• http://www.lonkinggroup.com lynn wong

    Just a few days ago, i just read an article about how to promote your brands and products on Facebook, now this is news, bang, most of profit-making will be very disappointed when see the news, and really hope facebook will keep its original creating purpose and not made use of some businessmen.

  • http://www.isportals.com/en/ Yordan

    I do not believe in this article.
    It is not true that in facebook groups we must not advertise products.

  • http://www.inztinkt.com Hector Kolonas

    Thanks for the thanks :)

    Although there is no actual rule against using groups for promotion, we find that it is a) highly inefficient for the promotion of many products and services and b) extremely annoying to consumers due to the opt-out structure as oppose to the opt-in style of fan pages, newsletters and other web communication mediums.

    for clarity, it was a guest post on behalf of my company at http://www.ektagon.com