Facebook Seems Worried About Google+. Should it Be?

By: Chris Crum - July 19, 2011

In a recent article, we looked at some obstacles Google+ would have to overcome. We also looked at how Google+ might maim (as opposed to kill) Twitter. I don’t think Twitter’s going to die anytime soon, but Google+ is already taking away a lot of people’s Twitter time. Something’s got to give somewhere, and more people simply just have more invested in Facebook – their network of real friends, their photos, games, etc. Robert Scoble says Google+ is already making Twitter more boring. Could it do the same to Facebook?

Can Google+ win over Facebook users? Tell us what you think.

Migrating from Facebook to Google+

Google Developer advocate Don Dodge recently ran down a step-by-step process for getting your Facebook Friends on Google+. Of course you could simply send them invites. We recently looked at how to transfer your photos from Facebook to Google+. Speaking of photos, the Google+ mobile app makes it very easy to use Google as your photo album of choice, with the instant upload feature.

Games are a huge part of Facebook’s appeal for many users. Both Facebook and Google know the significance of gaming to social network success. In a new addendum to Zynga’s (makers of Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, etc.) S-1 filing, it was revealed that games built with any Facebook integration or data must be exclusive to Facebook for the duration of the two companies’ five-year agreement. At SXSW in March, Manny Anekal, Zynga’s Director of Brand Advertising, said that 1 in 5 Americans play Zynga games. I can’t confirm this, but…wow.

Meanwhile, Google has been placing a fair amount of emphasis on gaming itself. Last summer, it acquired social gaming companies Slide and SocialDeck. Chrome users may have noticed some heavy promotion of Angry Birds as well. In fact, there are plenty of other non-Google games making their way into Google’s Chrome web store, not to mention the Android market. Google controls the Chrome and Android platforms obviously, so who’s to say where this could lead in Google+-related gaming. Remember Google+ is largely about the ID element – who you’re signed into these games as.

Slide - Acquired by Google

Even If You Don’t Have a G+ Account, You’re Still a User

One of the most important things Google+ has going for it is that it is simply part of Google, and there’s a good chance you already have a Google account. Google+ simply adds features on top of it. In other words, you’re already a member in some ways. What happens when this “field testing” phase of Google+ is over? Will it simply just be there on all of the Google properties you use?

Look at this new user interface Google is testing for its search results pages. This at least partially illustrates how Google may keep Google+ in front of you all the time. Even as you scroll down through search results, the navigation bar at the top (as well as the left panel) stay put Now, it’s not visible in the video, but when you’re signed up for Google+, it’s part of that top black bar. There’s a tab for “username” which goes to your Google+ stream, and there’s a share box. Now picture the same thing on Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa web albums, etc. it keeps the Google+ experience with you if you’re a Google user, and last time I checked, Google had more than a few users. They also have more potentially important emerging products such as Google Offers and Google Wallet, which will also be integrated with Google+.

Google is even making News more social. Last week they launched News badges, turning news consumption into something of a game. Then there’s the “sparks” feature of Google+ – a content discovery feature that could rival StumbleUpon, aimed at “sparking” conversations on Google+.

We’re in the very early stages here too. The mobile app (for Android) has already been key in my own use, and I’m sure that goes for other Android users. Now it just became available for the iPhone. It would also be surprising if Google didn’t put out some browser extensions for Google+ making that share box and steam available as you browse the rest of the web. See something cool on Facebook? Past the link in the share box at the top of the page to share with the appropriate circle. If Google doesn’t do this itself, someone will.

Think of all of the ways Facebook and Twitter are integrated with other apps and sites. When the API is unleashed, that means the potential for Google+ usefulness with skyrocket.

