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    One of the worst function of Facebook!

  • Michael Deman

    Well there are two sides to every question: I have had literally hundreds of images taken by me, of product made by me, posted on competitors’ facebook pages – and the exif info has been stripped from every one of them: thereby making it more difficult to get redress from people that basically are thieves. I see it that FB – while claiming to protect people’s privacy on the one hand – are unwittingly aiding and abetting thieves, by stripping away the identifying marks on stolen product. And by the way, some of the images have come almost certainly from data storage devices that were stolen from me during the course of an armed robbery to which I was subjected some time ago. My ability, and the police’s ability to investigate this felony, is hampered by FB’s policy of stripping out EXIF data.

    People that post selfies, and other such banalities, should be aware of the risks they run in a public domain: but frankly I think that my right to protection from theft and financial livelihood trumps those of people who are silly enough to post private photos when they have been warned of the possible consequences.

  • Josh

    if you’re really worried about exif data, before posting on another site besides facebook just run your image through a site like http://gpswipe.com/ It totally wipes any exif data attched to the image

  • Jacky Wood

    Good tips, thanks for sharing.