Does the World Still Need Twitter?

Why Twitter is Getting Away with So Much Downtime

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Twitter users know that the service goes down fairly often, but that doesn’t seem to alienate them. While Twitter has certainly had its issues with user retention in the past, it continues to grow. Last month, the site grew by nearly 10% (over the previous month) by our estimates, with total registered users estimated at 122 million. That’s not Facebook-like numbers, but it’s pretty significant. One almost has to wonder if those numbers would be higher if the "Fail Whale" didn’t make so many appearances. Twitter users, for the most part, don’t seem to mind him too much though.

What makes you keep coming back to Twitter, despite frequent downtime? Tell us.

The Downtime

Frequent downtime is nothing new for Twitter. It’s been going on pretty much as long as Twitter’s been around. You would think that by now, they’d have it under control, but no such luck.

The latest post on the Twitter status blog from just today says, "We’re currently experiencing a high rate of errors (whales) on Twitter.com. Our infrastructure and operations engineers are responding to the incident. One from Monday night talks about site availability issues. This is a pretty common theme on the blog. June 9th…"site availability issues". June 8th…site availability issues…May 5th…"site largely unavailable. April 22nd…"elevated errors." April 20th…"high error rate." April 12th…."high error rate." April 5th…"general site outage." March 25th…"high error rate." You get the idea. This is all scattered among posts about missing tweets, missing follower counts, and other issues. And I’m pretty sure there has not been a corresponding update every time I’ve personally seen the Fail Whale.

Is it the Features?

Twitter continues to put out new features. Is it the increased usefulness of the service that keeps people coming back?  Most recently, they launched Twitter Places for location-sharing (a very popular phenomenon these days). This will keep that crowd coming back, although too much Foursquare could alienate others (or at least reduce some follower counts).

Twitter Places

Businesses are expecting more features specifically for them. Twitter bought an analytics company recently, and more business account-related goodies are expected to come. As we’ve discussed repeatedly, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to take advantage of Twitter, but what about regular users?

Is it the Apps?

The Twitter ecosystem is possible because of Twitter’s API. Thanks to this, many apps have been created that make Twitter more useful to people, catering to their specific preferences. If you don’t like Twitter, you can probably find an app out there that makes you like it more.

Is it Search?

Twitter is probably the leading source of real-time information, which is becoming a greater factor in how people search. People search Twitter for the latest updates on topics, and they search Google, which will also bring up real-time results, heavily saturated with tweets. Is this why people keep using Twitter?

Is it News?

Beyond just search, Twitter provides up to the second news. It provides trending topics where users can see what is being talked about heavily at any given time. It gives users RSS-style, personalized news organization. Twitter put this kind of functionality in the mainstream, and got users reading news this way that never knew what RSS was or understood the concept – the news you care about coming right to you in one place.

It also provides a very easy format for creating the news. If you’re on the scene, it’s easy to push out a quick tweet. Is this why people keep coming back?

Is it the Name?

It seems that people (at least in the media) just can’t get enough of talking about Twitter. You know you’ve heard countless mentions and sarcastic jabs at the use of "Twitter" and "tweeting" on TV news, on the radio, in the newspapers, during sporting events, late night talk shows, etc. Does the constant exposure of Twitter contribute to why people won’t put it down?

Some Answers

I asked a number of people why they think people keep coming back to Twitter, even though the service is frequently on the fritz. Answers vary, but they are probably all spot on.

Starting in-house, our own Mike McDonald says, "Because at the end of the day, nobody loses any sleep over not being able to tweet. It’s something done in passing for the bulk of their user base. If it’s down, there is Facebook or 50 other ways they can broadcast some idea, and it’ll be back up at some point…Twitter is easier."

A couple good answers came from our Facebook fans. Gary Spencer says, "It’s the funny whale picture, gotta love that."

Fail Whale

Tom Bill simply says, "It’s free."

