eBay Ends AdCommerce PPC Ads on eBay.com and eBay.ca

eBay AdCommerce Placements to Be Discontinued

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Starting on August 4th, eBay will be retiring its AdCommerce placements on eBay.com and eBay.ca. It will continue to offer the service in Europe and Australia.

This is a program that allowed eBay sellers to purchase pay-per-click ads on search result pages linking to their eBay stores and listings.

Did you use AdCommerce ads? What do you think of eBay’s decision to end the serrvice? Share your thoughts here.

eBay Gets Rid of AdCommerce "We understand that you may be disappointed and that these AdCommerce ads may have provided an advantage to your business," says the eBay AdCommerce team. "However, we are confident that consistently displaying the most relevant items highest in the search results is in the best interest of buyers, sellers and the eBay marketplace overall."

"As you probably know, the AdCommerce pay-per-click ad program launched last year as a trial to test various ad placement opportunities on eBay," the company says. "During that time, we’ve determined that providing the best possible experience for eBay buyers and sellers means highlighting in Best Match search results the most relevant listings from sellers who offer the best prices and service."

Sellers who have already purchased AdCommerce ads don’t have to take any action. Their ads will automatically expire on August 4th, and their final billing will be sent out in early September, the company says.

Are you an AdCommerce user? Let us know.

eBay Ends AdCommerce PPC Ads on eBay.com and eBay.ca
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  • JIm

    Damn……eBay just loves making changes and it is Oh So Fun to keep adapting.

    No wonder everyone despises them now.

  • http://www.TheAutomaticPowerseller.com Eruwan Gerry

    I just wonder why eBay even bothers testing the AdCommerce program if they’re going to remove it at the first place?

    Makes you wonder what is really going on at the eBay HQ….

  • http://tbeyond.com Patrick

    When will they actually try out something which will help buyers and sellers. They are just waiting for competition similar to Google or Facebook to drown them.
    They have a commanding position today but at this rate the future dosent look too bright.

  • Bill Smith

    AdCommerce just didn’t work, but doing away with Featured First is devastating. Say a sellers obtained a dozen good historic clocks. The seller could use Featured First on one of them, and then say in the description, “I have another 11 great clocks the same quality as this one, take a look if you are historic clock collector”. But now, there will be no way to get the number of hits required to sell good items. When eBay made the ridiculous decision to put all the store items in with the regular search results, it just polluted the search results with thousands upon thousands of piddly worthless items. Ebay claims that giving favored search results to Top Sellers helps, but the problem now is, that some sellers have caught on to the rythym of the search results and schedule piddly $4.99 items to start every hour or so, and dominate the favored Top Seller search results. A lot of experienced eBay sellers will be reading this and shaking their heads “yes”. But of course, the people that run eBay do not have a clue; They work “at” Ebay, not “on” eBay. These guys get Masters Degrees, and think they know everything. Ebay claims to listen to their members, but they do it collectively, and they listen to way too much to totally unsucessful sellers who are trying to blame eBays fees (which are very fair) for their own faiings. I immediately sold my eBay stock when I heard they were doing away with Featured First. It will be a disaster. Good sellers with good items, must be free to advertise.

    • Guest

      As a seller of antiquarian items I’ve seen a Featured First auction get 500+ unique visitors and succeed while the same item in an identical but not featured listing got fewer than 25 with no bids…

  • HDO

    All the time they make changes that kills their sellers by suspending them or decreasing their sales.
    Although it seems that their actions are very beneficial to the buyers the realty slaps their face from quarter to quarter.
    While Amazon is really striving eBay is deteriorating as a sellers platform every day.

  • Guest

    In the last 5 years, E-Bay has been bring all of us more in to SOCIAL SOCIETY and LESS from a FREE REPUBLIC, Must be something in the CALIFORNIA WATER

  • Guest

    I am tired of seeing ads for stuff I have no interest in. eBay listened to my complaints and others showing concern about irrevelent content.

    GOOD JOB eBay!!!!

  • mpheadley

    I just wish they’d end whatever gives people money to attack craigslist wanted ads. If I am looking for something and place an ad, I’ve already done an exhaustive search on ebay, I’ve already set up an email alert whenever new ads come up. Why do I need spammers telling me stuff on ebay I already know is there?!