There are already a number of things Google+ has that Facebook doesn’t. The Huffington Post ran a nice little slideshow of six things this week:

1. Hangouts – Group video chat
2. Sparks – Get the news (Not the News Feed)
3. Keep Your Social Circles Secret
4. See what Strangers are saying (the “incoming” feature)
5. Hang out with people you don’t know (Hangouts not limited to mutual friends)
6. Embedded into Gmail (The inbox)

Last Thursday, when Google held its earnings call, CEO Larry Page officially announced that Google+ already had over 10 million users. I’m guessing that number has grown significantly since then. Now, that’s a far cry from Facebook’s estimated 700 million (the validity of which is often called into question), but given that it’s only a few weeks old, and still available on an invitation-only basis, I’d say that’s a pretty good start.

Signs of Worry

Facebook is already showing signs of worry. Over the weekend, we reported on a guy who wanted to get some friends on Google+, so he tried to run an ad on Facebook for his Google+ profile. Facebook blocked it, and even went so far as to suspend the rest of his campaigns.

Numerous Facebook employees (including CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself) have Google+ profiles. They are no doubt studying the workings and culture from within to gain as much perspective as possible into what Google is up to. Luckily they already have a lot of former Google employees working for them, including the guy credited with coming up with the Circles concept at the heart of Google+. In fact, he recently talked about how Google is allegedly blocking the publishing of a book about it.

Don’t be surprised to see features similar to those of Google+ start finding their way into Facebook. You may recall as Twitter emerged on the scene that Facebook gradually started becoming much more Twitter-like. Not that Google hasn’t borrowed from Facebook already. Clearly some influence has crept in. There’s no denying that, but that could serve to help Google in the long run. Familiarity helps if you’re trying to get new users. That’s likely a large part of why Google Wave didn’t work.

Google+ For Businesses

Google is set to start letting businesses have brand pages this week. That’s only some businesses, mind you, but that will be expanded in time. Meanwhile, Facebook has suddenly start letting Page admins invite their friends to “like” their Pages via notifications (at least in the US).

Getting businesses on board is going to play a major role in the success of Google+ as well, and it’s clear that Google is thinking this way too. Recent Google+ posts from Googlers include:

“Does anyone have any ideas about how hangouts might be useful in a business setting?”

“Enterprise folks, when you hear “engagement”, it’s codeword for involvement, commitment, and productivity – exactly what you need from your employees. G+ will be awesome for your business – more info soon on this.”

“Some good points raised on the potential fit of Google+ for businesses.”

Google “Ads Guy” Christian Oestlien asked users, “What features would businesses and advertisers most like to see on Google+?” Responses included:

  • Built-in analytics for company pages/profiles to see clicks and conversions
  • Text-based filtering to eliminate certain kinds of posts (not unlike email filters)
  • “Pages” should have same ranking as personal posts in the stream
  • Mark as favorite or “star” feature
  • Customized landing pages
  • Expanding hangouts for larger groups
  • Blogging comments tools
  • “View all active hangouts” button so you can see who in your circles are “hanging out”
  • Location-based geo-targeted Circles
  • “Wish list” Circles for potential deals on products/services
  • The ability to share a circle (would be like Twitter lists)
  • Support for events
  • Google+ integration with third-party sites
  • Google Wave integration (Yes, Google killed it, but did say its technology could be used in other products)
  • With Google Apps, the ability to set who can post as the company or manage the company page
  • The ability to choose what type of advertising you see when it gets ads (which it no doubt will…Google does allow users to set ad preferences with Interest-based advertising)
  • A polling/question app (wouldn’t be surprised to see Google Moderator make an appearance)
  • The ability for businesses to let fans add themselves to different circles that the business creates – based on different interests or categories (As one person pointed out, this would be helpful for news outlets that cover different areas)
  • The ability to make some user Circles public that people can join on their own
  • Live streaming for events
  • The ability to search shared items and comments
  • Discussions feature for business pages
  • For business pages – tabs for different things like history, latest products, etc.
  • User suggestions based on those talking about keywords that relate to company account
  • Recordings for Hangouts with automatic transcription
  • Signing of brand accounts by contributing employees
  • Multiple sign-in for brand pages
  • Google Maps integration
  • More stream-editing controls
  • Google Docs integration with Hangouts

It’s hard to say how many of these will actually make their way into Google+, but clearly there is a great deal of potential, as well as demand. More importantly, Google is listening, and is active in discussing improvements with users. “These comments are fantastic. Keep going!” Oestlien said.

