eBay Partners With Invaluable For Live Auctions

    May 8, 2014
    Chris Crum
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eBay announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Invaluable to bring over 2,000 auction houses to eBay buyers.

Invaluable has its own live online bidding platform letting collectors and dealers around the world bid in real time. It provides auctioneers with marketing and ecommerce solutions with Invaluable itself as well as with its AuctionZip property. It also gives them access to its own auction management software.

“Invaluable works with many of the premier brick-and-mortar auction houses around the globe, and they were the natural partner for us to work with to bring live auctions back to the eBay platform,” said Gene Cook, GM of emerging verticals for eBay Marketplaces. “We’re excited to bring Invaluable’s incredible selection of unique, high-end artwork, antiques and collectibles to eBay’s global community.”

“Invaluable’s online live auction marketplace makes one-of-a-kind merchandise from thousands of Invaluable and AuctionZip auction houses around the globe accessible to online bidders,” said Invaluable CEO Rob Weisberg. “In this exclusive partnership, eBay and Invaluable will rapidly scale the live auction industry by providing online buyers with virtual access to auction house salerooms from the convenience of their home, office or their mobile device.”

eBay will be launching a destination for arts and collectibles in the coming months. It will use Invaluable’s platforms for auction catalogs, which will be promoted through eBay, and to its users.

There will be special events, and shoppers will be able to participate in traditional live auctions.

Image via Invaluable

  • http://bit.ly/11F2eas Philip Cohen

    eBay: “back to the future”—live auctions, again?

    Too funny! Yet another sign of the desperation that must be being felt in the eBay executive suite and board room. Actually, you can smell the decaying flesh from all the way over here in Australia; radical surgery, starting with an immediate Donahoectomy, is the only hope for saving this very unwell patient …

    Has Invaluable done their due diligence, or have they been simply absorbing the disingenuous nonsense that constantly suppurates from the eBay Dept of Spin and therefore they have no idea of what a bunch of hopelessly incompetent cowboys they are getting involved with?

    And, when is eBay’s sleeping BoD going to wake up and finally accept that the “Pain From Bain”, Johnny Ho, is their real problem? Probably never, while they, and the senior executives—in the form of (unearned) performance bonuses, are the only ones taking home any cash from eBay.

    And just what does the “smart money” on Wall Street think about eBay? Well, in August 2007, prior to the GFC, when Johnny Ho was already effectively in control of eBay, the share prices of eBay and Amazon were both ~$40; with eBay recently ~$50 and Amazon ~$288, clearly, Wall Street (still) considers eBay to be a “dog”, and Johnny Ho to be a very poor dog handler …

    eBay Inc, where the incompetent mingle with the malevolent and the criminal …