Everyone Can Start Getting More Pageviews From The +1 Button Starting Today

    July 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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We recently reported on a new feature Google unveiled for the +1 button: recommendations. When you hover over the button on a site, it will now recommend other content on that site based on +1’s, providing a way for users to discover more well-liked content on the site, and possibly drive some additional pageviews for the publisher.

Here’s what it looks like:

Google Plus Recommendations

It’s also nice that links open in new tabs, when clicked.

Google announced today that the feature is rolling out for everyone. Users in the Google+ Platform Preview received an email that said:

Recommendations are rolling out to all users today. For more information, please see the announcement here:


Thank you for testing and your feedback on this change! As always, if you have any additional questions or feedback, please join us in the forum:


+The Google+ Platform team

Early feedback on the feature has been positive, and it provides webmasters with another reason to seek more +1s from users.

  • http://motherbabychild.blogspot.com Lea Hunt

    This is great info, though it appears to only work, at this time, with this style of button you are using. It does not work with the larger ones right now. Hopefully Google will permit all to show this relevant content on our sites. It will help a lot!

  • http://www.javascriptsandmore.com Shawn Lippert

    The more page Views the merrier, lets see by the analytics how well of a Social Signal the +1 button is.

  • http://www.medlawplus.com/ medlaw

    I also noticed something unusual about Google+ when I used the +1 button to submit an article from personal blog … the article found its way into the stream of persons who not in my circle. Apparently Google is selectively syndicating article submissions into the streams of users based on the article content and viewing history of the user. I know this happened because the Google+ user in question wrote a blog post about my article saying it unexpectedly showed up in her stream. This is a very nice feature of Google+ if true.

  • http://online-backup.stocklii.com Stocklii Storage

    This is another fact that allows Google to be much more unavoidable in e-commerce and it will in some extent allow it to dictate it’s law over all! But we cannot denied that we enjoy +1 tool!

  • http://www.mccabemarketing.ca Maureen McCabe, Marketer

    Chris, interesting news… thanks for sharing.

    I have both the +1 and Google+ (link to my business page) on my site. Do I need both? thank you.