In terms of business, Google has a major leg up on Facebook. It already has so many products that businesses rely on: search, advertising, analytics, Google Apps, Place Pages. The list will also include the Chrome OS operating system if the company has its way.

We’ve only seen the very beginning of what Google is going to offer with Google+. Should Facebook be worried? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Chris Crum

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  • http://satan999.peperonity.com danny dramain

    Facebook vs. Google: i think Google will take the lead once again because Google is always reinventing itself. But more than that if Facebook and Skype merge together then in my opinion Facebook will ultimately be the one everyone will send most of their time. Things are and will always be developing within cyberspace… So the real question is: who is innovative enough to captivate the users who frequent most? I say running apps within a site is the future of social networking… Like Skype inside of Facebook…. They are on the right path…

    • Ahmed

      You couldn’t be more wrong I actually despise the fact that the new skype has fb integrated besides most skype users are the older generations that just wanna make free or cheap calls they couldn’t care less about social networking.

  • http://politicsandfinance.blogspot.com Michael Haltman

    I am an avid Facebook user (id=1006567915) and have begun using Google+ (Michael Haltman) and cannot yet see what the buzz is surrounding the Google+ platform.

    I am withholding final judgement but at this point in time would say that Facebook has nothing to worry about!

  • Herb

    Have signed in for ooogle+ and look forward to the road ahead, it would appear that Facebook now remove every video upload thats made,
    they call it copyright, yet there is loads of copys of the same video on utube. if you put a link to utube the video is allowed,, Im afraid its goodby Facebook, and hello Google+… Facebok is loseing its way..
    and im finding another way….

  • http://www.createmembershipwebsite.com king ralph

    Yet another social media site that has to be catered to. Hopefully the public will get overloaded with this nonsense and find something better to do.

  • Lowe

    facebook its self is boring who the hell have nothing to do all day beside some rich asshole on the other end controlling you idiots lives google in another hand is a monopoly freak who dont care about blacks or poor people just more billions well you cant take the money to hell with you when you die its all vanity.. for example youtube owned by google on the homepage you never see them promote black people shit just a bunch of geeky white people spamming that shit indirectly so in my opinion google can never over come the power of facebook because google is just for white people and facebook is for the world.. but google will definitely try to use their search power to win but they will still fail and google plus will just be another facebook imitation that nobody gives a fuck about…

    • Frank

      Golly Gee Again Little fella, it is clear you have never been to facebook, where are all these rich people you talk about?

  • http://www.destinationgraphix.com Gabrielle

    It’s more like being led to slaughter. It’s a forced changed in many ways, and how many people like that vs. change by choice. I can see some linkedin type benefits but working with a diverse group of businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries Google +1 is just another layer of Google-style serp manipulation that we have to figure out how to leverage or overcome.

  • Lowe

    google a racist white company all about white people never do shit for nobody never do shit for the world all about them selves never do shit to help hurting people greedy wicked google is the mark of the beast 666 just two fucking rich stuck up ass white guys full of greed and destined for hell…

    • Frank

      Golly Gee little fella, I agree with some of this, but the bs about greedy white people is racist in it’s self. Like their is no greedy people of other colors, they just don’t get reported on because the media is scared to be called racist.

    • http://www.traxsdownload.com/forum/ Jason

      Google is racist? get a f*****g life you moron only racist prick here is you!

  • Lowe

    And o Yeah google probably will banned me for this shit but who gives a fuck they never tried to help do shit in the first place so fuck em

  • Danea Krist

    I really dont think that facebook has much to worry about. The sites are much different! Facebooks fan/business pages are much more appealing. Google sites seems to be bloggish. The apps on facebook are amazing for small businesses. Many people are on facebook for the games…google has none. Facebook ads are very cheap since there is much less competition compared to google search engines. The sites are just very different and appeal to different kinds of people. Google is much cleaner and less hectic than facebook. I like them both for different reasons.

