

  • http://spacyber.tripod.com/id22.html GirlVegas

    Along with fame comes greed. I have been thinking about and am really now, after reading this, about to cancel my account. Not to mention that the law enforcement and Intel communities use Facebook and there is no true privacy.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t this sound retarded? This rates right up there with Goodyear suing BF Goodrich for making their tires round. Facebook grow the heck up and grow a set you retards!

  • Vicente Arancon

    So why does Facebook has a chance of winning?? I think they’re going way over the line with this one.

  • Guest

    I thnk the owner of Facebook – should not worry too much about teachers, but more so about the claims he doesn’t even own a majority stake in the company!


  • http://www.gifzer.com Gifzer

    This is kind of disappointing.

  • Andrea

    Teachbook is a GREAT idea! I would love to be able to contact my children’s teachers online. It’s hard to get a hold of them otherwise to see how my kids are doing other than parent teacher conferences. The word “teachbook” doesn’t really sound good anyway, they should just change their name and save themselves thousands of dollars in attourney’s fees.

    • Guest

      Oh sure, just give in to the bullies and give them the upper hand. It’s called principle! What message would they be sending by changing their name after the threat has been made?

      • http://www.benewords.com Carol Frome

        Save thousands of dollars? Try hundreds of thousands. At the very least, I’d be surprised if the bill is any less than tens of thousands. If for no other reason, Facebook will have its way on this because of that. But I’m rooting for Teachbook anyway.

  • Guest

    Facebook has become overcluttered and is a mish mosh of just everything. They have a real lack of focus and I am finding that more and more people each day are concerned with privacy. I think this lawsuit is just rediculous and just an example of un-needed greed which is going to turn out as just plan bad publicity period. Niche communities are the wave of the future anyway.

  • Jason

    Not a fan of the litigious nature of our society. Also not a lawyer. However in this case it is not the use of the word “book” that Facebook has a problem with. It’s the fact that it is a social network site, and the name is similar and could confuse users into thinking it is owned by Facebook. In our minds educational resources may get greater flexibility in a case like this, but with the law there is no flexibility. Facebook may have a hard time making a case though, because of the fact book is a generic word. Microsoft, for example, would likely have had a hard time ever convincing a judge that any word followed by Soft, such as PeopleSoft, would be an infringement of their trademark. But companies software companies with “Soft” in their name had been around for a while already. I am not aware of any social networking site before Facebook that used book as a part of its name.

    Facebook is right to defend their trademark, if they ignore sites like Teachbook then essentially anyone can start a social network called Something-book, diluting Facebook’s brand. Whether or not they will win will be determined by a judge (probably several, thanks to our appeals system).

  • Man from Modesto

    Facebook was bought out by satanists. When they acquired it, like when they acquired YouTube, a major media blitz went out.

    Any competitors are offered buyouts. If they refuse, they are attacked by any means possible. This includes lawsuits.

  • John

    Well facebook had better have alot od money and a great legal team, because I can find at least 1000 web sites out there with either the word Face or Book in there domin name.
    Were will it end. We might even have to create new words to replace certain words just so we dont infinge on website domain names.
    What would I use for the word Book i wonder????

    • Guest

      o no they just found the meaning of thing: pages with writing and pictures

  • Oiseaux

    You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time (except Face**** users)

  • Guest

    Anyone looked at it?

    It’s the sweetest thing! It’s just teachers that actually like to teach discussing the teaching of YOUR children!

    Wow facebook, you look so.. dirty.

    And I’m also thinking the owner (and he knows it) has a small cannoli

  • Guest


  • http://www.benewords.com Carol Frome

    Last I knew, you cannot copyright a word or a title, but trademarks are a different story. That said, what about Redbook magazine? Should it sue Facebook? If Facebook wins, it better–or Facebook might turn around and sue Redbook. And what about all those handbooks out there? Crazy greedy, if you ask me.

    • Greg

      They just want to get into the POCKETBOOK

  • jw

    There are plenty of Redbooks, Greenbooks, Bluebooks (not to mention little Blackbooks) with learned professional heritage which pre-date Face**** by many years. Bring on that Class Action! Just why are they so sensitive……….

  • Guest

    How vain of Facebook to think that they can control everyone and every word anyone can use or speak! They need to get real. Teachbook may be a gathering site for Teachers, but its use is more beneficial for Teachers than the daily drone on Facebook.

  • ralph

    i can understand facebook i did not know that you could trademark coman words like book
    or the. so no no no they have no lawsuit

  • Bruce

    The essential legal questions are 1) Did Teachers Resource get the new name “Teacherbook” from Facebook? In other words, if Facebook never existed would the name of “Teacherbook” be of equal value? No, I’m thinking it is of greater value because of Facebook. So there is some merit to the suit. But to the second question: 2) Will Facebook be harmed in anyway as a result of the “Teacherbook?” That is very unlikely. I’m thinking that this is just a case of Lawyers really trying to do their job (and make lots of money). Lawyers are people too, aren’t they? But they can do loads of harm themselves. Ultimately I think this suit is ridiculous! In this case, a job not very well done (but they can make some money). But, the Lawyers may argue: We need to “protect” Facebook’s name and set a precedent… to this I say Prince Poppycock.

  • Guest

    Come on now… There is no way that Teachbook competes with Facebook. Facebook isn’t for just Teachers, and Teachbook isn’t for everyone. Different animals. So are you saying that ALL social networks can be sued as competition? So can they sue the Phone Book, the Good Book, a cookbook? Gimme a break here.

    Besides, imiation is the strongest form of flattery isn’t it?

  • Kris

    Judges are not known for making good decisions in these cases. I’d expect the facebook bully to win. Probably any victim of their stand-over tactics will simply cringe at their might and back off without a fight. Common sense should prevail but it seems to be lacking at facebook. This is just another reason to stay away from facebook in my opinion. Afterall, its used mostly by children playing games and a total waste of time for any adult wanting to use it for business or advertising. C’mon google…. take up the fight and crush them for using ‘places’ in their facebook places name. Give them a taste of their own medicine!

  • http://www.echoingwalls.com Dexter nelson

    As someone who’s fought and won infringement litigation, Facebook has no case. When it boils down to it, being famous isn’t a valid claim for legal standing. Copyright laws are very clear on what you can, and can’t reserve. Bottom line is that Facebook doesn’t have a copyright on the word book or the word face separately, (and they can’t – the law prevents such things). So if I wanted to start a site named Teachbook I can (not anymore obviously). Facebook is just up in arms because their customer approval ratings are dropping, they’re scared about Google’s plans to launch their own social network, and the last thing they want is anything else that resembles competition.

  • Guest

    ‘Teach’–> ‘Book’. They’ve been used together wayyy longer than FB existed. That should be enough. Plus, things like ‘LookBooks’ have been around for ages as well, used by artists, designers, models, photographers and lots of other people in creative fields. So…..who stole the word ‘book’ first–no one, it’s a word which means basically a collection of information. Period.

    Facebook should really spend a lot more time and resources figuring out how they’re going to survive the inevitable lawsuits that will be brought against them due to their incredibly unethical, borderline/illegal stunts they’ve been pulling with users’ personal information. They sure have a quick prefab answer to compaints, but only respond when enough noise is made in public. Then, they MAY change their site to respect users’ privacy, but only if and when they get caught. And even then, it’s users have to find out how to fix their mistakes through other users, and the internet.


  • http://www.pokerhawk.net Hawkie

    This is hilarious!

  • http://www.jlmmerchandise.com Guest

    I guess I can’t launch my new social networking site “facespace.com”….bummer 😉

  • Guest

    Go back a little while ago in history and look at the whole Sun and Java stupidity. Sun had their lawyers send out Cease and Desist letters to any business with the word Java in its name. So the mom-and-pop Cup-O-Java little coffee shop was all of a sudden some sort of business threat to Sun.

    Come on Facebook… Is a web site that is trying to help teachers be better, to better educate our children that big of a threat to you? Is it that you don’t want brighter people in the world? Fearful one of them might create the new thing that will cause the death of Facebook?

    Or is it that too many people will get confused as to which service is which; “Do I have a profile on FACEbook or TEACHbook? I can never remember?!” If that is the case, then we REALLY need something to better ed-u-ma-kate us to members better.

    I just hopes I can do the mathz question right so my comments gets posted.

    • ralph

      ahmen ahmen

    • Stevem

      Firstly I’d like to point out that I was one of those small IT companies that received a Cease and Desist notice from SUN over the word Java in the name.

      Your comment regarding this and coffee shops is completely wrong. The IP associated with this is to do with an association i.e. the word Java used in the IT space and NOT in the coffee shop space. If this were so then there is an Island out there that would have been in serious trouble along with any plantation dealing in a coffee product with Java in thier name. Suffice to say, this did not happen. Only IT companies like mine trying to build a common association were targeted.

      Even then this was unfair because the association we were trying to build was not with SUN but rather with the Java Computer Language we use to provide product and service. Anyway I digress, we changed out name and history is history.

      In this case the same association is being made by Facebook i.e. it’s not the word “book” or even “face” that cause offence, it’s the association of the word “book” in the name of a social networking site that causes offence. Now, I am no fan of the legal system regarding these associations and in this case I think Facebook are taking an association to far.

      Yes, TeachBook does have “book” in its name and it is also a social networking site for teachers. However, due to the nature and intended audiance of the TeachBook site I would be supprised to see any court rule a liberty has been taken or any associan has been implied when the TeachBook site clearly has more claim to this than Facebook. By pure association the terms Teach and Book are more commonly used in the Teaching profession than the terms “face” and “book” could be assiciated to social networking.

      This will be a difficult case and could go either way, especially given previous legal presendents. If TeachBook want to seriously defend this case, and I would encourage them to do so, I would be one of probably millions, prepared to stand in line and donate a few dollars to their defence. Because folks, if they get chased out of town by the FaceBook “Faceless corporation” or buckle under the threat of legal action and change their name, then we all loose in the long run, condeming our society to constant litigation.

      It should be obvious to anybody there is no association or threat to FB but it’s not common sense that drives the wheels of the legal system, especially a broken IP legal system.

  • Jennifer

    But brand infringement and trademark dilution is what they are after, not the word

  • Guest

    If I remember correctly, Ralph Lauren SUCCESSFULLY blocked an organization from using the title “Polo” for its magazine even though the organization was a group of people who played the sport of Polo. So you never know what the result might be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php? TS

    GET A GRIP FACEBOOK!!! I understand that brand infringement is something to be conscious of but in this case….transcend the BS and let the teachers go.

    It will be eminently more positive to find a way to help them and set guidelines that protect FB interests.

  • Ray

    good slap upside their collective head.

    Unfortunately, it’s the US legal system that panders this kind of corporate arrogance, and rewards litigious behavior.

    Perhaps someone should create a Facebook page to petition Facebook itself to leave Teachbook alone?

    Lets see if Zucker-book is the slightest bit interested in what his members/users think.

  • TH

    If the case is in the US FAcebook will win. Does not mean this is right..afterall Facebook was not the first company with protected IPR to have Book in its name,

    Facebook was supposed to be for the next generation ..sounds like good old Corporate world to me.

  • Nick

    And classmates.com sue everyone with the word classmate in a domain. There comes a point where a small word, which becomes the root of other words, is not owned by one entity.

  • http://aurumwriters.com Freelance article writer

    If Facebook can sue Teachbook then why it can’t be sued by Google for imitating their much popular and big name than facebook…for “places” as in Google Places. Copycats!!!

  • http://www.videostreams.ca Pesi

    I’m going to sue Facebook because I have a “face” and they’re using that word without my permission!!! Aren’t these big companies taking things to some really RIDICULOUS extremes? Are common nouns now becoming the property of corporations and is society allowing them to get away with it???

    • http://www.leacharlton.com Lea Charlton


  • Guephabasst

    Maybe the library should sue facebook. I read my lawbook and I consulted someone who has a businessbook and we think they should concentrate on facepaperbacks

  • http://www.leacharlton.com Lea Charlton

    I have heard, seen and experienced a lot with Facebook, but this is one of their craziest. Are they going to sue the individual network creators for using open open source Facebook-like templates (i.e. WP, Joomla, etc) and Google Places next? They have been sending people letters threatening to fine them for the way they are using Facebook … What is next? I think NO CASE. We all run the risk of opening our member / subscriber base when providing a free network. Teacherbook has a niche focus; it is no competition for Facebook.

  • Guest

    Do you think K-Mart knows that a place called Wal-Mart stole the “Mart” from their name? I smell law suit!

  • http://www.howtodiet.ca Just Stupid

    Imagine Google suing every website that uses the word You in it or Tube in it….or Amazon going after every site that uses Amazon…ie. AmazonRainForestDotcom

    You can not allow large companies to harrass small businesses like this.

    The word “Book” or “Face” is so generic it is impossible for Facebook to claim they invented it.

    If this is the case, lets all find 2 words, slap them together, and make a patent, and then sue anyone that tries to use either word.

    Law Suit dismissed.

  • Guest

    This really makes me laugh…. so are they planning on sueing every website owner that has the word “BOOK” in its domain?

    So what about the online textBOOK websites that have no affiliation to social networking?

    I think this is going to far, and the case should not even be tried or tested because the website in question has no direct effect on Facebooks goals. Its a resource for teachers to communicate and share ideas. Facebook has been developed for anybody to use and is not targeting one type of user or market.

    Obviously the teaching industry has a very large community. I think Facebook see the potential revenue that can be generated through this website and any other community-rich niche industries. and are being gready. They want to jump on the bandwagon and rule every other social marketing industry that has the potential to gennerate millions if not billions in revenue.

    Some IDEAS for budding social networking gurus:

    lawBOOK.com – social networking for law professionals
    studentBOOK.com – social networking between students
    musicBOOK.com – social networking for musicians and artisits
    videoBOOK.com – social networking for film and tv specialists, actors, directors etc….

    If facebook wish to the rule the world, they will be planning on developing niche social networks targeting all the main industries. Im looking forward to reading more about their conquest to sue any “BOOK” domain owners.

  • Guest

    Can I sue Facebook?

  • Guest

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO< Absurd>ridiculous>disgusting>STUPID

  • AnGiego

    It seems only appropriate that a SNS for teachers have the word BOOK in it. I think the name Teachbook is timely and clever and says exactly what the site is all about. Leave them alone Facebook!

  • Roger

    RadioShack did the same thing about 20 years ago against AutoZone, which used to be called AutoShack. After three tries, RadioShack succeeded in its suit against the auto parts dealer and made them change their name.

