Users Don’t “Like” Latest Facebook for iPhone Update

Complaints range from app crashing to disappearing Farmville posts

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Earlier this week Facebook released version 3.4 of their iPhone app. Hidden amongst the “advertised” additions are a few smaller changes, bugs, and oddities that are leaving some users perplexed on why they upgraded. Some iPhone owners are starting too ask if they can revert back to an older version, but don’t get your hopes up.

Have you noticed anything with the recent update to Facebook for iPhone that you don’t like? Tell us about it.

People hate change… they HATE it, and over the past couple of years, it’s became almost old hat complaining about Facebook changes. They always seem to go one step too far, and consistently poke the hornets nest, which is filled with over 500 million inhabitants.

Facebook for iPhoneVersion 3.4 is now available in the App Store. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs and added new features like map view for Places, the ability to check in to Events and an improved News Feed. Get it here: http://bit.ly/erlfVl

Facebook posted the status update you see above on their “Facebook for iPhone” app page. As you can see there are 1,000+ comments, and most of those are complaints about the recent changes. Below are a few of the most common complaints that we’re seeing, and a few other observations…

Facebook for iPhone thinks everything was posted “Just Now”.

Facebook for iPhone - Just Now!

Take a look at the screenshot above, I’ve paired the desktop view with an iPhone view. The desktop version of Facebook is loading the appropriate timestamp while the app version thinks everything “just now” happened. Is this a huge problem? Of course not, but it would be nice to see the accurate timestamp. Some users have even commented, “Why fix something that was working fine already” can’t say that I disagree with them.

Comments & Likes: pick a side, please.

Susan CoppersmithDid facebook just switch and put the likes on the left and comments on the right …. Don’t mess with me!!!

It was brought to my attention that some are now seeing likes and comments in a different order. Maybe Facebook is starting to load things differently for your newsfeed versus your profile, check out the screenshot below to see what I’m referring to. Whatever the case maybe, wouldn’t it make more sense to make everything uniform?

Facebook for iPhone - Likes & Comment location

It also appears that Facebook has changed the styling of how likes and comments are presented to the user, depending upon how you’re viewing it. If you’re on your newsfeed and you click the “+”, you’ll see an arrow object that now houses the buttons. If you do the same thing while on your profile, you’ll notice that the old styling is still in place. As I said above, why not make this uniform across the board? Check out the comparison screenshot below to see the new way it’s done below. (It looks much better)

Comment & Like Comparison

The people have spoken, they want their Farmville posts.

While scrolling through the comments some of the comments left, one thing really jumps out… people really miss Farmville posts. There are literally hundreds of people complaining about this. Below is a small sampling of some of the comments being left. I knew people were passionate over Farmville, but why do so many people want their newsfeed clogged with it? Ah, I guess to each his own.


Facebook for iPhone users want their Farmville updates! 

It’s unknown if Facebook will release a secondary update to fix some of the bugs with version 3.4, or just wait until the next update to tackle them all at once. Whatever happens, users will have another round of updates to complain about.

Have you upgraded your Facebook for iPhone to version 3.4? If so, are you having any problems with it? If so, tell us about them.

Users Don’t “Like” Latest Facebook for iPhone Update
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  • Tony

    My iPhone feed shows no profile pics, no images, no like or comment buttons , all time is “just now” & all hidden users are showing. Completely unusable!!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Jeremy Muncy

      Hello Tony,

      It appears that you’re not alone in your frustration, as numerous other iPhone owners are experiencing the same problems you are.

      Hopefully Facebook will fix these issues soon.

  • http://www.weightnormal.com Weight Normal

    I use an iPod Touch and yes I do find these changes a bit awkward. I liked the old app better.

  • Gary

    It isnt letting me unfriend certain people or delete posts and my notifcations arnt working and sometimes everything i go into says sorry but theirs no connection

  • Pete K.

    I used to be able to view news posts filtered by my personal friend groups. Now I can’t find the option fir that any more!

    • http://Topekaism.com John R

      I agree completely! I wish I could go back, this specific new update almost makes checking my fb useless on my phone. I only want to see what my real friends are saying!

  • Brian

    I actually like the update. I like that I’m able to like a comment under a status update, and even the new “comment or like” “cloud”. Facebook is trying to please the masses, should it have been better? Yes.. My time line shows “just now” for everything and even double posts as I scroll down. They’ll get it right. Leave the new features and fix the bugs!