  • Tony

    Yes, they should. Facebook is like Hotmail used to be on the ancient times of the web; strong enough to change our habits, but useless to build a business around it. So, sooner or later MSN will buy it at a discount. I guess that after going public and the financial people realize how difficult is to make money with a gossip oriented social network, price will star falling and another bubble will sweep away people’s savings.

    Google is a successful business indeed. They are developing their own technology more business oriented. That’s smarter. My only doubt is if they will buy Twitter or not, cause it is far way more useful than Facebook, and the only chance for Facebook to survive is buying Twitter before Yahoo, Microsoft, or Google. I know… technology is neat… but business s**ks, and all revolve around money.

  • http://www.absolutewebworks.com/ Absolute Webworks

    If Google has it sites set on Facebook it will most certainly have an impact on Facebook. To what degree we do not know. Personally I do not care. In this fast changing world we have to learn to adapt.

  • http://www.practicalsports.com Camping Dude

    I really don’t see the similarities, is G+ going to have applications, ability to add pages, etc.. I am not signed up yet so i don’t know, but it looks like to me it’s apples and oranges.

  • http://www.traxsdownload.com/forum/ Jason

    When facebook first came around everyone was amazed, but now its the same old boring stuff. If i go on its for about 5mins then im bored, there is nothing to keep me there. If google can overcome this obsticle of keeping its members online everyday for longer than five mins then yes facebook has alot to worry… We will just have to wait and see i guess :)

  • Lisa Simpkins

    Facebook should be petrified.Google+ will soon become number one leaving Facebook in their dust.G+ is more user friendly and it doesn’t have the glitches that Facebook has.

  • http://how-to-internet-marketing-articles-vi.blogspot.com/ Ramiro Rodriguez

    Hey Chris,

    I don’t think that Google will win over Facebook users. At least the ‘normal’ people. Marketers like us are flocking to Google+ because we see the potential, but for those people that just like to have fun and have something to do, I think they’re going to stay on Facebook.

  • http://brainwormproductions.com John Weeden

    I think that Facebook is worried. I was exchanging FB private messages with a reporter and the “plus sign” on Google+ was truncated upon delivery. Partial blockage as it would seem.

  • http://www.broadbanddigitalmedia.com Ron Leddy

    I have never liked Facebook, for a writer it is a real pain in the ass because they only allow 420 characters in a post. Having to create a “Note” page causes the visitor to have to search for it and do more work than they are willing to do.
    I hope somebody developes another social network where you can put whatever you want on your wall.

    Ron Leddy, Broadband Digital Media.com

  • ummm

    Google+ is good…still messing w it, tho. I think there is always a chance it might not be popular. (anybody remember Google Buzz? That was a flop.) Who knows…..

  • http://navig8.biz/youlesucceed3 Eric

    Hi I for one am happy to migrate from Facebook. Be happy to get a way from the games and all the inane requests and postings, if Google+ introduce games I hope there is an option to block all such – rather than on the individual basis. Photos, are all on my machine, only copies on F/B – would not rely on external primary storage.

    There may be some problem in getting friends to move across, but then there has always been the percentage who would not adopt email, or any form or social media (F/B has scared many off social media with its security/privacy issues) so one gets used to having mixed interactions. The ability to incorporate email into posts accommodates the friends who won’t join.

    Main limitation I see at the moment is the isolation, the lack of cross feeds to Twitter, Buzz, F/B, Linkedin – hopefully that will come.

  • Gregory

    Yes. I am actually planning to use pick to zip to move all of my personal settings over. Fb has many security updates and changes that I just don’t trust. Google as been proven to be much safer and a protector of information.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    I think google+ will bring down facebook eventually because google have way to many faithful users and cool stuff, im getting tired of bing appear everytime I search for my friends and family and bing comes with other stuff that I don’t care about

  • Tom T

    The public cannot submit to Google and let them become more controlling than they are at present. Their Bias search information controls the information that fits their agenda. Google search has not been an accurate resource after filtering the flow of information and feeding what they want you to believe.
    Beware of their power play.