  • Bill

    They consistently pump out the most ridiculous of polices. Time and time again, since JD took office. The guy is a clueless clown who has no idea about selling or buying on ebay. None of his insane policies actually work, or will ever work.

    It is almost like this guy was hired to destroy eBay from the inside out. The only other explanation for all them weird, un-thoughtful, desraptive anti-seller innovation is INSANITY.

    I sold all my eBay stock…. as long as this lunatic is allowed to continue holding the wheel, the place is going down the toilet, fast!

    • Guest

      The implosion of ebay began under Meg Whitman’s reign. She is greedy, stupid and evil. A very scary combination. Poor, poor California if she buys the Governorship.

  • http://www.cyberknotz.com DrJohn

    I only occassionally use eBay, and then only to get a few bucks for replaceds technology. I used to sell a lot of items on eBay back in the day but could never keep up on changes to their billing practices, listing items, tou, etc. so virtually stopped.

    I find kijiji and craigslist just as useful, they’re faster to list something on, and free. So eBay can completely shut down and it wouldn’t effect me much.

  • Bert

    Well, eBay never had been customer-friendly but is only looking for its highest profit – and I’ve got a notion that the management is fairly power-obsessed – against her competitors as well as against her customers!

  • http://www.EmergencyPower.com Standby Generators

    eBay wants to show NOT the most relevant auctions only the ones that generate them the most money. We are not idiots.

    The space is worth more being used to show top sellers rather then most relevant auctions.

    The most relevant auctions are determined by how much eBay can make from you. It has NOTHING to do with showing you relevant auctions. Some of the real good stuff is berried deep in the searches

    Sellers are also rated on shipping rates and your encouraged to charge nothing in order to get the highest rating and rank higher in searches. This way eBay makes more from the purchase price.

    It is just more eBay BS and the more they do the more sellers like myself leave hurting their bottom line and why they need to keep screwing the rest of its sellers so they can balance the books.

    • Guest

      right on. i love those b.s. guidelines about relevancy. obviously they tell their programmers and customer reps different stories.

  • Guest

    What’s an “eBay”?

  • Guest

    RE: “During that time, we

  • http://computercreations.us/ Kathleen

    Some businesses cannot put an item on e-bay if it is a personalized item unless they have an ad to lead a customer into the website due to individual pricing methods and the need for an order form. One such item is personalized military certificates which can be seen at http://cjmcertificates.com. For these certificates to be sold the customer must fill out an order form so the certificate can be developed with the customers personal information on it, including their own medals and ribbons, badges, rating mark and wording. If e-bay will not offer a sales setup that includes the opportunity for an order form the customer must be able to click into the site to order. The price is not figured until the order form has been processed and each certificate’s price is figured on an individual basis. Could it be true that e-bay wants a piece of the pie? A percentage off of the price of that final order? We haven’t figured any other way to offer this product on e-bay besides the ad that leads customers into the site.

  • http://www.stratoblogster.com Guest

    As an eBay affiliate I’m glad, because I’m trying to send traffic to specific areas without more distractions and clutter.

  • http://www.vision-strike-wear.com Sgt Strike

    Forget Ebay and come direct tot he designers and printers of great military t-shirts. Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

  • http://www.desperateamateurs.com DesperateAmateurs.com

    Ebay sucks!

  • http://www.amainhobbies.com Kendall Bennett

    It was a test to determine if they can bring in a lot of revenue for PPC ads like Google, but clearly the revenue stream was not there. I bet the vast majority of PPC ads on eBay ended up being for merchants taking business AWAY from eBay, but taking them to eCommerce web sites off the eBay network, and hence not having to pay eBay fees to see their products.

    So in the best interests of deepening eBay’s pockets, I think they realized that they need to try to keep customers staying on eBay. Which IMHO is not going to happen when it comes to customers looking to buy new products, because many retailers can’t afford the fees eBay chargers if they wish to have competitive prices. eBay is great for buying and selling used stuff; not so much for new stuff.

  • http://www.flitejewelry.com Cheapskate

    Senior citizen WHY pay more.
    No Tax
    Low price for gold & silver jewelry

  • Don Lokke

    When will eBay learn… They just keep making their space less commercially viable for sellers claiming they are doing it for buyers. Without sellers they will have no buyers. They are backwards. Keep the sellers and they will do the job of attracting buyers. Between seller restrictions and high listing fees they are killing the golden goose.