  • http://www.fbtrafficsecret.com Facebook Marketing Tips

    With the new app I have noticed that sometimes it gives the error message saying that your Comment cannot be posted at this time. But it is actually posting the comments. I ended up posting the same comment three times under some of my friends’ photos. Then later had to ask them to delete the duplicate ones.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Jeremy Muncy

      While reading through various comments, I’ve seen many people having this same issue. Hopefully Facebook will get this sorted out, and release an updated update soon.

  • http://multisnooze.com Dan

    Hey all of my facebook friends, Please check out my new phone app coming soon to the App Store. It’s called MultiSnooze. You can learn about it at multisnooze. com

    Thanks for looking. Please help me spread the word.


  • http://Facebookupdate Angela

    I have a 3GS iPhone and cannot access Facebook unless I’m using a wi-fi network. And judging by the huge number of comments on the App Store and Facebook Help pages, I’m not alone.

    • http://www.reversestreetads.com Mike

      This is sopposed to be for comments on the new facebook update, not a place to spread your worthless spam. Get a life!

      • http://www.reversestreetads.com Mike

        @Angela sorry, ignore the previous comment…it was supposed to be for @Dan

  • Ipien

    My News feed can’t open…”there is no conection”

    • Tasnim

      I’m having he same problem….did you figure out how to fix it?

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Jeremy Muncy

        Not sure if this is a true fix or not, but I’ve read that if you to a fresh install of Facebook for iPhone that it fixes this issue.

        Don’t hold me to that though.

  • TeflonDub

    “No Internet Connection” keeps coming up and seems to take much longer to load pages. I get this when using my 25/25 Fios Wifi, so the message would be more accurate if it read “Oops, our software screwed up again”.

    Major complaint is that I no longer trust that the News Feed is telling me about all my friends status updates/posts on other walls/links. I don’t want to know who is liking what or becoming friends with whom, but I apparently have to see all that to get all flavors of narrative “content” from friends. And between the “Just Now”, app crashes and lost connection errors, I just feel like I don’t trust that what I’m seeing is compete.

    Only new feature I really like is the ability to “like” a comment from the app. Still waiting to be able to “Share” a link from the app and attribute it to the original poster, and would also like the app to show when somebody is essentially “retweeting” somebody else’s content.

  • Cindy

    I updated earlier last week.iPhone 4. No problems.until Thursday 4/7/11 2:40pm when I checked my NEWS FEED. IS WAS NOT THERE! IT IS STILL NOT THERE Where is it?
    I pull down the menu on my phone and it is not there! Pages is not there either! 3 days now and counting! I told my husband don’t do your update! Although, I did mine earlier in the week and my news feed and pages disappeared on Thursday !
    I WANT MY NEWS FEED AND PAGES BACK PLEASE! Grrrrrrrrr I am very unhappy.

  • Marla Nunnelee

    The latest update by Facebook on Iphone wiped out my Farmville feeds. It’s the main reason I use Facebook! I am furious!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Jeremy Muncy

      You’re not alone… tons of other users are furious over the missing Farmville feeds.

      • Alison James

        I want the other layout back , Farmville was still fun when you left the house , now my iphone is just a phone, and you really cant tell what people are saying anymore! How many complaints is it going to take before you REALIZE you messed up and suck it up and let us update back to what we had !

  • Kim Scott

    Since the update the app stalls out when you scroll down and want to see older posts. It looks like it is working on it, but the older posts don’t appear.

    • http://Facebook Kim

      Me too it is ticking me off is there a fix?!?

      • Kelly

        Mine is doing the same thing! My families phones are working fine, it’s just mine & it’s really pissing me off!

        • Bobbi Powell

          My older posts won’t come up either. I let it sit for 10min. Trying to load and it wouldn’t. FIX IT.

          • Jake

            Mine too, very annoying, works on Facely hd ok though. I for one am happy not to see farmville posts any more tho.

  • Nans


    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Jeremy Muncy

      I’m currently researching how to revert iPhone apps to older builds, when I find something out I’ll post it.

      • J

        Thank you!!! Please! Keep us updated if you find out how!!!


  • http://www.reversestreetads.com Mike

    It isn’t letting me unfriend certain people, the timeline of all posts, status’ say just now and when trying to post a comment it gives an error message saying your comment cannot be posted at this time.
    I wish they still had the old version so I could switch back.