  • http://danatanseo.blogspot.com Dana Tan

    I don’t think Facebook is worried about a thing. You know why? Facebook has the girls! According to Google’s own statistics Men outnumber Women on Google+ by 9 to 1. I wrote about this last week in facebook-new-movie-without-men.html” rel=”nofollow”>What do Facebook and the new movie ‘Without Men’ have in common? Could it be that all the men have run to Google+ ? It’s led to a rather heated discussion on why Facebook might appeal more to women than men. In fact women outnumber men on Facebook by about 6 to 4. If you’re looking to flirt, those statistics might get you moving depending on whether you’re a guy or a girl, but social media is so not really about that any more. Or is it? <a href="http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/15/google-one-hell-of-a-trojan-horse&quot;.TechCrunch joined in the fray stating “We’re all familiar enough with Google products to know that practically everything they’ve ever done was launched early and incomplete.” All I could think to equate that to how men are adopting Google+ and women not so much is by hypothesizing that perhaps men like cookie dough and women like cookies. Google+ needs to get in the oven and let us know when it’s done. Until then, Facebook is still my hangout.

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  • http://arnobie.blogspot.com/ Arnobie

    Google+ is a social networking site another google product which can be a killer for Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and other social networking site have gone too far by adding or integrating other features for their site such as games, video conferencing, calls, blogging and most specially “ads” and let us say people is forgetting Google. Unlike Google+, google already has an established products and ready to be integrated. One sign of integration is that Google has made already a “Main Menu” that is visible to most of their products, the Apple things, the Android Market Changes and the Buzz about Google Games.

    In the main time, Google+ will help people not to forget Google Services, as people nowadays are spending more times in the social networking site. The unique features of Google+, the so called Circle, Hangout, Huddle & etc., they are just answers to what Google has experienced from Orkut, Buzz and Wave and their response to the other social networking site. Their privacy is now pure, based on limited to “Public” and “Circles”. The Hangout is amazing which is to gather people from your circles and enjoy video conferencing and of course with YouTube capabilities. And also Huddle with your Android Phone, Symbians and “soon for Apple” as Plan B to let you not spend more time to your computer, and many more features after Google started to integrate their products. So whether Google+ will go to the top or not, Google will remain and attempt to pursue people with their another product again and again to be used.

    Thus, Google+ is just a special product for people to use along with other Google products. So, we cannot compare it with other social networking site, until integration is done.

  • http://songofoneunexpectedlife.info Liz Cosline

    Yes — I think google +1 is going to give Facebook a real run.

  • http:www.diefuchsjagden.co.nr Bogart

    I have already disabled my account…

  • http://www.senator.co.in Ajay


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    Could you please help us on this?

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  • http://www.platinumlynx.net Chas

    Wow! Not sure where to even start, after reading all these comments. Maybe I should paraphrase everything in the Bard’s Olde English and then I’d bequeath ye all abrading ye skulls. To be, or not to be? That is the question. I am hoping that someone comes along and de-thrones the Big Three, myself(Google, Facebook, MS). But, even if that doesn’t happen, I still expect Facebook to take a seat alongside Friendster and Myspace in a few years. They already have a growing attrition rate in the U.S. and Canada, where they are the oldest, even though they are still growing by leaps and bounds in other parts of the world. By the way, how’s wi-fi in Nepal?

    • http://www.platinumlynx.net Chas

      PS- trusting Google over Facebook! Wow! That’s a hoot! Does that comment deserve a Like, or a +1? Maybe I’ll just tweet about it in my Cuddle, er, I mean Huddle.

  • Vice Biden

    You guys are hilarious. I read all this hype in comments about Google + and I just laugh. The same was said about Buzz, Wave. All this excitement will die off soon.

    Hey can anybody tell me how Google’s groupon killer is doing? Wait, let me LOL! Hilarious! Come on Chris, don’t be shy. Let’s hear it! Google is good for nothing. All they think about is money (yes, linking of accounts, selling of your info./privacy issues, etc.) How can they start from scratch and expect to succeed when there is an already established Facebook. They missed the boat by not buying Myspace.

