Don’t Understand The 3D Printed Gun Controversy? Watch This Documentary

    March 25, 2013
    Zach Walton
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3D printed guns were viewed as more or less a curiosity when they first started to gain mainstream exposure last year. It wasn’t until the tragedies at Aurora and Sandy Hook that 3D printed firearms became a full blown controversy with gun control advocates calling for the renewal of the Undetectable Firearms Act, and opponents, namely Defense Distributed, pushing the boundaries of 3D printed weaponry.

It’s this latter party – Defense Distributed – that’s at the center of a recent documentary from Vice Magazine’s Motherboard. Cody Wilson, head of the non-profit organization, talks about Defense Distributed, his views on gun control and where 3D printers are headed.

You will either hate Wilson, or think he’s the only person standing in the way of tyranny . Either way, this is one of the best films you can watch about the 3D printed firearm revolution as seen through the eyes of one of its most outspoken proponents.

  • Nat

    Dude’s a bad ass. I need one of those printers.

  • Dickhead

    Dude is a fuckin nut, this guy needs to be put down with one of his own weapons

  • TY

    This dude is one messed up person, how do you think its cool it show people and give people files so they can make their own untraceable guns, just gonna be more blood spilled cause of you, wake up!

    • shane

      Did you not watch the documentary? “the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”- National Rifle Association.

  • jeff

    Such a great example of a spoiled rotten brat who wants to have whatever he wants but doesn’t understand responsibility. Guns kill people. There is a reason guns are licensed and tracked. I haven’t heard him mention any reason why people need semi-automatic 30 round weapons. In the end he will fail. He is stuck on one of the simplest parts of the weapon and will most likely grow up and see his mental errors before the rest of the gun is even close.

    • Freddy

      When did guns start killing people?
      When did guns start being licensed and tracked in the US?
      Why do they need to be banned? Why do you need a shower, shoes, or a pencil?
      In the end, this will probably become a more popular, albeit still a niche method of manufacturing guns for personal use.
      What metal errors does he have?

      • http://nutbastard.com nut bastard

        A lot of idiots in this country believe that all legal firearms are ‘registered’ or that gun owners have some sort of ‘license’.

        There are waiting periods for handguns in some states, and background checks are performed during all legal retail transactions, but that’s it. The Federal government claims they do not keep records based on those checks, but I’d take that with a grain of salt.

        “A person may sell a firearm to an unlicensed resident of his State, if he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law.”


    • http://nutbastard.com nut bastard

      “I haven’t heard him mention any reason why people need semi-automatic 30 round weapons.”

      Why do you need protection from having your home or person randomly searched? The only people who have anything to fear from such searches are those possessing illegal contraband.

      The great thing about rights is that you don’t have to explain why you need them. You don’t have to explain why you need them because there is no one to explain to. There is no authority from which rights are granted.

      Have you heard of the Arab Spring? You know, people revolting with firearms and rejecting oppression? How well do you think that would have gone if they’d been unarmed?

      America is likely NOT on the verge of civil war, but a lot of other countries are. Countries that do not have any other way of changing their government. This guy is contributing to the ability to defend and giving it to the entire world.

      If you disarm the population, you make victims out of all of these people:


      And many more, since criminals tend to keep committing crimes until they are caught.

      If you disarm the population, you are letting criminals know that they can victimize anyone with near impunity if they can get a gun. Secure in the knowledge that their victims are unarmed, violent crime would soar in this country.

      One reason your home likely hasn’t been broken into lately is the uncertainty that widespread gun ownership creates. No one can be sure you aren’t armed.

      Would you be willing to put a sign in front of your home that says, “THERE ARE NO FIREARMS IN THIS HOME”?

      Probably not.

      So why would you be willing to de facto put that sign in front of other peoples homes?

  • Swins

    What a fake controversy. You can buy 80% receivers, that require a dremel tool to complete and some basic milling skils. Yet we are going to fabricate a worry about buying thousands of dollars of equipment and resin and CAD/CAM/RPD knowledge? Get serious. Nothing being done here is illegal and hasn’t been done much easier with much less cost. Also although technically “firearm” which is the receiver in this case is printed, printing the rest of doesn’t happen.