  • Guest

    Wasn’t there a big uproar recently about “Cyber Bullying” especially among the social networking platforms regarding school age kids? Well, it seems ironic that the owners of said “famous” social network (who is anti-bully) is now being cyber bullies to the same noble profession (Teachers) who enabled their success in one form or another. This is what happens when power gets to your head. Don’t we teach our kids not to be bullies? Facebook, why don’t you use your resources to better education in the U.S. by supporting the teachers’ website? I’m sure you can come up with some innovative ways to tackle education “socially”. Afterall, you are benefactors to this noble profession of teachers. Stop cyber bullying, read your own terms of use legal fine print (section 3 #6) and practice what you preach. :)

  • Stephen

    As a business owner i am a firm believer you have to protect yourself but this is insane! What is next they going to sue everyone for using the name book in their name? What about Myspace suing Myyearbook for using the word My. This shows you how this society has become. Some people ,not all, are trigger happy to over any little thing sue someone to either get their name out there in the spotlight or just for plain money gain. I have always liked Facebook but now I am having second thoughts. I think the problem is they are be pressured too much to compete now since google is coming out with a social media outlet that has got rave reviews and also other companites coming out with other social media outlets. This is a crying shame it really is and if it persists I will discontinue Facebook and choose another social media outlet for me and my business.

  • http://www.politz.com Guest

    This suit looks like two children saying, “My dad can beat up your dad.”

    Whether it will actually go to court or be settled for some percentage of expected legal costs to defend remains to be seen but both companies will get publicity and new dollar amounts will be set for such claims.

    Although there is a basis for having made a word or phrase famous and connected to one’s brand, there is also the frivolous and opportunistic appearance of the big guy trying to step on the little guy. Of course, if the “little guy” has to spend $10 million to win, he might be inclined to “settle” for, say, about $5 million? It’s all about the money isn’t it.

  • http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread606296/pg1 SpartanKingLeonidas

    Personally, Mark Zuckerberg is being petty, spiteful, and childish.

    Then again, that is his nature, considering he stole Facebook to begin with like Bill Gates stole Windows from Steve Jobs, formerly “User Friendly”, it seems to be the nature of idiots who reach for power.

    Climbing over anyone just to get to the top is ruthless, greedy, and of course, “The American Dream”.

    Good luck, Zuckerberg, you’re going to need it.


    • Guest

      Let’s FACE it. Its all about saving FACE! :)) Woops, I bags the copyright on “FACE”

      So book me for contempt

  • erlinda guerrero

    Does this mean that facebook has a trademark for the word ‘book’? What the heck..does it mean that nobody else can use the words face or book? It’s getting out of hand how our courts are getting jammed with stupid cases. Maybe we should just stop using facebook..

  • Guest

    Well that’s just ignorant. I don’t think they will win.
    Does this mean I can sue Hollister for using my last name? Hmmmmmmm idea!!

    • KyanWan

      ROFL! Run with it! XD

  • Guest

    Trademark Book and counter sue

  • Guest

    Facebook is a trademarked entity. The individual words are not under trademark. If that is the case facebook could sue every school or library in the world for using the words Book Fair, Book Mobile, Book Club etc. Its ashame that good ol America has come to the point of why work when you can sue. What a pathetic joke. I was going to create a facebook account for my company(of 14 years) but I think Ill pass now after hearing this. Im on other social networking sites so I have no use for this one.

  • John Melchinger

    Facebook’s suit should be dismissed as frivolous by the first judge who can stop laughing long enough to rule. Facebook is now a houselhold name, as “Xerox copy” became a standard back in the day. My guess is that this suit is solely to keep its PR presence felt.

    Big business and litigation are as tiresome as government and politicians.

    • Guest

      Unfortunately big business can win just by drowning the “little guy” in legal expenses. They don’t need to win legally – they can just destroy you financially with legal costs.

      Sometimes there’s no justice in the justice system…

  • http://www.deanmichaelclark.com Dean Clark

    We have too many ridiculous lawsuits. What is wrong with using the word book. I think other companies should sue facebook for using the word book

  • http://imago3d.com Suggestion

    Stop using FaceBook. It’s a place that’s become so high and mighty that they attack teachers.

    I suggest google sue them for the use of the term… Places…

    Yellowbook should also sue them for their usage of the word book.

    And myspace should sue them for their use of making a social networking site…

    Facebook is just another flash in the pan and they know it which is why they’re attacking everyone who they think could pose a threat.

    The legalese that they used in their petition makes one wonder did they even hire a lawyer?

    Who says… “We believe teachbook is riding the coat-tails of facebook…” Seriously, this stinks of jealousy or they wanted to buy teachbook.com and found it had already been sold…

    So, get out there and buy every domain with the word book in it!!!

    • KyanWan

      Teachers are not immune to the law of the land.

      Sure, the job is admirable … but it does not give you immunity to the rules.

      • Guest

        Do you even know the rules? This is more ridiculous than Donald Trump trying to copyright “You’re Fired.”

        I suppose you agree with his right to that term as well.

      • Guest

        On second thought, I think you’re a plant by Facebook. Who else would be stupid enough to defend this? Go back to suckling Zuckerberg’s teet, you societal scab.

  • KyanWan

    Facebook is the owner of one of the most valuable trademarks in the world. If someone infringed on my trademarks – I’d do exactly what I did – send out a C&D, and notify my attorney.

    I’d have gone on the assault defending my brand.

    A social networking site named “whatever-book”. Facebook, social networking site … anything else is just a play on their name.

    Notice they haven’t sued any of the social sites that aren’t called “[word]book”.

    So – how many of you who don’t like our IP laws … actually own any real, valuable IP? Any of you?

    If you had something, a name, a word – that is of great value to your business venture … you’d want to protect it tooth and nail. That’s what makes our economy here in the USA one of the strongest in the world. Strong property rights.

    So – I support Facebook’s pursuit of their brand 100%.

    • Guest

      Did Zuckerberg coin the word “book”? Did he coin the word “Face”?

      No? Then he doesn’t have the right to prevent ANYONE from using either word. He wasn’t alive when the words began to be in use. He’s a parasite – he’s latched onto the human race, and now he’s trying to prevent us from using OUR OWN WORDS!!

      “Face” means many more things than just a picture. It’s got origins going back hundreds of years.

      I’ve already posted the etymological history of “book”:

      Here’s the etymological history: O.Fr is Old French; V.L. is Vulgar Latin; O.E. is Old English;

      face (n.)
      late 13c., from O.Fr. face, from V.L. *facia, from L. facies “appearance, form, figure,” and secondarily “visage, countenance;” probably related to facere “to make” (see factitious). Replaced O.E. andwlita (from root of wlitan “to see, look”) and ansyn, the usual word (from the root of seon “see”). In French, the use of face for “front of the head” was given up 17c. and replaced by visage (older vis), from L. visus “sight.” To face (v.) “confront” is first recorded mid-15c. Related: Faced. Facing

    • http://convict.historyaustralia.org.au Scott

      Moron. It is thinking like yours that destroys the spirit of entrepreunership and stops new and innovative ideas. These people are clearly not in competition with Facebook. Facebooks trademark is “FaceBook” Not Face and not Book. This is just a move motivated by simple unadulterated greed. Are Facebook that insecure that a loose alliance of teachers trying to educate the developing generations are a threat to their poxy GenY playground ????

  • http://www.mymadmillions.us FB Moron Patrol

    What next?? Maybe they want to take on gangbook.com

  • Guest

    How many social networks do we need out theyre? I say if they want to act childish like that everyone should drop their account and choose another social outlet. Facebook wasnt always big they had to start somewhere small. BOYCOTT them sending them back to being the little guy and show them how power works. Dont you thing our teachers aer suffering enough with layoffs in these hard times. Let them connect does it matter what they call it.

  • Gale

    Book has been in common use in the English language as long as words were documented. Websters, Oxford and other dictionaries should sue Facebook for copyrighting that word, and the ones who allowed the copyright should also be sued.

    Should they be successful, then I hope the world does come to an end Dec 12, 2012, because you will then see recipe book, cookbook, handbook and things like notebook and netbook being sued.


  • http://www.24hrcomputerservices.com Kevin

    I don’t think Facebook has a case as they don’t have any patent on the specific word “Book”, in fact I think we all should join together in a class action lawsuit against Facebook for allowing Malware to infect our pc’s with the downloads they have on their website.

    Ever wonder why after you visit their site you get pop-ups of fake virus scanners, a slow pc, or other pop-ups etc?

    I tried to download a toolbar on their site once to only have my virus scanner stop it over and over and over again telling me it was infected with a trojan of that type (fake virus scanner)…

    This is what I do for a living, remove Malware – and Facebook is full of it. If they want to persue something like this, then why can’t we help persue a case against them for being the threat Facebook is to the online community more so than any other site since they claim to be 2nd bggest in the US as they are also one of the biggest threats of supplying Malware to us DIRECTLY.

    If there is any attorneys or anyone that knows an attorney who might like to investigate this and start one let me know as I would be first in line to join in. I can be contacted through this email or the contact form or email on my website.

    • Guest


  • Guest

    copyright and trade mark are 2 different things. you copyright images, you trade mark wording and you can SM service mark service instead of a product

  • Guest

    I’m just glad I pulled my Facebook profile, and my daughter did as well. Never again.

    No, I don’t think Facebook has a case. They cannot claim ownership of an English word that’s probably been around for 1500 years.

    From the Online Etymological Dictionary – you can see that “book” has been used in conjunction with other words since the 1800s, like “bookie” and “bookmaker”. No way should FB get away with this.

    The original word is from the Old English (OE) Proto-Germanic (P.Gmc)
    This goes back to TREES. The original books were TREES. We still carve in trees today. This is ancient history, and Zuckerberg can go jump off a cliff.

    O.E. boc “book, writing, written document,” traditionally from P.Gmc. *bokiz “beech” (cf. Ger. Buch “book” Buche “beech;” see beech), the notion being of beechwood tablets on which runes were inscribed, but it may be from the tree itself (people still carve initials in them). The O.E. originally meant any written document. Latin and Sanskrit also have words for “writing” that are based on tree names (“birch” and “ash,” respectively). Meaning “libretto of an opera” is from 1768. Verb meaning “to enter for a seat or place, issue (railway) tickets” is from 1841; “to engage a performer as a guest” is from 1872. A betting book is from 1856; bookmaker in the wagering sense is from 1862.

  • Guest

    That’s just as ridiculous as the government sewing someone for using the word government in his or her own business establishment. What, are we going to carve every word we use in the English language for now on? Besides, Facebook surely doesn’t teach anything.

  • Guest

    Facebook, their in competition with Google to see who can do the most Evil. Guess i need to make donation to Teachbook, These arrogant people really need to get a grip.

  • Guest

    I would say..facebook shoudl stop..because everyone have the right to do business. online..facebook should realize that facebook survive because everyone in the world join they site..

    FAcebook should be mean like that…greety..

  • http://www.myspace.com/lilbraaat Nancy

    no. how dumb..so, are they going sue “phonebook” or “addressbook” how about “librarybook”…facebook has the copyright to facebook not the word, “book” how dumb…

    • Guest

      I agree with you :(

  • Fairshot

    Contemptible -but just what is to be expected from a large organisation. If sites adopt the word ‘book’ to indicate that they ARE a social site, that is fair enough it should be a a generic term.
    (I look forward to them sueing me for using an address BOOK).
    I use Facebook in a limited way to keep up to date with my chosen hobby and like-minded friends, but can quite happily do this some other way…I’ve been thinking of it as Facebook is getting too big, too complicated, too unreliable and too greedy. It certainly threatens to take up too much of my time -not least because its photo uploader is an unreliable pain.
    This may be the last straw!

  • http://www.tech-line.com David

    It makes about as much sense as IBM suing a toilet company because they both have BM in them. These are the kind of actions that cause real PR damage.

  • Guest

    FB should F OFF! Plain and simple. This is unreal. They have no more claim to the word ‘book’ than AOL has claim to the word ‘online’. I don’t know where these corporate jerkholes think they come from or who they are but clearly they need a ginormous ego check.

  • http://www.crystalrivercomputers.com/ Caleb

    Absurd! Preposterous! Unheard of!

    Of course, facebook can seize a domain if it is too similar to their (Registered?) name. Go read ICANN’s policy on domain usage. Of course, if the phrase causes a legal name conflict, it can be terminated by cease and desist.

    Nevertheless………It is still

    Absurd! Preposterous! Unheard of!



  • Guest

    can facebook eat all anything name “books’ in the world..like libraily , bookstore..is facebook very going to take everything name “book” down…can facebook bord with it, facebook is just take it from the earth too and from it already exist……fb should stop what a sham to sues other like that…as long as they dont use your completed name???

    I would say that…make sure facebook live without every one..maybe they rich today..but never know tomorrow…

    if fb can take over everything that name “book” than they can move forward..if Im a facebook, I dont care because the world know me.what a shame to open your bad face to public that you are greety….and selfish……to the world.

  • http://www.stayinkerry.com/klh.htm Eamon Moriarty

    If any court rules in favour of Facebook in this instance, I will lose my faith in the Legal system. Why any corporation or organization should have the right to appropriate any common word is beyond me. If Facebook goes ahead with this suit I think it will be to their detriment in the long run.

  • Rich

    If Facebook sues this person or site there will be many people who drop their Facebook accounts…including me.

  • Guest

    Incredible how stupid corporate junkies can be. First the words “Face” and “Book” while separate words indeed, have been put together as One single word “Facebook” by that very corporate name. So since this is the case then “Teachbook” is a completely different word and does not infringe on the copyright of Facebook. It is either one word or teo, they can’t have it both ways; though with enought money they can certainly try. They might as well start a law suit on behalf of every industry in the phone book as well. How many automotive companies end in “…Auto repair” or “…electric”? What about jewelers, or insurance companies? Or better yet- CHURCHES?!?!
    I remember there being a similar case on the news a few years back. There were two stitcheries that both started with “Stitch n’ …” That case was dropped in the end.

  • Guest

    Me too…I will drop my account…and find a new one..because sound like selfish..and very greety, everyone have the right to chose any online business , because they own money…and as long as not 100% copy …I will join http://oyooh.com – check they out…

  • Guest

    Unfortunately Facebook probably did not have a choice but to sue so it can be on record. Otherwise they can overtime lose their exclusive use of the term “Facebook”. This shows how our country has changed over time and perhaps we need to rethink our entire commerce world. Teacherbook was obviously trying to ride on the wave of the “book” terminology. But should “Facebook” take on IBook next? Don’t boycott anything until you know the full story. Kleenex and Xerox almost lost their brand names because of misuse by others. I am not defending anyone just opening things up for thought.

  • Guest

    Should Authors and Publishers Cringe? Absolutely not! I can see it now, “authors get sued by Facebook for referencing the word “book” when promoting their books. How stupid. I hope Facebook realizes that this bad PR. Someone please send this story to CNN for AC360. It will make them think twice about screwing with the small business owner! Especially when it comes to education. Shame on you Facebook!

  • http://wesavemoney4u.com mike

    As one insightful comment was put, Yellowbook should sue Facebook on the same basis that they are suing Teachbook. The logic behind the suit seems so flawed that it is remarkable that Facebook executives would even consider such a stupid move. Given the purpose of Facebook as a social phenomenon vis a vis Teachbook and it’s easy to see that they are not in the same category, family, species, genre, or any other word grouping that implies Teachbook is being competitive with Facebook. To wit:
    “Misappropriating the distinctive BOOK portion of Facebook’s trademark, Defendant has created its own competing online networking community in a blatant attempt to become Facebook “for Teachers.”
    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that. Talk about your typical school yard bully!
    Yet this is the legal ‘basis’ for their lawsuit.
    I hope this hits mainstream media in a big way. Facebook will deserve all of the negative publicity it receives for it’s malintent. (not a misspelling – I made the word up because it seems so appropriate)
    I, for one, will satisfy my own anger by spreading the article in Facebook and Twitter.