Siok Siok Tan, who’s making a documentary about Twitter (which she tells me should be done in August or September…read our intreview with her about that here) says, "Because Twitter’s main attraction isn’t its flawless technology. It is the unique catchment of people that it has managed to aggregate."

Jason Falls, who runs Social Media Explorer, says, "Why will Twitter users tolerate downtime from the service? Because they probably need a break from it anyway."

"Seriously, though, Twitter is a conversation place," he adds. "There’s no network or platform out there right now with as large a user base and an already established network of contacts where you can just go and chat with people. Twitter has the market on open-forum, group conversation enabling. Until there is a better option, people will put up with it."


"To clarify the answer: Our instant messaging platforms are mostly closed and don’t allow for open/public conversation among large groups," Falls continues. "Facebook isn’t real-time enough from a user-experience perspective. The other microblogging platforms (yeah, a few still exist) don’t have YOUR network of friends already built in. And even if they did, none of them have the variety of third party apps and add-ons that Twitter does. They’ve got a monopoly on the online user’s desire to chitter chatter. Sad but true."

Michael Gray of AtlasWebService, who is a frequent user, says, "In my opinion is has to do with where your friends are. No one likes Facebook’s crazy privacy settings and there are lots of other social networks where you have more control, but none of your friends are there. Jaiku offered a very similar service to twitter, but they where never able to get that critical mass of users. As long a Twitter has the concentration of people you want to share things with people will put up with downtime."

Mike Stelzner, founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com, has a slightly different perspective, however. He says, "They are moving to Facebook more and more. Keeping Twitter because everyone they trust is there, but moving to FB."

Will Google Buzz creep its way into the fold? Some think it’s on the way up, and while Google has never presented Buzz as a replacement for Twitter or Facebook, it could happen with the users’ help. It’s already got the retweet-like feature, the retweet button-like buttons, the early adopters (many of the same ones that Twitter had), and now the API to get developers creating and integrating the apps (not to mention all of the other Google properties to integrate if they so choose). What it doesn’t have is the downtime (Gmail fails every once in a while, but it is nothing like the rate of the Fail Whale).

However, Google Buzz also doesn’t have the Oprahs and the Justin Biebers making it appealing to the masses. Sadly, this could be one of the biggest things holding it back. Time will tell if that changes.

But for now, people seem content to stick with Twitter and cut the Fail Whale some slack. It is clear that people love Twitter (maybe we should turn to the one-word answers people gave about Twitter last year). They love it so much, they will put up with frequent downtime, and hardly think twice about it. But Twitter might want to get this under control before it’s too late, because there are alternatives out there, and this Fail Whale tolerance might not last forever.

Do you use Twitter? We want to hear from you. What makes you keep using it despite the frequent fail whales? Comment here.

Does the World Still Need Twitter?
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  • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com Michael Stelzner, SocialMediaExaminer.com


    Thanks for interviewing me for this article. I do think more and more people are moving to Facebook.

    Once folks figure out how to use it for business you’ll see much larger numbers investing in this much more sophisticated platform.


    • Chris Crum

      No problem. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, particularly given that you are a “social media examiner”.

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com/blog Britt

    Although I get extremely frustrated at Twitter entirely too often, I still enjoy it more than Facebook. I feel as though the updates are more frequent and the tools on Twitter (especially TweetDeck) make sharing information and receiving information extremely easy. But who knows, if Twitter keeps acting up (which is now on a regular basis) I might just have to move to Facebook. But Facebook has its downfalls as well . . .

  • http://jakelacaze.com Jake LaCaze

    I’m fairly new to Twitter (I’ve been active for less than a year). I’ve started looking for alternatives to Twitter just in case people start flocking elsewhere, but I stay with Twitter. Perhaps it is the simplicity. Or the fact that I’m already familiar with it. I don’t have a large number of contacts on Twitter, but I’ve already spent the time to develop my list. Do I really want to start over?