  • Tony

    and this is terrifying. so scary to think what the world might look like in 100 years. if nuts like this have their way…. Armageddon. if they don’t ….. police state dystopia.

  • Brian

    Dickhead: “This guy needs to be put down with one of his own weapons.” Please explain to me why you would want anyone put down for doing something that literally is not hurting anyone. Developing and printing things does not hurt a single person. His developing and printing of gun parts is not illegal. If you feel so strongly about someone who wants to help protect us against a possible tyrannical takeover/invasion, why don’t you go and start burning down gun production plants? Why don’t you direct your ill intent towards those who have been making guns for profit? People who only want to make a profit and don’t give a single shit about anything but money? Your logic makes no sense to me whatsoever and I think you may need psychiatric evaluation. And I’m not trying to offend you for what you said, I honestly believe you need help.

    Ty: What makes you think people are going to be printing his parts just to kill someone/go on a rampage? I’d like to believe that no one with any kind of mental instability or criminal background would be able to afford/have access to any kind of 3D printer. I mean, there are always wildcards and not everything can be predicted, but really. I only see criminals being on the ends of these printed guns. It’s a cheap and effective way to provide a person or home without security security.

    Jeff: The reason he is making the 30 round clips is in case of a need of a militia. It’s far better to be prepared for any kind of local war or having to fight off any type of invader VS. not being prepared at all and being killed or taken to be killed with no way to protect yourself. Also, I’d like to add that guns do not kill people. I know you’ve heard this before from gun-toting NRA nuts, but guns cannot and do not kill people. It’s the bullet in the chamber and the person required to fire the gun that kills people. Mostly the person, though. A giant dick of a person at that.

    I hope you guys can clearly see what I’m trying to say and not take any offense to anything I’ve said. If you do take offense, I apologize sincerely, but you guys should try and see the truth. I think he’s doing a great thing, personally. If anyone decides to use his gun parts with ill intent, then it’s on their heads. Not his.

  • DooN

    So this guy can print a receiver and parts of magazines, he cannot print barrels, or springs or anything else made of metal…let’s all freak out about parts that are undetectable but won’t work without detectable parts. Idiots.

    Please, please, please, if the only things you “know” about guns is what you see in the news or read in web articles, please stop having an opinion on it because you are ill equipped to have it.

    Why do people think they know what is best for other people? I don’t understand? Are you all cool with people telling you what you can and can’t do? Would you all be cool if your neighbor could decide whether or not you can do something?

    • PooN

      You realize lower receivers are the only serialized and tracked portion of an AR-15 correct? Upper receivers, barrels, stocks, springs, bolts, firing pins, and springs do not have serial numbers because they are not firearms. A 10 year old can buy any portion of an AR-15 with the exception of the lower receiver which contains the firing mechanism.

      He can print the only portion of the gun that requires a background check, and has an age limit and serial number.

  • Beast


  • Rusty

    This guy is crazy. Quit the bullshit, you are putting firearms in the wrong hands. More harm is done than good. When some whack job uses this to put together a firearm after being denied from buying one, and unleashes a massacre on some poor community, I hope this son of a bitch is the first one to be put away to rot in prison.

    • ObsoleteSavior

      He’s keeping a public image to bring attention to this issue. You shouldn’t hate on him for pursuing the construction of a potentially dangerous weapon. It is people like him that we can make laws to combat this phase of development early on. Although it’s prevention will end up being an inevitable failure, there’s no way to regulate such free ability to create anything you’d want from a printer.

      He’s just showing how we need to prepare and adapt to this possible future.

    • http://nutbastard.com nut bastard

      Yeah, all those mad criminals with their 3D printers and high end CAD software.

      Never mind that they can buy an 80% finished lower and with the use of a dremel and a drill press make an AR lower receiver out of metal in an hour or so.