Facebook Says “No” to Paper Stock Certificates

    May 22, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Those collectors who were hoping to frame their paper stock certificate for their Facebook shares are out of luck. According to AllFacebook, Facebook has changed its mind and will not be offering paper stock certificates, even as a collectible. GiveAShare.com will, however, offer collectors a certificate that is similar to an official one, with statements from Facebook’s transfer agent showing account numbers for stock holdings. OneShare.com will provide a similar service.

Facebook, in its IPO filing, had originally planned to issue the paper stock certificates. According to AllFacebook, CNNMoney and OneShare.com, which were planning on selling Facebook shares that would come with a frame or plaque, had far more orders than usual for the stock certificates. There is no official word on why Facebook has changed its stance and decided against issuing the certificates.

Facebook’s IPO has been considered lackluster, at best. The company’s lowered stock price is being blamed on a combination of NASDAQ technical glitches and secret, last-minute changes in revenue projections. The technical difficulties could be due to large retail buyer demand, possibly these collectors who simply wanted one share of Facebook to show off on their wall. As for the revenue projections, Wall Street is blaming the IPO underwriters.

(via AllFacebook)

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    The valuation of the company was ridiculous and the market adjusted itself to reflect that by what people would pay for the stock based on Facebook’s earnings not what Facebook thinks it could be worth. The price will continue to plummet until the price is at a more reasonable 3 to 5 times earnings. Listen, if Facebook was making tens of billions in revenue annually, sure I’d say 100 billion is a reasonable evaluation of what the company was worth. I’d hate to think that means the price may drop to as low as a few dollars a share, but it’s quite possible.

  • http://www.adieu.com.au dan

    oh how I laughed when I saw facebooks shares go south. There must be a whole load of fanboys with severe financial hangovers at the moment. Will it recover? only time will tell. No there’s a gap in the market, Facebook stock certificate toilet roll.

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