Do Bloggers Need to be Active on Twitter to Win?

Is Twitter required for success?

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Do bloggers really need to be active on Twitter to be successful in their blogging?

It’s a question I posed on Twitter last week and it inspired some interesting conversation.

First, I asked the following question:

Blogging and Twitter

The only one anyone could think of was Seth Godin–and even that’s not entirely true. So, I posed the following question as a follow-up:

Blogging and Twitter

I posed this question partly out of professional curiosity, and partly because I have a client in this situation right now (they’re going to start blogging, but won’t be active on any other social profiles to share content).

So, since there is seemingly very few, if any, PR/social media/marketing bloggers that aren’t also on Twitter and Facebook, it seems like I answered my own question–at least within our industry.

But what about other industries? Just because you blog, does it mean you need to be on Twitter?

The advantages of doing both are many:

  • Opportunity to share your content with a wider audience.
  • Opportunity to grow your blog community by meeting other bloggers through Twitter.
  • Opportunity to lurk for blog and content ideas.
  • Opportunity to follow industry conversations–also good for blog ideas.
  • All great, but again, does it mean you have to do both?

    If you’re starting a blog from scratch, wouldn’t starting a Twitter account also make sense regardless of industry? Don’t you want to increase your chances for success?

    Truth is, not everyone has the time to devote to the time-sucking Twitter black hole. Sure, you can schedule your tweets. You can pick certain times during the day and duck in, and duck out. But, those bloggers who flourish using Twitter do so because they are highly active on the platform–not because they schedule 3 tweets a day.

    Where does that leave us? Do you need to be active on Twitter to succeed as a blogger? Do we have examples of bloggers or industries where people aren’t on Twitter? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Originally published at ArikHanson.com

    Do Bloggers Need to be Active on Twitter to Win?
    About Arik Hanson
    Arik Hanson, is the principal of ACH Communications, a digital communications consultancy focused on fostering meaningful online interactions, driving digital relevance and building measurable growth through social channels. Arik's blog, Communications Conversations (www.arikhanson.com), has received numerous industry accolades including being named “Required Reading” by PRWeek and one of “The Top 25 Blogs to Follow” by PRWeb. He’s also a regular contributor to the PR Breakfast Club, Ragan.com, PR Daily and MinnPost. WebProNews Writer
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    • http://brianelwinpomeroy.posterous.com Brian Pomeroy

      I gave up Facebook and Twitter because it seemed silly. I do not remember any brainy comments but rather Apple i Pad users burning electricity. This is big planet with a lot, I mean a lot of things going on and stopping to read about you sitting on your deck and enjoying the sunshine is something I would enjoy doing rather than reading about from a person I do not know.
      I closed my Twitter and Facebook and now I do not have to spend as much time at the computer.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/internet-marketing-scammers-or-honest-and-good- Paul

      I’d say it very much depends on what you’re blogging about and how successfully you enrol people on those sites to your cause – and that’s mainly about numbers who’ll visit once. There are doubtless some effective users but it would be difficult to say what portion of their success comes from social media as the successful tend to have a rich marketing mix. Equally there are many who eschew social media – and who is to say they’d improve significantly if they didn’t.

    • http://face.book.com Danny Von

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    • Adascalitei Lorin

      Not necessarily to be on twitter to win, but …. no harm.
      Regardless of network media …. if you’re not interested in anything that does not solve the problem.
      So, grasping the job seriously and you will be successful ….

    • http://www.twittermarketingtips.net Guillermo Tapia

      Once again, great information on social media marketing on twitter.

    • http://xhibitswebdesign.com Souleye

      I’m on twitter but I’m not really on twitter. I remember while ago I used to spend more time on twitter and could pick up a conversation or two but it’s very time consuming and at the end you wonder what you gain out of it. I know blogging is a good part of branding and it can help your search marketing effort too but if you don’t have time for blogging what time will you have for twitter. I go to twitter just to check a tweep who followed me and when I read something interesting, I post it on twitter just to stay relevant. I use twitter almost like a bookmarking platform. when I have some nice idea that I don’t mind sharing, I post it on twitter. if it’s private I save it on my computer.

    • http://petsmart-coupons.net Petsmart Coupons

      I think it’s more about knowing twitter is a tool. Use it to keep your customers/potential customers informed. Making announcements that matter rather than make announcements that i’ve just made a post – who cares? I think it’s the best tool out there for the right industry, it builds you a list then you have to work out how to manipulate that list into sales.

    • http://manish-singh-seo-expert-delhi-india.blogspot.com/ manishsinghseo

      if you’re not interested in anything that does not solve the problem.
      So, grasping the job seriously and you will be successful ….

    • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

      No, you do NOT need to be active on Twitter and Facebook to be a successful blogger. If there are enough interested people in your vertical, they will Tweet and post on Facebook for you/about you.

      Getting that visible in the first place requires that you publish something somewhere and attract random people’s attention, building your audience at the whim of the masses. If you’re lucky, some critical influencer will find you and give you some very helpful attention.

      Otherwise, you just keep plugging away at what you love blogging about and gradually build your audience until people come to trust and depend on what you write.

    • http://PRatSunrise Worob

      I ran a poll on this same topic a few months ago on PR at Sunrise: http://worob.com/2011/01/20/should-social-media-pros-be-required-to-practice-what-they-preach/

    • http://www.rickgrossman-blog.com Rick Grossman

      If your target consists of young people the answer is yes. On the other hand when offering professional services twittwe and facebook mean virtually nothing!!!

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