Facebook Down for the Second Time in Two Days

By: Josh Wolford - June 20, 2014

UPDATE: It’s back as of 4:47 pm EST. The outage lasted less than 10 minutes. The world can start spinning again.

It’s not just you – Facebook is currently experiencing a service outage.

This is the second major outage that Facebook has suffered in the past couple of days. Early Thursday morning, Facebook was down for a large portion of its users for about 20 minutes. That was the longest downtime Facebook had experienced since 2012.

That’s what most of us are seeing right now.

And it’s not just frustrating to Facebook users. Facebook itself suffers from extended outages. Reports indicate that the most recent 20-30 minute outage costs the company over $500,000 in ad revenue.

We’ll update when we learn more.

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  • deathvonduel

    interestingly enough, various facebook functions on other sites does work. So the thing broken is their web interface and their request handling server or whatever is working fine.