  • Guest

    Well its expected isn’t it? the big boys now trying to land grab anything, because they think they can. Facebook need to get a life and quickly. I would hope this will turn users away from the social networking site as currently you are all blindly encouraging and supporting big businesses through advertising, personal privacy being open to everyone by becoming a user of Facebook.

    Perhaps nows the time to bring down Facebook a peg or two as we need to start supporting the little people like me, Teachbook and all the others out there that come up with really good ideas only to be snatched away by people like this because they have the finances to do whatever.

  • June

    They do not have a case! This is ridiculous! They are just trying to strong arm and intimidate!

    They are trying to be a monopoly and there are federal anitrust laws against a large company trying to squeeze any competition.

    We live in a society that encourages competition; that way we all win!

    Anyone that has the word “Book” or the word “Place” in their website name and has a similar type of social networking site will be a target.

    They need to be slapped and put in their “Place” so that they can keep their noses in their “Book.”

    I checked out Teachbook and it is no way close to what they do.

  • Guest

    What a selfish and agreet..think about how you start form fresh and when you small..you just survive million $ dollars and now try to take verything to be big monster? I drop my Act..hell,,yet! I will ..drop and tell everyone about what a selfish and a big monster greety….facebook copy the work book from english word…think about it…we all know the word name “BOOK”..fb can take from every single human…before sues them…

    I drop my act..

  • http://www.racheldean.net Guest

    It seems to me the word Facebook is a juxtaposition of Internet Explorer’s Bookmarks terminology. Teachbook as everyone knows is an abbreviation of the term Teaching Books, an expression that has been around for hundreds of years. I just hope whoever resides over this case has a great sense of humor.

  • Guest

    I join another..drop my account..

  • Guest

    Check out..I found…may social site..and using almost the same ..features…. I just join http://oyooh.com

  • Guest

    Huh..what a fb stupid to sues ,, have fb realize that the word “book” is existing before FB,,and every single human know it and keep in their brain…I will not support FB – we all should sues FB because they website have virus too.

    • http://www.jeffstshirtshop.com Jeff

      Who does facebook think they are? Do they actually think they own the word book? Completely obsurd, I think I am going to cancel my facebook account.

  • Guest

    I join a new site for now…http://oyooh.com

  • http://cyberwizardproductions.com Crystalwizard

    Not sure what planet the people running facebook are from, but it’s not this one.

    Me thinks that the second the case goes before a judge, not only is facebook going to be laughed out of court but also slapped with all sorts of spurious lawsuit fines.


  • Lady

    I think this suit is ridiculous. Teachers have been using books since books were created long before social networking and invent of the internet. Books are the main tool that a teacher uses in practicing their craft and does not infringe on Fackbook. These are two separate completely different words. Facebook is just leveraging its wealth against a less endowed entity in hopes of getting its way by financially crippling Teacherbooks.

    This is an unfair, frivilous lawsuit and Facebooks should be required to reimburse all of Teacherbooks legal fees in defending against this onslaught from the beast, Facebook.

  • Ryan Kempf

    Doesn’t Facebook have bigger things to work on than this come and plus the fact the content is not even the same if it was then you might have a case FaceBook is a Social network for everyone and TeacherBook is just a Social Network for teachers I don’t think its a big deal Facebook and Teacherbook I assume have different goals or at least they should one is geared towards teachers while the other is interested in getting people to socialize in general.

  • http://www.ace.skybuddy.net Alan

    Over here in the UK an airline called Easy Jet has sued a few businesses when using the name “Easy”
    Personally I think trying to trade mark a word in any dictionary should be outlawed.

  • http://www.politicalchristian.org/wordpress Larry Miller

    They just want to be controllers like the people in DC. They do not have the right to this, even if the courts back them.

  • http://reytamayo.com Rey

    They are getting dangerously close to proving they are a monomaniac monopoly. All their stats prove that they own the web and that they can throw their weight around to step on little fish. That site is not copying their logo style, their format, or anything else either. It is clear they are not taking advantage of Facebook’s fame or trying any brand confusion tactics.

    Google is looking like the hero here for not suing their butts over the Places. Next they will suit over the word Wall as well. Google can prove show similar stats and laugh in their faces and say we used Places first. But they are taking the high road and so should facebook. It is not like the teacher site has wide appeal as does Facebook either, it is simply the next generation of social networking which is the niche social network like http://iloho.com is for the travel market and http://linkedin.com is for the business market.

  • Kirk

    Teachbook looks like it has a very unique purpose and is not really a competitor for facebook, which should not be able to sue over either face or book, but only facebook as one word.

    Just another reason to leave facebook which is what I plan on doing. Maybe Google’s social networking site will be a little more people friendly when it comes up.

    Facebook should have turned around and supported a site for teachers and they would be getting a ton of good press for it right now instead of looking like a bunch of jerks.

  • Toto

    I hope teacherbook has the money to defend themselves. The judge won’t dismiss the case I’m sure but Teacherbook will win the lawsuit. There is no brand confusion. Teacherbook is for teachers. Facebook I think felt obliged to sue them in order to comply with trademark rules. If they don’t do anything about Teacherbook, then anybody can register facebook1.com and have an exact site like facebook and Facebook can’t do shit about it legally.

  • Fran in Jersey

    stupid is as stupid does!!! got to love America the land of sueing everyone in your way!!!!!

  • TSchulz

    The folks at Facebook are a bunch of dingleberries. The Teachbook site clearly has no affiliation or even remotely close resemblance to Facebook! Even their photo graphic in the center of the page is a piece of stock photography. It’s the same model used at the CESA6 website (http://www.cesa6.k12.wi.us/), which also has no affiliation to either entity other than they are in education.

    This has to be the biggest stretch I’ve seen since the stretch I made when I got up this morning. I can’t believe they are really going to waste their time and money to pursue what is clearly a ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit. They should be ashamed.

  • http://www.resalehunter.com Mary of Resalehunter.com

    This is only going to leave a bad taste in the public’s mouth. It’s absolutely absurd for them to think that they have the sole right to a common word such as “book”. I predict they will lose the case and, may even have a counter suit filed against them by teachbook.com, for pain & suffering as a result of this case.

    Unfortunately the bullies always think they have the upperhand, and can outspend the little guy so they will just fold. Very sad, and disappointing that they have already become one of “those” kind of companies.

    With any luck public pressure may cause them to rethink this suit, due to the bad press they will continue to get.

  • Guest

    Sounds fair enough to me

  • http://www.signature.eu.com Signature Web Marketing Team

    LMAO, I think FB is sending out a clear message to try and dissuade any Tom, Dick or Harriet from trying to jump on the bandwaggon. Intellectual rights are as old as the hills (this is nothing new) I think the furor is has generated is because this sets a precidence for social networking sites, gamers sites, file sharing sites and any site with an audience that extends beyond your best friend Todd and your pet pooche :-)

    • http://www.kidsmartialarts.biz Wilf Staton

      Yes face book has the intellectual rights for “Facebook” as it did not exist. “book” has existed for thousands of years so no intellectual rights there. “teachbook” did not exists as a word so is a new one with it’s own intellectual rights.

      Go Google on Facebook Places, wait a mo! wasn’t google trying to buy Facebook at one time. Wouldn’t want to rock the boat there.

  • http://www.bookface.com Bookface.com

    Great news everyone! I have created a brand new social site called Bookface.com, it’s better (way better) please come join me. Oh, and don’t tell Facebook!

    • Bailey

      That was too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Guest

        Now that IS hilarious! I agree!

  • http://inform-me.net Larry

    FaceBook management has now earned a prominent spot in my upcoming web site called – CertifiedButtHeads along with nearly every Senator and Congressman (oops – excuse me Congressperson), and a few local officials.

    I personally think it is a stupid move and FaceBook should fire the Lawyers who suggested it.


  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Padma

    I want to start a social network site for people who want to have better looks on their face. I think facebook will provide free publicity by fighting it out!

  • Guest

    This is ludicrous!
    The word book predates facebook by, say, a few thousand years.
    Facebook obviously originally used it because it sounds familiar and friendly.

    Now the idea of teachers using the word “Book” is a problem?

    I used to dislike facebook, but this tips the balance towards “despise”.
    But thanks to them, I might try out teachbook.
    Thanks Facebook for drawing attention to a viable alternative.

    a teacher

  • http://www.isaacsmarketinggroup.com Sean Isaacs

    This is another example of how the “big boys” try to monopolize a marketplace. It is clear from the description of http://www.teachbook.com and the content on their site that there is no way they can compete with Facebook.

    Hopefully facebook will loose the case, be counter sued and provide lots of FREE promotion and exposure for http://www.teachbook.com. Time will tell!

    Afterall, most of us didn’t know this site existed until we heard about the law suit. May it bring lots of new business and increased success to http://www.teachbook.com

    I hope they are not intimidated to change the company/site name.

  • Harry

    Maybe the teachers should have called it “Textbook” instead.

    • Guest

      “Textbook” still falls foul of the “book” argument. As if this little enterprise is really likely to make the slightest dent in their user base – they are acting like they fear it will put them out of business! Why can’t they just be satisfied with the obscene number of users they already claim to have, and if they are really that concerned about it offer to set up a niche group exclusively for teachers (or any other profession for that matter) and capitalise on the opportunity instead of fighting it ? They could call it “Workbook” and get sued by Microsoft into the bargain. And by the way – I hereby claim the intellectual rights to that idea in case they decide to use it !!!

  • Guest

    Never have really liked Facebook as much as Myspace. It’s too hard to get an anonymous account there under a stage name. Also hard to promote music unlike Myspace music.
    So yeah I have an account there but this is silly America seems to sue too much…there should be a consumer panel that watches over silly lawsuits and rejects crap ones like this…they aren’t the same sight and is exclusively for teachers…dumb move on Facebook’s part–makes an already user unfriendly social site even less friendly..

  • http://claremontdesign.com CDesign

    IMHO, FB doesn’t have any case on this. It is obviously a ‘no win’ claim for them.

  • Guest

    Dumbest thing I have ever heard! Good luck with that!!

  • dmode

    If I were the Judge I would throw the case out of court as “Frivolous” – did I spell that right? The only thing they should legally have a lock on is their “world famous” combination of words. Next thing you know, we won’t be able to use certain words in the English language cause it’s part of someone’s company name… Then they have the nerve to mimick Google Places? C’mon…

  • Bailey

    I would think these greedy idiots would have better things to do than to file suit against this guy. Why don’t they file suit against the people who I keep getting spammed by with a web site called F#@ckbook.com? Seriously, stop being so damn greedy facebook. Don’t you own half the world already? Shame on you Facebook!

    I hope this guy wins and is counter-suing to pay for his legal fees.

    • lavasi

      Well, apparently facebook has plenty of money to burn in this idiotic case. And, apparently, some lawyers are so desperate, try to make themself look like useful!

  • http://www.windowsxpslowstartup.how-do-you-do.info Wilf Staton

    This thing with name patents is just getting ridiculous. Common English usage words should not be subject to patents.

    Facebook is not a common usage word (although it could now be said so I guess) book is.

    If the case is successful for Facebook then in effect any made up non common usage phrase or word with book in it could be up for suing.

  • http://www.SunSpringHosting.com Guest

    While Facebook owns the trademark “facebook” it does not own the mark to “*book”. For example, Burger King owns the rights to “Burger King”. Burger King cannot prevent someone from opening a restaurant called Burger Queen. That’s because Burger King does not own the trademark for every restaurant beginning with the word “Burger”.

    Facebook does have a right and a duty to its shareholders to protect its rights. From what I have read in the posting so far, it seems to me that TeachBook is so different than FaceBook that a reasonable person will not be confused in thinking that they are related. While FaceBook may not be happy with the name TeachBook, I think this is really a case when an Internet company becomes so big and powerful that they begin to stifle innovation and competition. Also, I think with this lawsuit FaceBook has made TeachBook more popular than it would have been.

  • Barry Schnitt

    The problem is not merely that they use the word

    • Mike


      “What they are not free to do is trade on our name, create confusion, or dilute our brand while doing so. Additionally, it

    • http://www.delishibusiness.com Arwen Taylor

      @ Barry Schnitt

      I’m sorry. Your answer makes no sense. By your logic, any social network with the word ‘book’ in it would be trying to cash in on your trademark and diluting it. So basically, what you are attempting to do is stop anyone from creating a social network of any kind and having the word “book” in the title. I don’t think you are going to be able to get away with that, first of all. Second, is that really type of precedent that you want to set?

      Additionally, there are tons of websites out there that HAVE domain names with your trademarked name “Facebook” in them that ARE clearly trying to capitalize on the popularity and good will of your domain name. Yet, you are not going after them. This makes me think this really has less to do with brand dilution and everything to do with picking the wrong battle.

    • Chris Crum

      Barry, thank you for commenting with Facebook’s side.

    • Don

      Great reply Barry
      I guess that just confirms how petty Facebook management really is (From the horses mouth even).
      With that argument you will be suing every second business on the net or should I say every one some clown in “Policy Communications” deems to have stepped over some imaginary arbitrary line you created.
      Get a life and leave the little guys to get on with theirs.

  • http://www.adultclixonline.com Guest

    Yes they may be using the popularity of ‘Facebook’ by using Teachbook, but it is not against the law. Suing over the word ‘book’, Facebook shouldnt, and dont, have a case. If the site was called Facebookforteachers.com, they have a case, but its not. Facebook made the mistake of using two generic words in their name face + book, individualy they are note protected names, only when used together ‘FACEBOOK’..this is their own fault and shows their lack of legal patent knowledge and ramifications of such a name at the time of development. I hope the plaintiff has a defomation countersuit planned as soon as facebooks case is dismissed. Facebook should concentrate on making their site more secure, that is the best way to protect their reputation.

    • http://www.adultclixonline.com Guest

      …also if Facebook is worried about being associated with Teachbook, all Teachbook has to do is put a disclaimer on their site clearly stating they are not associated with Facebook….so Facebook cant do that angle either.

      • http://www.goldcoastbusinessonline.com Sene

        Some very interesting comments. I think your views on the generic words face and book give us a lot more to think about. The comments people have made are varied and interesting.

  • Ross

    What , FaceBook is using words from MY language – ENGLISH – which I have inherited from my ancestors who developed it ??? And FaeceBook is paying ZERO royalties for this privilege???

    Where’s my lawyer?

  • http://www.elcivics.com Christina Niven

    Can sites that were created before Facebook was registered sue if they have the words BOOK or FACE in them? If Facebook wins the suit, they leave themselves open to this type of litigation from others who can refer to the suit which they just won? Yes or no? Also, is it just the name that causes the problem or is it that the “name and the style and function of the site taken together” are too similar? I’m an ESL teacher and I think FB should pass on this bad publicity.