  • http://kost-tilskud.com/ Guest

    Go into http://www.kost-tilskud.com/ instead of ebay

  • http://www.howtousemy.com Holliday

    eBay knows something.. we just don’t know all the facts yet.. It might just be a complete website redevelopment plan….

    • nadine

      Indeed they do. The problem is, it’s a different plan every quarter.

      Be like Amazon! No! that didn’t work! Become an online Big Lots! Kill Auctions! We hate flea market stuff! No, wait, we need auctions! Offer free auction listings as a come-on! Put Stores in Core! No take them out! Put them back again! Oh $%#@! search doesn’t work! Raise rates again, but call it “our lowest fees ever”! The analysts believe anything we tell them.

      And so on. Rinse lather repeat.

  • http://www.uniquenecklaces.biz Unique Necklaces

    I didn’t even know they offered a PPC for sellers. I thought it was for outsiders. That’s ok no great loss, they over charge to use the selling platform compared to other internet selling platforms anyway.

  • http://www.BigticketDepot.com/aff/aw.aspx?A=264015 Jeff

    I did run some ads on the last two ppc type advertising that ebay was promoting. The best I could do was break even. Maybe that has more to do with it than trying to give the ebayer the best possible experience. If they were making money of the ads they would still be running them logn after August 4th.

  • http://www.TonyasDynamicDesigns.com Tonya–I am an eBay Store Designer

    I have been selling on eBay since 2006. I am a Certfied eBay Stores Designer
    and I now teach others about selling on eBay. I am personally glad to see eBay’s PPC Ads
    go because this will only help eBay sellers who are listing on eBay to get more sales because buyers will be clicking on our eBay Listings instead of on the eBay PPC Ads. eBay sellers
    pay to be listed on eBay and therefore they deserve to have their listings clicked on instead
    of on PPC Ads. I have not tried eBay’s PPC Ads, but I was going to try them until I learned that eBay will no longer be having them.

    -Tonya Becker-Haddadeen
    in Stafford, VA near Washington, DC

    • Guest

      Dear Tonya Becker-Haddadeen
      in Stafford, VA near Washington, DC,

      2006? So you’re a newbie. You came on board after ebay already fell in the toilet, but that’s beside the point.

      The point is………
      You may wish to go back and read the article again and perhaps pay attention this time.

      The PPC ads that ebay is taking down are the ones ebay sellers purchased to drive sales to their own listings on ebay. The PPC ads that drive people off of ebay to other web sites will remain.

      I started selling on ebay in February of 1998 with a 100% sell-through rate and left 3 years ago, never to return again, because ebay got stuck on stupid due to meg whitman (and it had been coming on since 2002, her first major screw up). I teach people to sell online frequently (free of charge) and the first thing I tell them is to stay away from ebay.

      Listing items is easy, but re-listing them for weeks to months, time after time after time, before they sell is ridiculous, and ebay’s sell through rate — as a whole — is at what? Like 25%? (being generous). Absurd.

      I would never recommend ebay to anyone who wished to start an online business, because their items would be invisible in ebay’s disaster of a search and I would feel too horrible when they paid all of that money to ebay and nothing they listed ever sold.

      I could certainly never charge anyone if they really, really, really wanted to learn ebay from me, because that would just be wrong, knowing how their “business” would turn out from the beginning.

  • Engineering Nerd w/o an MBA

    eBay does NOT get it!!!

    The economy tanks so what do they do to increase profits? They increase fees on eBay sellers.

    eBay does NOT get it!!!

    So, since there are fewer buyers visiting eBay, and eBay profits are down, what does eBay do? They increase fees on sellers.

    eBay does NOT get it!!!

    Sellers try to cope with higher fees. Consequently, sellers do 2 things. 1) They try to put more items up for sale, which means they have to list items faster, which leads to skimpy descriptions. 2) Sellers over-rate their wares to suck in buyers. Buyers complain about skimpy item descriptions, and about item over-ratings. This ticks off buyers and drives them away from eBay. So, what does eBay do? They put more restrictions on sellers on item condition on listings.

    eBay does NOT get it!!!

    OK, let

  • Tinkerbell

    It is very sad to see Ebay become a mass marketing site for new items you can get anywhere. It use to be fun to go and buy there. Now all they have is the everyday new items you can find in your local Walmart or Target store.

