Facebook App Erases Your Friends And Photos For Alzheimer’s Awareness

    February 14, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Anyone who has had a family member afflicted with the disease never looks at it in the same way again. But not everyone has had to experience the anxiety, pain, and frustration that comes with Alzheimer’s, and one advocacy group has developed a Facebook app to raise awareness.

It’s called Sort Me Out, and is a product of the Alzheimer’s Disease Association Singapore. Once you’ve allowed the app access to your Facebook data, it uses it to create a fake profile page that closely resembles your real page. Slowly, the app begins to remove all of your Facebook data – your friends, posts, activities, and likes.

The app feigns notifications that your photos and friends are all being deleted. Obviously, the goal of the app is to mimic the helpless feeling that an Alzheimer’s patient has – powerless to stop their memories being erased. Of course, no Facebook app is going to be able to truly recreate that feeling, but the app does a pretty good job.

And the whole point is to raise awareness and spread it via social media. At the end of the experience, users are given the message “losing your precious memories and identity is painful; and that’s what people with dementia experience.” There, you can share the app with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Interactive Facebook apps like this can serve a variety of purposes – to scare, to make you laugh, to inform. This one uses the concept of Facebook data to engender a feeling of loss. Have you tried it? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Phyl

    The Alzheimer’s Cover-Up
    by Tom Warren

    This is what has been covered up:

    The primary cause of Alzheimer’s is iatrogenic disease, doctor-induced disease, from so-called “silver” dental fillings that poison the brain and nervous system. Mercury in silver dental fillings has an affinity for brain tissue and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier. Mercury vapor ions are too miniscule to be recognized by the autoimmune sys-tem until enough mercury accumulates upon the nerve sheath that surrounds the synapses. At that point our autoimmune system does not recognize the tissue as self and attacks the nerve sheath as if it were a foreign invader.
    If an Alzheimer’s sufferer can carry on a half-way reasonable conversation for five minutes, do not let uninformed physicians persuade you that Alzheimer’s is not reversible. An anesthesiologist who read Beating Alzheimer’s checked and rechecked my information with dentists and physicians for six months, then removed thirteen root canals. He recovered from Alzheimer’s disease in two hours flat. Every once in a while someone tugs on my sleeve in a store, a restaurant or after a speaking engagement and tells me that I have saved their life.
    It is impossible to estimate how many millions of people died from neurological diseases of unknown etiology. The correct name for Alzheimer’s should be “Chronic Low-Level Mercurial Poisoning.” Mercury poisoning from silver dental fillings is a causative factor in the majority of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
    And I charge that the ADA has covered up their culpability in the same way cigarette manufacturers and Dow Chemical, who produced silicone breast implants, denied their products’ connection to disease.
    Those of us who have had our lives turned upside down by mercury poisoning could live with the fact our dentists made an appalling mistake in not recognizing the toxicity of mercury sooner. What we will not tolerate is the fact that the ADA did everything within its power to stonewall the fact that silver fillings were poisoning their patients.
    They allowed over ten million silver amalgam fillings to be placed into our mouths, two inches from our brain, after there was evidence pointing to serious problems due to mercury poisoning from silver amalgam.
    The ADA tried to protect their profits and their reputations, not their patients. In the mean-time thousands of dental patients have unnecessarily suffered catastrophic diseases. If it seems impossible to believe that our dentists would cover-up the fact that they have poisoned a minimum of 12 percent of our population, read the inset on page 47….

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