    • http://www.adultclixonline.com Guest

      If someone already had a site registered prior to Facebook, with the word FACEBOOK in its entirety would be in a psition to instigate proceedings against Facebook. But by your question, and Facebooks reasoning, any site using the word Face or Book in their title registered prior to Facebook would open Facebook to multiple lawsuits world-wide….you have discovered a massive can of worms for Facebook Christina.

      • Guest

        In regards to Facebook getting sued by previously registered domain names that have either face or Book in them – Unfortunately that is not how the copyright court system looks at it. If the domain name owners had that name before Facebook and did not comfort in the early days when Facebook began – they have lost their opportunity as the way the copyright court system looks at it – is to see if Facebook’s operation caused a confusion to the point that the owners of the previous sites incurred damages as a result – and how much that damage was. If they can not prove there was confusion or damages – in this case obviously not – has they have not come forth – there is very little chance that they get their day in court.

        In the case with the teacher’s association – if Facebook can prove that they are being copied and they would stand to loose members and Teach book may be confusing to the point that the general public may see / confuse them as a subsidiary of Facebook – then they do have a chance to win the case.

        Just as humans have been known to be infatuated with a fad that quickly loses its steam and interest in time – ( Look what happened to people’s interest in e-bay) should I say more ….?

  • Guest

    Let me put it this way: should General Electric sue Emerson Electric? I do’t think so.

  • http://www.wallingis.com Joe Walling

    It is crazy when someone can sue you for something stupid like this. I can’t imagine the average person would confuse this for Facebook. It would be nice if frivolous suits like this resulted in the loser having to pay the legal costs and a punitive cost for initiating this insanity.

  • http://www.goldcoastbusinessonline.com Sene

    There are so many legal challenges going on with similar claims being made. Facebook can qualify a lot of what they have stated in their suit, but I don’t thnk it gives them the right to fully own the term “book” as applied in this instance. The only winners that come out of these cases are the lawyers who charge an arm and a leg for their services.

    I think this will be an interesting case that could set some pretty dangerous precedents if Facebook win.


  • DJ

    Stories like this make me glad that I would not use Facebook to begin with. What a ridiculous lawsuit. I wonder if they ever heard of Breyers and Dreyer’s ice cream? Friggin lawyers

  • http://www.BikerGirlProductions.com/blog Liz Calamusa

    It seems to me that by suing Teachbook they are just giving them free publicity.
    If the goal was to shut them down, it is going to have the opposite results.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Facebook owned or has a hand in, Teachbook, lol.

    Please, enough with these frivolous lawsuits that will cause 12 jurors to lose work time, cost taxpayers a fortune, and makes the rest of the world look at the US in disgust.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  • Guest

    Wow! Get over yourself ‘facebook‘. You’re going after a “teaching” community? Really? Talk about being a JACKASS! First of all, the idea that someone can monopolize a single word is absolutely ridiculous. If that’s the case, I will trademark the work “poem” and make sure no other site on the internet uses MY word! This is insanity. Facebook is a stupid social “time-sucking” site being run by a pompous little shit-brain who thinks he owns the internet. Take it down a notch buddy… you’re going to be ‘myspaced’ into oblivion soon enough by the next big “social” site and then you’ll wish you made more friends along the way.

  • Guest

    and there’s already been a program around schools for a long time called gradebook, is that another infraction?

  • Guest

    It is an out right publicity stunt on Facebooks part, after all they have to do something to cover over all the media that came out about peoples privacy ,, god that went world wide, they are just being out right ass about it, they have no case, after all there are thousand of business out there with names very close, to top it off a domain is a domain, no one can have the same domain, Face book is hurting big time since that news brake over privacy, witch I must add, is still not fixed, and facebook is still loaded with virus

  • Guest

    Facebook should NOT sue TEACHBOOK. If they missed an opportunity, it’s their fault.
    Look to create not compete or destroy.

  • The Doktor

    Dear Facebook, maybe you should also sue http://www.fuckbook.com
    and now….let’s watch morons at work……

    • Guest

      I prefer assbook.com.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    The name book it belongs to the people, it should’nt be a trade mark, so that is wrong, facebook is afraid to lose people that is all, I think teachbook will win unless is all about money

  • Guest

    I can definately see how Facebook has a case.
    A rival networking site called teachbook.
    Too close and trading on the back of facebook.

    • Guest

      “Too close and trading on the back of facebook

      You are an idiot. I thought I’d better point this out, as it’s something you’ve obviously missed and it’s affecting your judgment.

      • Guest

        Facebook is sooo big you would think that another business with the name book in it wouldn’t bother them. Are they so insecure that they have to sue? What is this world coming to? And the idiots who think they have a case is utterly ridiculous!

  • guest

    Last I heard book was a word that has a common use attached to it. Facebook is taking their cue from Apple who put took their branding lead from an I-diot.

    The cult of Jobs and Zuckerberg is really the cult of self-absorption…mean spirited and small.

    Leave teachers alone, they have enough trouble.

  • Rich

    Come on is is a joke and all the more reason to boycot the use of facebook and prepare for googles social networking. The teacher organization has a reverse lawsuit here and facebook needs to prepare to bend over. Our court’s are not meant to be abused by these snot nosed bullies. The English language is not subject to single word copyright such as Subways “footlong”…….. Tell your friends Facebook is toast and just by being on it subjects you to the actions of preditors and profiling by facial recognition software crawling the net……..

    • http://yournightwithjohn.com Guest

      why not just make it “teacherbooks” or “teachbooks”..

      Just another reason to move on over to YourNight.com

  • Guest

    So, we have Apple destroying apps by independents while supporting the corporate competitors, lying to customers over faulty handsets and basically becoming another scummy corporate power. Then we have Google supporting Human Rights abuses in China, and pushing for control of the internet by corporate powers allowing the complete destruction of smaller business and enterprise. Is anyone really surprised to see Facebook jumping onto the corporate monster bandwagon that seems to be going around?

    The fact is, whatever good intentions there may have been in the beginning, greed and the desire for complete dominance over all others takes hold when the driving force is a corporate machine.

    The corporate machine has no emotions, no allegiances, no moral code and no sense of Public Relations. The people (or cogs) within might, but the machine doesn’t.

    We’ve heard the words “Too Big To Fail” often. We should now be thinking “Too Big To Allow”.
    But the Sheeple will continue to neglect that moral voice telling them to stop supporting it and they’ll think it has nothing to do with them. Because the sheeple really are THAT stupid.

    • Jen

      VERY well said. Wow. Could not have said it better myself. Kudos.

    • Alan M

      I agree that FB is acting like a mercenary, howver, when we see iPod or iPad, who do we think of? Apple. It is part of their identity in the IT area.
      So now we have TB in a simliar area as FB. Is there any confisuion as to branding, or is TB borrowing from the branding strength of FB – yes! The fact that FB too years to get going and TB is doing the same in days shows that TB has borrowed some power from FB. In the commercial world – you have to pay to use that power.

      • http://www.adultclixonline.com Guest

        Whilst your statement has some element of reasoning, are you suggesting that apple has the right to sue anyone that comes out with a iCar, iBike, iWhatever…? Unless they have trademarked every possible i-word combination they cant have a firm hold on i-everything….do Apple have a worldwide trademark on the letter ‘i’?

  • http://www.everyfranchise.com/ Mike

    Domain name farcebook.biz is available for $5.99 and sillybook.info for $0.89 from Go Daddy.
    Let’s all go and register a (something)book domain name, whack a WordPress blog with Adsense on it and sit back to see what happens!
    Oh, and somethingbook.com is available… $11.44

  • Guest

    I think it is a copyright infringement; Teachbook is trying to capitalize on the fame and goodwill associated with the Facebook name. It may not be so popular when a giant company wants to protect their name and it may be seen as bullying. But, imagine if you had a business in a small town, spent years building a solid business with a stellar reputation and some upstart opens a business right down the street, calls his business a variation of yours, deliberately trying to benefit from confusion that his business is yours. Wouldn’t you be pissed? The same rules apply to the giants as to the little guy.

    • Guest

      Facebook is hardly a small town business!
      I do run a business (and a social network too!) and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if a competitor started up using one word of the English language that happens to be in my business identity too, mainly because I’m not a corporate whore desperate to destroy any and all slight competition.

      Face facts here, Facebook recognizes that it has lost its total dominance over social networking. Smaller social networks are now possible with the installing of Elgg (and others).

      The future of social networking is in open source software and the creation of niche sites. The “mass” social networks like FB and MySpace will die and FB knows it. They have proven that such control of massive amounts of data is not safe for users.
      That is why they are starting the process of attempting to destroy the idea of niche networks just as they’re starting up.
      They know they’ve had it, all they can do is try to stop others from creating any other networks. And they’ll do it through intimidation and the abuse of the legal system.

      Expect open source groups like Elgg and their peers to be attacked next.

    • http://www.africaninvertebrates.org.za Mike

      Fair enough if you have the Wild West mentality – just start shooting (sueing) left and right if you are pissed for whatever reason. If you have a solid business with a stellar reputation, you don’t need to worry about newcomers, unless you are paranoid. Which is probably he case of the FB owners.

  • Guest

    They must be joking

  • Guest

    Suing for using the word “book”? They will be suing for using the word “face” next. Just how litigious can we get???

  • http://reelwebdesign.com Peter Marino

    Are they freakin crazy. This will be a PR nightmare if the NEWS picks it up. They better apologize and walk out the room with their tail between their legs!

    Peter Marino

  • Guest

    It should be noted that WebProNews is still allowing connectivity to Facebook on this site.

    Personally, I would be inclined to make a point to my readers and remove support of FB in every capacity as soon as possible.

    Why report on the wrong-doings of such sites while actively supporting them?

    Some might see it as being hypocritical, no?

  • Your name:

    This is ridiculous. How many sites are there like this? A ton, there must be something we don’t know about.

    • http://YellowShuttleReliefCorps.org Paul Sulayman Ahmad

      I agree that Facebook`s claim of copyright infringement is “ridiculous.” If their claim had any merit whatsoever, surely they would have gone after `Sexbook.com,` though in a perverse sort of way may also be construed as a `social media.`

  • Rob

    The common use of the English language and now we can sue over it. Why doesn’t Facebook grow up. Why don’t we all sue each other everytime we instant message each other over the use of words. Facebook are bullies.

    • Carol Anne

      The lawyers must be bored and have nothing legitimate to do because the economy is in a recession….that’s the ONLY thing that makes sense out of this assinine lawsuit.

  • Ray Pinkerton

    I am very afraid because I have the word “.com” in my domain and I am now extremely concerned that facebook.com will try to sue me over copying that part of their name.

    I am also concerned for the site owners of face.com and hotelbook.com and many many more.

    HAHAHA – Are Facebook for real? How can any court in any country allow a company to sue over a common word that has been in existence for way longer than Facebook? It is totally absurd.
    As if anyone would confuse facebook and teachbook. Even the most stupid un-educated backwoodsman in the world who had never heard of a computer would know that facebook and teachbook are two entirely different concepts. The tort of passing off requires a name to be so similar as to cause confusion amongst the consumers and there is just NO WAY this can be proved here.

    I think I might register a site called farcebook.com and see what happens. It will have stories about stupid dumb asswipes at Facebook.

  • http://NonStopSocialMedia.com Holly Powell

    Hmmm, can Redbook sue Facebook? Who was around first?

    This is the craziest lawsuit.

    • Guest

      Facebook seems to be like many young success stories – they reach great heights practically overnight and then something takes over and they self-destruct.

      Case in point: Most rock, pop, t.v. stars and young sports stars. It’s like the human nature can’t take it.

      In reality, they probably need a good stint in rehab. lol

  • Guest

    This is what happens when an online presence gets too big for its britches. Personally I think Facebook sucks ass – what about networking is Facebook about?

  • Mike

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Just because they have become ‘popular’ they think that they can push anyone around. Facebook isn’t a word face is and book is and the word book has been around for a long time. I tell ‘ya if I had a project going on and I wanted to name it I would call it “Bookface.”

  • Greymoon

    This is crazy, and Facebook should quit acting little a little kid. What are they afraid of, a few teachers are are going to steal away their client base, I don’t think so. I am glad I never started with Facebook it seems like such a waste of time. The world is going “to hell in hand basket” and they are worried about the word “book”.

    As one writer put it, it’s a publicity stunt, and maybe this will backfire in there face(book) because they are so worried about losing their identity. I tell all of our clients to stay away from these kind of sites because they only open the door to security and privacy problems.

    Just another way to keep the lawyers fed and no one wins in the end. The Facebook group needs to get a life and clean up their own image and brand, do not worry about other guys.

  • Guest

    White Collar skull thuggery is i can say ,Face book should suk it up for being so lame and not having the smarts to get this idea in the first place bythemselves.
    Instead they resort to threats by means of LAW.
    makes you wonder about these legitimate comapnys and how they get were they are.
    SUCKED IN FACE BOOK, take that smak in the face there someone that can do better business than YOU

    • Guest

      I am removing all my facebook feeds and details, no need to help crooks.

  • http://www.yes2.us Dave

    If Facebook goes with this I will cancel my account, but before I do I will do this, as should EVERYONE ELSE:


    Personally – I think Facebook is a TOTAL Waste of Time!

  • Zane Charles

    I keep telling people they should make it an amendment to sue anyone for anyone reason, regardless of how stupid, silly, or frivolous it my be for you wanting to sue someone!

    Might as well, that way if one day you piss me off I can say I’m going to sue you for a million dollars just because you gave me a dirty look, “only in America” “yet people wonder why other countries make fun of us lol”.

  • Zane Charles

    Maybe myspace will sue people every time someone uses the word space, like Donald Trump does with the whole fired word. lol

    Or maybe facebook, myspace and twitter will sue news companies for using and mentioning there names and using there logos which we all know they do. lol

    • http://www.adultclixonline.com Guest

      if you combine in some way all the sites you mentioned you get “FACESPITTER’

  • PaddyReagan

    There’s a huge amount of case law that suggests that this suit should never have been filed. Common names cannot be copyrighted and there’s no evidence of trademark infringement. A few years ago OfficeMax tried to prohibit other companies such as ReMax from using “Max” in its name. It was tossed out of court. There’s Office Depot and Home Depot and a hundreds of other depots around. The same is true with “tissue” and others. When giant entities use the legal jackboot to crush smaller companies the public thinks such aggression is pathetic and from the comments here, this is certainly true in this case.

  • Guest

    This is copyright ownership gone crazy!!

    Here’s a thought – why not get all the companies who had “book” in their name well before Facebook came on the scene, to sue Facebook?

    World Book Encyclopedia would be a good start (worldbook.com).

    Of course, these companies probably wouldn’t bother, because they aren’t paranoid, stupid or insane – unlike Facebook.

  • Terry Jones

    While I agree that companies do need to be able to protect their name I strongly beleive that there are limits.

    There is an actual situation where a small one-of-a-kind Australian fast-food shop owned by a guy named MacDonald was amongst other things selling a MacDonald’s Hamburger. It was a gourmet burger made of real food and was huge and delicious. It was nothing at all like the plastic crap served up by the Golden Arches.