  • Kelli Riley

    Even though Twitter goes down it comes back up fairly quickly. It’s kind of exciting to be a part of something so huge to think that people are tweeting so much that the site can’t handle it.

    • Chris Crum

      That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

  • http://www.ycen.co.uk Guest

    Twitter is fun more than enything else for alot of people, and I think thats probably why people do not mind the fail whale too much..

    • http://www.twitter.com/tweetergames Follow Me @Tweetergames

      Twitter is an interesting tool and with many apps being developed for it. And yes it is fun, I use twitter from my phone so I seldom see or care about the blue whale. I use twitter, well rely almost 100% on twitter success for my website so, I hope they continue to succeed and get funding to stay alive.

      Games for Twitter to make it fun

  • Guest

    I have certainly noticed the recent down time and when Twitter is ‘down’ … I really miss not getting my custom news. I never Tweet …

    • Chris Crum

      I’d like to see some numbers on what percentage of people use Twitter primarily for obtaining info, as opposed to broadcasting it.

      • Jeremy Muncy

        My Twitter account is nothing more than a glorified RSS feed. I hardly ever tweet anything out… I just use it to get the latest news on my favorite sports teams.

        Jeremy Muncy
        Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

        • Guest

          yeh, although i have a website… i don’t use twitter for it….i simply keep up with celebs.

  • http://www.ProGarment.com Gerald Sumpter

    It isn’t that surprising to me. We use Twitter on a regular basis and get in contact with our customers(twitter.com/progarmentusa”>Follow Us), and I am under the impression that a good number of other retailers are using Twitter for the same reasons we are. Twitter is fast, and easy to use so I can’t imagine that anybody who has joined up will be leaving or that Twitter will be shutting down anytime.

    • Chris Crum

      Oh I don’t think it will be shutting down anytime soon.

    • http://www.twitter.com/tweetergames Follow Me @Tweetergames

      Did you see that tweets are now getting archived by the Library of Congress. Tweets is fast and 100% social, its almost as a new news outlet. Shutdown, I think not. Clones, yes…..many

      • http://www.ProGarment.com Gerald Sumpter

        I did not hear about that. I will definitely look into this archiving. You are definitely right about the clones. Some of which have come out and are poor substitutes from what i have seen.

  • http://www.morbidoptimism.com MorbidOp

    As my site is more or less a personal opinion site, I use twitter as my primary means of advertising. If it wasn’t for posting my bit.ly links and getting a quick 30-50 views on a new article, I can’t imagine many people would see any of my new posts.

    As long as people continue to follow me and click my idiotic rants, as long as people like Rivers Cuomo give away free songs, and as long as I have something to say, I will keep using twitter.

  • Guest

    It would be interesting to know how many of the registered users, actually use twitter…. I have 6 accounts (originally created for different businesses) and I use none of them. After having thousands of followers on each account, and seeing zero results, I haven’t bothered with them in over 1.5 years. I never bothered with the social end of it, as I imagine some total stranger cares just about as much as I do what I had for breakfast or that I’m stuck in traffic.

    I think it’s strange that people are so needy that they have to have an audience of strangers to share their trivial bs, funny tweets copied from others on twitter (claiming them as their own – how embarrassing!) or their dinner menu with. lol

    Loneliness, maybe?

    It’s my belief that a huge majority of accounts simply sit idle or are used for nothing but spam. Almost every site touts their “registered users” numbers like that (ebay for instance), but the number of inactive users far outweighs that of active users.

    I did used to love getting my news from twitter though and will every once in a while pop in if gmail goes down to make sure it’s not just me. lol 😀

    • Chris Crum

      Loneliness…that’s a good answer.

