Facebook Gets 100 Billion Hits Per Day

Facebook Shares More Stats, Scaling Strategy

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Facebook of course announced today that it surpassed 500 million users, but the company has shared a few more stats today as well.

Facebook gets 100 billion hits per day. It has 50 billion photos. It has 2 trillion objects cached, with hundreds of millions of requests per second and has 130TB of logs every day. This is all according to a post in Facebook’s Engineering Notes.

The post is all about how Facebook scales to 500 million users. According to the company, it has over a million users per engineer, a number that is steadily increasing.  

Facebook Scales to Over 500 Million

"If you look at the graph of our growth you’ll notice that there’s no point where it’s flat," says Facebook Director of Engineering Robert Johnson. "We never get to sit back and take a deep breath, pat ourselves on the back, and think about what we might do next time. Every week we have our biggest day ever."

"We of course have a pretty good idea of where the graph is headed, but at every level of scale there are surprises," he adds. "The best way we have to deal with these surprises is to have engineering and operations teams that are flexible, and can deal with problems quickly. Moving fast also allows us to try a lot more things, to see which ones actually work out in practice. We’ve found that maintaining this flexibility is far more important than any particular technical decision."

Johnson also talks about measurement, saying that Facebook collects an enormous amount of data and that any particular server exports tens of hundreds of metrics that can be graphed. The post provides an interesting look into the backend of the dominant social network.

Facebook Gets 100 Billion Hits Per Day
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  • Roy

    And big G. keeps screwing around with search and abusing their power. You can’t find anything relevant on Google anymore and it’s just ads ads and ads at the top of the organic listings. Good sites have disappeared from the organic results and spam sites have replaced them. If I were big G. I’d be EXTREMELY nervous with these news. If Facebook decides to put a search box on their homepage, even if the algo behind it is crappy while it develops, it will put a dent on G’s earnings. Just the news will send Google to their knees. Bing and Yahoo from the other side are taking no prisoners. Apple is a sack full of cats about to rip open. Bullets are coming from everywhere. Big G’s stock is tanking, tons of lawsuits from everywhere and governments, including US’s are on their tail.

    • Guest

      Yep I agree -Google have a lot of enemies and Bing has a good relationship with FB and already provide search results within FB search – the moment they decide to take that relationship further and provide more prominent search call to actions on the FB’s navigation is the moment that Google are in serious trouble.

  • Rayman

    Saying that Google will tank is completely ignorant. Google is so diverse that tanking simple ISNT going to happen. On top of the fact that they run the most diverse and complex search engine on the planet, the have started their own cell phone line (The Nexus) and own several smartphone operating systems. They recently BOUGHT YouTube — http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15196982/ (Which, if you have been living under a rock for the last 8 years, is the only practical video sharing site on the web). Yes.. Facebook is a very big player in the internet game, but when you look at all of the angles it is very unlikely that Facebook will step on Google’s toes in the search engine market, unless they have an overwhelming urge to lose a lot of money.

  • RobS

    200 logins per day per user? I guess outside non-users might access the information as well, but an average of 200 logins per day per user (100 billion / 500 million). So, the average user is checking every 5 minutes (I assumed they sleep or bathe for 7 hours total a day).

    This seems high.

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