    McDonalds took him to court and threatend to bankrupt him unless he stopped selling calling his burger a MacDonald’s hamburger. Why not? It was his creation and his reall legal name is MacDonald.

    Do you think people would walk into his little shop and be confused and think they were in the scary clowns plastic burger emporium?

    The fact that courtrooms have allowed the pressure of the multi-nationals economic clout and extremely litigious legal team to crucify small business owners by engaging them in years of expensive legal actions is a crime in itself.

    In this case, there is no way anyone could mistake Facebook.com with Teachbook.com

    Have you even been to teachbook.com? Have a look at what it is and tell me why facebook should be worried about them?

    Also — where on Facebook does any of the following happen. Links please!!!!!!!!

    Teachbook is all about community, utility, and communication for teachers.

    When you join Teachbook, you can:

    * Manage your professional profile and all information in your account by choosing to share with administrators, colleagues, parents or public

    * Create and search lesson plans, instructional videos, and other teaching resources

    * Manage your classroom communications with secure parent-teacher communication tools, such as a gradebook, events calendar, classroom newsletter, and homework space

    * Communicate and connect with colleagues though discussion, chat, blogs, and more

    * Gain new teaching knowledge and insights from like-minded professionals in groups

    * Create and manage online courses and instructional modules

    * Enable teachers to manage their student grades by recording, calculating, and sharing them in a secure online Gradebook.

  • http://www.laptoplifts.com Chris Adams

    This is not about being nice or mean, it is about trademarks. Teachbook is a social networking site, albeit different in purpose from Facebook. Like any business large or small, Facebook has to protect its Intellectual Property and Brand and in a business like Facebook that is all that they have (they don’t produce anything). It only took them 6 years to get so huge but if there was a Fishingbook, Bikebook or Bowlingbook on every corner leeching from their brand Facebook could become seriously diluted in a very short amount of time.

    The proprietors of Teachbook.com appear to be from the UK so the rules may be different and I don’t know how strong an international trademark Facebook may have. I actually went to Teachbook and signed up for an account because I am a teacher. This is the best free advertising they will ever get!

    They could have called the site Teachville… oh wait….

  • Guest

    To say that you can use portion of a word to sue someone is utterly rediculous and Facebook
    has the odacity to think they are somehow ripped of. Quit your crap people. You got enough followers and Teachbook has nothing to do with you or riding anybody’s fame wave, as no one is going to tape by mistake Teachbook, but was looking for Facebook. How low can you get.
    Facebook is writting their own bad publicity. Ha Ha Ha idiots

  • Guest

    Yeah, Fb is a big waste and getting like the like googlegods..
    This is totally absurd and facebook will suffer the consequences should they go ahead with the suit.

    Idea: in order to save money, time, and stress, why not just make it “teacherbooks” or “teachbooks”..

    this is just another reason to move on over to YourNight


    • Guest

      So Facebook is now the bully of the Internet social sites, as Walmart is to retailing.

      When a town doesn’t want a Walmart and won’t permit them to build, they sue the town.

      Now Facebook is suing anybody with a good idea for an Internet community. How sad.

  • http://www.autoprometrix.com Auto Marketing Guy

    This is absolutely ridiculous. People are worried about their privacy settings? Wait until Facebook starts suing you for your own photos. Watch out, better not put any of YOUR photos on YOUR website if they are also on Facebook, or you will have to pay! I think this would be a great game for Google to play.

  • Guest

    This case has no merit or basis in any law/previous supreme court decision and facebook should suffer the consequences. I am tired of stupid/frivolous/moronic lawsuits. It all started when the courts that be decided to award that lady the money for burning her mouth on coffee from Mcdonalds. STUPID/STUPID/STUPID. Any judge willing to side with facebook or even allow this to be heard should be disbarred for being stupid.

  • Jeff

    I couldn’t believe this when I read it. Are these guys serious? They are going after a site designed to be a resource for those in the teaching profession. Now, really, how many people besides those who are teachers are going to use this site.

    I get crap in my spam folder all of the time from sites that are truly trying to ripoff the concept of facebook. One in particular purports to be a new twist on facebook. It turns out to be a porn site. So is facebook going after them as well? If so I haven’t seen anything about it

    Hey Facebook, get over yourself

  • http://OnlineMarketingAuthors.com Patrick

    I guess Face Book will be able to sue people that sell e-books too?

    OH NO!…

    Now I did it,I said the word “Book” in two sentences. My Bad…lol

    Which do you prefer…

    1) Hard Cover Books?
    2) Paper Back Books?
    3) Electronic Books? (e-books)

    Yes, I just used the word “Book” many times to promote my own e-book store.
    Visit: http://OnlineMarketingAuthors.com

    SUE ME!….LOL

    Buy from me just to prove a point to Face book how obscured they are being.

  • Guest

    I’m no lawyer either, but it’s just plain stupid if you ask me. Why they feel threatened by another company. Personally, I don’t think there should be a case. If this site loses because of the word “book” then what about all the other sites that use “book” in the domain. The whole reason it was probably even brought up was TeachBook is a community site.

    I say get a life facebook.

  • TrevPearman

    Its absurd, ridiculous… and do not take it too seriously. We live in a world of free enterprise, sure there are limitations as to Trademarks and Tradenames. I treat this more as a publicity stunt. As someone mentioned previously if this Teachbook is so threatening then why are there still domain names available that can use the term ‘book’ Will Facebook turn on these purchasers next.
    Teachbook is no direct threat to Facebook

  • Guest

    I think Facebook will probably lose their case. This is simply not a textbook case for lawyers.
    Talking about textbook –
    Maybe that Teacher Resource should have named their site Textbook.
    I’d like to see Facebook try to make a case out of that.
    Well, I guess this one is really one for the “books”.
    Pardon the pun.

  • Chester Tully

    Alas! that mask(Social) has suddenly fallen off.
    Facebook, it’s time to preserve the pages that you have!

  • 4tune

    Are they seriously that hard up for money? I cant login to delete my account until I get a cell phone to text I cant login, LOL!

    Book is a common everyday used word, They probably were not thinking at all about Face Book when they came up with it either especially if what they do is related to Books.

    Face Book your making an @ss out of yourselves and just look very desperate to the world with this non sense, Besides I can do more with less hassle at other social networks to be frankly honest here.

    • http://www.adultclixonline.com Guest

      …As you say..perhaps if/when Facebook has its day in court they could clarify in what way their site does relate to books would be an interesting arguement as to why someone that does deal with books in one way or another should not use the word “BOOK’.

  • Xaman

    This comes out of the egoistic nature of Facebook. For long we know you just by the FACE value. Now we know you by your true color, FACEBOOK!

  • http://www.whatsnewonthenet.com Whatsnew

    We at http://www.whatsnewonthenet.com think Facebook is either losing it or is getting rather “pompous”. The word “Book” and “Face” existed in the English lexicon much before the owners of Facebook were even born, and obviously way beyond that. They have no business to be suing a site, that too one that is for teachers, for merely using a word like “book”. It holds no tenacity under the law, US or any other. Facebook would be better off if it were to use the time instead to improve what they are doing.

  • Stevem

    Come on, somebody set up a fund for the legal defence of TeachBook, I’ll chuck in a few dollars.

    Lets all get together behind TeachBook and kick FB’s ASS to show them that it’s only them (FB) that seems to be able to infer some “possible damage” to their brand due to a teaching social network using the word “book” in its name.

    I mean, it’s only FB in this case that doesn’t seem to know that Teachers are often refered to as Teach (it also happens to be something they do) and that they actually use “books” on a daily basis. And lastly, who would have though that Teach(ers) that use Book(s) would have a need to socialise over the internet.

    Now whether somebody though TeachBook was a catchy little name for a social teachers network because of or inspite of FB doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that Teachers have a right to a social network and the naming of that network by the joining of two common words indemic in their daily life is perfectly acceptable, more so than in the case of FB I would say.


    • http://www.africaninvertebrates.org.za Mike

      This is a phenomenal nonsence! Facebook must shut up and withdraw the case.

  • http://www.naturalstonetiles.com.au Wilf Staton

    Looks as if Facebook have made a boo boo here. Going through all the comments I perceive so little support for facebook that it is virtually non existent.

    If this continues into the wider world Facebook may be in trouble.

    It is about time all this patent stuff should be reviewed and made more sensible and something done to rein in these corporate thugs.

  • Guest

    facebook acts really pathetically… I don`t think they got a patent for an invention of books)))… or may be they feel being too threatened… especially with possible soon coming of a google social network… anyway i think facebook has turn into a giant rubbish pile and needs an update

  • Guest

    When I went to business school, we got a directory with names and pictures of everybody in shool. The book was nicknamed “The Meatbook”. That was back in 1990, almost 15 years before Facebook was launched.

    I am sure there are many schools/universities/organizations out there that also have Meatbooks, Facebooks, Picturebooks or whatever they could be called. The concept of Yearboks have also been around for more than half a century. Maybe schools should start suing Facebook for using a name too close to their Whateverbooks!

    The Facebook guys are proving time and time again that they are a bunch of clowns – petty and greedy.

  • ambj

    OMG! seriously, Facebook is going to sue someone for using “Book” –lame and dumb

    • Guest

      OMG!! they’ll be suing dictionaries next!!!!! don they have the word “book” in them!!!??? ha ha ha!! this is ridiculous!!!

  • Markt

    WEll THere Trying to Sue, They Wont & Can’t Win.
    Also there is also QUite a few other Site’s using Similar Titles to Facebook’s

    ALot of “Sex/Porn” Type ones OR Dating Not Sure Seen the Advertising and the DOmain Name’s

  • Guest

    As a member of Facebook, I find this ridiculous and shocking. A common name can NEVER be under copyright. As a Facebook member, I found it to be the very BEST way to stay in touch with friends and relatives. I find it very, very sad that Facebook would stoop so low! But then…it appears we live in a country where everyone is going “lawsuit crazy”. Now I’m wondering if I start “Catbook” or “Dogbook”….”meow”…”woof”…will I be threatened with a lawsuit!? I suggest Facebook think over their actions, or there will no longer BE a Facebook as the majority of members will cancel their accounts.

  • Guest

    This is a brilliant example of the American dream – sue, sue, sue, no matter how trivial or idiotic as long as there is the promise of a pot of gold at the end of the action, and no matter the financial or any other consequences to the sued party. Like the USA company who tried to sue a South African company over the use of the word Rooibos, which an american cannot even pronounce. Or wifes aspiring to divorse rich. No wonder lawyers are fewed with disfavour by so many individuals.
    I am cancelling my account with Facebook.

  • Peter

    I do think that Facebook and its proponents are acting very childishly, by refusing to allow an educational resource to be named Teachbook. However, it makes sense… you would never see Facebook taking Apple to court over its Macbook, because Facebook wouldn’t have a hope of winning a suit like that. So, they pick on a smaller player.

    The irony is that if the comments here are any indication at all, we are in desperate need of some kind of resource (Teachbook?) that could assist people to actually learn to write properly. Facebook obviously doesn’t fill this need.

  • Guest

    Sounds a bit like what ToysRUs tried to do a few years back, trying to sue every other business that used the “RUs” on the end of their name.

  • http://www.laokay.com Adsense Publisher

    Whats next, Google to sue Facebook over Facebook Places?
    I don’t see the point in this lawsuit other than greed.

  • Guest

    Why not Apple to the list of peopel that Facebook could try to sue since Apple had an iBook which was replaced by a MacBook which is part of the PowerBook range.

    Oh wait, Apple were ther first !!!!!

  • Guest

    Facebook are overeacting and looking like bullies to boot.

  • Guest

    If facebook lawyers think they can win this lawsuit they must be mad. The word BOOk is in the public domain and cannot be copyright. If this even gets to court it is a travisty and I will close my facebook account. They must be mad. Here you go sue me I am using the word book, book, book,book,book,

  • Guest

    How pathetic is that. What about all the other words/names/domains – CookBOOK, RecipeBOOK to name a couple. What a Joke

  • http://www.theanaloguerevolution.com Pete

    Wow! quite a few messages here, and I can’t see one in support of facebook. Well here is something that completley ruins FB’s case, there has been a social networking site in the UK call FaceParty since 2000, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faceparty

    Looks like Facebook should be sued too!

  • http://www.youtube.com/danielvincentkelley Daniel Vincent Kelley on youtube

    Facebook is cutting in on Teachbooks advertising dollars, by making them hire lawyers to respond to the lawsuit. Ultimately facebook‘s bogus legal action will boost Teachbooks standing, for example, I never would have heard about teachbook had facebook not sued them… If facebook won the suit though, they’d have set a precedent that all social networks whose name ends in book be at the mercy of a FB lawsuit and then need to raise lawsuit funding instead of advertising dollars. I’m pretty sure they’ll fail with their lawsuit. Probably once they realize how futile such a lawsuit is they’ll quit it on their own. FB’s founder was a hacker in his days at Harvard, broke into journalists email accounts, then used info he found there to convince them to not publish against him for stealing the facebook idea from other students who he had promised to help in developing their social network, which he never did… You can find info on it online searching stuff like facebook fascist and the like.

  • http://marcospoerrle.com Marco Spoerrle

    This is not the right way. They just try to abuse the power they have. Shame on you. http://marcospoerrle.blogspot.com/

  • http://cheaphotelsandrooms.co.uk Alice

    Oh wow – soon we won’t be able to use word “book” in our everyday conversations because of Facebooks (or rather Mark Zuckerberg?) lust for power and world wide web domination. This portal is not a Facebook competitor – FB actions are just pure nonsense… or maybe pure greed?

  • http://carl-agpcuk.livejournal.com/ Guest

    Get advice from your Lawyer as to

  • I cancel

    … and will not use any services from other websites that use FB connect.

    It is outrageous how they act. Deceiving people to believe to have 500 million members is outright a con.

    There’s a discussion on “Der Spiegel” where people come forward and confess my daughter has 9 accounts, my son has seven accounts and so forth. Kids use it to send themselves gifts and FB pretends not to know it? They may even face a hefty real law suit about this.

    Hahahaha, what a cheap company. Advertiser will surely figure that out and avoid that low-so hub.

    Furthermore, FB layed off most of developers and programmers earlier this year, no money for salaries, some went even begging for a job with competitors, or was it an attempt to infiltrate?

  • http://www.sudoku.co.za Sudok

    Facebook is using generic words in their name which cannot be trademarked. You can TM the whole name, but separately they are still common words and everybody can use them. However, a court of law will have to consider additional factors such as when Teachbook was created, how the creators arrived at the name Teachbook, if they are trying to syphon value from the FB brand etc. The latter would probably be a deciding factor and if FB can proof that Teachbook is riding on their (FB) brand, well then its game set and match.
    Speaking of which, Google should take FB on because the latter is copying what Google did wrt Places. Now that would be interesting :-)
    We appreciate the WPN newsletters. Keep it up. John

  • http://jaspert.free.fr jaspert

    Facebook should sue anyone that says “OK”

  • Andy

    Dictionary: English (U.K.)

