Facebook Confirms That College Kids Don’t Want to Friend Their Parents

    December 6, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Drunken photos, vulgar status updates, check-ins at places they’re not supposed to be – any and all of these things likely deter millions of college and post-college aged kids from choosing to friend their parents on Facebook. Sure, you could just modify your privacy settings and block them out but who wants to go through the hassle, right?

The Facebook Data Science team looked at anonymous posts and comments between parents and their children on the network and produced a pretty interesting report on how families interact on the site. Their first finding had to do with the age of the child as an indicator of how likely they were to be the one to initiate the friendship with their parents.

Spolier alert – kids in their early to mid twenties don’t really have the desire to be Facebook buddies with mom and dad.

From Facebook:

From ages 13-17, the child is more likely to send the initial friend request. Over 65% of friendships between 13-year-olds and their parents are initiated by the child. But the older the child is when the friendship is formed, the less likely the child is to be the one sending the friend request, with the likelihood bottoming out at 40% for children in their early to mid-twenties. Then the probability of the child initiating increases again, eventually reaching 50% by their mid-40s.

Here’s that data visualized:

Once they parent and child become friends, the child becomes more likely to initiate contact via posts or comments as they get older. At every age, daughters are much more likely to initiate contact than sons.

You can check out the full report here.

  • knysna

    Hey Josh Wolford, what’s up Doc?

    What about us kids that are going on 50?

    Hey man. Their is no ways on earth I would want my old man and old lady as friends. Firstly they damn senile and secondly the last time my mother befriended me and used my profile on Facebook, (she found my info on her computer, login and just used me for Farm Town crap to gain so called points) the damn old women started sending all my friends wives cows from Farm Town!! WTF, the husbands wanted to shoot me, thinking its me calling their wives cows!!

    You cant blame us kids (regardless of the age)

    Parents are screwed, weird, nosy and damn inquisitive, let alone over protective, profile thief’s and senile?

  • knysna

    And by the way, I have a son. His in his mid twenties. Neither of us communicate on Facebook. Its called privacy. A form of me not been interested in who he humps and pumps. And him not been interested in my humping and pumping, smoking, snorting, jiving and ducking and diving! I’m sure you get my point?

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Your parents, your future boss and your future family in laws will all use FB to see what you are up to and what you have done.

    Stick naked drunk pictures of yourself anywhere on-line you lost your privacy.
    Parents will make fake accounts to spy on you.