Facebook Hollywood Hookup Gone Bad

By: Mike Tuttle - January 13, 2012

Gotta watch out for the Fatal Attractions, man. Former bassist for heavy metal stalwarts Danzig, Jerry Montano, learned the hard way that you have to watch what you “Like” on Facebook.

Montano was introduced to aspiring “model” Priscilla Caputo via some friends on Facebook. Montano says that on December 5, “she came to my place around 4 AM and stayed the night.” She spent another night on December 11. Then, when she came a-knockin’ a third time, perhaps in broad daylight this time, Montano says he turned her down… and she freaked out.

Caputo reportedly got one of Montano’s roommates to let her into the house while he was gone, whereupon she kicked in his bedroom door and trashed the room. Montano filed a police report. He says Caputo threatened to tell the cops he had raped her.

So, out come the restraining orders. A judge has awarded Montano a three-year restraining order, and one for Caputo as well.

Priscilla Caputo – also known as Priscilla Russo – has had some minor fame on the Internet due to her (mis)adventures in plastic surgery, dabbling in porn, and award-worthy duckface photos.

“You gotta have a gimmick.” – Ethel Merman

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  • http://www.staceyclermont.com Stacey

    He should have seen the signs but I’m glad everyone is okay.

  • ArmyofAnger

    Jerry Montano is a lying sociopath and deadbeat dad who uses women to pay his bills. The “lady” above should be congratulated for fighting back and speaking out.

  • Jules

    A bassist/musician? He is a wannabe rock star who hardly works in the industry. He’s a drunk that no one wants to work with.

  • James

    It gets way worse. The dude not only hooks up with tranny looking women (former ex and current girlfriends) but he actually swaps juices with real transvestites. The sick b took up residence on Craigslist a few years ago looking for men, trannys, and swapping couples. The chicks who lay in his bed need to go visit there doctor. Beware because he’s got a permanent bug. Are people really that desperate? He juggles several women at once. It’s so bad, I have to ask a woman I’m into if she knows him because I will not touch her. End of descussion!

  • Dark Angel

    Jerry Montano – humble and hardworking? Lmfao not a chance. Angels & Kings and VMC crowd know the guys a lying narcissist and sociopath who makes “friends” in the business only to see how he can use them. A name dropper always looking for what he can mooch – his rent, a drink, a piece of ass or rich connections (Sam Benington and Jordan Ladd, anyone?). A lazy selfish violent deadbeat dad, here’s another group of guys who will be sorry they hitched their wagon to this pos. The guitarists good too, hope he wises up and gets away from the crazy…

    (originally posted on another blog 8/9/13 at 8:36 am)