    Megalomania (noun) [meg-uh-loh-mey-nee-uh] :

    1. Greed for power – an excessive enjoyment in having power over other people and a craving for more of it.
    2. Facebook – manifestation of aggressive, greedy, paranoid protectionism; a psychiatric disorder in which the organisation experiences delusions of great importance.

    What a Ridiculous, Unbelievably Overblown sense of their own importance they must have

  • David

    Facebook is going to turn into a nasty monster in its bid for world domination. Don’t forget they own a load of abstract ‘ software patents’ relating to social networking and they will deploy these against those they deem as a potential threat. Teachbook is hardly a threat now is it !! ?
    I hope the judge in this case has the balls to throw this into the bin where it belongs. Since when could anyone ever own the rights to the word’ book ‘ ? This aint funny, these guys are becoming WAY too powerful.
    The founders have made huge amounts of money from this company and good luck to them, but they have a responsibility to ensure that this very unique company built on its users personal information and content behaves in a socially acceptable manner.
    Bullying a bunch of teachers is not socially acceptable behavior to most of us. The suits in power at Facebook may not care , but Zuckerburg should care.

    • Andy

      You would hope that a group providing social interaction services would lead the way and behave in an acceptable manner.

      Obviously this doesn’t come naturally to a bunch of thugs, but perhaps they’ll learn!

  • Guest

    This is stupid how can facebook sue a teacher for using the word “book” they need to get real and stop being like a bunch of nazi`s. Id advise anyone NOT to use facebook as its not safe and children can be in real danger on that site.


  • Ex facebook user

    I dont use facebook its crap and full of pedofiles

  • http://www.selectyourfranchise.com Joe C

    Ludicrous! How can you possibly sue for someone using a generic word in their company name!! And as if a site with such a niche focus as teachers is going to represent a threat to a site which caters for all…!


  • http://www.MyCardStories.com Debbie

    They seem so concerned with the good will of their company, yet they’re only generating bad will with this case.

  • Guest

    Facebook should be removed from the internet. Email works for me.

  • http://www.url123.com Directory

    It’s ridiculous, greedy and petty. I agree 100% with C’est la vie, it’s all about picking on the little guy. They wouldn’t want to pick on a company their own size because they’d probably lose the suit.

  • http://trimfirestation.com Guest

    The answer is no, the concept of facebook was created years ago, ok facebook are the registered owners of the name. but come on facebook are you really really worried, or think you are at risk
    lighten up a bit will ye. When you start charging for premium features you are going to lose millions of clients anyway ..

  • Chance English (Aviation English under ICAO LPR)

    What gives facebook the right to do this. It is the most stupid idea I have heard in a long time. If they really want to do something like that, they should think before they jump.

  • http://www.josephcrawford.com Joseph Crawford

    They have a trademark which was allowed by the trademark office.

    The suit also mentions that Facebook owns a number of U.S. registrations for the mark FACEBOOK, covering a variety of goods and services, such as online networking services, chat functions, electronic media, online journals with user-defined content and electronic publishing services, and software to enable uploading, tagging, and sharing of electronic media or info.

    Clearly TeachBook is in the wrong here because they were notified of these trademarks and are still pursuing the site/name. It is clear that TeachBook is an online networking service that allows you to publish online content/media which that trademark covers.

    This is not about picking on the little guy, this is about making sure no one can get far enough to actually have leverage against their mark. If they just let TeachBook be developed later down the road when it becomes popular they probably would not have any standing ground.

    Is it really that hard for TeachBook to change their name? Do they really have anything to do with Books anyway? Nope it’s all electronic. Trying to play off the name FaceBook just because how popular they are is going to get them in trouble.

    My suggestion is suck it up and come up with a better name…

    • Greg Love

      Sounds as if we are hearing from one of the Facebook attorneys.

      By your rationale, Facebook owns the rights to any networking service, caht function, electronic media or online journal. Facebook trademarked FACEBOOK, they did not trademark A, ACE, EBOOK, FACE, or BOOK. Teachbook should not have to change anything, they have plenty of elements/services in their offering that are different than what FACEBOOK has.

      I have a Facebook account that I will be canceling if Facebook continues to pursue this case.

    • http://www.bigextracash.com/aft/4be45fb3b458a.html morass5

      Your reasoning is ridiculous, how can any one person have a monopoly on the word BOOK,

      How can anyone want to stop Teachers from useing the word BOOK,

      I am assuming you are a young person, and that’s why you are supporting rubbish like what facebook is saying, maybe you were not paying attention to teachers and the things they were trying to teach you from BOOKS,

      Teachers and books are forever married, and it is just plain stupid to try and stop people from useing anything named BOOK, as long as it relates to the Teaching Proffession

  • Guest

    What does it mean, the word book which exited before facebook and is a litreture word be a property of facebook. someday some crap will come and say that I own the air and people cant breathe and we will listen! does this mean that the person who invented wheel can be used by him and none others! what about enhancements and creating car out of the wheel. If people cant use the wheel then car would have been invented. once car is invented by say Ford then no one else can make another car company that is what this kid Mark Z is saying. what happened to everyone people of the world. How can you hear such crap. Lets build the best networking site better than Facebook soon. I will launch one by October which will have much enhanced features than facebook and will also use the word book. I want all your support. I know facebook will run after me.

  • Subliminally Absurd

    All the sportsbook sites should sue Facebook. They have been using “book” ages longer than Facebook has. Hope Facebook spends tons of money they could be putting into security to make their site safe and loses every penny of it in this ridiculous litigation.

  • Guest

    Best is cancel Facebook account and start with some other networking site

  • Guest

    I think they need to go to court. This needs to be settle once and for all. One thing is for certain. If Facebook wins this suit, this is going to open a can of whup ass on themselves too. Google Places? Yellowbook? Anything online with the word book and face in it, etc. I believe FB has a business directory, don’t they? Yellowbook anybody? It will be a big mess. What about Webpronews and Foxnews? They both have Tech News. I think “News” and “Book” are in the same category. Too general of keywords.

  • Guest

    Facebook has a case in that the names sound similar and both are social networking sites or substantially similar. Can create confusion in the noobs’ minds. I’m not a fan of facebook and I want this teachers’ resource site to survive but with a different name. I hope the two can come to an agreement.

  • Bobert

    Of course Facebook has a right to sue and it is fairly obvious that the site did a takeoff on the Facebook name, but that doesn’t mean Facebook has any shot at winning a suit. Look at all the “i” products that have cropped up after Apple came out with itunes and ipod. And of course, Facebook isn’t winning any new friends by taking on “the little guy.”

  • http://www.wsiroi.co.za Thierry

    Facebook does not own the word “book”.
    Come on, with already 500 Millions users, what are they afraid of?
    Beside we (the users) are the ones making Facebook popular.
    By suing Teachbook, or whatever-Book, they are taking a fat chance in damaging their own brand.
    So dear Facebook, think twice. You are what you are because of us….

  • http://www.wsiroi.co.za Thierry Mba

    Facebook does not own the word “book”.
    Come on, with already 500 Millions users, what are they afraid of?
    Beside we (the users) are the ones making Facebook popular.
    By suing Teachbook, or whatever-Book, they are taking a fat chance in damaging their own brand.
    So dear Facebook, think twice. You are what you are because of us….

  • http://wehner.org Charles Douglas Wehner

    This is gangsterism of the very worst form. NOBODY has the right to take possession of a word.

    Dare I mention a notebook? Whoops! Will I be prosecuted? Incarcerated? Keelhauled?

    What of a pocketbook? Or the Hyperbook? Or the e-Book? Or a cookbook?

    Hadji Iouannou created Easyjet, and then “Easy Everything”. Then he was “retired” from the boardroom. Gangsters seem to have taken over, because they PERSECUTED anybody who used the word “easy”.

    There was a company called “Easy Connect”, that had registered its name years earlier. Now, not only did the “Easy Everything” gang threaten them with prosecution, but also the electricity supplier mysteriously cut off their supply, due to “unforseen problems”. The company was being driven out of business. They only managed to stay in business when they gave up the use of the word “easy”.

    That was in England, but such gangster methods are used in many other countries, as well.

    It is SELF-EVIDENT that nobody can possess a word. However, to the LAW it is not always self-evident.

    Charles Douglas Wehner

  • http://thehappinesstoolkit.com Gayleen

    Facebook should spent time and money on enhanciing their site and keeping their good money. I don’t agree that controversy always sells.

    If I were TeachBook I’d just call it something else and as well get on with what they should be focusing on instead of fighting a stupid issue.

  • Guest

    Perhaps whomever started the phone book should sue facebook. Of course they have a right to launch a lawsuit, but what a waste of resources. Should they do it? no.

  • http://www.leadershipskillsbooks.com Andrew Gallop

    Hello Chris, great information, facebook is acting like google now. almost to big. There lawyers need to get a job, leave teachbook alone. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  • http://disqus.com/Carl_Barron/ Guest

    As the Holy Scriptures state, in the beginning there was only the

  • http://www.notebookszone.com NotebooksZone

    looks like Facebook wants to kill competition.
    So, any social network with the word “book” in name could have problems???
    I understand that “Facebook” is trademark, but how “Book” can be a trademark.

  • Bob

    I’ll be damned and go to hell and back! You guys are starting to sound like a bunch of Nancies hating on the new neighbor girl with the breast implants! Why don’t we stick to trademark law instead of posting sissy crap like “We made who you are Facebook!” or “you owe me”. Some of you are like my ex-wife’s dog. Only thing that damned dog did was jump on my lap and ruin a pair of good Khakis.

    One thing is for sure. CHRIS STRIKES AGAIN!!!!


  • http://internetbusinesswriters.com/seo_women Barb

    Here is a case of another frivolous lawsuit If this is FB’s stance, then Google should jump down on FB with both feet and sue for the use of Facebook Places. It sounds so much like Google Places in my view. Hope the judge throws this suit to the curb and FB right behind it What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Guest

    According to the USPTO, Facebook has NO case.
    A) Book is considered a common word.
    B) www.facebook.com cannot be trademarked, nor can ANY domain name.

    This is what happens when you let your lawyers run your company. They tend to feel the need to justify their jobs even when they make frivolous claims. They should be disbarred!

  • Guest

    If you think about it, almost everybody is forced to try to cover their butts in anything they do these days. The financial impact to everyone is enormous because the cost of protection (insurance) and actual legal defense is passed on to every consumer. Plus, many valuable services and activities (not to mention creativity!) are restricted or denied because of liability. ENOUGH ALREADY! Of course, Washington is primarily run by lawyers so what chance do we have of getting reform passed…not much.

  • http://disqus.com/Carl_Barron/ Guest

    Paul Ceglia, of Wellsville, N.Y.claims rights to Facebook signed contract by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Here

    • Guest

      Facebook’s lawyer is Lisa Simpson. Lookout, TeachBook!

  • http://www.onearmedseo.com OneArmedSEO

    There’s no way that Facebook has a case against TeachBook! I have a nickname for Facebook…ASSBook! Facebook sucks, talk about getting greedy!

    I blame the lawyers for this, they’re the only ones who will win in this case! They should be strung up by their cahones and beaten with baseball bats for bringing such a ridiculous case to court…it’s no wonder our courts are so screwed…because of all the greedy lawyers!!

    “Oh no, the teachers are going to take away all our users and keep us after class!”

  • LeeGuanYou

    then ebook.com could sue facebook too …. crazy, its not people are using faceboook or face-book.com or any names very near to it. I think teachbook is ok … i c no case.

  • Guest

    I do not see how Facebook or it’s 23 year old CEO think they have a claim to the word..”BOOK”. Really? Grow up and maybe let the BIG boys handle the legal issues.

  • olala

    There will be a real issue against facebook. ne can’t cancel the account only deactivate it, which means they can sell your data as it happened by a few previous staff there.

    Guess the EU will jump on that with a multi-billion $$$ fine.
    Also because of the wrong, artificial created member number of 500 million, which in fact falls far short of even 100 million real members. Go guess how?

  • http://www.purityringsonline.com Brandon

    For all you bashing FB, it’s not just the company using the word “Book” it’s the company using the word “Book” for a social networking site. That would be like me starting a company that makes subway sandwiches and calling it Timmy John’s.

    Think about it.

  • http://www.PoetPatriot.com PoetPatriot.com

    Does that mean we have to stop calling our contact lists, ‘Address Books”? The companies that have been selling Addressbooks, for longer than Facebook has existed, should sue Facebook.

    I’d just about bet there was a *book.com before Facebook. They should sue Facebook.

    Ebay did not sue me when I had foolbay.com (now PoetPatriot.com)

    Facebook will probably not get anywhere in court for they have allowed the many other networking sites that use “book” in their name to operate without challenge. They are

    Here are others “*book” sites that Facebook can sue:

    Sites using ‘FACE':
    faceoff.com FaceForum.com facecover.com/ facestick.com facescript.com faceplace.com
    facemanual.com Facelift.com Facelist.com faceblog.com

    Social Networking using “FaceBook” in their name and/or URL:
    MilitaryFaceBook.com 2dubaiFacebook.com MyChristianFacebook.com
    facebook.com churchoffacebook.com fortunesonfacebook.com

    Teacher Social Networking:
    Kingdombook.com EnglishClassBook.com

    Social Networking:
    Blackbook.com Sharebook.com SalonBlackBook.com Welshbook.com PrideBook.com Faithbook.com Myagentbook.com Pharm-Book.com Parentbook.com erealtorbook.com
    sociologyoffacebook.com bouldercountybook.com mymixedbook.com Petrabook.com youngsterbook.com PokerProBook.com physiquebook.com/ Jointbook.com BlessBook.com
    seobook.com wikiworldbook.com myyearbook sermonbook.com/ israelbook.com/ xpressbook.com volleybook.com

    About social networking:
    socialnetworkebook.com socialfactorbook.com socialnetworkebook.com sales20book.com
    Connectedthebook.com http://www.phpmagicbook.com littledesignerbook.com Web2book.com
    anthonymorrisontvbook.com referralenginebook.com http://e-marketingbook.com/
    friendswithbenefitsbook.com edge-book.com facetofacenetworkingbook.com
    thesocialfactorbook.com/book.html bestchoicebook.com climateforchangebook.com
    innerbook.com/ nolimitsthebook.com engagingbook.com

    About FaceBook:
    smartparentbook.com inetsafetybook.com/ ingrambook.com failbook.com fortunesonfacebook.com disablefacebook.com

    nofacesbook.com is an ADULT social network.
    GayBook.com GirlBook.com

    Address books.
    Yellowbook.com addressbook.com phonebook.com
    Telephonebook.com Telebook.com

    Others –
    SportsBook.com Jokebook.com Weddingbook.com Showbook.com
    Godbook.com film-book.com fakebook.com VampirePoetryBook.com
    Commonplacebook.com Blitzedbook.com ChristianBook.com justiceplanbook.com
    socialmarketingbook.com quotationsbook.com socialbook.com togetherbook.com
    Frontbook.com futureofmusicbook.com behaviorbook.com mafiawarsblackbook.com
    perspective-book.com/ bloggingfordummiesbook.com bulliestobuddiesbook.com
    dreambook.com/ wordofmouthbook.com betterworldhandbook.com overcomersbook.com/
    fetchbook.info christiancoachingbook.com id-book.com/ mosaicbook.com e-book.com.au
    bloggingforbusinessbook.com 21stcenturyskillsbook.com nevercoldcallbook.com
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    writeandpublishyourbook.com fullertonbook.com focus-book.com montessori-book.com
    mygradebook.com/ Prettybook.com

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Sure they have the right to sue anyone using “facebook” BUT they DON’T have the right to sue for the use of “Book”. All they are doing is damaging their own brand and putting people offside and in the long term they will be the ones that loose out.
    Teachbook is for TEACHERS, there aren’t 100’s of millions of teachers but there are 100’s of millions of STUDENTS and PARENTS, now if they have Facebook accounts, and all decided to cancel their accounts as a result of Facebook’s law suit and also convinced their friends and family to cancel their accounts as well, Facebook will loose 100’s of millions of accounts, mine being one,I don’t think they’ll like that.
    Google should sue facebook for the use of “Places”,as “Google Places” is well known and all Sportsbook sites should sue Facebook as they used “Book” well before Facebook did.

