Facebook Ranked as The Top Search Term In March

eBay lands in top spot for paid search

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Facebook ranked as the top search term in March across all three major search engines, according to a new report from Hitwise.

Overall, Facebook related terms accounted for eight searches across the three top 10 lists.

Yahoo related terms accounted for six spots while MySpace terms accounted for four searches across the search engines. Other search terms that were among the top 10 searches for all three search engines include YouTube, Facebook login, craigslist, and Yahoo Mail.


eBay was the top paid search term across the three search engines in March, according to  Hitwise. Overall, eBay related terms accounted for eight searches across the three top 10 lists. There were six other terms that accounted for three spots across the search engines including Netflix, Yellow Pages, Lowes, Home Depot, Verizon Wireless and White Pages.



Facebook Ranked as The Top Search Term In March
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  • Guest

    This is really indicative of how lazy/stupid/ignorant the average internet user is. Let me try to retrace their thought process…

    “Hmm, I guess I should log on to my Facebook account and check my messages. But since I can’t remember how to get to their site any other way, I think I’ll just do a Google search for ‘Facebook.'”

    This is further validated in my day job, where I often have to help computer-illiterate people on the phone navigate their way from one place to another for our online services. It blows my freaking mind how many people don’t know how to respond to things like, “All right, go up to your address bar and type in…” (“Go to the WHAT???”)

    Or God forbid they’re having some kind of error, and I ask them what browser they’re using. “What… browser…??” “Yes, what web browser?” “Um… Comcast?”

    No, not Comcast. Idiot.

    Sometimes I think that, like driving, Internet use should be a privilege and not a right.

  • Toto

    That’s a bit harsh. Some people have a life you know. I’m a web developer, web marketer, SEOer, blackhater, spammer, SOB and I think I don’t have a freaking life sometimes. Knowing all this stuff doesn’t make you any better. Let go of the mouse for awhile and go breath some fresh air man. Reminds me of the response of Ford at a prosecuting attorney on trial trying to embarrass him because he knew shit about history. “Why do I need to know about all that history when I have a ton of people at my disposal who could answer that for me” I’m paraphrasing here; can’t remember exactly the phrase. I’m sure some smart ass will come and correct me. LOL. Correct me please.

  • http://maxadermreport.com/ lucasbonz

    That look normal if Facebook on the top cause many people love facebook.

  • http://muratos.com Murat Yilmaz

    Actually, I support this mediocre user behavior typing facebook and other website names in Google search. That’s why we prepare SEO optimized pages titled as “Some website review” or “website com” to get a traffic pie from first page search engine results. Non-aware, half-ignorant internet users are the backbone of affiliate marketing business as well though it would be another topic.

  • Guest

    Can you define “paid search term” and what the percentages represent?

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