Facebook Promotes Bing Search Even More

    March 3, 2012
    Chris Crum
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As I (and others) have suggested in numerous articles in the past, the competitive landscape around search and social media could get really interesting if Facebook decided to start getting more involved with search. Facebook and Google are competitors. Microsoft and Google are competitors. Facebook and Microsoft (Bing, in particular) are partners. Bing integrates Facebook into its search engine. Facebook uses Bing for web search results.

Now, Facebook is reportedly showing users what looks like a big Bing homepage when they log out.

Bing Home Page

It’s a new ad the company is trying. Only some users are seeing it. I’m not seeing an ad in this spot at all right now, but Josh Constine at TechCrunch has a screenshot. It essentially just looks like the Bing homepage, like above, and lets users search Bing as they’re leaving Facebook (apparently opening the search in a new browser tab).

While it may just be an ad, and not really any new search offering from Facebook, it’s still a very prominent placement for Bing as millions of Facebook users log out on a regular basis. One can only imagine that a web search is often their next web activity.

I still expect that we’ll see Facebook place more emphasis on search in the future. Remember when Twitter had that “aha” moment and added search to its home page? Now, it’s a go-to resource for real-time info in an areas where Google is failing. Facebook is way bigger, and is in great need of better search functionality. It may just take a partner like Bing to help with that.

  • http://www.learnnichemarketing.com Dave Tong

    I think that’s great as Google’s monopoly on search engine is affecting too many folks directly (good or bad) that everyone who does business on the web is so reliant on an undisclosed search algorithm that may make or break your business.

    Good move and partnership

  • http://www.BalloonDesignsMS.com MIKE LIA

    I think Bing will do well as alot of people are uneasy with Googles over reaching into our privacy . I for one do not like the new policy put into place and started using Bing and Yahoo search …..

  • Milutin Stojanovic

    I have been very pessimistic about Bing, before I heard about the new Google privacy. Since then, I cleared all my Google browsing history, and started using Bing. It’s got about the same look, the results are in equal or greater relevance to what I’m searching for, and it doesn’t feature your browsing history on the internet for everyone to see, which is the best privacy feature that Google abolished.

    It’s also a bit faster while loading image searches and in general..nevermind that it’s Microsoft, even if you’re not a Microsoft fan, Bing really is better than Google, but it will take a lot of time until people realize that Google isn’t the greatest thing in the world just because everyone uses it.

  • not teling

    try bing soacil searh coolest way to searh the web http://social.discoverbing.com/

    • David

      I switched to bing recently too and now getting used to it. I like bing in many ways, like to use the IE address bar as a quick calculator and unit convertor (e.g. “1 meter inches”). My friend asked me to block ‘google-analytics.com’ that is hidden on many web pages to track visitors.