    This reminds me of when there was a Adobe Flash upgrade a couple months ago where I would get the “black screen of death” on most youtube videos. I contacted support at Adobe and they told me to go to this troubleshooting page on their website and the one on youtube’s website.

    When I would right click on the screen of the video player screen, it says to right click and click on Settings. I wasn’t able to do that because the Settings selection was shaded gray.

    Finally, after myself and a lot more other people complained of this problem for a few days in the Adobe forum they worked on the issue and made an update to Flash.

  • Tina Goodacre

    I am very unhappy with the latest facebook update. I am on my iphone facebook everyday and I use it to get my farmville requests because I am not always by a computer. I really miss this and would like to have it back. I hope they get this problem fixed right away.

  • http://Facebook Carolyn

    The latest Facebook for iPhone update has deleted the farmville feeds. Ridiculous!!

    • Kim W

      I am so furious about the Farmville posts not showing, and also the limited amount of feeds coming through on my iphone without being able to see older posts…so not happy !!!!

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ Jeremy Muncy

        As more and more people vent their frustrations about losing Farmville feeds, it looks like this is becoming the most discussed issue with the version 3.4 update.

  • Derek miller

    This update is so shit.
    It only gives me a handful of posts and won’t let me see any older ones.
    Get it sorted Facebook.

  • Sol

    This app is now worthless to me because now i cant interact with my friends lists or pages. It wasnt broken now why would they want to mess with it!!!

  • Gggg@yahoo.com

    If your iphone is jailbroken, just open installous and search for facebook then download version 3.3.3. Now you can downgrade back to the older versoon.

  • Cindy

    Ditto! I want my live news feed back! I, also am not on my computer every day! I want FARMVILLE live news feeds back, so I can get my gifts! I have not been able to since 4/7/11.
    I can’t take it! 5 days no live news feeds! I might as well delete it!
    As it is now, it is of no use to me!

    • Alison James

      agreed ! I have deleted the app since it is no use to me !

  • Monda

    Im very pissed i Cant see da rest of da news feed fb changes too much ñor can i see my friends videos Omg pleasee help

  • Susan

    My incentive to get the iPhone was to be able to play FarmVille on it. They have now removed all the feeds!! THIS HAS TO BE FIXED!!

    • Alison James

      agree my iphone is useless now !

  • Lisa

    Since I updated Facebook on my Iphone, it only shows the posts on the currently loaded page. Where it used to say something like “see older posts” at the bottom, now it has the updating wheel but never loads the older posts.

    • drummermum

      I have the same problem….I wish I never would have updated!!!

    • Kim lewis

      Yep, same here, really frustrated!!
      Facebook is the app I use most…… Not n e more!!
      Please change it bak!!

  • will

    youtube vids no longer play on iphone from facebook. it opens up another “newsfeed” tab showing a youtube page and a popup instructs me to “install this app on your phone: tap on the arrow then ‘Add to Home Screen.”

  • http://Facebook Wendy

    No feeds for my farmville!!! Please fix the problem, i am losimg alot of stuff for my farm!!! The only reason i got a iphone is to play farmville!!!!

  • http://Facebook Wendy

    I wished i never updated!!! I never will again!! I am thinking about canceling my iphone, this sucks!!!!!!!

  • http://Facebook Wendy

    I hope yall r planning on giving us fv cash for all the gifts we have been missing!!!!! If u ever fix this problem!!!

  • Vermonter

    My newsfeed is all frigged up. Can’t see older posts – I get a little wheel that just spins and spins. Missing the older version even though it crashed all the time.

  • Penny

    I hate it. Just bought a iTouch so that I could keep track of Farmville and 6 days after I bought it they updated and now I cannot see the postings.
    Unfortunately I synced my iTunes this past week-end trying to figure out the problem so my version of 3.3.3 is completely gone.
    I am hoping that they will quickly fix at least this part of their update.

  • Kim lewis

    What a waste of time!! Only really use Facebook on my iPhone, now wot is the point in having an iPhone!!

  • http://Facebook Brooke Brumley

    Hello. I recently updated my facebook for iPhone 4 and hate it. Is there anyway possible to have the previous version so I can play my games as I like too? I am a farmville player and is the only reason I really have the app on my phone. I am hardly ever on there anymore due to this not so satisfying upgrade, which I would definitely call a downgrade. I see others post about how they don’t like to see farmville. New update for that: It’s not rocket science.. It’s called block. Very simple. Thank you for your time.

