eBay Stores Sellers Get New Selling Tools, Discounts

    May 30, 2014
    Chris Crum
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eBay told eBay Stores sellers on Thursday that they now have access to new subscriber-exclusive selling tools and discounts on items and services. Sellers can now create and manage promotions like order size offers, free shipping offers, related items offers, targeted coupons, and sale events.

With order size offers, sellers will be able to promote the purchase of more than on item or spending over a certain amount per transaction by offering a specific dollar amount off or percentage off, or a free item per multiple item purchase.

Sellers will be able to promote free shipping offers by automatically merchandising all qualifying items (like free shipping on orders over $100), and encourage buyers to purchase multiple items by bundling related items and offering a percentage discount.

Sellers will also be able to offer digital coupons to select buyers only and merchandise items together for “easier buyer access”. For example, you can promote a sale for customers to “Save up to 30% on all women’s shoes.”

eBay is also giving sellers their own discounts, including 25% off of packing and shipping supplies, 15% off design services, special offers from PayPal, etc. The company says it will offer more exclusive discounts as the months go on.

More on all of this here.

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  • ebay-rip-off

    “Big Deal” they will stick it to the sellers in other fee’s buried or hidden in the low DSR (detail seller ratings) this is a joke coming from ebay. These sucker will leave open cases unchecked, let buyer files bogus “not as describe” claims, close a case in the sellers favor but yet leave the feedback neg or neutral intact, leave neg. feedback even thou the buyer is fraudulently asking for free return shipping. This tactic people is what drives down your DSR which allows ebay to charge you higher fee’s there by posting BIG PROFITS. A real big load of crock, same ole ebay ie: the fox watching the chickens.

  • mitch

    yes looks like ebay have got the sellers pants down again