Do Google Plus Comics Nail The Facebook Angle?

Having some fun with Google + and Facebook similarities.

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Do Google Plus Comics Nail The Facebook Angle?
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There were two funny comics out about Google +, the next step in Google’s attempt at taking over the Internet going social, both of which play up the “Google + is just like Facebook” approach. While we’re still waiting for an invitation — ahem — word on the street is yes there are similarities, but there are differences too. That being said, the comics in question were well received and shared throughout the tubes.

The first one is from Internet favorite xkcd, called “Google +” that does a nice job of capturing the apathy and backlash towards Facebook:

Google +

It would be hard to believe that’s the prevailing attitude of some looking to switch. Facebook’s privacy, among other things, has long been a point of contention, and accounts are, Google + goes out of its way to enforce privacy, regardless of whatever sharing issues that have been found. Granted, the “abandon Facebook” theme in the xkcd comic may not involve any deeper thought than that. Maybe some who would flee Facebook for Google + are doing so because it’s simply not Facebook.

That’s perfectly reasonable.

The other comic, courtesy of Real Life Comics, does a great job of showing how Google + could mimic Facebook, even if that’s not Google’s intention — which it’s not; Google simply wants Facebook’s traffic, and, perhaps, to offer a true alternative. The question is, if a developer designed such an application, would people want to abandon Google + as well? The comic in question:

Google +

It should be said that the Google + API reveal makes the idea of “Poke” applications a very real possibility, along with things like Farmville and Angry Birds. If Google + members start using those and similar applications and related updates start flooding update streams, are members going to long for a return to Facebook or look to the horizon for something new?

Maybe BingBook or PlusBing, for instance.

Do Google Plus Comics Nail The Facebook Angle?
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  • wilner

    Most people I know are considering abandoning Facebook for Google+, just like they abandoned MySpace for Facebook, and before that abandoning Friendster for MySpace.

    I suspect in 8-10 years, people will be abandoning Google+ in favor of something newer and better.

  • http://evecommune.com Gary romero

    While the G+ API may make it possible, with “Circles” posts from those are much more easily ignored and I will not have to sort through the noise of those posts.

    • http://www.mark-holland.me.uk mark

      circles is the killer feature imo

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/OneFineArt William MATAR

    I use Google +1 Button and Buzz from Lebanon Middle East and I am very satisfied.

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com SEO Pro

    I sure hope G+ has “safe guards” built in to the platform to minimize the useless event invite syndrome one gets with a Facebook profile. What I am keeping an eye on is HOW G+ will eventually monetize the business model and if ones G+ Circle or Huddle or Hangout or Spike will have anything to do with ones SEO strategy?

  • http://www.temcon.com.tr Silviya

    what can I say…like it or not, we must be on it.

  • http://www.iprimus.com.au/ Anto Mathew

    I understand that you have the facility to import and access all Google applications in Google+. Its good that you have all accounts under one roof of social media. Now the success depends how the Google+ supersedes Facebook in relation to features and security. Let’s wait and see.

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    Google+ seems like a desperation move by Google to succeed where all their other attempts to go social — Buzz, Wave — were such failures. I haven’t been privileged enough to see it yet but will explore it thoroughly when I get the chance.

  • http://? mark

    i hope google plus works cuz then we don’t have to worry about our info being stolen and our privacy settings being changed

  • Arpit Rawat

    +100 for GOOGLE+ ..its awesome..

  • http://www.propdata.net Robert

    I have to say that I don’t see this really taking off. Sure there’ll be some kind of interest on take off as their always is but lets face it, it’s not the platform that causes all those horrible apps, it’s the bloody idiot end user. I mean… how many people still forward the email about how Mars will be the size of the Moon on X date? It’s those people that will continue to click on the random links that’ll only continue to spam the rest of us with useless junk.

  • http://www.coalminds.com/webcomics/futurekings.php Steve Broome

    One thing I love is that the images load at higher resolution through picasa than they do through Facebook, even using FB’s “hi-res” upload.

  • http://www.terryreeves.com Terry

    Is this site not moderated?

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