    The only real threat Facebook has is from some pennyless programmer kid out of some college dorm, that’s it. Google + will go nowhere.

  • http://www.andreasbigler1.com Andy Bigler

    it looks like that google will win the race and i hope so!!!

  • Vice Biden

    In people’s mind, Google is way too many things. Too broad. Google +? What creature of God did they hire as branding expert? That’s a failure right there. It creates confusion in people’s minds? They hear Google + and they think it is something to do with the search engine. When people think about Facebook, they only think about one thing, social networking.

    Google + lacks the sentimental and WOW factor. There is no story behind it. Just a bunch of rich privacy violators whose job is to get close to the creepy line and salivate but never cross it. Also “kids should change their names in the future to escape their sins on Google”. Paraphrasing here but that’s sort of what they have said.

    Mark at Facebook is everybody’s kid. A kid in a dorm creates a program and takes over the world.

    • http://thelumsdenchronicle.wordpress.com CaptNemo

      Yep. Mark’s a kid. A kid with unregulated access to all of your personal information, whether it’s private or not, whether it’s ‘hidden’ or not. He also has unlimited access to your FB profile; he is able to change anything he wants, delete anything or post anything. If he isn’t completely taking over the world, he definitely knows everything about it.
      You think that FB protects your data? That’s comical. I don’t trust either company, but at least G+ doesn’t have Farmville cluttering my Stream. Yet.
      And please don’t tell me that by ‘story’ you mean “The Social Network”. While a fantastic movie, it simply isn’t true. Zuck himself said the only thing they got right were his clothes.

  • http://www.website-consultancy.com/ Penzance

    This would be awful for the web, one company dominating everything, why oh why can’t Google just keep their feet out of other peoples shoes.

  • http://www.seo-first-page.com/seo-analysis.html seo analysis

    we can see that how social media cover market.. this is a race between Google vs Facebook… let see what happen, As per my view Google+ will win this war…

  • http://www.hotwireins.com/ chaitanya

    No, I dont think so. Google+ will not overtake Facebook. Facebook is so user friendly, comfortable to use and easy to use. Google+ seems to be more complex and I do not like to use Google+.

  • http://sterling-media.us Robert Easterling

    Google has no chance of winning over serious Facebook users at this particular moment in time. Facebook users by and large utilize fan pages or business listings as part of their social networking as well as the very affordable advertising which to date Google has yet to accommodate. Furthermore, the Google + interface seriously lacks the UI which has made Facebook addictive to most of their users. Real time posts alone makes Google + another version of Twitter and users require far more interaction availability than just this.

  • http://www.the-sports.co Arafat

    i dont think so.

  • http://www.mycruisetravelpictures.com/ Sailor

    I am sure Google will win this war!

  • sandrobot

    To me Google+ looks just like Facebook but without the spammy ads. The circles seems much more intuitive to manage friends than Facebook’s groups. I think it’s possible that people will continue to use Facebook while also gradually adopting G+. Yahoo should probably just give up at this point.

  • Sam

    Google plus is going no where. Unless they put a pizza teleportation device into it they aren’t going to win or even be a formidable opponent because there have nothing new to add. Period

  • Ahmed

    As soon as I got an invite to Google + without even flinching I closed my fb account which recently has become absolute junk software. Of course I posted to all my friends that I will be migrating to G+ and have been sending invites to them.

    In all honesty the response has been great, most my friends have accepted the invite out of curiosity and everyone single one of them that joined so far is claiming its much better than facebook.

    Facebook has become too clunky recently, way too spammy and lets not all forget the privacy issues that come with having a fb account, even before G+ I had many people close accounts because of privacy issues. I highly doubt fb has 700,000+ users, if it does they most probably are stagnant accounts.

    Google plus is a winner its just a matter of time before fb joins the likes of myspace in the digital cemetery.

