Facebook Is A Virtual Vigilante!

    March 2, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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What, Facebook is a virtual vigilante? What does that mean? I guess you may have heard of law enforcement officials utilizing Facebook posts and other information to arrest, track-down and even convict perpetrators. In fact, there’s new cases almost every day.

This time is a little different, it’s an infographic about 20 different cases that have been solved by using Facebook brought to us by CriminalJusticeDegreesGuide.com:

20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook
Via: Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Blog

So there there it is, real evidence that Facebook is a virtual vigilante. I don’t really care, but criminal should wise up and stop broadcasting their crimes on Facebook. On the other hand, it has probably helped the police immensely and makes them seem extremely competent in the eyes of the community. Thanks Facebook!

  • http://www.hoststop.co.uk Amanda

    Every system, app, human being, etc has it’s benefits and flaws. It depends on how your use these resources. If overused it is going to harmful. But, use properly is it going to help you in some way OR the other. It depends on how you wish to use the resources available to you. This article shows if used properly resources that few think is a shit can help you solve cases. @Shawn Hess: Thanks for sharing.

  • Michael

    While the medium (the internet) is new, the process isn’t new or foreign.

    A criminal who brags about what s/he has done, whether it be to friends in person, in a bar, at school, etc. they eventually get caught. Same process of capture just using a different medium.

    • John

      Exactly . . . Human nature to brag sooner or later. My guess is divorce lawyers love FB also.

  • nctimmay

    Many of these seem to be crimes ON Facebook, not so much people announcing what they did on Facebook. Poke a friend, go to jail.

  • Boxhead

    OK facebook solved these crimes but these crimes happened because of Facebook duh!