Dish Network Avoids Losing Gannett Channels

    October 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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While terms were not disclosed, Dish Network and Gannett were able to reach an agreement to keep Dish from losing Gannett channels, including ABC, CBS and NBC-affiliated stations in 19 cities. The two companies had a deal in place that expired at midnight on Sunday, but the two were able to reach an agreement on Monday.

Dish Network issued the following statement regarding the situation: “We can confirm that DISH Network and Gannett have reached a long-term agreement regarding DISH Network’s continued retransmission of Gannett’s Stations.”

Gannett issues a similar statement, simply saying, “Gannett and DISH Network have reached an agreement regarding DISH Network’s continued retransmission of Gannett stations.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

While TV networks and distributors frequently bicker over affiliate fees, the negotiations between Gannett and Dish were complicated by Auto Hop, a feature that Dish introduced in May on its latest digital video recorder. The feature, which makes it easier for Dish subscribers to skip commercials, has sparked protest from broadcasters worried that the service will make their content less valuable to advertisers.

Gannett said it had sought a “fair, market-based deal” with increased rates to help offset lost advertising revenue because of Auto Hop. Dish, meanwhile, said Gannett had asked for a 300% rate increase, even though its own offer was “more than 200% above current rates,” and in line with its “closest direct competitor.”

Losing Gannett channels could have been devastating for Dish Network, who has already upset a number of subscribers by losing AMC, which airs such popular shows as Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, which is getting ready to begin its highly anticipated third season.

AMC, meanwhile, is taking every chance it can to remind fans that Dish does not carry AMC, suggesting that they change providers ahead of the upcoming Walking Dead season. AMC is even going so far as to offer the first episode of the season for free in an online stream for Dish Network customers.

  • mary lisbon

    dish sucks!

  • Larry Fyne

    Just a ploy to increase rates. Directv just did it by witholding certain channels under the guise of contract disputes…while they were trying to keep rates from increasing (yeah, sure). I guess these big corporations still think we little people are not wise to their games.

  • Steve Dunlap

    Rather than saying that Dish sucks, it would be more accurate to say that Broadcast Companies like Gannett suck. It all goes to greed. Gannett even admits that they wanted higher rates due to fears of lost income. AMC is another example. The mere fact that they produce three of the highest rated television shows gave them a big head. Amc demanded higher rates. Pros to Dish for not caving in. Everyone needs to realize and except the fact that Corporate America’s greed is the root of this nations problems. That and misguided political leaders.

  • Al Ortega

    tw didn’t work, directv didn’t and i’m ready to drop dish.
    how good is u-verse?

  • Klingon Queen

    All I know is that I have had dish network for a little over a week and it has been a nightmare. The receiver goes out whenever it wants and the channels change on their own. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. This is not a good company to depend on for your television service.

  • http://yahooonline janet

    well i for one am happey with my dish network after ten years with direct tv i am pleased with my service give dish a chance there are great

    • Larry R

      But,,, How can anyone believe someone who cannot capitalize the word “I” or the first word of a sentence. Showing your education? (Lack of ??? )

  • Judy Van riper

    I have Dish and I hate it, I can’t get direct because of all the trees around us, if I could I would tell dish to go take a hike. It’s terrible that they got rid of amc when they have the best shows. I tell everyone that will listen don’t get dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed Phipps

    One year after aquiring dish, DVR quit working. Called DISH, they wanted me to pay for a service call AND pay for a new DVR which I was already paying rent on. Went directly back to cable. My DVR through the cable company went out 3 years later. They brought out new device However, they apparently forgot to charge me a service call and they also apparently forgot to charge me for the new DVR. Makes me wonder if DISH knows anything about INTEGRETY.

  • bruce

    i have had dish nework in the past it is horrible i have had directv for over 8 years it is 1000 times better

  • c hudecek

    so far the diah is ok. why does the channel keep changing
    on its own???

  • Mike S

    I tend to favor the station affiliates over the satellite companies. The satellite companies overcharge and give you hardly any value for your dollar. Plus they charge you addons and taxes on top of everything. You get a bunch of junk channels for the basic and intermediate package you have to get the most expensive package to get good channels but look at all the crap channels you get. Lets put the consumer first and let you pick your own stations if they must give you infomercial channels thats fine but we want some more value for our dollar.

  • MIMI

    I am furious with Dish Network. I called them today. I was very happy with Dish until the drop of AMC, IFC and the other channels. I have missed Madmen, Breaking Bad and now I will miss Walking Dead. Why don’t I change, because if you go to Direct, (I had Direct for several years) they require a receiver for each room. They do not have dual receivers like Dish. So…what you save in programming costs is made up in charges for the receivers. Plus everytime I change service the installers mess up something. I had custom wiring put in and I know they will screw something up even though it should not be a problem. Dish just raised prices for HBO and I can’t believe they have the nerve to do this when they have reduced our programming.

  • Thelma Schaub

    I have had dish for several years and encourged members of my family to get dish. I am very upset that AMC, The Walking Dead has been concelled. I know that direct still has it. I have been contacted several times about switching, I get all the movie channels so I pay a lot each month. If we can’t get what we signed up for then we should get a large rate reduction. I subscribe to the more expensive one, I don’t watch ESPN, and several other channels that I have to buy in order to get what I want. You can watch The Walking Dead on the internet but what if people can’t get that, is it fair to offer something that a person has to get other services in order to see what you have been able to get until now. You say it cost you more to get the network that has The Walking Dead is on, are you giving me a discount because I am no longer getting AMC? I will be calling you to find out what you intend to do about AMC, it is a channel my grandchildren enjoy.

    Thank you for your help Thelma Deloris Schaub
    231-937-5363 home, 616-502-0720 cell.

  • Randy M

    I have been with Dish Network for over 6 years and they just lost a customer. AMC the walking dead is one of my favorite programs and I soon will be a Direct TV customer.