Facebook Effort To Trademark “Face” Moves Forward

USPTO issues Notice of Allowance

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A certain social network is now one step closer to owning a trademark on the term "face."  Yesterday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office sent Facebook a Notice of Allowance, indicating that it doesn’t take issue with the idea.

One significant point: this doesn’t mean that Facebook’s preparing to sue anyone who uses words like facelift, facemask, and face-off.  Or "face" by itself, for that matter.

According to the official USPTO document, the trademark would only apply in the realm of "[t]elecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users in the field of general interest and concerning social and entertainment subject matter, none primarily featuring or relating to motoring or to cars."

Also, there’s not even any sort of guarantee Facebook would defend its trademark there.  This could just be a way of making sure no one else trademarks "face" and then goes after the company.

In any event, the matter isn’t quite settled yet.  Facebook still has to file a Statement of Use, use the term "in commerce," and pay a fee if it intends to secure the trademark.

Hat tip goes to Alexia Tsotsis.

Facebook Effort To Trademark “Face” Moves Forward
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  • Daz

    A Cant See It Happing Un less There Guna Incorperate A Device :)? As Face Is In Public Domain And Are Thay TradeMarking All 39 Classes?

  • http://www.theanaloguerevolution.com Pete

    Will they sue faceparty.com? They were a social network before facebook exisited

  • http://www.deanflory.com/ Dean

    I don’t think any company that uses generic basic words as their company name should be able to do this, kinda makes originality a bad thing if on the other hand you could just trademark a word everyone else is using already.

    We’re heading down a dark path here.

    • Guest

      I agree, I mean – love it or hate it, ‘face’ is actually part of colloquial language now, not only referring to Facebook, but also as a comeback to a smartass comment etc. This is too generic to be owned

  • Guest

    Yes Wheres He’s Mate He Robed Fit Into All Of ?This No …. Looks Like He’s Mate Co Founder Might Av Valid Point And Claim If Face Book Get TradeMark !

  • http://ilookchina.net Lloyd Lofthouse

    What next? This is ridiculous

    Monsanto creates genetically modified seeds for planting food crops, designs the seeds so they won’t reproduce new seeds, and patents the seeds so no one else may use the seeds or copy the idea.

    Then when the wind blows these genetically modified seeds onto another farmer’s land, who doesn’t buy Monsanto’s seeds, and that genetically modified seed germinates and grows, Monsanto sues that farmer and the legal costs often bankrupt the farmer unless he agrees to buy seeds from Monsanto.

    When a scientific company that study the human genome discovers a new gene type in an individual, who inherited that gene from his or ancestors going back for generations, that scientific company may patent and own that gene even though it comes from the evolutionary process of nature and/or God depending on what you believe.

    Now Facebook wants to control the world “Face”.

    Yet, “Face” is a term that has been part of Chinese civilization for several thousand years and is still in use today. The concept of “Face” to the Chinese is complicated and is part of the culture. If anyone should own the use of the word, it should be the Chinese

  • Guest

    The Uspto is wrong in many ways. They are run by humans, they are not God. Trademark will be invalidated as acceptance of it it will open a can of worms worse than Hiroshima Nagasaki.

  • bob

    What Facebook did here was just try their luck and it happened to hit a 20 year old with a FB account at the USPTO. Facebook reminds me of coyotes in California. They come to your yard looking all stoned, they see you and start acting like dogs moving their tail like telling you: “hey my man, listen, listen…I’m a dog, do you have any small animals you don’t need?”. At that time your cat goes “I wanna shit in the box! Don’t send me out there, those things eat pussy!”

    I’m sure trademark won’t get past the dispute part. There are a few sites using the mark already commercially, even before FB thought to exist.

  • http://www.africatopforum.com Africa

    So, one day, I will loos right to my Face? This is really an interesting issue, I am learning somthing here, let us see how it goes.

  • Guest

    This is a direct hit on Apple’s Face Time. They won’t rollover and let this nonsense happen.

  • Guest

    sure.. soon facebook will own “like” and “book” along with “face”

    This will set a precedent for companies to eventually lay claim to every common word in the dictionary.. Lawyers must be thrilled with how this is all shaping up.

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