  • http://bar-advice.blogspot.com Bar Advice

    People will be afraid that they will be left behind if they don’t use the service or add it to their pages of site so a spike occurs in the usage of 1+ but it may fade down as lesser people are aware of it…the ordinary people. Since they are so use to Facebook.Marketers and companies are going to use it the most..and that’s the only way people will know more about 1+

  • http://www.skyperu.com/ Shomara

    i dont think so!..buit Real time posts alone makes Google + another version of Twitter and users require far more interaction availability than just this.

  • http://www.whitneypannell.com Whitney Pannell

    Twitter should worry… facebook– no worries.

  • http://www.culturalandadventuretravel.com/ Shomara

    Signing of brand accounts by contributing employees?

  • Tim

    So wow, I think this is the first article of yours I’ve read that looks more like an advertising campaign for Google. If I was a consumer only, and wanted to choose between Facebook or Google I probably wouldn’t change because like was mentioned previously, I’ve taken the tome to build a social network within Facebook and why change. Google also has issues with perception. It’s a monster and is basically in the mode of pushing it’s weight and power around, really with little regard to what the masses would like. It’s all about bullying their way into anything Internet.

    From a small business perspective what I’m eluding to here is even more profound. Let’s face it small business makes up much more of the Internet that does major “buy our preferred spot, money is no issue” corporations. Are small businesses using social networking for opportunities and SEO? Absolutely. Google is the power house, the manipulator, and has no interest in customer service for small businesses. From adwords fraudulent data to same price for a local keyword compared to a global keyword to no real availability for customer service, small business owners like myself are fairly frustrated with dealing with Internet marketing and advertising through Google. Technically they are thieves of small businesses lack of experience in advertisement placement. Follow the guidelines, really? For what, to accomplish a goal until the next bs panda update? So after these types of issues and experience, there are thousands of Google customers (advertising customers) that would have absolutely nothing to do with this giant bully if they had alternatives. We are here because Google is the preferred search engine by consumers, period. So with this stated, switch to another Google product and add to their bullying? Really? I’ve enjoyed your articles but now I’m beginning to be curious what your Google paycheck looks like. :-)

  • cpjamloki

    no man no google no twitter facebook is rock.

  • http://www.akdot.com Aakif Ahmed

    Although facebook a developed a huge number of user and it has become a part of daily routine of their user but i think google is giant, they make things simple and come up with new ideas thatswhy then can ruled over facebook.

  • http://minglemangles.blogspot.com Navaneet

    I don’t think so.

  • Tarantana

    As far as I can see Facebook will continue to retain and attract a certain category of users – those who want to be on the internet purely for the purpose of keeping in touch with people.
    Google+ is for users who use the internet not just for keeping in touch with people but also for more serious pursuits like networking, expanding their business and attracting more consumers. In short people who use the internet both for professional and personal reasons. Think of a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook.

    With Google+ will eventually usurp Facebook, my guess is – in the next 3 years. Facebook will still be around with the kind of users I earlier mentioned.

  • gokul bharati

    people dnt have enuf tym to start off again with another social network …..and i feel that facebook will be at the top inspite of google+..

  • http://ChemtrailSky.com Iam Awake

    I have 5000 friends in facebook. I’m an admin of several group pages. 8 days ago facebook has blocked me and many others from admin status in all the group pages. I can only see 3 posts deep in any group page (admin or not). I can not send or receive any messages. I’ve gotten NO response to my question asking why the censorship.

    The day I get my google+ invite, I’m all in!

    • http://ChemtrailSky.com Iam Awake

      Anyone know anything about this current FB issue? I’d really like to know why I’m blocked.

  • http://www.get-free-facebook-credits.info/ Melody@Free Facebook Credits

    I love facebook! 😀

  • http://www.thumoo.com Daniel

    I can fully appreciate the fullness of Facebook and the importance of using it to increase visibility for your business but I have always found it bloated and obfuscated and therefore I have a greater appreciation for Google Plus. I will obviously still use Facebook but will use Google Plus also.