    Ebay use to be a cool place to shop now half there stuff comes from over seas. Ebay has become the .99 cent store.

    What a shame.

  • Bob

    Ebay management has no idea what they are doing. Change this, change that, change it again.!

    Management by desperation.

    Ebay is no longer the unique, pioneering marketplace it once was. It is now the largest, amazon, overstock, craigslist, wannabe! Ebay keeps morphing into something new with every new press release.

    Best match is a fiasco. Buyers can’t find what they want, Sellers don’t get equal exposure.

    Quality sellers are being pushed off the site by managements bipolar decision making. Sellers that helped ebay grow originally are now being shown the door.Thinning the herd also reduces the product choices for buyers who are now going elsewhere to buy what they can no longer find on ebay. Antiques and collectible sellers are a small fraction of what they once were.

    Ebay is not the ebay we remember. It is a pale shadow of what it once was

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

    I didn’t even notice they had those. :p

  • http://www.mackmichaelsproducts.net Mack Michaels

    I’ve never used this adcommerce program, but it must be frustrating for all sellers that used it especially if they had some profitable campaigns going. They seem to make to many changes to all different aspects of the company and leaving its users out of mind.

  • http://www.newtsgames.com Playing Cards

    We tried to use the eBay ppc but we were not impressed. We only ran our campaign a few weeks to learn that it was a total waste. With the high prices eBay was already charging, we could not afford to pay their ppc fees too. I have a feeling many other eBay people found this out too…then eBay themselves finally figured out that the ppc idea was a flop.

  • http://www.contactlensxchange.com makio

    “During that time, we

  • applegreen

    Ebay is an organization that has completely lost all its sense of direction. equally unsatisfactory to both buyers and sellers, with the worst customer service. i moved to amazon, with some of the best combined buyer-seller service, fair to both and yet still making profits. wow, what a concept!

    the only way ebay could redeem itself now would be to study how both amazon and netflicks exceed at service, satisfaction and fairness to all.

    and they won’t of course. ebay is a bleeding ulcer of on-line commerce at this point.

  • Guest

    Dear All,

    I have been a successful eBayer for many years until about 2 years ago. I stopped using eBay because their costs did not justify the tail-off in custom that I was receiving. This tail-off was due to the mis-management of the eBay business. People say that eBay have lost their way. This is very true!!!!

    eBay attempted to get me back with ppc. The first attempt was a farse since their software did not work – and though I had stopped using them at that point for a year and was no longer a PowerSeller they still said that I was entitled to their “FREE” trial.

    Ebay’s second attempt was a little more successful. I put through the trial. But, when I let the campaign run its course I was charged. I was never advised that there was a time restriction on the offer. I have withheld payment, and eBay have never apologised for their mistake – though the charge was less than

  • http://www.money4iou.com Gabriel

    i guess i didn’t notice this ad commerce was available, since i am an occasional eBay user. I do have a question for all the commentators on this post….do you use ebay to drive traffic to your other sites in order to sell products? How has that worked and is it cost effective? I have recently teamed up with a major short sale company www.webuyforeclosures911.com and wanted to know if i can advertise my service online, no products to sell here, just service for homeowners that are headed to foreclosure.
    thank you for you help,

    • Guest

      Look into ebaY classifieds

  • Guest

    This is just another “What’s it’ all about Alfy” moment from EBay, no wonder there sellers are running away from them in there droves. Please don’t make me throw-up again, the bottom line here is EBay’s bottom line and it has nothing to do with quality of searches for buyers or the benefit to sellers.

    They make there money from Listing Fee’s and Final Selling Fees, that are extremely expensive and then they do deals with Google to get there searches up the ladder over and above more relevant searches and that my friends is all about money. One day there will be “The DEEP THROAT” (Follow the Money) of both EBay and Google that will expose how deep this all goes and the day you see exactly what’s been going on and there executives in the Handcuffs and they so richly deserve….

  • http://www.iurbanwear.com/ ted

    ebay needs to change.

  • http://www.iurbanwear.com/ ted

    ebay needs to change better.

  • Engineering nerd w/o an MBA

    One of the things that no one here seems to mention is the monopoly that eBay AND partner-in-crime PayPal have.

