Facebook Alleges More Criminal Behavior From Ceglia

Files Motion for Expedited Discovery

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Facebook Alleges More Criminal Behavior From Ceglia
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A filing has been submitted to a U.S. District Court in Buffalo New York, signed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, indicating that he did not sign the contract presented by Paul Ceglia, who says he is entitled to a big chunk of Facebook.

The filing is actually a “Declaration of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg in Support of Defendants’ Motion for Expedited Discovery”. Zuckerberg says that he did sign a contract, but the one presented by Ceglia is not it. In the filing, Zuckerberg says, “I understand that Plaintiff Paul Ceglia alleges that Exhibit A is an agreement that entitles him to partial ownership of Facebook, and that he and I signed this document on April 28, 2003.”

“I did not sign the document attached as Exhibit A to the Amended Complaint,” he says. He also says he didn’t receive any such emails as previously presented.

Here is the document (hat tip to AllFacebook):

Facebook’s defense is essentially that Ceglia altered a contract and made up emails. The company also hired private investigators, which have apparently found that he was also involved with land scams, adding to other criminal behavior in Ceglia’s past.

Facebook Alleges More Criminal Behavior From Ceglia
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  • newbedave

    Facebook hired a computer forensics firm, a linguistics expert, a document authentication expert and a private detective to battle Ceglia’s allegations. If Ceglia was looking for a quick settlement from Facebook, he may have misjudged his opponent; or is Mark Zuckerberg & his company, Facebook, are just dishonest sociopath scum.
    mark zuckerberg facebook hired a high-profile public relations expert, firm to plant negative stories in major media outlets about its archrival Google; to trying to accuse Google of ‘privacy’ sins. take a lie detector test zuck . all that paul ceglia has to do is take a lie detector test .
    the winklevoss had to take the settlement; zuck new the idea facebook was not the winklevoss idea; and the winklevoss new that mark zuckerberg stole the idea facebook!!…….. BUT FROM WHO.
    In the high-powered atmosphere of Harvard, it wasn’t any trouble for Zuckerberg to steal the idea facebook and probably to the cheers of his professors and classmates DUSTIN+ CHRIS +CAMERON AND TAYLOR WINKLEVOSS AND CHICKENS; PIGS AND GOATS
    Aaron J. Greenspan says that while he was a student at Harvard, he came up with the idea for Facebook, piss of .
    need to be charged with criminal fraud in connection with facebook; you now how MZ stole the idea facebook !
    chris you may have step up about being gay but you need to step up and be a man tell the truth about how zuckerberg stole facebook; and sorry for
    telling zuck & dustin that you were gay back in the year 2003 ;
    chris do-not call your self a HERO tell the truth about facebook then you can call your self a HERO !!
    psychopaths. They have a lot of characteristics that stand out. Lack of empathy

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