      • Guest

        I believe a lot of it is loneliness. People of a certain mental state and/or intellectual level, uninteresting and lacking basic social skills for whatever reason. People who didn’t get the attention they wished for in high school, never won any popularity contests, but dreamed of doing so and those who have a difficult time cultivating relationships/friendships in the real world, seem to crave any attention getting tactic possible on twitter. For instance becoming a “trending whore” by using hashtags or using auto-bot 3rd party services like oohja.com. All in the name of gaining “followers”, like seriously, who cares and why?

        Obsessive personalities, perhaps? Sad, really. But I guess it’s a good thing that they at least have twitter to help them feel not so alone.

  • http://grou.ps.almentertainmentmeadiinc ladyeni.anah

    i have been lax on my tweets, but then again i am always tweeting, when i do things on certain websites, my activities are automatically tweeted from there…. so i am a lazy tweeter

    as for not being up with Face book numbers, well isn’t Twitter a baby considered to FB; give them time and let them get the Downtime thing fixed and we will see a higher number and a growth spurt you haven’t seen before

    just my opinion

    • Guest

      Well all I can say is Twitter better figure out what going on and fix because if they don’t they will be out of competition for sure and that is just because of loss of popularity

  • http://makemyownwebsiteonline.com Make My Own Website

    I use Twitter, despite frequent downtime, because it is currently my 5th best traffic generating technique!

    I use Facebook as well, but Twitter and Facebook are 2 entirely different social networking sites, with 2 entirely different unwritten socializing standards!

    If I were to market my website on Facebook a fraction of how often I market my website on Twitter, I doubt I would have 7 Facebook Friends left!

    It is much more acceptable to use Twitter for marketing purposes than it is to use Facebook for marketing purposes!

    That is why I continue to use Twitter, even with the downtime, but I really wish they would fix it!

    Thank you, and good luck!

    Matthew Zinda

    • Guest

      “It is much more acceptable to use Twitter for marketing purposes”

      According to who? No matter how you slice it, no one enjoys spam.

      In fact, I’m pretty sure you can be reported and your account suspended for spamming on twitter.

      If you disguise your links using bit.ly, etc, you may receive more hits, but what amount of that spamming turns into actual profit?

      Hits don’t mean diddly squat if they’re not buying whatever it is that you’re marketing.
      (exception being PPC links that everyone oh so loves – not)

      It’s much more profitable, and less time consuming, to advertise where you can target your actual buyer and not just piss people off with spam.

      • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

        Engage first, market later as a by-product of the engagement, not as the objective.

  • http://homebusinesshints.blogspot.com/ Home Business Hints

    I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I only use Twitter when I’m in the shitter. So if the whale can wait, so can I.

    • http://twitter.com/banslog Guest

      LOL, I guess that’s why we don’t have a gazillion bazillion followers

  • Guest

    No,its devoid of anything of interest due to its briefness and for this luddite,far to difficult to use.
    I like the phone :-))

  • http://www.texasholdempokerhands.net Jason

    As sad as that is to say, the only thing I really do on Twitter these days is play Ninja Clash for all of about 2 minutes a day. I click a few buttons, then off I go. Other than that Ezine articles and youtube feed my latest updates to Twitter which then forwards them off to Myspace and all the other accounts I have set up.

    Really the only useful feature Twitter has is its ability to integrate with so many other services. From there you can somewhat control what appears in Google search in terms of your name (or if you have a short enough business name this works too) as you can start jumping on all the additional find a Twitter friend websites and get about 10 results into the SERPs on the first few pages. Useful if you have some negative PR floating around…

  • http://seanjconnollyphotography.co.uk Sean J Connolly

    I continue to use twitter, not only as a marketing tool but due to the live constant updating of tweets, it helps me to keep in touch and up to date with everything in my social network and the world. To quote an example when the plane crashed into the Hudson river back in 2008, I had my TV on in the background and I saw the news on twitter, then about 20 mins later there was a breaking news flash about the plane crashing. I thought this was cool as I already knew about this thanks to twitter.

    So in a nutshell the LIVE nature of twitter is why I continue to use it.

