EzineArticles: Some Content Ranking Higher

CEO: No Layoffs Here

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Since being hit hard by Google’s recent algorithm update, EzineArticles is hard at work, trying to get its rankings and traffic back up. CEO Chris Knight tells WebProNews, "Beyond what we shared in the blog/twitter, we’re going to return to not sharing specifics on our traffic or ranking."

He adds, however, "We’ve had quite a few niche categories go up in traffic but the overall is still lower than before last Thursday. I’ve heard today (Wired.com) that Google is working on getting it more ‘right’ so that great content doesn’t get caught in this filter and I’m hopeful that we’ll see better rankings for most of our members who deserve it."

You can read more about changes the company was looking at here. Since he mentioned Twitter, here’s some recent messages they’ve put out:

In today’s Blog, we dig deeper into quality and begin by focusing on 3 key areas: http://is.gd/WoRCYlless than a minute ago via HootSuite

NEW: On Link Relevancy and Resource Box Content. Your link and resource box content must be consistent and relevant to your article topic.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

NEW/IMPROVED: Location stuffed articles that fail to deliver a positive user experience will be rejected.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

If English isn’t your first language, we strongly recommend that you have an native-English editor check your work before you submit.less than a minute ago via web

Hearing positive comments by many EzineArticles members who are happy they won’t have to compete w/ article vomit/spammy spun content.less than a minute ago via web

No layoffs for @EzineArticles team members. Quality exceptional article content will always rise to the top over-time.less than a minute ago via web

We shut down all of our public @EzineAPI services last night. Our positive intentions for its use never materialized. Perhaps another day.less than a minute ago via web

Article spammers typically don’t include their author name at the start of their resource box. Because they are not proud of their articles!less than a minute ago via web

If you want credibility, don’t do what article spammers do. Duh. :) Include your author name at the start of your resource box.less than a minute ago via web

On Facebook, Knight added:

Christopher KnightJust announced via Twitter that we won’t be laying off any of our 75 behind-the-scenes team members due to last Thursday’s Google algo update. High quality exception articles will always rise to the top; so shall EzineArticles.com again in the near future.

He added in the comments of that post, "I’m trying to stay focused on what I’m grateful for. We still served over a million people yesterday. How awesome is that!? Yet, I’m still on high-alert to ensure we do everything we can to draw a very sharp line as to what denotes quality content vs. what should never be published. The bar has been raised, but that’s nothing new."

The talk about not laying people off is presumably in reference to the Mahalo situation we covered here. Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis told us "All we can do is put our heads down and continue to make better and better content. If we do our job I’m certain the algorithm will treat us fairly in the long-term." 

"The 90+ members of our team are rallying around this challenge, and you will continue to see amazing content from experts with real credentials at Mahalo.com," he added. 

Clearly, despite some of the questionable casualties of Google’s update it seems the message was sent loud and clear. You better be putting out quality content if you’re expecting to get traffic from Google. 

The eHow debate will surely continue to rage on, as that site still gets plenty of Google love, but Demand Media does nothing but stress the importance it is putting on quality as well. 

In time, we’ll see how Google’s search quality holds up, and how the traffic levels of some of these sites do – and how dependent on Google they remain. 

EzineArticles: Some Content Ranking Higher
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  • http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Chris_T_White Chris White

    Staff at Ezine is very helpful. Good to see how they are ranking. I am confident they will rebound.

  • http://just4families.com Les

    Two questions – has Google’s own Knoll been affected by these changes, and could structural issues on sites like Ezine Articles be responsible for their loss of search rankings following this change? I have read elsewhere that structural problems could be causing issues with this algorithm.

    • Chris Crum

      Both good questions. We looked at the things EzineArticles is working on in this article. As far as Knol, was it ever really ranking high in the first place? I can’t think of anytime I came across a Knol result without actually going to Knol.

  • http://www.mcssafety.com Mike Streadwick

    If Google can figure out how to rank me higher because I write my own articles I’ll be a happy camper. But I won’t hold my breath!

  • http://www.inetseo.co.uk iNET SEO

    Very good articles I am seeing on WPN right now. This is where I come for the latest in the world of search!

    But it is nice to see that Google is going after the better content – my life is going to get a whole lot busier!

    Chris – do you feel there is a correlation between spammy content and Ads / Adsense on a page?


    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Thanks Andy. I think a lot of spammy site are heavy on the ads/AdSense, but I don’t think all sites that are heavy on the ads are necessarily spammy. Good content is good content regardless of how many ads are surrounding it. As far as Google’s point of view goes, too many ads might be a signal, because the spammy sites tend to have more ads more often.

    • http://www.inetseo.co.uk iNET SEO

      If perhaps Google uses ads as a trigger, do you think that affiliate sites might also be affected?

      Typically their content is hardly high quality, relies on reviews but is ultimately a way of gaining revenue.

      All very confusing until we know the rules :)

  • http://www.motorcyclehelmetsandjackets.com Susan E. Curley

    I started an internet business and was in a rut with marketing, as it seemed to be filled with tasks that made we want more out of the process, pointed out my lack of knowledge in reference to the online world and made me want to procrastinate the necessary pieces to proper and effective marketing on line. Things just weren’t clicking with my personality and lack of interest in desk work. THEN I FOUND EZINE!!! I love to write and EZINE gave me a creative avenue inside of the crazy grid work that is the internet, a place in which I found myself at the beginning in learning.
    Thank you, EZINE, for the break from the daily tedium required to accomplish alone in my office as the sole proprietor and only employee for my company. Writing takes me away for a while and brings me back refreshed and ready to do all of the other tasks on my to do list!! AND it is a key component to an effective overall marketing strategy!
    Your troubles do not go unnoticed, nor do the virtues and values that make you keep your employees and let your ethical influences help you find the top again! Bumps are in every road! Cut and run is made for some other folks, not the good and strong!

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