eBay Declared ’09 Mobile Retailer Of The Year

By: Doug Caverly - January 18, 2010

The last eBay-centric article to appear on WebProNews concerned mobile transactions during the holiday season; the company was quite proud of its stats and had made some noise about them.  Now, there’s essentially been outside confirmation of its impressive performance, as eBay was declared the 2009 Mobile Retailer of the Year.


Mobile Commerce Daily is the entity that awarded eBay this title, and Giselle Tsirulnik, its senior editor, supplied quite a number of reasons for the judgment in an article today.  For starters, eBay’s sales were impressive, with about 1.5 million items changing hands thanks to mobile transactions during the holiday season.

Then there was a nifty promotion using a Mobile Boutique to consider, the success of the eBay iPhone application, and the introduction of the separate Deals application.  Plus, as Tsirulnik wrote, "EBay-owned online ticket marketplace StubHub went mobile in 2009," and PayPal took a lot of steps forward, too.

All of which appears to put eBay in an admirable position moving forward, since the growing popularity of iPhones and Android devices is sure to have people buying more stuff online in the future.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when thinking about a company’s success or failure, and eBay critics will be pleased to hear that it’s not having a good day on the stock market.  Despite getting the Mobile Retailer of the Year award, eBay shares are down 2.43 percent right now.

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  • Johnny

    I personally name them “Thief of the Year” for going from a transparent company to one of obfuscation of earnings by publishers by going from paying a percentage of sales to paying PPC instead.

    Just gross.

  • Guest

    Ebay doesn’t deserve any awards. Being a seller, I’ve noticed that the profits that a seller makes compared to the commission that Ebay makes, is outrageous. Ebay is suppose to be a venue for sellers to get their products out to the people with a reasonable commission. It’s not that way anymore. Their fees have risen so high, that the average seller makes about 10 cents on the dollar with the 90 cents going to Ebay and Paypal. If a seller raises their prices to make up the difference, then the buyers don’t buy because someone sells the same product below wholesale. Don’t know how they do it but it seems strange that they can do this. Also, the buyer ends up paying more for the product than if they went to a website off Ebay, because a website doesn’t have all the extra fees like insertion fees and final value fees. You say, well leave, a seller can’t because buyers just don’t realize how much they are paying more for the item. I’ve sold in other auction houses and the people just don’t buy. They don’t seem to trust these auction houses but in reality, most of the sellers on Ebay use them because they don’t have to pay all those extra fees and can sell it cheaper. Ebay has become a monopoly and the people have allowed it. They have complete control over the market and others never have a chance to get their feet in their pants because of Ebay.
    Ebay, just doesn’t deserve this award. They paid for the technology off the back of the sellers.
    Thank you,