Etsy Had Nearly 1.5 Billion Pageviews In September (And People Are Buying More Stuff)

    October 17, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Etsy revealed a handful of stats about its business today. For one, the ecommerce site saw 1.42 billion pageviews during the month of September.

After refunds and cancellations, the Etsy community sold $76.8 million worth of goods during the month, which is 0.8% higher than the $76.2 million sold in August. It’s a 69% increase year-over-year. In all, 3,988,852 items were sold in September, up 4.9% from August’s 3,802,480 items. Items sold were up 72.6% year-over-year.

Not only are more people buying, but more people are listing. 2,530,651 items were listed in September, up 2.9% from August’s 2,459,069. 866,750 new members joined the Etsy community during the month, which is a 1.7% increase from 14,879 in August.

In recent weeks, Etsy has made a number of moves to help sellers unload more merchandise. For one, they made search ads available to thousands more sellers. Then, they launched new browse pages, making it so items are more discoverable, turning up in more than one place on the site.

So far this week, Etsy has launched Listing Variations for sellers and gift cards in time for the holidays, which any merchant in the U.S. can accept, as long as they implement Etsy’s direct checkout feature.

  • roger

    There is a lot more to this story than than the fluff mentioned in this piece. Esty is manipulating its sellers with unfair and misleading fees and someone in the press should look into this.

    • heather

      Umm, do you sell here? I have been selling on etsy for 4 years! Never a fee that I didn’t know about. Fees are very reasonable compared to eBay.

      • http://ASDFASDF.COM roger

        Your either dumb or you work for Etsy because Etsy is a so obviously a manipulating consumers the way they use their variables which makes it so the sellers renewing fee are basically gambling.

        Etsy should be regulated as a casino or looked into by some by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

        Also music industry people, if you want to find a goldmine of copyright violators and bootlegers just check the tshirt section in etsy. Low hanging fruit if you ask me.

  • jackie

    Ditto what Heather said. Etsy’s easy to figure out their fees, love their stores and my store. Don’t know what to make of the new Browse yet, because my sales dropped like a rock when it was implemented. I just hope it gets better.

  • http://none Mythreecents

    Etsy is never totally honest with their Etsy costumers (Sellers)or the outside world.
    Ever since there new browse program has come out many sellers have had there shops devastated. There are petitions on Etsy asking that the new browse is removed. These posts get closed or buried. Sellers get muted.

    Etsy’s deal with Google Shopping is also lied about to Etsy Sellers, they forget to mention that only U.S. Sellers will be indexed.
    You never hear the whole truth from Etsy.

    The reason Etsy revealed and handful of stats is because a handful is all they want you to see. Transparency has never been Etsy’s strong suit.

    When Etsy gave you the figures for how many page wiews they get in Oct., I guarantee you they are not the real figures. They have a weird way of making the figures in to what ever they want it to look like.
    This month’s page views I guarantee will be high, if for no other reason then for 2 weeks now sellers have been trying to find there own listing on the new browse and they are trying to figure out how to be seen on the new browse. The new browse only shows a handful of sellers. Pages and pages of the same sellers are shown. Only of small portion of sellers will ever fit in to the new browse categories.
    Favoritism is a strong suite of Etsy’s.

    Since new browse was implemented Sellers cannot figure out where there items are, let alone why they are not being seen or why there views and sales have dropped. They are scrambling to survive.

    Etsy’s search is the most messed up search I have ever seen. The new browse has created nothing but bugs and problems. The old categories are never seen in Etsy’s traffic stats anymore. Yet your told that browse was just a new way of searching and that everything else is the same. Well if the old categories have not changed then why have the sellers lost there old category views? No answers from Etsy on that one.

    This article states that Etsy community sold $76.8 million worth of goods during the month of Sept., they forgot to mention that a huge portion of those sales has nothing to do with the handmade sellers and everything to do with the Re-sellers that pretend their items are handmade or vintage when they are in fact made in China. Etsy turns a blind eye to that.

    Etsy is reminiscent of what happened on Ebay years ago. The people that made them what they are today are getting shafted more and more each year. They are hated by most of there sellers and every month there is more talk of leaving Etsy. Everyone is fed up with the constant changes. Crazy programs implemented like Circles, trying to make it into another Face Book or now trying to make it into another Pin-interest.

    People joined Etsy to sell there wares not to join a socializing site. Etsy has lost site that it is a venue for sellers to sell items. They instead focus on trends and browsing.

    Trying to build a business on Etsy these days is near impossible. The site goes through none stop changes every 3 months. As a Seller you spend more time trying figure out what the heck is going on now and trying to stay visible. You have no time to be selling, listing or creating your product because every time you blink without a warning here is yet another change. Each comes with a set of problems and heart ache.

    Etsy plays with the livelihoods of its sellers like a crap game even in this economy. They don’t care that women use this money to feed their children, they don’t care that this is your only income, they don’t care that you need these sales to pay your mortgage or bills.
    Etsy only cares about the clicks they can show there investors. They don’t care that there changes devastated shops and the lives of there sellers.

    Save your self the hard work and the heart ache is what I tell my friends that are thinking about joining Etsy.


  • Sarah

    As an Etsy seller, I can say I’m almost fed up with Etsy as well. When I calculate the fees they charge me compared to the percent they are supposed to charge, the numbers never add up right. One month I made $500 and they charged me $267 in fees.. it’s just outrageous. It takes them a week to respond to messages and some messages are never responded back to me. They close down your shop without notice and don’t email you about it and then when you message them they say oh, sorry this was an error it will be back up soon and it took them 5 days before it was back up. Then again, I had my shop closed one time because an international buyer opened up a case because it had been 3 weeks since she ordered and it didn’t arrive (um hello, it takes a week to hand make your item and 2-4 weeks for usps to deliver an international package in the first place and why couldn’t you just email me about the issue rather than opening a case anyway). The fact that Etsy completely shut down a shop because ONE customer complains on a case about an order is the most horrible thing to do to a seller. I could go on and write a novel about all things I’m upset with Etsy about, this is just the tip of the iceberg.