    When will a group of state Attorneys General get together and go up against eBay and PayPal??? That is long, long, LONG overdue!!!

    No one here mentions PayPal. What about them? Let

  • http://www.searchen.com John

    Sounds to me that they see a time for the site to provide the best user experience possible, even if that means making less money… And they be able to do that whenever they see the need/.. Don’t watch ebay much at all, but also seems like a thing to do if your concerned with competition in your market.

  • Restaurant Store

    While it is a pain in the @xx to keep changing our advertising avenues, kudos to eBay for removing a revenue stream because they realize in the bigger picture giving customers the best result will ultimately mean more customers. Sounds like a long term decision rather than a short term lets grab money today decision to me even if I am a party of one.

  • http://www.cyberontix.com Eric

    The eBay company is obviously nowadays overstaffed with a bunch of overpaid cube-droid dingbats gulping down bagels and Starbucks at time-wasting meetings. For a while over the past 2 years they were full-speed slam-dunk trying to become Amazon, which was a horror for people who didn’t make the jump to an eBay Store and selling in bulk. There’s still that stuff going on, which is just plain stupid — eBay is and always was perceived as a giant American-style yard sale, not a professional retailer-club like Amazon — but we seem to be seeing a little backpedaling, with smaller auction-insertion fees and a couple other things. At present the eBay image is schizoid in the view of sellers.

    One major problem with eBay’s new Amazon-mimicking slant is that the customer is often wrong. Any honest seller can expect to lose their 20% “Top Retail Seller” fee discount because of one or two fruitcake customers who are just looking to unload their frustrations on someone. I’d be happier seeing eBay give the discount on a Feedback/sales related formula, but obviously I’m prejudiced — there’s no way to please everyone. But since you can’t please everyone, eBay needs to allow for losing a few nutcase customers here and there, people who do little more than create headaches for everyone.

    Regardless, I’m seeing some paranoid talk on here from a few frustrated sellers. What eBay is right now, as I said, is an overstaffed software company with lots of idiots trying to keep their cushy jobs. At some point a common-sense CEO will step in and stop the endless flux of change, and everything will be fine. I hope.

  • Engineering Nerd w/o an MBA

    OK, one final set of comments. (No, that

  • Fred Shutlecoq

    I must admit, I’ve looked into using eBay many times over the past many years, and not once have I found it worthwhile to do so. The fees are crazy, especially when you combine it with PayPal fees and any shipping costs involved. Good Lord, if you look around your own local area you can find people GIVING AWAY free stuff in excellent condition!

    Everything I sell is posted on FREE websites like Kijiji (which eBay OWNS) or other local buy/sell sites in my area. No fees, no hassle, all CASH transactions. Seriously, I can buy something like a 21 speed mountain bike in my home town at the local big box store for $150. It doesn’t even cross my mind to search for something like that eBay. There’s no way somebody could ship me the same bike at that price, and even if they could, there’s still the problem of returning a defective product. Who pays for that?… yeah, YOU DO!

    The only way I figure that eBay makes sense is if you are a super-serious seller with access to a ton of inventory of various types, and VERY GOOD shipping rates. Otherwise, the part-timer or the occasional seller can’t justify using eBay. They’re better off just using the free online classified ad sites.

    Lastly, I recall a few years ago actually seeing ads for “used makeup” on eBay!!!! Can you imagine some women actually setting up an eBay account to sell their 3/4 used tubes of whatever it is they were using??? I’ve never, ever seen crap like that listed on the free classified sites.

  • http://www.nidelab.com website designer gurgaon

    I just wonder why eBay even bothers testing the AdCommerce program if they’re going to remove it at the first place?

    Makes you wonder what is really going on at the eBay HQ….

    ….. They are just religiously following testing phase implementation it seems, yah it will be scrapped….

  • Guest

    Ad Commerce was scheduled to end on Ebay on 8/4/10. They made no announcement or sent no emails to partcipants. We were one. And we had been happy with the product and had seen a positive impact on our sales.

    Today, 8/5/10, we receive an email from Ad Commerce that our account had been terminated due to “misleading targeting”. WTF!!! They terminated the whole program, yet they’re sending these emails trying to place the blame on individual sellers.

    eBay at it’s finest, y’all.

  • Guest

    losing ebay ads killed my biz, down 75%

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