Twitter Has Over 100 Million Users

Twitter Reveals Some Previously Mysterious Stats

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Update: Well Daines was right in that Twitter has surpassed 100 million users. At the company’s developer conference today, Twitter announced that it has 105,779,710 registered users, as well as that it gets about 300,000 new users a day, receives 180 million unique visitors a month, and 75% of traffic comes from outside of the Twitter website.

Original Article: Each month, we look at Twitter’s growth based on total tweets and new user registrations. This data is supplied by Matthew Daines, the lead developer for our own Twitter app Twellow.

In March, the total tweets sent increased 29.8% over February, the largest month-over-month increase since July of last year. User registrations rose 19.3% over February. Tweets sent per registered user jumped almost 20% to 13.4.

Total Tweets in March


New user registrations on Twitter  in March


Twitter tweets per user registration in March

"I have a little survey script that I run now and then that queries Twitter for 1,000 random users, then I put together a few statistics based on the returns. I just ran it this morning and it came in at 20.3% suspended or non-existent,"  says Daines.

Survey Summary (Total Samples: 995)*
protected_users: 58 (5.83 %)
suspended_users: 99 (9.95 %)
missing_users: 103 (10.35 %)
active_day_users: 45 (4.52 %)
active_7day_users: 37 (3.72 %)
active_30day_users: 45 (4.52 %)
active_30plus_day_users: 279 (28.04 %)
non_active_users: 344 (34.57 %)
bio_users: 122 (12.26 %)
url_users: 77 (7.74 %)
location_users: 206 (20.70 %)

Survey Summary Adjusted (Total Samples: 735)
active_day_users: 45 (6.12 %)
active_7day_users: 37 (5.03 %)
active_30day_users: 45 (6.12 %)
active_30plus_day_users: 279 (37.96 %)
non_active_users: 344 (46.80 %)
bio_users: 122 (16.60 %)
url_users: 77 (10.48 %)
location_users: 206 (28.03 %)

active_day_users: User tweeting in the last 24 hours.
active_7day_users: Other users tweeting within last 7 days
active_30day_users: Other users tweeting within last 30 days
active_30plus_day_users: Other users tweeting beyond last 30 days
non_active_users: Users never posting a tweet
bio_users: Users that have entered a bio
url_users: Users that have entered a URL
location_users: Users that have entered a location

* 5 of the 1,000 returned failwhales

"When you take into account the likely suspended accounts at a rate of 20%, then the tweets per user is closer to 16," says Daines. "Also, assuming the actual number suspended is around 20% of the total (as my previous surveys suggest), then the total actual number of Twitter users is around 102 million, so Twitter has very likely passed the 100 million user mark."

As noted, there are some estimates and assumptions involved, so we’re not going to come right out and say as fact that Twitter has surpassed 100 million. If it has, that’s still only roughly a fourth of Facebook’s latest report of 400 million users. Either way, you can’t deny the strong growth that Twitter continues to display.

Twitter Has Over 100 Million Users
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  • http://lanta-krabi.blogspot.com/ Lanta

    The numbers are quite interesting. What stuck out for me was the “active_day_users”, only 5 or 6% of Twits are Real Time users. Five million, thats a more realistic number (for advertisiers/investors?) when you think of the nature of the website.

  • gldstrm

    Does it make a difference if on paper Twitter has over 100 million users? My opinion – Not at all.
    46.8% non active users – that’s what makes it real. Almost half of all users registered on Twitter do not use it at all, never send a single tweet People register on Twitter just because it is cool to have twitter nickname. Most of them simply do not understand why they signed up in the first place and what to do with it. Active tweeters not that many out of the total and among those active there is great percentage of those who are active “automatically”, meaning the are dumping syndicated content to tweeter from RSS feeds posted on their blogs, never bothering to check what impact it has (usually over some time quite negative as followers just flee overwhelmed by avalanche of information). So out of mentioned above 5-6% of active users, probably 2-3% are celebrity gossipers. The rest I would say are those who are looking for something, like interest groups, hobbies, etc. That would be about realistically 3 million users worth dumping ad money

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    @ Justine, the way FB is moving with mobile technology and making it so easily accessible, its going to be hard for twitter to beat FB

  • http://www.btiforeigntrade.com bti

    I am also member of twitter but I cant say its usefull for me .

  • http://www.BuildIdaho.com Trey Langford

    Twitter has gotten so big that it is hard to rise above the clutter. Secondly, those people that twitter all day as a marketing plan must not have clients. I try to do twitter facebook and three other blogging sites in the morning but I don’t have time like some people I see. Facebook works the best for me.

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