    Sean J Connolly
    Sean J Connolly Photography

  • http://asaprental.com ASAP Tent and Party Rentals

    As each new service comes (and goes) we need to be there. Some of us were big before there was a Google. We once optimized for Alta Vista and others that are mere memories but we must also make certain that we do not ignore what may be.

    As a business we have hung our hat and are totally dependent on the internet for our new customers. Yellow pages are a thing of the past. The internet is still very new and will throw s some very large curves but we must try to hang in and prevail to succeed.

  • http://www.strappedinsilk.com Teresa Bowers

    I love Twitter! No wait-I hate it! No wait-I like it but only as a friend. Its like an ex boyfriend that I sorta like but also hate. #indecision #retweet this

  • http://www.kewltubes.com Diane Gracely

    My opinion is that twitter stinks. I have 505 people following me for my golf head cover business and I tweet something and try to start conversation, yeah right it is absolutely hopeless…. my tweets always get lost… everyone else is tweeting at the same time, no matter what time of day it is. I GAVE UP on twitter for business. I have had alot more success with Facebook. I also use LinkedIn but have not had much success with it yet either. I’ve been on Twiiter for about 2 months and only have 505 people following. I have been on Facebook for quite sometime as a personal account and just started focusing on it for the business. In ONE WEEK I got over 1,000 golf friends. AND YES I got orders from quite a few of them. So you BET I like Facebook much better than Twitter!

    • Guest

      Exactly! Target your true customer, and make a bonus friend along the way! Great job!

    • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

      Twittering for business merely for the sake of business itself rarely works. You must engage people one on one. Use Twitter search to find people who tweet about common interests. Build relationships first, market later.

  • Guest

    Twitter is worthless.

  • http://www.ddpweddings.co.uk DDaylanding

    Twitter fails all the time but I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned ‘business users’. It is a place where marketing gets done (fast) Google loves twitter and business users want to do well on Google. Most of the poeple I network with on twitter are business users. There’s less pretence, unlike on Facebook, where people pretend they are ‘social networking’ (like this is a hobby or pastime). Twitter cuts to the business and we help each other out with FollowFriday, Mention Monday, FollowTwibes, lists and other techniques that benifit us all.

  • http://www.ignitethebulb.com/index.php Turnkey Consulting

    It all boils down to functionality. Yes the Whale blows. Twitter is just one of the most easiest services to use ineffectively. Purpose controls the plan but value is value. Deliver quick, quality. If it’s not important and your tweeting for business, leave it out.
    Every tweet shouldn’t lead to a sales page or signup form. ( Unless purposed.)

    Here’s what i use to optimize and brand with on twitter


    http://widgetquik.com/mrlinx that gives you a lot of free tools for twitter + more.

    Derrick Strode

    • http://www.ignitethebulb.com/index.php Derrick Strode

      One of the main reasons twitter will survive is the integration features. From autoresponders, blogs, RSS and tons of social sites. I can tweet daily without visiting twitter. i can schedule updated tweets. New twitter apps are developed every day and someone is using them

  • http://www.gene-ballou.info Gene Ballou

    That’s it. I like Twitter because it’s simple. As a writer, it challenges me to boil my messages down to bare essentials. As a communicator, it forces me to say SIMPLY, but with force and clarity, what I want to say. I like that. The Apps are annoying to me. I got sick of them on MySpace, I’m already tired of them on FaceBook. But Twitter has kept it simple, and that’s how they’ve kept me coming back.

  • http://mysite.verizon.net/res6tc9w/2008.07.01_arch.html Guest

    Well its like this !

    If you want to have traffic to your web pages then dont go to Twitter ?

    If you dont want to make thousands of freinds dont go to Twitter ?

    If you dont want to make thousands of dollars dont go to Twitter ?

    Lower Line MONEY ?