    Facebook wake up, there are plenty of other social networking sites out there, your not the only one.

  • Guest

    This is just another case of greed and what people will do to get more money.

  • Guest

    While I don’t entirely agree with Facebook, after reading some of the comments on this topic regarding copyright infringement on common words what happens when a competitor uses SEVERAL of your keywords in the use of their name? Say that you own a business and that you post comments with backlinks on a site within your niche then find some months later that the site on which you left your comment has changed part of their name pulling in SEVERAL of the keywords that are used in your site name? And note that your company is well established and has been operating under that name for many years whereas the other one has not. If it’s the use of one word, I can understand why it would be frivolous and petty to take the competitor to court, but if someone deliberately changes their name to one very similar to your name (because you have always ranked better than they have) it does border on infringement.

  • Guest

    While I don’t entirely agree with Facebook, after reading some of the comments on this topic regarding copyright infringement on common words what happens when a competitor uses SEVERAL of your keywords in the use of their name? Say that you own a business and that you post comments with backlinks on a site within your niche then find some months later that the site on which you left your comment has changed part of their name pulling in SEVERAL of the keywords that are used in your site name? And note that your company is well established and has been operating under that name for many years whereas the other one has not. If it’s the use of one word, I can understand why it would be frivolous and petty to take the competitor to court, but if someone deliberately changes their name to one very similar to your name (because you have always ranked better than they have) it does border on infringement.

    • Guest

      Yes yellowbook.com should Demand the removal of book from FACE..

  • Mellissa

    I can’t believe they feel threatened by a teacher network.. i mean seriously…

  • Sean Connolly

    I personally dont think this is really about the word Book, If you remember FaceBook started as a way for Students to connect, and it has grown into what it is Today.

    I think this is more about FaceBook trying to kill a competitor than the fact they are using similar wording. After all Teachers / Students are all in the same academic arena.

    Just my two cents


  • Guest

    I think FB should sue themselves for wanting to sue another social net for using using “book” in their domain. So what FB have a moral right over any domain that uses “book” in its name in contexts of social networking! Yeh right. Facebook is trash in my opinion, used only to create cash.

    Good luck TeachBook, virtue, integrity and honesty is on your side

  • http://ak4mc.us/cms/ ak4mc

    It’s been a while since I gave the Boneheaded Lawsuit Threat of the Year award, but this one qualifies.

  • http://www.roustech.com Francisco

    This is stupid…. That’s like if Disney Land sues for the use of the word “land”.
    So does this mean that I can use the name boogerbook.com. This guy better watch his back then bookofjoe.com

  • Guest

    This is an example of idiots with money using the legal system to bully their way around. They have obviously taken a page from Microsoft’s play book. If our legal system allows this suit to move forward, it’ll serve as an example of how our legal system has developed into a rich man’s resource.

    • Guest

      Does mean BookShops can’t be called BookShops and Libraries will not be able to call their books, books anymore. What next

  • Guest

    Remember when Auto Shack had to change to Auto Zone? Yeah, I can see it is an infringement on a trademark. Basically TeachBook stole it so FaceBook, in my opinion, does have a legitimate legal case here. I lot of hotheads will be turned off but so what! You cannot satisfy everyone and remember, the bigger you get the more enemies you have.

    • Guest

      FACEBOOK CAN SUCK MY ****, like allways when someone gets big money tends to think the rest of the world should give em praise, know what? im retiring my 30 LAMEBOOK accounts, oh no better, ill create 100 MORE and publish how stupid Facebook is

  • Guest

    This is a frivolous suit. You can’t be serious FB — lawsuit over the use of “book” ?? If FB wins, Google has a precedent against you (Google Places vs Facebook Places)

  • pat

    What an absolute farce! Who do FB think they are? This yet another disgusting abuse of money, power and the corrupt copyright law. How can anyone respect something like ‘copyright’ when a large Company tries to dictate ownership of a ‘word’.

    FB need to be told to F*** (Face) Off!

    Think i’ll buy a couple of something-book domains myself.. what a bunch of Barclays Bankers.

  • http://limericksnews.blogspot.com/ LimRickNews

    Facebook has sued some entity,
    For using

  • Guest

    Tired of all these huge arrogant companies pushing everybody around. Even if they don’t have a case it will cost tens of thousands of dollars for them to defend themselves and bury them in paperwork. I guess that is the whole idea.

  • TextBook

    What the heck is this. Can facebook sue anyone who uses word Book. If so the word TextBook will become a history.

    I dont thinks anybody reads ‘books’ to learn and grow up in their life wont accept this stupidity.

    First of all FaceBook should be banned for using the ancient word ‘Book” and for using a word ‘Face”

    Can i sue facebook using my ‘Face”?

  • jimmy

    Albert Einstein said ,”Knowledge is limited,Stupidity has no boundaries”. Facebook proves he was
    right . Why don’t they sue the phone company, after all they do have a “PHONEBOOK”.
    What about math book,english book, history book and of course the dreaded “YEARBOOK”. I hope they don’t takeaway my NOTEBOOK computer!!!!!!!!

    • Pat

      100% agreed!

  • http://moyerautosales.com Guest

    To avoid any future litigation I will not be using the work b**k out of context. F**k Facebook. Go invent something REALLY important like a way to convert all their lawyers’ time into something more environmentally friendly.

  • S. Webler

    Here again is a perfect example how people and organisations are SUE happy.
    Facebook can not own the word “Book”.
    If I go on Facebook and write. I’m reading a “Book”. or I”m reading an iBook.
    Do I have to worry that they are going to sue me?
    There are many Books thats how we describe the item we are reading, looking at, touching, etc.
    This is just a LAME, PATHETIC, thing that Facebook is doing.

    Now I think I will go look at MYbook!

  • Guest

    Yeah, they have a case — of the stupids

  • Guest

    Wow – you mean NASA could have sued MySpace (or vice-versa) ????

  • Kay

    This is bull excrement! if anything the original creator of the word book should have the copyright to the word book.

    according to http://www.merriam-webster.com :

    Definition of BOOK
    a : a set of written sheets of skin or paper or tablets of wood or ivory
    b : a set of written, printed, or blank sheets bound together into a volume
    c : a long written or printed literary composition
    d : a major division of a treatise or literary work e : a record of a business’s financial transactions or financial condition

  • Carl

    Yes, Facebook does have a case and can win it with hands down. If Teachbook was an auction site, a news site or anything other than a social network, then Facebook would not have a case. It is not about the word “Book” you creatures of the devil. There could be brand confusion due to the similar name sounds. Facebook is a famous brand on the net and any potential users looking for a social network on the net could easily sign up with Teachbook if they come across them first. “Oh teachbook, that’s the social network everybody is talking about, let me sign up with them”.

    Teachbook is a community for teachers today; tomorrow can be the next facebook. Facebook was for Harvard students only. Who is it for now? Some of you need to grab a brain before posting so much crap or get back to high school and ask for your damn money back, sorry.

    • Pat

      Sorry mate… utter drivel ! Until FB got all high and mighty nobody had even heard of teacherbook or whatever its called and neither had anyone else, so your argument is utter rubbish!!!. I have bought a somethingbook name. FB DO NOT own the internet neither can they own a generic word. Only a lawyer intent on making money would disagree.

    • Michelle

      I agree. Facebook can sue and does have a case. It’s not just about the word “Book”. Its about a variety of things that make the case arguable.
      Examples –
      Facebook is a social network – Teachbook is a social network.
      Facebook allows sharing of information in a variety of forms – Teachbook shares same.

      The only difference that could be argued is that Facebook is for “Everyone” and Teachbook is for teachers, students, parents, or other public interest.

      When determining whether there is a copyright infringement, one must look at the big picture of the similarities and differences. It’s up to the courts to determine whether the two of too similar in nature.

      Schoolnotes.com offers the same interactions as this teachbook site, but in a totally different way, being that it is not a social network but more of a BBS.

    • Pix

      Yes, Teachbook is borrowing the construction of its name from Facebook. That is the only sound argument here. They have done this because the popularity of Facebook has made it a term used in everyday language. It doesn’t seem to be a social networking site however, but rather a teacher/student networking site. Saying that someone would confuse Teachbook with Facebook, or that it could become the next Facebook is just being silly.

      At best Facebooks claim is questionable. Was Facebook the first, or is it the only social networking site? Nope! The fact that the construction of their name has led to it being employed to convey an idea, does not give any automatic rights to own the word ‘book’ or preclude others from ever employing ‘book’ in their own sites/ideas. Imagine for example if the words ‘tech’ or ‘soft’ had been protected in this manner. Half the companies of the world would be fighting. In fact, to my right as I type this, is an advert for Infusionsoft. Do I confuse them with Microsoft? Nope. Will anyone else? Unlikely…. I rest my case.

      In closing, the word ‘book’ conveys the idea to anyone of collecting information together into a consolidated resource. Facebook did not coe up with this idea, they merely implemented it in their own way.

  • http://confessionsofaworkingmum.com ian

    since facebook doesn’t have a trademark registered for the word book or even a copyright then they have no case. and besides can anybody in that case own a word?

  • Din Bagak

    Everyone has he right to use the word “book”.It does not make sense when we are prohibited to use the general word.”Book” is general.The trademark is “Facebook” not “book”.
    Facebook should learn from history and try to be not too greedy.
    Learn from this story of McDonalds…

    • Guest

      Facebook’s case makes sense and its case is way different than McDonalds’s.

      McDonald’s case was about exclusive use of the word Mc which was stupid to begin with.

      1. McDonalds sell mainly hamburguers. McCurry sells chicken.
      2. There is no brand confusion. McCurry doesn’t sound like Mcdonald at all.

      Facebook’s case:

      1. Teachbook and Facebook can create brand confusion. They sound similar.
      2. They are both social networking sites.

      • http://www.sebastyne.net Sebby

        You don’t see this being the same thing? McDonald’s sells products like McFlurry, McFeast, McThis and McThat. McCurry could easily be confused with one of McDonald’s products, even if it wasn’t a hamburger – McNuggets aren’t either.

        Book on the other hand. We all know the word “book” doesn’t automatically mean anything to do with Facebook or social networks. I’d understand suing something like PlaceBook or CaseBook or something similar, but this is ridiculous.

  • http://petrapeach.com Petra Peach

    This sounds like the cyberspace version of 1984. “Big Brother is Watching You”

  • http://evecrowellsfund.org Barbara Crowell Roy

    I am a devotee of Facebook and have found it invaluable in promoting my non-profit organization. However, this is really taking things too far. Alert Facebook management: Spend your resources on helping others…continue promoting social causes…the teachers aren’t a threat. Take the high road instead of paying all of those advertising profits on lawyers. Help them…don’t try to harm. Just my thoughts.

  • http://www.willoffreedom.com Posey Wilson

    Social networks are not trademark-able. And the Teacher’s book thing is obviously a screen page nothing like facebook. And teachbook offers geatures for teachers and students specifically. The competiton is not Directly there, however can exist by effect.

    The name? I serious doubt anyone would be confused and type the url teachbook, and then actually sign-up, If they were able to.

    This should be thrown-out of court. A waste fo time.

    By the way. Teachbook is a whole name. The word book is not separate. Nor is facebook‘s book of name separate. Neither is the same in the english language. Likely, a point of law.

    However, I think money is talking, but law is not talking. Yet. Nor is sensibility talking. Facebook could lose some of it’s good name, pun intended, by seriously continuing with this. Much too picky.

    And, our education system needs a break. As has benn in our political news quite some time. Teachbook appears to be quite the support.

  • http://www.netnettech.com Steve D

    Great analysis. Mix the words around and they conjure up all kinds of things. For example, theface, theplace, faceplace, placebook, and my favorite, placefacebook.

  • http://www.trademm.com Guest

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    Website? http://www.trademm.com E-mail/MSN: Trademm@hotmail.com

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

    It’s rediculous! What’s next? We won’t be allowed to read books because “it might have to do something with Facebook???”

  • DarrenTLB

    I’m no legal scholar, but if teachbook has already registered the trademark with the USPTO and that agency has indicated that “book” cannot be registered as it is too generic what is the legal foundation of facebooks case. Their filing touches on trademark infringement exclusively. Seems like this case is going to be tossed out unless facebook comes up with some alternative complaint such as “well it’s just not fair”. I mean c’mon.

  • Guest

    Facebook had the opportunity to reserve domains that it felt were or may be proprietary. They did not reserve teachbook which essentially means it was not viewed as being proprietary.

    Given this, I’m not clear how Facebook even has the smallest bit of a case. They should have done a better job with their due diligence. Their dissatisfaction now is 100% their responsibility.

    • Guest

      Really genius… That could have been millions of domains they’d have to buy. You don’t know what this case is about.

      • Guest

        “…millions of domains they’d have to buy…”

        Okay Einstein. First, the other posted was saying that if they thought of logical extensions of Facebook, they should have reserved them. Not a bad idea. And, ironically, if one was already reserved, it would show the unoriginality of their name. So they should have (if they were going to) expected an extension to “TeachBook” “LawyerBook” “DrBook” “BlackBook” (hey, that’s clever…Facebook for blacks), PetBook, etc. And I’m sure there aren’t a million combinations of relevant -books.

        Second, you apparently have no concept of money. Even if it was a million domains, it only cost $7-$10 to register a domain. Plus, I’m sure they could have got a volume discount. So, $7mm to protect their name for a company that probably took in $1b+ last year. It’d be like you who makes $20,000/yr (I’m guessing) spending $140.

  • Redfish

    Teachbook isn’t a social networking site either – it’s for teachers!

    The whole thing is a farce though, I mean if you start breaking up trade marks and suing somebody for using half of it – especially when that part is a word in it’s own right – then it just gets silly.

    Based on Facebook’s ideals it would be acceptable then for every business who first used the word “face” or “book” in their name, or part of it, to sue Facebook. If the social networking site bit is what the argument is about then the name has nothing to do with it.

