Etsy iPad App Is Now A Reality

    November 29, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Etsy announced the launch of a new iPad app today. It’s been available for iPhone, but now there’s an iOS version that caters to Apple’s enormously popular set of tablets.

Etsy’s iPhone app has been downloaded 3.5 million times, since launching in 2011.

“Early on at Etsy, we saw our number of visitors from mobile devices growing, so we began optimizing our pages to make them faster, easier, and prettier from any phone,” says Laura Hood, product marketing manager at Etsy. “Our community was into it, as evidenced by one member in particular: ‘Awesome Awesomeness.'”

“Enthusiasm for Etsy mobile continues to grow over time,” she adds. “Every hour, more than 10,000 items and shops are favorited on Etsy from a mobile device. That’s a lot of hearts from a handheld.”

Etsy had a hell of a Cyber Monday. It just happened to be the biggest day in Etsy history for sellers.

“The 2012 holiday season is shaping up to be a huge success for Etsy sellers, affirming that shoppers around the world are hungry for alternatives,” said Etsy’s Chad Dickerson. “Two weeks ago, well before the peak season started, the Etsy community broke its all-time daily record for sales, exceeding the heights we saw last holiday season. On Cyber Monday, the community blew the doors off that high with record-breaking sales, capping an all around chart-busting weekend. More sellers made sales on Etsy on Monday than on any other day in history.”

“A visitor on an iPad is likely to view more pages and spend more time on Etsy than a visitor on any other mobile device,” Hood says. “That’s why we’ve designed this first version with the shopping experience top of mind.”

The app will allow users to explore by interests, browse members’ favorite items, trends and content curated by editors, read creative stories about sellers, look at big images, and watch mini-documentaries and how-to’s, which you can zap to your TV with AirPlay.

The app can be downloaded in the App Store.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/PaxtonJewelry Midreal

    Being an long time Esty seller and Ipad user I was ecstatic when the new ipad optimized app came out today. That is until I updated and started using it :( Not only is the interface to view your conversations and feedback still the approx. size of an iphone screen but Etsy completely left out the seller interface that let us create and edit listings see our stats and much more! This makes the app half as useless as the original iphone only app. Why they would not at least leave the seller’s app tools the same or even make them a little better baffles me. I agree that it is a great update for buyers which is what makes us sellers successful but the fact that they did not use the ipad’s full large screen potential in things like viewing your account (conversations, purchases, feedback) and how they downgraded a whole slew of very helpful seller interfaces, makes it seem like it was a rushed update that was not thought through very well. Hopefully they will release an update soon as now that I have updated I can no longer downgrade to the old app so cannot manage my shop like I use to. I updated this morning before they added a “Please Note: Ipad seller users” to the description of the app so had no clue of the reduced seller functionality. Worst of all, Etsy says one of my favorite features “sales notifications” with the “cha ching) sound will not work on ipad :( Come on Esty how could you do this to your sellers right before the busy Christmas season???

  • Laura

    As a fellow Etsy seller, I totally agree about taking our tools away! I think sellers should get their own separate tooled up iPad Etsy app.

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  • http://teenyandthebean@etsy.com Dee

    This app is designed for buyers, not sellers. I want to be able to manage my ads while on the road from my mobile device. I think there should be a password sensitive area for sellers to access all of our etsy seller options and manage our site fully from anywhere.