  • http://www.leadenhalluk.com Eric Gourmet

    I don’t really mind if I cannot tweet just right now, because of a whale error. To me twitter.com/ericGourmet”>Twitter is part of our ecosystem, just like weather conditions. If can’t drive because of the snow, or can’t go to the beach because of the rain, I just think well, I will see tomorrow what happens and then move on something else. Instead, I will probably do some shopping on internet.

  • http://twitter.com/hittaupplevelse Guest

    Hi folks!

    Carl from Sweden here. Excuse my english! :)

    I love Twitter because I get some people follow me and my business and for I make new friends there!

    Welcome visit my blog too; http://hittaupplevelse-blogg.se/ (You can translate it) :)

    Best Regards
    Carl from Sweden

  • Guest

    sure someone will abuse this in future & people sure will stop using it

  • Guest

    Twitter – a complete waste of space – people obsessed with airing their insignificant lives – who is interested ? In the real business world this would be seen as non value adding activity and in a framework of global recession would be the first to be retrenched ie: eliminated – don’t waste your time with twitter – its fodder for gossip mongers – no more.

    • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

      Talk about killing the messenger. Do you reserve the same vitriol for the telephone and tell people to avoid its use as well?

  • http://www.guiaslocal.com George Ramos

    My local search start-up GuiasLocal.com has been on Twitter under a year. The organic traffic has really helped us in a tremendous way. We are currently the most followed Hispanic brand on Twitter with over 48k followers. Does it mean something. Sure it does. If it did not companies such as Google, WSJ, Yahoo and Bing would not be using it. We really like the Twitter effect so much that we have included Twitter @ everything to our newest release we are pushing out to the public in the next weeks.

  • http://www.louboutining.com Guest

    I think it is necessary to ues twitter

    a useful site:http://www.louboutining.com
    a useful blog:http://www.louboutin4u.com

  • http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/radelec1/radelec1/ Ralph Sabean

    I don’t really know how to use twitter for my betterment. I want some place I can advertise and see results. I haven’t really found any yet and it’s the same way with facebook. I’m not looking to get rich just make afew bucks each day to help out. The world today has only ways mostly to make the rich richer orscammers better scammers. People like me who want a legitiment job that will pay a few dollars is what I need mostly and if it proves to be a way to make a living then so be it.

    • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

      The best way to market on Twitter is to NOT market. Have genuine interaction with current and potential customers on an individual basis and you will gain one way or another.

  • http://www.trevsnetbiz.com Trevor Mason

    I must admit that Twitter, based on a lot of research on it’s effectiveness, has become a daily activity for me in promoting my band, Gogo Bonkers.

  • http://www.clicksweeperblog.com Jennifer

    Twitter is a bit of a timesuck because of the level of engagement you have to show in order to get engaged followers, but I rather like the amount of rapid information sharing that goes on. And since it’s just running quietly in my background most of the time, downtime doesn’t bug me. I can always tweet later; it’s not a priority, and there’s never a real deadline that Twitter downtime would cause me to miss. (Not so with Google Analytics!)

  • http://www.gadgetblurb.com Gadgetblurb.com

    I think people keep coming back because it is their community. Those that are engaged in their community will keep coming back or go to their other community (Facebook). As you said, power users could probably use the break. But the difference between twitter and facebook is that twitter is a hobby. Quick little hellos and thoughts. Facebook is where you share your pics and hobbies and family info so it seems more intimate. We spend waaay more time on facebook. Those that will use it for spam, will use it for what it is…spam and will tolerate the downtime. Either way, they come back. Those that don’t use it much, won’t notice the downtime. So, Twitter seems to keep rolling on and somehow avoids major pr catastrophes. It is amazing. Could you imagine what would happen in this kind of downtime were to occur with this kind of frequency or duration to Facebook or Google? There would be blood in the streets.



    • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

      Facebook’s centralized one-stop shopping model is the very reason why it is so powerful… and dangerous.

