eBay Testing New Search Features

eBay asks for user input

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eBay said this week it is launching a new offering called "Garden by eBay," an area on the site that will allow members to test new features and provide feedback for improvements and changes.

Garden by eBay is an opt-in initiative with a concept that is similar to Google Labs where users can test and experiment with different features before they are officially released.

eBay says that Garden members’ feedback will be provided directly to the teams that manage new, proposed or existing features. The goal is to bring buyers and sellers into the process and help the company introduce, test and roll out features faster.


The first major feature to be introduced is a new "streamlined search" aimed at making it easier to browse and view search results. Streamlined search offers a cleaner view of inventory, and better ways for buyers to browse items. Users can compare auction and Buy It Now listings side-by-side, refine their searches with fewer clicks, get an at-a-glance view of an item’s name, price and format and view same-screen pop-up windows for item detail.

"The new Garden by eBay represents a new collaborative conversation with the eBay community-a chance to listen to their thoughts on upcoming features, and to bring them closer to our own innovation process," said Christopher Payne, eBay vice president of search.

"And by seeding the Garden with streamlined search, we’re asking for the community’s input on improving one of the most important areas of eBay.com."

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eBay Testing New Search Features
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  • Joe

    If ebay gave provide free hookers and booze to most people who have left, they couldn’t get them back. In the words of Rahm Emmanuel, they are a bunch of phucking retards.

  • RicRoe

    So eBay is now going to suddenly start listening to users? highly unlikely they really plan to listen to the “noise” as CEO John Donahoe prefers to dismissively refer to users.

    Long ago, eBay stopped listening to users and decided they would persue a course they themselves have predetermined.

    The newly announced “Garden by eBay” is little more than the company pretending to listen to its users.

    eBay has already decided what they will change, and will impose these changes no matter what users say.

    Here is how the “Garden” will work.

    eBay will determine what they want to change. They will then post it in their “Garden”. Users will point out deficiencies. eBay will implement the change anyway, and simply claim that their research from the “Garden” showed users liked what they saw. Dissenting opinions will be wholly ignored.

    eBay is simply looking for a way to force their changes on the marketplace while manipulating data to make it appear that users approve.

    eBay’s “Garden” is fertilized with the same bull ship management has been spewing for the past three years, half truths, false claims, and manipulated information.

    The question eBay’s management and Board of Directors should be asking is this; If John Donahoe’s destructive innovation is bringing buyers back to eBay as he claims, where are the sales to back up his claims?

    eBays Q4 sales were spectacularly unimpressive. Once the profits from selling Skype and the revenue from PayPal are subtracted, eBay marketplace showed extremely weak increase over 2008. Do not forget, 2008 Q4 revenues were down from 2007.

    Meanwhile, over at Amazon, sales grew at a double digit pace, proving that eBay is falling behind under John Donahoe and his management team.

  • http://www.apostrof-print.ru/ amadea7

    Oh, i like this stuff))

  • http://www.skymaxmarketing.com Massachusetts SEO Company

    eBay is still a very valuable resource for driving traffic to your website, no matter what business you’re in. Listings hold a lot of authority in the SERPs, and can be quite easy to rank highly for competitve keywords and phrases. Stop focusing on the negatives, and start using what’s available for the benefit of your company website!

  • Just a peon


    I love ebay!

    I never shop there (too much fraud)…… and I don’t sell there (management is ridiculously stupid and insane)…… but they always make me laugh out loud with their latest birdbrained scheme…… and laughing is good! 😀

    ……………..VOTE NO on meg whitman in California……..

    …..unless you want another “business” failure like ebay at the hands of that idiot.

  • mihai

    how would you like to look & work a better website than ebay ? I’m looking to develop one :)

  • pennyauctiontimes.com

    My Space did It. Aol(Technology killed AOL) did it and ebay is heading that way. There are to many suits at ebay now. I can bet you the new CEO Never sold on ebay before. The new changes that will start in september either 2 paypal claims or ebay claims or one and one in a calender YEAR not month will get you supended. That Will be the icing on the cake. If you sold on ebay you know most buyers dont even know how to use the claim resolution system. So if a seller gets 2 per year they will be booted. I guess they talked to sellers about that new rule. Ebay has been turn from a fun easy place to sell products to this corporate monster that is atacking small business in america. In 2001 Ebay was flourishing. We were in a mini recession and people were looking for deals Most small businesses were able to move products on ebay easily when the economy got tough. Not no more. The way the system is set up you have to be big bussiness to sell on ebay. If your not giving free shipping no one sees your listings. How can small bussinesses compete with a Buy.com (buy on ebay) or ofther large corporate sellers. They move a lot of product there fedex or ups fees are a fraction of what a normal seller pays. So there prices will be cheaper than 70% of other sellers on ebay. That is also why craiglist is flourishing. Because of the simplicity. and no one has a upper hand I can go on for hours so i am going to stop here i just wanted to put in my 2 cents. Everyone have a good night.

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