    Carry on like this and we will have vehicle manufacturers suing each other for using the word “car”, dairies suing each other for using the word “milk” and so on. Maybe I should sue Facebook for naming half of themselves after my mush, and the other half after a book (am I allowed to use the word?) that I own.

  • http://www.whakatanehomepage.co.nz Marc

    No way at all face book sux

    • http://www.janejakeman.com Guest

      If Facebook wants to own ‘book’ then it needs to do what we all do and that is to buy up all the domain names, it can afford to do that…I think.

  • Guest

    Well as the GoodBook says ‘thou shalt not take my name in vain’


    Just another example of the absolute stupidity in the way our USA cousins are making fools of themselves…. yet again. Book him Danno.

    I for one will go and stop my F~C#BooK accounts just to save my blood pressure from going too high again.
    Where will it end???

  • nope

    They have no case, but I think Teachbook could have come up with a more original name, regardless!

  • Guest

    This is so shamefull on Facebooks part! If every company started suing/claiming words that are in common daily circulation we will end up running out of words to use in daily lives without fear of being sued over or paying royalties! What is this!? Book and teaching kind of go hand in hand, dont you think? Or so has been for at least the past few centuries. Shame on you facebbok!

    • Curt

      They’re not claiming ownership of words in common usage. They’re claiming copyright on a particular way of combining words and then using them as the name of a social networking website similar to theirs. Copyright law is very restrictive as to what is covered for the very purpose you mention. Let’s face it: Teachbook isn’t using the word “book” because it goes with teaching–they’re using it because they’ve created a Facebook for teachers and they want to use the brand meaning created by Facebook to denote that. I’m not saying they’ll win, but a lot of people commenting on here need to study copyright law before speaking out, starting with the article’s author.

  • Guest

    What about ‘Musbook’? It’s a social networking site for musicians. That has been around for a while and there is no sign of Facebook suing them…is there?

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      Who’s to say musbook, which is still considered to be in Beta, hasn’t been served notice?

      As another commenter pointed out, FaceBook has a legal responsibility to protect their copyright/trademark or lose any protection under the law.

      It’s possible we just haven’t heard about it yet or, musbook could be in the process of coming up with new branding and just not whinging about it.

  • Curt

    One of the primary requirements of protecting your copyright is to take due diligence to stop infringement. If Facebook wants to protect its brand, it has to file suit here.

    I have no idea if they will win, but they do have three things in their favor. First, they gave Teachbook legal notice before the website launched. Second, they can argue that creating their own Teachbook, Legalbook, Moviebook, etc. would be a logical extension of their brand.

    Third, whether or not Teachbook is a potential “threat” to Facebook is not part of copyright law. What is a part of copyright law is whether users might reasonably think Teachbook to be part of the Facebook brand. Again, I don’t know if they would win that argument, but it’s not a frivolous one.

  • http://1dollar-corner.com arronram

    I don’t know whether facebook doing for add their popularity or might be they have hidden agenda to build this case. But for sure this case will never bring victory to them.

  • http://www.webseocoach.com Web SEO Coach

    Personally I don’t think it is neither competition to Facebook, or really ripping off the name unless they used the entire ‘facebook‘ brand in it’s name.

    However, neither website is actually a ‘book’, so why not just call it what it is, or something like teachercircle, or theteachernetwork

    Unless they have a book you can purchase or an e-book you can download, I am trying to work out their justification in why they chose that domain name when there are much better clearer and more memorable options they could have chosen.

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      “I am trying to work out their justification in why they chose that domain name”

      They chose that name to benefit from the popularity and name recognition of FaceBook.

      I agree there are much better alternatives if they wanted to create something totally their own and not have to create a derivative work without permission.

      My favorite is “Rollcall”, something teachers do every day and fits the service perfectly, a listing of who is present and accounted for.

      Creating a derivative work without permission is a violation of trademark and copyright laws no matter what the work is titled.

  • Rhonda

    Get real facebook people … else every publishing company on the planet may sue you back for using the word “book” in your name as there have been books around long before the internet!

  • Guest

    They should turn their heads on this one – not that Teacher Resource website.

    • Guest

      Yeah that’s another one they can go after. Actually they can win this case with eyes closed. It’s damaging their brand. The problem is that this guy probably is based on North Korea. LOL.

  • http://www.easytourchina.com tours to China

    I don’t see any misbehaviour from teachbook, Facebook grew so big that it can do whatever it wants to do!!

  • angryFromNorthampton

    What bugs me is that, although I suppose legally F***book can justify that it’s infringement of copyright, their brand name etc etc, it’s yet another example of stuff being owned that just shouldn’t be owned. Never have there been so many patents, limitations, control and ownership. Very sad.

  • http://www.tdesignonline.com Guest

    I saw this thing on farming… Long story short.. Big Corps sued the farmers (because they were creating competition for the big corps) and the farmers couldn’t afford to keep up with all the legal stuff so eventually they had to give up and give in who can compete with with a bank account much bigger than yours in court unless you have a good pro bono lawyer(s). Do they have a case yes there’s always a case you can sue for ANYTHING. This may not even be an issue but I think It’s silly of facebook and their egos are becoming inflated that’s the real issue… though the stats may be true. Just using fame as part of your argument… barf…

    • Guest

      Corporate greed… the new cancer that’s killing off middle America.

      Solution: shop your “mom and pop” stores, fruit stands, hardware and markets every chance you get. Buy ONLY “made in the USA” products.

  • Guest

    It’s tricky, in this one. “Facebook” (I don’t think) was a word until they stole it from the university. And joining it like that is different than “face book”. So, “teacherbook” is clearly trying to pike off Facebook. However, the whole concept is related to the common use word “phonebook”. So, their argument should be that the suffix “-book” is a common use suffix to mean a collection of something. This is a collection of “teachers” like a phonebook is a collection of “phone numbers” (and “phonenumberbook” is too syllabic).

    I’m surprised they didn’t call it “GradeBook”. the word gradebook has been around since teachers met paper. Of course, a common word isn’t trademarkable, but a permutation like GradeBook would be. Frankly, TeacherBook sounds stupid, but they WERE trying to leverage off Facebook. It would be disingenuous for the owner to say “we didn’t even think about the relationship to Facebook” but it still might be defensible.

    I’m sure some company tried to trademark the letters e and i. Not sure how that turned out. eHow, eBooks, eLearning, eCommerce, eBusiness… now “e” anything is just part of the generic vernacular. Same with i. iPhone, iPad, iBook, iTune, …oh wait. I guess that letter is trademarkable. I doubt you could get away with iToilet, iCar, iWallet, iCoffeeMug, as I’m sure Apple already (supposedly) has all those in the works.

  • Guest


    Is this a massive attack of insecurity – the notion that anyone would go to “Teacherbook” went they meant to go to “Facebook”, or vice versa – seems pretty absurd

    Or is it simply a case of “any publicity is good publicity”?

  • Clowns

    Facebook are acting like clowns.

  • http://www.gtwcmt.co.uk GTWCMT

    Teachbook is nothing like Facebook, it does not imitate Facebook like others do, for example it hasn’t got the same font and colours that other Facebook ripp off websites have.

    Lets just look at all those websites that have the I in front of the name Iplayer.. apple may want to sue there surely. there is Isearch, Idate, Iblog, Igoogle etc etc

    Facebook would sound like a book of faces, Techbook sounds like a book for teachers, at least one does what it says on the tin.
    Book and use of the word book as a trademark is ultimately stupid and unfounded, may of my sayings or acts have been copied around the world and today they are in common use, I don’t care. I think that someone at Facebook is under the impression that publicity is great good or bad and this bad publicity maybe a chance for them to hold on when they run in fear from the upcoming goggle social network site.

    I could understand Facebook trying something like this for money, but I cannot see any chance of them winning, I can see them being a joke.

  • Guest

    Then we cannot use the word “Discount” in any URL because it would compete with Discount Tire? or the word “God” because it may offend some church? Please! This case should set a precedent that would send a message to every large corporation or they would soon own the languages as well.
    Way to go TeachBOOK!

  • http://businessphereconsulting.com Guest

    I don’t think Facebook has a strong case against Teachbook. The word “book” is generic, just like the word face. The fact that “Facebook” is a registered trademark is of no moment. The issue is not the word “Facebook” which is protected by a copyright, but the word “book”.

    Will Facebook also sues people using e-book?

  • Ben

    Obviously, Facebook places no credence in the old adage that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” :-)

    Damn it, thats just the nudge I needed to log onto Facebook and DELETE my account!

    • Guest

      Really genius. In the business world “trademark violation is the sincerest form of living ghetto fabulous on the work of others”. Teachbook is in the wrong, PERIOD.

      • Guest

        The world needs resources for teachers much more than FB! Shouldn’t we all be supporting teachers? FB should look at it with the attitude that they in some small way make a resource for teachers more visible! Screw the trademark violation laws, endorse the name don’t sue. I UNDERSTAND WHY THE WORLD IS SO FAR GONE WHEN I SEE THIS KIND OF BS!

  • http://www.cox.net Theodore Sumrall

    It has always been an attempt to book similar domains by the web domain owner. But, this is kind a new thing on the web that I am hearing for the first time. I mean, you can not own the whole world.

    Theodore S. (Ted Sumrall)

  • Alex

    ok this has to be the most comments I have ever seen on any WPN article.

  • http://panamabrokersonline.com Bella

    oH, REALLY??Man……..but i like that picture of somebody like teacher….yeah!!

  • http://fatproducts.com Fat Boy

    DAMN….Yellout…FACEBOOK is better than…that….

  • http://takeshifinance.com/ Mike


  • Guest

    cost them millions or billions in advertising revenue… hit ’em where it hurts… the wallet!

    ‘nuf said :)

    • Guest

      Good luck with that boycott. LOL! Facebook is very addictive to people. They could care less about a trademark violation issue or suit. The more boycott you call for, the more users they get.

      • Guest

        Everyone I speak with, from casual marketers, serious entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, healers, friends, family and mere acquaintances are sick to death of FB and have all already given up on it. It is dying fast. It was a fad, just like myspace, just like aol, just like netscape, just like ebay. The peak is over. They got way too greedy and arrogant. Say goodnight, Gracie :)

        P.S. I know of several former “big” companies that were all but annihilated from a simple boycott that began small, gained momentum, went viral and then spread like wildfire.

  • Guest

    You Gotta Be $#1@ing Me! FaceBook is suing because somebody else uses four letters from their name in something attached to the ‘net?

    What’s next? MicroSoft suing every home builder and construction worker who has worked since the early ’90s because they put these glass things in their buildings that let you see through the walls?

    Get Real!

  • http://www.facebook.com Guest

    Facebook are worth an estimated

    • Shemale?

      The world doesn’t work the way you view it Mr. Good Heart. There are trademark laws for a reason. Doesn’t matter how many users Teachbook has. They can kill Facebook if left untouched. Facebook was for students only and look at the mammoth they are now. Nobody wants to see a teachers resource go away. I wish Teachbook would change their name and facebook dropped the lawsuit. Teachbook appears to be a great site for education but it is obvious they have tried to ride on the reputation of FB. If you think otherwise is because you are missing something up there.

      The issue here is not about the word “book” man. People, stop that s…t!

  • http://www.black-ridge.com Consaka

    Lol, this is the typical kind of trash that big companies with more money then brains does to give their lawyers excercise. Facebook apparently has a huge surplus of cash and enjoys trying to squish the little guys into submission. It is just the big bully reputation they need. Teachbook in no way can ride any kind of wave, hype or otherwise, that facebook may think they have. If Teachbook had tried Facebooks then Facebook would have something to grumble about. If Facebook was a smaller company they would think twice before tarnishing their reputation with bully tactics. Fact is any of these companies with their networth in the billions actually cares very little whether they lose a few people with these kinds of tactics. Paypal abusing its customers comes to mind as another “bully other people” type of business because they can.

  • Guest

    Yeah, than you have to get rid of all the spoofsites. Like: Youporn, porntube and sites like that. Book is a common word so you can’t put a complaint to that!

  • http://www.lvonestopshop.com candle

    Facebook make money like water, my opinion is no, I not like the ideas the facebook do this to teachbook, and teachbook is nothing like fecebook any way so

  • Laurel

    Facebook, that’s tacky! Leave the teachers alone! They should probably be suing you, since they were using books first!

    • Guest

      Facebook does not have a case what so ever….If they think they do they should sue Netbook, they should sue publishers for creating Paper Back Books that are commonly sold on sites like amazon and ect….. just because it has the word book Teachbook is used for teachers and professors for education needs to make sure our children learn more today and in the future, for example… my last name is Conway…. do you think I am going to sue Conway trucking company for the use of my last name? The answer is no If anything Facebook should be suing Twitter as Twitter at a different design is a rip off of facebook thats why I don’t use twitter but I also do use Teachbook. But Facebook if you just want to through money out the window on lawyers and court fees and so on by suing a company that is no threat to facebook itself than text me at 705-559-7373 and I’ll give you my bank info so you can deposit those monies into my account as I could use millions of dollars that you will spend for pointless idiotic reason!!!!!

    • Guest

      Oh and to add to my own message if they are going to sue teachbook they might as well sue http://www.pornbook.com

  • Pops

    So the way I see it Facebook will have to sue eavery site that has the word book in it, Teachbook, cookbook.com, moneybook.com,www.lookatbook.com, http://www.whatthebook.com,www.bookblog.net,www.christianbook.com,www.insidethebook.com,www.bookreporter.com, and so on, what do all these have in common, they all have blogs, chat logs or social outlets. the same as facebook. while not as popular or as organized, most are just for saling book or talking about books and authors but are still social medias.
    Does Facebook have all rights to the word book that no other site could ever use it?

    • Guest

      This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long time. Could you imagine any site with a maps page (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Mapquest, etc.) all battling it out to find out which one has the right to retain the word “map” on their sites? Facebook may hold rights to the name “facebook” but they certainly don’t own the word “book.” Are they going to sue me next because I have a “Book Reviews” page on my website? Our legal system is obviously messed up if they would even consider such a case. If Facebook ends up winning, I’ll lose all remaining faith in our justice system.

    • Frank

      The word is ass-hats.

      Sure hope they don’t sue my book club.

  • http://www.pdfpal.org Vanessa Hughes

    It is absolutely true that some people, from the time they are in first grade, know they want to be teachers. For others, the idea to become a teacher can be a sudden insight, or a feeling that ferments for years in some remote corner of their consciousness. Regardless of where the idea comes from, for many, the images associated with becoming a teacher are compelling. Visit pdfpal.org for more information on how to become an effective teacher.

  • http://stagedwebs.com/webdesign EGrimm

    If Facebook is going to sue Teachbook simply because of the “book” part of the name they had better be prepared to sue every domain which uses “book” in the name (there are thousands) other wise I believe Teachbook may have a good counter suit for discrimination. Oh wait! Facebook wasn’t the first domain to use the word book in their domain! OOPs!! Will this open Facebook to lawsuits from other domains which use the word “book” in their name? Maybe they should really reevaluate the basis for the lawsuit! I hope, if the lawsuit does proceed, that Teachbook can trim Facebook’s ears, so to speak!

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