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Spotery CEO Talks Significance of Content Curation and Human-Edited News Aggregation

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Many news consumers are increasingly relying on human-edited news aggregation and content curation to sift through their news and establish trust. While not all mainstream media sources are thrilled about the concept, it’s just how it is, and there is no doubt that plenty of people from that world are relying on these things themselves to one extent or another.

The New York Times ran a piece about the aggregator TechMeme this week, putting such sites in the spotlight. Another such site, Spotery (formerly Ispotastory), launched today as well. Spotery CEO Limor Elkayam shared some insight into the significance of human-edited news aggregation and content curation with WebProNews.

"’Information Overload’ is a common problem, and finding great pieces of content within the constant flow of status updates is getting harder and harder," says Elkayam. "Some sites use algorithms, but they can easily be gamed, and people love to try and game them; some recent examples include Google’s and Twitter’s trending topics."

"Algorithms are great for finding information, but nothing can replace a person reading something, figuring out if its written well or is funny, or gage whatever sentiment is meant and deciding if they should recommend to others or not," she continues. "It’s why the Facebook Like button is so popular, or Twitter’s Retweet function is so heavily used."

"For the relaunch of Spotery, we took that recommendation aspect on an unbiased level," says Elkayam. "A lot of times, friends like and share similar content within the social Web, and we wanted to give people the day’s top stories without focusing on one or two topics. At a glance, a Spotery user can quickly and easily take a look at any category page and get updated with the day’s top news."

Spotery - formerly iSpotaStory

"We realize the importance of every person submitting content to the site, which is why we have a livestream and the ability for people to follow each other and share stories, but our editors filter through the stories that are submitted so that no one can game our system," she says.

"We also recognize that the future of news on the Web will continue to overload consumers with information," she adds. "We want to help people filter through the status updates and find what is valuable and interesting to them by providing an editorially-enhanced platform to find and share the day’s top news."

While not all of the news industry happy with the direction things have been going in, there is no doubt that there is a demand for the kinds of services sites like Spotery, TechMeme and a slew of others provide. Frankly it’s probably in the news consumers’ best interests that there are a lot of such sites, because when human-editing comes into play, there is still trust to be established – with the curation of content, as well as the content itself. As long as there is a human involved, there is room for bias, and more choice means more room to use your own judgment as a reader.

Do You Need Help Sifting Through All the News?
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  • Daz

    Yes A Think Retweet Ect Is A Good Way But Last Bit Pluging There Site …….. SPOTERY A Would Never Use ?

    Why Becouse Its All In The Name A Dont And Dident Like Being Spoty When A Was Younger So Defo Woldent Like It Now …… So To Use A Site Called That Is A Noo Nooo

  • http://www.clearsense.se Gustav

    It’s good with editorial functions. Here in Sweden I would say the best site that shows this phenomena is newsmill.se

    It aggregates articles from newspapers but also from blogs and the readers do the editorial part of highligthing the best content. It works excellent and many news sites are publishing directly on nwesmill instead of publishing on their own sites.

    This is ofcourse the future for almost any category especially when it comes to consumers and leads prospects, The actor in these more commercial fields are ofcourse the YP companies that need to renew themselves through new and better sites that offers value / leads to the visitors.

    What I’m trying to illustrate is that no site can gather all information, it has to be categorized to become good for the visitor, without categorization and segmented content in a clear category site structure the visitors is better of searching for info on Google or another searchengine…

    Good article!

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