Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress Launched

Add the Ease of Being a Facebook User to Your WordPress Site's Experience

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Last week, Facebook launched a new registration tool for site owners. With this, users can quickly sign up for new sites with their Facebook profiles. The tool goes beyond the simple log-in feature of Facebook Connect, and lets users more easily fill out forms based on the information that they’ve already shared with Facebook (such as email address, name, birthday, phone number, etc.)

WebProNews and the iEntry Network have launched a new WordPress plugin utilizing this tool. With WordPress being the most popular blogging platform, and Facebook being the most popular social network, we think a lot of people will be interested. 

Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress

"Registration is an integral part of any web presence," says Mike Marr, who developed the plugin. "It puts a name to our virtual guests – an otherwise very difficult task." 

"Facebook’s Registration Tool gives developers a familiar face from which users are encouraged to register, all the while streamlining the process for the vast number of existing Facebook users," he adds. "It makes sense that you would want this tool as a part of any website, including those powered by WordPress. Thus, we simply put the pieces of the puzzle together, and want to share with the community what we’ve come up with."

As Facebook’s Paul Tarjan explained when the company launched its tool, it can minimize the friction associated with signing up for a new account. That means a possible increase in conversions.  

Install the plugin from your WordPress back-end, or download it from WordPress here. To activate it, use the "plugins" menu option in your admin control panel. You’ll see a "Facebook Registration" options page under settings. Just enter your Facebook App ID and App Secret here. 

Screenshot of Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress Settings Page

 The WordPress plugin requires WordPress version 3.0 or higher. Of course we would love feedback on the plugin, so if you have any comments or questions, or have issues with it, email developer Mike Marr at marr@beyondwp.com.

More info about the plugin can be found at BeyondWP.com.


Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress Launched
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  • Guest

    If it helps… the privacy on the bottom made me think that a 4th party was gaining access to the password being mailed out.

    • mikemarr

      For this particular plugin, the e-mailed password is generated and e-mailed from the WordPress install, and Facebook never sees it.

      However, the registration form is customizable, and when someone elects to use Facebook’s tool to allow a registering user to enter a password, that password, like all the other registration info, is passed through Facebook.

      There certainly have been a lot of questions about what Facebook will do with the information in these forms.

  • http://www.hampersampler.com.au Jen

    Sorry for adding this here but just wanted to ask, I have just installed it on my site the FB log in and cant seem to get the API number I need it comes up with a error where I enter my web adress to say it needs to end in a A.

    You wouldnt know if when getting the API from feedback if you put something extra besides the URL


    • mikemarr

      I assume you’re talking about the Facebook App ID and Secret? I just recently posted an article on BeyondWP explaining how to get these (if you don’t already have them).


      Let me know if that doesn’t resolve your issue, or e-mail me at marr@beyondwp.com

      • http://www.hampersampler.com.au GuestJen

        Thank you so much will have a look now.
        Much appreciated and Merry Christmas

  • http://manpreetmanpreetsingh46@yahoo.com manpreet

    make me a friend

  • http://merabhavishya.in merabhavishya

    i have lot of information on faceook registration

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