Droid RAZR Release Date Early November, World’s Thinnest LTE Smartphone

Made with KEVLAR, scratch resistant, and waterproof

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Droid RAZR Release Date Early November, World’s Thinnest LTE Smartphone
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It’s a good time for people needing a new smartphone, as a couple of high-profile devices are dropping around the same timeframe. Last week, the new iPhone 4S went on sale and current projections show that it has done pretty well.

If you’re looking to go the Android route, Samsung is about to unveil the next Google phone, the Galaxy Nexus, at an event taking place October 19th in Hong Kong (this evening for us in the West). And today, Motorola just unveiled their new Android device – the Droid RAZR.

And this is not your older brother’s RAZR.

The most talked-about spec of the new device is its size. The RAZR is only 7.1 mm thick (a little larger at the top), making it the thinnest device of its kind.

It will be launching on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and contain a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, making it no slouch in the speed department either. Furthermore, in the aesthetics department, it sports a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display.

Motorola has also beefed up the durability by building the Droid RAZR out of KEVLAR fiber and Gorilla glass for scratch resistance. It also has water-repellant nanocoating to protect the phone from damage from spills and splashes.

“DROID RAZR by Motorola is a testament to the innovation and design possibilities that stem from a strong partnership between Motorola Mobility and Verizon Wireless,” said Sanjay Jha, Chairman and CEO, Motorola Mobility. “We set out to design the best smartphone on the planet and delivered DROID RAZR which is thinner, smarter, stronger than any device on the market.”

Additionally, its sports 1GB RAM and an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capabilities, similar to what is available on the new iPhone 4S.

Pre-orders begin on October 27th and it will run you $299.99 with a contract. They have given a non-specific “early November” release date for the device.

At first glance, it appears to be a solid entry in the ongoing battle for device supremacy. What do you think? Are you excited about the Droid RAZR? More excited about the Nexus Prime? Let us know in the comments.

Droid RAZR Release Date Early November, World’s Thinnest LTE Smartphone
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  • bigsocks11@yahoo.com

    Wish I could trade in my bionic for this, f-n contracts

    • Keith

      This phone is just a Bionic in a thiner package. I was going to get the Bionic but since I had to wait becasue of funds I may as well wait a little longer for this one. I hear the Bionic will drop in price once this is out so maybe save some cash and still get the Bionic.

  • Wayne

    How could you possibly pre-order either of these phones (Moto Droid Razr & Samsung Nexus Prime) before you can put your hands on them and figure out which one is better? Think I will wait till they hit the stores before I sign my contract.

    • kevin golshani

      you have too much faith in humanity…

    • Xavier Sandoval

      you got a good point…

  • michelle

    YES! Finally, my verizon razr is back and looks to be best, how I have missed you! New every 2 will be up in a year and by then they should have the kinks out :-)

  • Marcelo Larken

    I love the razr but for me needs to have two cameras.

    • Ted

      It does have two cameras

    • smartass@gmail.com

      idiot… can’t read?

  • B

    It does have 2 cameras, front and back.

  • gil

    How does the razor compare to the bionic?? Asscessories??

  • Louie Louie

    I’m excited about the Droid RAZR….looks like a fantastic phone! By comparing the specs, I would guess that the Nexus Prime would be a better choice, but my guess is that Verizon won’t carry it.

  • Ted

    It looks sweet as hell. Gonna be a beat. Can’t wait and sooo excited. Gonna wait a couple months so they can work out the kinks

  • jo

    I will also wait till they fix up the kinks but this is definately the phone I am getting. Can’t wait.

  • Julie

    It looks fantastic. Hopefully this is the trend to come. Less bulk.

  • James

    The Droid Razr review is in. MOTOROLA lost this longtime StarTac(s) and Old Razr(s) owner. I bought my wife a Droid 2, myself a Droid X. Then an X2 after the salesman said this was the renamed Bionic. Now I bought a Bionic and I’m pissed reading that the Razr, has the better screen and it must have a better camera. I mean, the first dang Polaroid is better than the camera on my Droid Bionic that I got four days ago and that’s no joke. The polaroid may even be faster. It’s an insult a company with such history in making awesome phones that lasted are retreading phones every few months. I’m trading it in before my 14 days. Is it me or are Verizon sales persons becoming more pushy than used car salesmen of yesteryear? I have five lines and asurrion owes me a facinate and two incredibles. Hense the reason I was roped into adding extra lines to have working phones. I may just get two new iPhones from Sprint and screw big red where the sun dont shine. I could join class action showing all equipment i was forced to buy because assurion caused delays and Im still paying for insurance. They sneak it back on for my old Dare. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Best of luck to all.

  • carlos

    I just made the switch from a blackberry to the bionic its ok, but is it me or the blackberry has a better picture quality than the bionic

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