      I prefer a decentralized experience. Twitter for updates. Flickr for photos. Tumblr for sharing 3rd party stuff I find on the web and for 140+ character text comments. I’ve tied my Flickr and Tumblr to my Twitter so I can update Twitter if I wish when I publish elsewhere.

      Yes, that’s “harder”, but I think its better to spread the wealth to more specialized services than hand my life’s history to one, powerful unregulated company.

  • http://www.mushive.com Nabeel Ahmed

    I recently discovered this bug in twitter that it can’t search for feedburner twitter-hates-feedburner-cant-search-for-it”>More

  • Nathalie Dumont

    It’s my community.
    It’s simple.
    Clear and easy to use.
    Allows me to easily follow my favourite brands and people without all the clutter.
    If it’s down, there are loads of other ways to reach out.
    Doesn’t really bother me.

  • http://roadstories.ca Boomergirl

    From a business perspective, I think it is a great tool. I’m engaged with my business community and beyond. It creates awareness for our industry. That’s a good thing! It lends credibility to the services we offer. I like it!

  • http://www.guarantorloansonline.co.uk Guarantor Loans

    Twitter is only for those that have an inflated opinion of themselves, it’s used by people that have nothing better to do than tell the world about themselves…..

  • http://swuhealthy.com Ayasha

    Facebook’s fan jealous to Twitters.

  • http://www.vocationvillage.com Janet

    I was enamored with Twitter at first but my enthusiasm has dimmed over time. 140 characters was a cool novelty initially but it just seems limiting now. If I were a betting woman, I would put my money on Facebook, especially if they can clean up their privacy issues and stop changing the user interface in random ways.

    • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

      Twitter’s 140 character limit is ironically liberating for the reader and an opportunity for creativity for the authors.

      If I need more than 140 characters, I post my text to Tumblr and auto-post to Twitter.

      I’ll pass on Facebook’s privacy issues. I don’t want my personal relationships recorded online anyway. Facebook is setting up the infrastructure for 100% online surveillance… er… only they call it true identity management, or something like that.

      On Twitter, using an alias is not a violation of their terms of service.

  • http://www.10articles.com/ $10 High Quality Articles

    Hi Chris,

    i think more people considered Facebook to have more potential in business than twitter. Aside from that facebook offers a lot of possible business opportunity compare to twitter.

    • http://www.searchengineoptimisation.com Phil

      Twitters is still best if the spam removed from the twitter….if used with proper planning, it can provide you great business and traffic

  • http://www.websitetemplates.bz Website Templates.bz

    I think I personally start losing my interest in Twitter. It’s all the same, and there’s not much activity, as on facebook for example.

    What I liked recently was their sub site: twitpic.com, son’t know if anybody here use it, but I like it better.

    And + 1 more thing- twitter gets over capacity, that whale appears too often now, and I don’t like it at all((((

  • Dave Hoder

    Call me old, call me stupid, but Twitter is the most dumbass commercial success since the pet rock. It was probly neat when it was only used by social butterflies in college to let their friends know what they’re doing.
    The only people on Twitter are pundits who write about trends and the startups who listen to these guys telling them what they need to be successful.
    What kind of idiot is going to sit in front of their computer with baited breath waiting for your 140 character spew about your business? Sheesh.

  • Guest

    I believe that if the current management are not capable then they should be replaced as
    in the case of twitter we see the birth of a new era of recorded, searchable real time mass expression of self.

    google Buzz wont suceed as it is considered a copy and I believe its the respect for the innovation and the understanding of how powerful its is for them that user-base tolerate such flaws

    think of the first mobile phones and how the signal was always patchy yet we tolerated it because it gave us such a powerful new way to communicate

  • http://www.selfserveloans.co.uk. Simon

    The world needs twitter more and more! It’s such a convenient way to stay on top of fast moving current affairs and, for the voyueristic amongst you, stalking celebs!

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