Facebook Power Users Will Own the Future

    May 18, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Back in February, Pew Research published a study that there are some Facebook juggernauts out there doling out “likes,” comments, messages, pokes, and tagging people at a rate that outpaces the average Facebooker. These particularly vigorous Facebook users, otherwise known as power users, and fueling most of the website’s activity.

Chances are you’ve got a few of these people in your batch of friends. That person who seems to always “like” every thing you post, even the trivial crap like how good your fish tacos were on Saturday. 20-30% of the people on Facebook are what would classify as a power user, so if you’ve as little as five friends, one of them is going to be a power user.

What’s peculiar about this unique Facebook specimen is that they don’t multi-task all too well. In other words, they choose one aspect of the Facebook experience, whether it’s “likes” or private messages or whatever, and hone that activity until they’ve leveled up to Sith Lord status. Once they’re swinging two lightsabers Wu Tang-style on Facebook, they dig in and embrace the entire concept of social internet: attend political rallies, persuade friends to vote, and generally move and shake things.

To present you the full profile of these elite Facebook users, Demandforce put together the infographic below that shows just how much these people dig in to the world’s favorite social networking site. You might even be able to argue that these activity generators are one of the reasons that Facebook’s initial public offering today was one of the biggest in the history of the United States.

Facebook Power Users

  • CT

    Ok… So not trying to be funny, but from your article it does not say in any form or fashion how the “power users” who go around liking everything will end up ruling the world. I was expecting to hear something like “as a result they will be in great demand by corporations and will rise to the pinnacles of government”. What am I missing???

  • http://www.marketingweb.com.au Marketing Web

    Every product, service etc will have some users who are very actively using it, and others who use it on occasion. Given the 20%-30% quoted this seems to me to be the same as any other service. Why is this news when it comes to facebook, it’s nothing outside of any other normal human behaviour.

  • Renaldo

    Oh Great! Another “infographic” I won’t look at!!!

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    Was there some point to this article? Are there any journalists working on this site or they all just tech-heads?

  • http://www.netmarketing.mk Igor

    “Facebook Power Users Will Own the Future”

    Ok, you got me with your header and I come here from your newsletter in my inbox…

    But where is the second half of the article? If this is all, Drew do not deserve a dessert today! :-)