  • Moses Marquez

    I have the latest fb app for the iPhone. My post and comments disappear. My fb always says no connection – try again… never did that before! takes longer to update posts ..I constantly have to force an update.

  • Alison James

    I do not like anything about the new update , People that plat games cant get their gifts on the main page, I deleated the app from my phone just as thousands of other people have done, this new update is useless! I want the old one back on my phone!

  • Alison James


  • Margarete

    Since I`ve downloaded the last version on my IPhone the news feed and is not working. I can just see the latest news and most of the time it only shows one or two posts. I’m playing Farmville and no Farmville posts are visible. I can’t scroll down. I can’t see older posts, it’s just loading and loading and loading! This sucks and no fun to use IPhone and Facebook. I want back the older app until Facebook has fixed the issues, it has worked fine for me. THE NEW APP IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY.

  • kayla


    • MARION

      very very upset about farmville feds not showing up, hope they show up soon before i swich 3 ipone 4 over to another carrier. hate to do that because i love my phone but we have been having problems and others have not whats up Apple

  • Dawn

    I upgraded facebook on my iphone. big mistake i use it for the game posts and u took them away! Why? Please fix this, its no good without my friends game posts thats about all i ever used it for and now its useless too me!

  • http://facebook Barbara Keown

    I just updated my Facebook for my iphone. Big mistake! I’m missing all of my Farmville feeds, plus I cannot access any older posts. I literally can’t go back and look at past new feeds. No more Older Posts to access in News Feed. Why would this be an improvement? It’s NOT!

  • Karen

    I hate the iPhone Facebook, I don’t get all of my posts and farmville request don’t even show up! Either fix it or put it back the way was! Why mess with it if worked? I had
    No problems before.

  • razz

    I am not able to look at newsfeeds based on different friends list. I am a Zynga Mafia Wars player. I seperate the players list with a friends list. Now I have all the feeds clumped together. Very frustrating!!

  • http://what'sgoingon? david wormall

    Since updating to the latest iphone update, whenever i open the app i now get an alert telling me “this build is only enabled for employees”. What the hell is all that about?

    • Theresa

      I got that to, what is that all about? Had to wait until I got home and logged in on my computer before the app would work. What a mess. I should of just bought a laptop.Maybe if we all start returning these phones, Apple would put some pressure on facebook to fix the problem.:-(

  • Theresa

    The new facebook app is a mess, none of my game feeds show up. This was the reason I downloaded the app in the first place. Also alot of status post are not showing up. What’s the point facebook should just let us go back to old version. I even tried the facely hd app, I like all it’s bells and whistles, but the news feed is still not right. Also when you try to collect a game post , it locks up so don’t bother.

  • jay

    This is sucks can’t see the farmville updates

  • Dinorah

    I can’t see my FARMVILLE posts anymore. My news feed has only one or 2 posts. I can see much more on an ipod that hasen’t been updated =(
    Whant the old verison back !!!

  • Cindy

    Still no FARMVILLE live news feeds on iPhone FACEBOOK since 4/7/11!

  • http://facebook melissa

    i am livid regarding facebook and their new updates concerning our pictures now being property of facebook and the news feed removing posts of farmville when that is the only reason i have a facebook account and if i cant use my iphone to retrieve my farmville stuff i am deleting my facebook account very shortly.

  • http://facebook melissa

    they should have just made the option to view the status of either your games u play or just your friends why is it their choice in what we want?

    • http://facebook melissa

      i read something different regarding the privacy of our photos and now clear on that note but the status updates is still an is

  • Elisa

    Please fix this new update. I want my live feed back with my FarmVille posts. Why would you take that away? I liked being able to collect on my friends FarmVille post when I was at work or out of the house. Now my phone is just a phone and I have no reason to use Facebook for iPhone because you removed the ONLY reason I had for using it. Please fix this soon!

  • Cindy

    Does’nt anyone know what is going on with FACEBOOK?
    No iPhone 4 FARMVILLE live game news feeds since 4/7/11 with mobile app!
    No FACEBOOK FARMVILLE live game news feeds on the iPhone 4 using the regular site/desktop version since 5/3/11,which I was using up to then to “get by” so I could collect gifts! That now says “PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND” when I try to get gifts.
    Computer FACEBOOK live game news feed still works…..for now. BUT,I can’t always be on my computer.

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