Dish Network Launches Satellite Broadband In October

By: Zach Walton - September 28, 2012

Dish Network made waves at CES when they announced that they would be entering the broadband business. The company’s market penetration, especially in rural areas that don’t have access to broadband, puts them in a great position to become of the nation’s largest ISPs.

Dish Network announced that they’re finally bringing satellite broadband to their customers on October 1. It’s called dishNET and the company is rolling the new Internet service into their preexisting TV service. They’ll even knock off $10 a month for those who subscribe to both.

“Today, we are launching a revolutionary consumer broadband service that delivers high-speed Internet available in metropolitan areas to rural markets nationwide,” Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton said. “With nearly one-in-four rural residents lacking a high-speed connection, reaching these underserved markets is vital. Our mission is to provide broadband at an outstanding value with fast speeds and large data plans.”

So how fast are these speeds and how large are these data plans? The basic package features 5Mbps download/1 Mbps upload with a data plan of 10 GB a month. This will set customers back $39.99 a month. The other plan features 10 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload with a data plan of 20 GB a month. The better plan will set customers back an extra $10 at $49.99 a month.

Those living in urban centers will probably scoff at the low speeds and ridiculously low data caps. Those living in rural areas that have had to live with DSL for the past 10 years will see any increase in speed and availability as a godsend. The real miracle here is that Dish has been able to decrease the price of traditionally expensive satellite broadband.

Unfortunately, satellite Internet is at the mercy of weather conditions and other forms of wireless interference. For customers who prefer landlines and can get one to their house, Dish Network is offering a wired broadband solution. Customers can get 7 Mbps down for $29.95 a month, 12 Mbps down for $34.95 a month, or 20 Mbps down for $39.95 a month.

Dish Network’s satellite broadband is available wherever Dish Network operates. A lot of rural communities have access to Dish Network, and now they’ll be able to get proper Internet. It’s unfortunate that the data caps are so low, but many people in these areas are probably happy to take what they can get.

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  • Seo services mcallen

    Really helpful for the rural person the company take very right decision about broadband and the villager people can use this facilities.

    • Gamer Kat

      stick with dial-up

      dish isnt worth piss in a jar

  • Kenneth Brown

    Some sites say that Dish will not have internet services in CA.


    another ploy by the dish network to bilk their customers out of their money… i say fu(k dish ,their speeds are so low viewers will never be able to see a full episode of their favorite show. Along with that they put such a low cap on bandwidth, well this RURAL Customer is not thinking dish network is a GODSEND,FUCK YOU DISH!!!!!!!
    Dish your outta here..blood sucking vermon is all the dish network is… DISH SUCKS DISH SUCK DISH SUCKS DISH SUCK DISH SUCKS

  • http://webpronews Gloria Heyde

    Well let me tell you, I had Dish’s old Sattelite BB called Wild Blue,and it was absoulutely HORRIBLE!! If you would use what they considered excess on one day, a little web surfing, maybe download a podcast or a couple of songs from Itunes, the next day your speed would be throttled back to dial up speeds or worse! Then if you did this every day, you may be throttled back again for weeks until yoour usage dropped down to their caps. Yet you would continue to pay your monthy internet fee back then was around $80.00 a month and maybe if you were lucky to get 2 weeks of decent speed, It was a complete rip-off! Just google and read about the class action lawsuits filed against WildBlue and Dish! I live in the country and at the time2005-2008 there was no other choice for so called High Speed Internet.I have had Verizon”s Mi-Fi and USB air card, yes it it exspensive , but it works consistently and is now 4G. I would be cautious signing up for this New Satellite offer from Dish, make sure you have a good 30 day trial period, before signing any long term contract!

    • Gamer Kat

      dont do it at all it suck so bad

  • William K Hillhouse, Sr.

    This sounds great for me. I now have Wild Blue through Dish and believe I would like to change to Dish/net. Please advise. I have been happy with Wild Blue and this looks like an improvement.

  • Mick

    So in the fine print there’s a $10/mo equipment fee and half of the ridiculously low data cap can only be used between 2am – 8am? Wow. I guess that explains the 2 year agreement to lock in all the poor suckers who fall for this.



  • Joan Rivera

    I’ve had both Hughes-Net and Wild Blue. They both were poor. This doesn’t sound any better.

  • Ken Stallings

    Until these many satellite broadband companies end the data caps there plans will cause vastly more customer anger than any company can survive. I was a Hughes Net customer for years and things were fine initially. Then, they instituted their data caps and ploys (like tokens) where you paid even more money for a woefully small amount of additional data transmission.

    This is when customer anger swelled and led to class action lawsuits same as were heaped on Dish Network and their subsidiaries. It is such a clear cause and effect relationship and yet each time these supposedly new companies and services are trotted out, a few seconds of research shows the data caps still in place!

    These companies operate on the theory of there being an endless supply of suckers. Yet, that is not the case. These services get repackaged because the old packages failed and the numbers of customers are not increasing.

    One day, some smart company is going to figure it out and corner the market. They will step forward and offer broadband speeds with the same unlimited data bandwidth and they can charge what appears to be a high price that people will sign up for and willingly pay for.

    Such a company would have a far more predictable income structure with vastly higher customer satisfaction and that satisfaction would build market share. Whether the product is carried over satellite signals, wireless towers, or wired technologies, no company will survive until unlimited data is a cornerstone of the business model.

    • Gamer Kat

      well state and dead on

  • http://Dish Coleene G

    I got talked into switching to Dish by Sprint two weeks ago. It does suck and I so regret my decision. Trying to find out if there is a 30 period that you can cancel. If anyone starts action against them in Michigan I hope I can get in on it.

  • Gamer Kat

    useing it right now. 15/15 plan data caps with in a few hours then you get speeds of 5bits/sec worst ISP ever experienced by myself and my family dial-up is a more stable and relayable source of internet do yourself the favor and tell dishnet work to get out of the isp business